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  1. Interest CheckOOC ♥ In-Character ♦ Sign-ups
    Character Sheet
    Age: 16-35
    Gender: see rules
    Sexuality: see rules

    Appearance: real images only unless given permission; description preferred but not required
    Personality: two solid paragraphs, please
    Fears: at least three and please make them serious (not something like being afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth)


    Weaknesses: must balance strengths

    History: three solid paragraphs, please
    Mental Illnesses: if applicable
    Chronic Physical Illnesses: if applicable
    Relationships: family, friends, etc; please note that characters will not form relationships immediately, as they haven't met yet
    Other Information: anything you want to add?

    Characters rated 'LOVE' are accepted.
    This thread is for character sheets only. Please keep all OOC chat in the OOC thread.
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  4. Alyssa Marie Whitaker
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Occupation: College student majoring in Medieval European History

    Alyssa is 5’6”, 135lbs, trim and with defined muscles. She has long arms and legs, but a bit of a short, wide neck. Her hair, a couple inches past her shoulders, is dark auburn, almost brown, and generally straight, though the humidest day will bring out a few curls. Her eyes are hazel and quite wide open and round, and set under wide, brown brows with a distinct arch. Her nose is a bit large, and very round at the tip, while her mouth is somewhat narrow and the upper lip so thin it is almost indistinct. The lower lip is quite full, though. Her face overall is small and diamond-shaped, with a pointed chin, and she has a mole on her left cheek. She has fair but pinkish skin, which freckles in the summertime and has a tendency to burn. She has moles by her belly-button, on her right upper arm, and above her left knee. She lost her left pinkie toenail while jumping off a cliff into the Mediterranean Sea when she was visiting the south of France with her family, and it has never grown back.

    Alyssa is bold, adventurous, and energetic. She is always looking for new exciting ventures, and bullying everyone around her into joining her escapades. She has a very strong personality, and can be domineering, so she tends to overshadow most of her friends and peers. She is impatient of slow, lazy or weak people, and tends to just barrel right through them, whether in conversation or in life (not paying attention when it’s your turn in the queue? Too bad, you’re getting skipped).

    Because she is so energetic, Alyssa gets bored easily and is often fidgety. Especially when she is in a bored or fidgety mood, she has a tendency to be reckless and impulsive, and often plunges others into ill-thought-out mischief. However, she has a bit of a knight-in-shining-armor complex, so even if she does get her friends in trouble, she is certain to rescue them from that trouble as well. She is always eager to defend the weak, and very helpful to people in despair. She does, however, fail to understand that most people have less energy than she does, and that often makes her impatient and inconsiderate of other people’s needs or desires.

    Alyssa is competitive about things she does well, like fencing, hiking, and history, and on those subjects can be argumentative. She is also bluntly honest, and as such is almost incapable of keeping secrets. She is frequently tactless and even flat out rude due to her frankness. But when she isn’t letting her tongue get the better of her, she is very friendly and usually cheerful.


    Geese (was once chased by several large ones as a child), getting old, incapacitation (from illness or injury) and generally being unable to act


    Fidgets often when bored or anxious – especially likes to tap pens on tables and tap one foot; annoyed by people who talk too slowly; talks faster and faster the more excited she gets; cannot stand whistling


    Cracking knuckles, chewing on lips, singing to self under breath while occupied, doodling made up maps during classes


    Energetic, swift, agile, brave, honest, cheerful, imaginative


    Not much physical strength, aggressive, easily bored, reckless, often tactless, can’t keep a secret, allergic to cats


    Fencing, medieval weapons, red wine, hiking, Thai food, old castles, fantasy novels, history, maps


    Tomatoes, geese, salads, soda, shopping, math, modern art, wearing skirts/dresses, jazz, hospitals and retirement homes


    Alyssa grew up in Sonoma County, CA, where her parents own a vineyard. Her family was always fairly well-off, though living in a wealthy area she was perhaps not as aware of this fact as she should have been, taking her family’s wealth a bit for granted all her life. She has one brother, Landon, 3 years younger than her, whom she constantly bullied and to this day still calls “brat”. Her parents did not exactly spoil her, but she certainly had everything she ever needed and most things she ever wanted. Never particularly kid-centric people, the Whitakers loved their children from somewhat of a distance, supplementing their lack of hands-on education with a nanny in the early years, and copious after-school activities later on.

