Neverwonder: The Twisted Lands

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Should I add any other worlds in time?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Depends on the world

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  1. GM Note: I got the basic idea for this roleplay from another site. However, its content and plot are of my own creation.


    You've heard of Neverland. Everyone has. The great misadventures of Peter Pan and sweet little Wendy have sparked imagination for movies, books, and much more. Do not mistake it for anything more than fiction, however. It is nothing but a child's dream manifested by adults.

    Just a child's dream...


    Lewis Carroll's fantastic story about Alice and her interesting journey into the seemingly childlike fantasy world of Wonderland has affected literature and media alike. Like Neverland, it has been the catalyst for many stories created by children and adults. Who wouldn't want to visit Wonderland? Alas, it is just a story, right?


    In 1946, the U.S. and other countries experienced a drastic increase in mental patients suffering from schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and what could only be described as PTSD. More than 60% of these patients claimed to have seen a hellish version of the fabled Neverland or Wonderland. Sometimes both. Baffled by this, government officials kept the strange cases out of the public eye, channeling media towards the scare of nuclear war--later dubbed "The Cold War."

    These mental patients were locked away in special, underground facilities. Only those with the highest level of security clearance even heard rumors about these facilities. Scientists and psychologists from around the world were brought in, given the highest security clearance available but kept under high surveillance to ensure that the world's worst secret was kept just that.

    In 1979, over one hundred thousand people disappeared from the face of the earth. The news did not broadcast such a feat, however, as all of these people were patients in the government's facilities--nicknamed "Neverwonder Institutions." Those who knew of these institutions looked at every angle: these people had simply disappeared.

    Seven years later, they all returned...mauled by some unknown animal of sorts. Religious and even non-religious officials claimed that demons were attacking--that the apocalypse was near. In an effort to quell panic and possible leaks, the programs were shut down. Everyone involved with the program, save government officials, was silenced. Permanently. Those who knew of the massacre nicknamed the day "Devil's Execution."

    Thirty years later, in 2016, the problem seems to have disappeared. Not that there was ever officially a problem to begin with.

    That is, until the case of Alison Jane Bennett.

    Now, the whole world is in panic as more people disappear day after day, coming back in two months or less butchered by some unknown demon.

    You are one of these people. You have woken up, dazed and confused, in the world of Neverwonder. Here, the lands of Neverland and Wonderland, among more obscure others, mingle and intertwine. Here, getting home is the least of your worries. Here, your nightmares become real, and your dreams become nonexistent.

    And no matter what, you know your fate: in two months' time (maybe even less), you will be killed by whatever demon awaits you. But you won't go down without a fight...


    Details about the locations, NPCs, etc. will be given should this generate enough interest for an OOC.

  2. Well don't be shy xD

    We will be using classic locations from Neverland and Wonderland as points of interest. If you want more details about these, just ask!
    NPCs will include classic characters from both stories. These characters MAY become playable depending on interest in the positions.
    More information about the plot is still in the works--thank you for your patience!
  3. I am in!! ^^
  4. This sounds very intriguing!
  5. Glad to see some interest. Do either of you have any questions?
  6. Sounds interesting! Are the two worlds completely mixed up together, or is there some sort of barrier between the two?
  7. I'll be creating a map of the world. It's more of a half-and-half split with special days of the year like solstices causing things to get a little mixed up. Does that make sense?
  8. Haha I think so, but the map will help me visualize :D I vote just those 2 worlds, though, I think more would get too confusing.
  9. I WANT TO DO THIS!!!!
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  10. I do believe four is enough interest for me to start up an OOC! I'll try to have it up by tonight!
  11. Omg! Yes please!
    I'm interested if you're still looking for people :)
  12. I'm interested too, this sounds great!
  13. I won't have all the information done right now, but I've got quite a bit done as far as plot and formatting! Here is the Sign-up Thread and the OOC Thread!
  14. @kimsim12 So I have a question. Do we have to make up our own characters? Or Characters related to the them?
  15. Assuming you're talking about relationships, the idea was to have your character's family sorted out just to give a bit more color to their history. Other relationships, like friendships, enemies, etc., are optional as far as NPCs go. It would be preferable to wait to form relationship ideas until the actual roleplay starts, just so everyone knows how characters act IC. Does that make sense?
  16. No hun not what I meant. I meant with this Rp, do we create or make up our own fantasy characters or do we use the ones from the fairy tale, ie Tinkerbell, Alice, Peter Pan, so and so forth....
  17. All characters are from Earth, so they aren't meant to be fairy tale characters. The only fairy tale characters that will come into play will be NPCs. Sorry for the confusion!
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