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  1. Hey there, new to the site and very eager to start role playing. I have a few problems though. One: I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the site. Two: I haven't role played in quite a few years.
    So, I am hoping to either join or create a casual RP to get into the swing of things and see where I am at with role playing. I love anything fantasy, and I do have a small idea, but I am unsure about it.
    The idea is a a casual fantasy role play called The Quest Hunters Guild. It would basically be about people going on quests in a fantasy world that has slight modern elements to it.
    Either that or if anyone has any fantasy role plays to suggest, that would be awesome too!
  2. Hi there! I'm in the same boat, new to the site and haven't role played in quite a while. I'd be willing to give your idea a try! Sounds like it could be fun.

    I also have a couple ideas floating around my head for werewolf roleplays. One takes place in the old west, and one is more modern, in a city where the human scientists are developing a drug that will ultimately eradicate lycanthropes. (Much more detail involved but that's the basic concept.)
  3. Hmm... I'm not a werewolf rper myself, but I'm not adverse to a role play with a werewolf like race. That would be awesome. Different races are always a good thing in my book. :)

    I was thinking a fantasy type world, but with some modern technologies, but with the use of crystals as power or energy. Or something like that.

    Small Edit:

    Maybe a race that doesn't like the werewolves race could be reverse engineering the crystals to cause harm to the werewolf race whenever the werewolves use the crystals. Just to incorporate your a idea a little bit. :)
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  4. I am currently running an RP, so I wouldn't want to be a key plot guy. Meaning that I wouldn't want a leadership role.

    BUUUUTTT I am looking into doing another RP to help occupy time :) My writing level is somewhere above intermediate.

    Maybe we could do a lycanthrope dominant world? Maybe even one where humans can be looked down upon, persecuted, generally enslaved, or hunted. I'd like to play a human who bought his freedom. But still struggles to get by because of lycanthrope prejudice.

  5. Ooh, that would be an interesting role play, Digi-Guy. I would be up for something like that. So much could be done with it. Usually it's the other way around with what I see in stories: humans looking down upon werewolves.

    Ideas are coming with what you suggested. For a proper free form/casual, it could have a lot of different characters doing things. There could be a human resistance for example. I really like that idea. Have a basic premise and then just let the story develop with the role play.
  6. Yeah yeah. Would it just be werewolves, or would there be werebears, werelions, or vampires? I am down for any, since I will be playing a human.

    I like the idea of a secret human resistance. Maybe there is a small settlement of humans amidst giant lycanthrope nations. Nobody cares to take them out because humans are easily found in the slave market.

    We could do a small human liberation group with a few sympathetic lycans.
  7. That sounds pretty cool. :D I'd like to play one of the sympathetic lycans. I have a character who's very stealthy, kind of sarcastic and cold sometimes but if she likes you she can be cool. I could see her being one to "do the right thing" even though her kind is against it. She's typically a loner anyway.
  8. Nice!!!!

    If you wanted, I could invite a fourth person. Or we can keep it to we three.
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  9. I think we should allow different supernatural races, like vampires and such. May as well, but the ruling race would be the lycans.

    I was also thinking that we just make it a jump in role play. The more the merrier, I say, and then close it when we feel there are enough characters.
  10. Sounds good. I'll invite some peeps and see what happens. Can we start throwing down character forms now?
  11. Awesome, sounds good. I'll think up a small premise to use as the opening post and post it here for you guys to read and add to. Then we will start it up?
  12. I think it's always good to write up characters forms. Nothing huge just small stuff. Perhaps this format?






  13. Yep, that looks good to me. We will do an ooc thread for them. So they don't clutter up the ic thread.

    Also, here is a first draft of the premise:

    For centuries the Lycans have ruled the world. They asserted their dominance over the other supernatural races, and eventually peace treaties were formed. The races accepted Lycan rule and on the outside they all learnt to live and work together.

    There was an exception, however. Being viewed as the weak minority in a supernatural dominate world, humankind wasn't so lucky. Once the Lycans had rose to power they enslaved humankind, ruthlessly slaughtering any that resisted. Over the many centuries, enslavement became the norm for humans. They do have sympathizers amongst the supernatural races, but it is all in secret. For if any supernatural race is found helping the humans, the sentence is death.

    Recently though, talk has started moving through the human slaves. Rumours of a resistance. The Lycan leaders aren't too worried about the rumors. The slave market is plentiful and still going strong, but maybe, just maybe, they should be.

    Hopefully it isn't too bad. Insomnia and writing do not mix too well, lol. I am terrible at titles, but I was thinking of something along the lines of 'Breaking the Chains'.

    Once you guys are satisfied with the premise and title, I'll create the ooc and ic thread and get it started.
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  14. Yeah I dig it. We can slaves can buy their freedom, but it's a rare thing. And it's not even guaranteed that some one else won't enslave them. Let's also go with typical lore and say silver hurts Lycans. Post links to the threads in here please! I will invite some people soon!
  15. Hey I'll join, Digi will know who my character is. (*Cough*Elizabeth*cough*)
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  16. Most likely later.
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