    Alyssa took up gymnastics in elementary school, but quit when she decided she would never be able to do a proper back-walkover (she could get down into the bridge, but then no matter how hard she kicked, her legs just would not go over!) She tried soccer for a little while, but team sports weren’t exactly her strong suit, much preferring to rely on her own skills and not trusting in others’. It was in middle school world history that she discovered her love of medieval history, weapons, and fencing. She took up fencing, and uncovered a natural aptitude. Her quickness, coupled with the agility trained through 5 years of gymnastics, proved very successful in the sport.

    It would be too much to say Alyssa was a queen bee in high school, but her dominant personality and gregariousness certainly won her many friends. Her natural adventurousness served her well at that age, leading her classmates into many dangerous and occasionally illegal exploits. Since her parents were not particularly attentive, it never bothered them that their daughter periodically spent the night out and came home in the morning with red eyes and clothes smelling of smoke. But high school partying didn’t hold Alyssa’s attention for long – she was always looking for new and more interesting adventures. More active than rebellious, she preferred to try activities like spelunking, bungee jumping, skinny dipping, etc.

    She went on to UNC to study Medieval European History, receiving a scholarship to join the fencing team. She is one of the stars of the team, but she has never been the best, much to her eternal frustration. She is a good student, but not great, because she frequently gets bored with studying and goes off on some cork-brained adventure or another. Being so far from her family probably doesn’t help, either – not that her parents ever really bothered to interfere in her exploits, but all the same she feels even freer to be wild now that she is on the other side of the country from them. Currently she is a junior, and starting to realize that a degree in Medieval European History is not going to be particularly helpful when it comes to job prospects. Not that she has any idea yet what she wants to do, other than a vague plan to open a medieval theme park sometime in the distant future.

    Mental Illnesses


    Chronic Physical Illnesses

    Allergic to cats


    Mother – Carolyn Whitaker: good but not terribly deep relationship
    Father – Brett Whitaker: good but not terribly deep relationship
    Brother – Landon Whitaker: always rub each other wrong whenever they meet, but for all that they love each other
    Roommate – Megan Fuller: very close, but Megan is a bit dependent on Alyssa because she’s naturally shy and nervous
    Rival – Jessica Allen: rivals on the fencing team, Jessica is the star of the team and Alyssa can never beat her; mutually antagonistic
    Ex-boyfriend – Josh van Hout: has become somewhat stalkerish since Alyssa broke it off with him (because he was “suffocating” her)
    Grandmother (maternal) – Evangeline Carter: distant but friendly; lives in Cambridge, MA
    Grandfather (maternal) – Matthew Carter: deceased
    Grandparents (paternal) – Mary and George Whitaker: deceased
    Aunt (mother’s older sister) – Emily French: distant; the sisters quarreled years ago and barely speak now, so Alyssa never really knew her aunt; also lives in Cambridge, MA

    Other Information:

    Nothing right now, will add if I think of anything!

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  5. [​IMG]

    • NAME
      Loren Lockwood.






    • [​IMG]

      Lorens stands at a small 5'5", and weighs about 114 lbs. He's dainty and small, and almost looks as if he's made of glass. His features are soft and best described as feminine, from his soft jawline, to his lip shape, and even to his body type. He's very willowy, mainly from drug use that ate away at any body fat he once had. His skin is pale, almost like porcelain, however, he has freckles that dot across his cheeks and nose, but at this point they're very faded and only noticeable when standing close.

      His hair is either swept from his face (such as the picture above), or falls into his eyes. His bangs are longer than the rest of his hair, and if not pushed back, they frame the side of his face. His hair color is dark, black to be exact, but there are faint blond highlights here and there, mainly at the tips. His eye color is a light shade of green, a little lighter than the color of grass, and stick out elegantly against his pale skin and dark hair. He has dark circles under his eyes most of the time, and cracked lips.

