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  1. Hello everyone. Welcome to my Interest check.
    So..I'll be as precise as I can.

    I do IM based rps. Sorry, I don't do forum anymore.

    What I need in a partner [the basics] [Also, please be aware you don't HAVE to meet every single requirement. XD]:
    -Be friendly! I like having OOC chats. And I do extremely prefer to get along with my partners, call me crazy.
    -Be open minded. I'm comfortable with the fact that certain people have certain beliefs/religions. But, if you do, please, I beg of you, don't push them down my throat.
    -Be alright playing Yaoi [MxM]. It's my love and passion, and it's basically all I like to play.
    -Be alright with intimacy. Not necessarily all the way smut, but more than just a kiss. Especially if we really get along. You have no idea how sad I get with one of my partners when we don't go past a simple kiss, and I have to imagine the rest. [This is my most extreme reaction I suppose you could say, and only because I'm absolutely in love with the plot and characters -cough- Anyway.]

    About Me:
    -I've been rping since..uh..I was 8? I think. Or 7. Pfft, it's been a long time. I'm also a creative writing student, and I read, literally, hundreds of books when I was young. So I pride myself on be pretty literate, although it may not seem that way at times.
    -I can be quirky. And I'll leave it up to you on how to take that. Just not in a creepy way.
    -I'm a total otaku. I live, breathe, eat, sleep anime. [Including drawing it, although I'm still learning]
    -Ah, I have little better to do than roleplay, so I'm on quite a bit. I do take college classes, so sometimes I'm in class or out with friends. But, never the less, I always come back, and spend the rest of my time writing.
    -I imagine my roleplays in anime form, and I bring anime type situations/humor into it. Hopefully that's not a problem.
    -I can play seme or uke but I really prefer uke, especially with first time partners.
    -Also, I really like partners who can lead the roleplay. Try as I might, I can't be the pure lead in the stories I do. TTuTT

    Current Roleplay Possibilities:
    Yay here we go.

    =Yay. So, I'm on my second time in Axis Powers. I've watched up to episode 42, then just forgot, and now I'm rewatching (very happily I might add). I'm happy to do America x England, or Germany x Italy.
    America is one character I'd be ok with in the role of seme. Usually, I refuse to play that role, and stick with my beloved uke-ness. BUT, here, I'd be more than happy to be seme. He's just that kind of a character in just that kind of a pairing.
    I'd be ok playing either Italy or Germany. They were my first favorite pairing, right off the bat, and they're absolutely beloved to me.
    Anyway. One more thing. My characters, as I have not done a Hetalia rp before, may be a bit ooc/on crack. But I'll do my best to keep them as authentic as possible.
    =Ok, so I've hardly seen more than 12 episodes at the moment. I watched more when I was younger but it's been a while. However, I'd love to give a Kagome x Inuyasha rp a try. I can play either, but I'm actually more used to playing guys.
    -Happy Tree Friends
    =No. Not pure blood/gore/mindless slaughter of little animals. It'd be a Flippy/FlipqyxSplendid roleplay. And they'd be humans. For the most part. -cough-
    =Yay! Ok, so Len x Gakupo, Len x Kaito, Kaito x Gakupo, Kaito x Len x Gakupo. Yes, I am a fan girl. I'd prefer to play the uke in this.
    -Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
    = Preferably a spin off with OC's. But if not, I'm sure we can work something out..;3
    =Shizaya. That's all I have to say.
    Actually it's not. I'd play Izaya preferably, as he's the one I have most experience with playing. I like it more fluffy than anything. Although I do like their sadistic moments. -cough- If not, I can manage/try playing Shizu-chan. :3
    =Not exactly sure how this would work. I just know I'd want it to be Male!ElsaxMale!Anna. I'd preferably be Elsa.
    -Tiger & Bunny
    =I've never done a T&B rp. And I've never completed the anime so I'm not sure how this would go, but it'd be more of a vague fandom than anything. I still love it. Preferably I'd be Barnaby. I also think it could be more of a seke type rp.
    -Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt
    -Ouran Highschool Host Club
    = Kyouya x Tamaki. Preferably me as Tamaki. One of my first animes, and it still remains one of my favorite of all time.
    -Angel Beats
    =I'm not sure if we'd play characters from the story or make OC's. But either way, it'd be MxM. :3
    -Sword art online
    -Looney Tunes
    =Ok, yeah yeah it sounds weird. Buuuuuut...It'd be a spin off. With anime versions of the characters.
    -Tom and Jerry
    =:3 Again, it'd be a spin off with anime versions of the characters.
    -Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
    =Rin x Haru and possibly a side of Rei x Nagisa.
    -Spirited Away
    =Older Haku x OC
    -Princess Mononoke
    =Genderbend Mononoke x OC

    "Real life"

    -Sherlock (BBC)
    This would be Sherlock x Watson. I've never tried a Sherlock rp, and I definitely don't usually do 'real life' roleplays, mostly just anime roleplays. BUT, I'm willing to give it a try~. I would play Sherlock.


    Mafia Tutor x Protege
    Something that would be sort of like Reborn x Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I'd play the tutor (and the role of seme), with a character suspiciously similar, and a twin in appearance, to the actual Reborn.
    I wouldn't mind if my partner did the same with a Tsuna like character. I say semi-original, because I haven't seen/read enough of the show to actually know personalities/characters/details well enough, but I love the pairing of TsunaxReborn.
    So yes. It'd be a mafia roleplay.
    Any questions, just ask.

    Don't Question

    Set in a sci-fi/fantasy setting, the corporations and corrupt government rule. But in the shadows, (and sometimes not) there are rebels against this unquestionable hierarchy. There's more to this world than it seems. Groups of people do what they can to chip at the base of the tall tower of power. Many get caught, many executed. But there are some, more daring than the rest, who somehow stay untraceable, and even nearing indestructible in their cause. One of these people has gone so far and beyond, so successful in his method of attack, many believe he's some kind of old prodigy with the best education available in their censored world. They couldn't be more wrong. This unique man and anyone who ever crossed paths with him, even unknowingly, are changed forever.

    -Er, so, I'm up to talking to someone and just figuring out whatever we want to do on the spot/together. I also like to just find a base plot and then wing it from there. I love fantasy roleplays. ;3

    Alright everyone!
    Thanks for reading this horribly long post. I hope it wasn't a waste of time.
    I use a chat client known as Trillian. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask, and I look forward to hearing from you. :D​
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  2. I'd like to do a Free! rp with you.
  3. Added: InuYasha Fandom
  4. Hi! I'm going to have a lot of leisure time since I'm on a long break. I can do Free! and Vocaloid. Seme is my preference, but I can be semuke. I'm in university studying biology but I'll try not to be too technical. I have a weird humor that works with certain characters. PM me if you want~ :)
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    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited Away
  6. I think I got a fun idea for an angel beat OC story if you want in
  7. I wouldn't mind doing an SAO rp!!
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  10. Tom and Jerry sounds pretty cool. And Looney Toons.

    Aaand your original idea..

    Aaand Angel Beats

    and cough cough Ouran High.. cough.. cough Though I might be absolutely terrible at playing Kyouya

    Pm me the one you most want to do~
  11. Hi! I'm super interested in Frozen and your original idea! Not sure how to PM people yet (clearly new here haha), but if you're interested please feel free to PM me and we can maybe set something up!
  12. I'd be interested in the Angel Beats one. If you're still open for it, please let me know.
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  14. May we do hetailia i can be a awesome Italy~ <3
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    Added: Sherlock (BBC)
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