      He usually dresses in sweaters and skinny jeans, a sort of prepped up lazy. He chooses dark colors over most things, sticking to bland grays and blacks. Lorens paints his nails black, mainly so he has something to pick at when he's nervous or jittery. So the nail polish is always chipped, and his fingers are usually cut up, as if he had just fallen into concrete. His hands are wire-y, but always bruised. He has a scar on his index finger, his own bite mark.


      Lorens is a walking ball of anxiety and paranoia. He is constantly picking at his hands or looking side to side nervously, whether there is actually something to be worried about or not. He's very jittery, and a lot people would describe him as squirrel-y. He tends to be in his own little world most of the time, either mumbling to himself under his breath, or gazing at nothing in particular, of even going on long-winded rants for little or no reason whatsoever. If you were to listen to those rants deeply, and piece them together, they'd make sense, but nobody really gives him the time of day. He's quite odd indeed, and could even be described as a ditz and a clutz at times. Lorens is very jumpy and cowardice as well, and will most likely sacrifice someone else's well being for the sake of his own. For the most part, he protects his interests and his interests alone. Not that he is a bad person, in fact, Lorens can be very giving, caring, and loving. But he simply has a coward's heart, and it has cursed him to give up others to give into his own anxieties.

      He hadn't always been so strange, he used to be quite smart, but drugs had torn him apart from the inside out. Somewhere deep inside him, he still believes in his old ways- he still wants to be a brave and good person, but he simply can't anymore. Now, he is convinced everyone is turned against him, that it's him against the world. A world that he had made his enemy in his own head. He will cling to anyone who gives him so much as a glance, but the moment they show any sign of leaving, he'll freak out and drop them before they can think of doing the same. He's usable if you play your cards right, but he's also an unstable timebomb, just waiting for the right moment to go off.

      - Nyctophobia; fear of the dark.
      - Autophobia; fear of being alone.
      - Pistantrophobia; fear of trusting others.
      - Mastigophobia; fear of punishment.

      - When he starts talking, he usually goes into long-winded nervous rambles.
      - While laughing, he ducks his head down and covers his mouth.
      - Taps on table-tops a lot.
      - Always doing something with his hands.
      - Tends to get squirely with physical contact and claims not to like it, but he's actually perfectly fine with it. In fact, he craves it.

      - Picking at nails/nail polish.
      - Biting his nails.
      - Always doing something with his hands, whether he's twitching his fingers or cracking his knuckles.
      - Bites his lips/index finger when nervous.
      - Rarely meets anyone's eyes.
      - His voice often jumps in pitch and volume at random.


      - Quick on his feet, quick reflexes.
      - Although he doesn't appear to be, he's actually pretty smart.
      - Good liar.
      - Cunning.
      - Good eye, he picks up on things most others don't.

      - Unloyal.
      - Cowardly.
      - Selfish at times.
      - Anxiety-filled.
      - Compulsive liar.
      - Lacks physical strength.
      - Cannot take many hits at once.

      - Cold, rainy weather.
      - Sweaters.
      - Hot coco.
      - Sweets in general.
      - Has a thing for braver, stronger people since he himself is so cowardly.
      - Sketching.
      - Animals.
      - Old music.


      - Loud noises.
      - Hot weather.
      - Spicey foods.
      - Himself if that even counts.
      - Arrogant, loud and brash people.
      - Impulsive behavior.
      - Physical activities.
      - Confrontation.

    • History: three solid paragraphs, please

      Mental Illnesses
      - Paranoid schizophrenia.
      - Anxiety.

      Chronic Physical Illnesses
      - None.

      - Hazel Lockwood (formally Fosters), biological mother.
      - Devin Lockwood, biological father.
      - Piper Lockwood, biological sister.
      - Genevieve Jones, aunt (from mother's side), adoptive mother.
      - Henry Jones, uncle, adoptive father.
      - Taylor Jones, biological cousin, adoptive sister.
      - Calum Nash, ex-boyfriend.
      - Jessie Englehart, old best friend.
      - [open for any other relationships, pm if you're interested!]

      Other Information: anything you want to add?

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