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  1. Hey! I'm Nevermore, and I'm usually looking for some roleplay. Check out my Roleplayer Resume in my profile here on the forums for some information on my style!

    Here's what I'm looking for from you:

    1. Communication
    2. Effort
    3. Reliability

    Communication - We have to plan things out and make clear what we're doing! I refuse to stumble around in the dark -- it's the death of plots! Also, if you're going to be absent it's only polite to inform me you'll be gone, and for how long (if you know).

    Effort - In your posts! I would like to see at least two paragraphs. I will accept less than that, but you also must always have some sort of call to action -- that is, something I can respond to.

    Make a pun in your post somewhere so I know you read this, please.

    Reliability - If you fail to communicate, or if you post one really long post then turn around and post one-liners, you aren't reliable. You also have to pull your own weight in the storytelling.


    Currently, I only have a fantasy idea I'd like to try. However, I want to stress that I'm always willing to listen to other ideas -- if you don't like my plot idea, tell me one of your own and we'll see if we can't work out some sort of plan if it's good!

    For the idea above, I'd play Kalix (part time as an NPC more-or-less) and either a cowardly nobleman or a man from a central desert who wants to take advantage of the war, and defeat the larger kingdom who rules most of the continent. I'd like for you (the general term for my partner here) to be the aspiring hero, a noble's bastard from the capitol who wants to answer the call for whatever reason.

    I'll also continue to use this thread to post up new ideas and such.
  2. I would like to do a roleplay with you:

    Communication: I always want to plan my roleplays so I know what the plot is going to be, but I will occasionally slip in a plot twist to shake the roleplay up a bit. I am also on nearly every day, but if I will be off for a while, I will send you a message beforehand.

    Effort: I nearly always post at least two decent-sized paragraphs. I will only do less if the plot is slackening a bit, or I am running out of ideas for what to post.

    Reliability: I will usually always do the same amount for my posts, and where roleplaying is concerned, I can be very reliable.


    I have a couple of ideas which I want to do for a roleplay:

    1. Plot Name: Sisters Come Together
    Concept: Six sisters are usually inseparable, but a catastrophe happens, and they are all separated somehow (this part is flexible) They then each make their way back together, to try and find each other before the same catatastrophe happens again. Each of these sisters has a special magical power however.


    2. Plot Name: Wuthering Heights Today
    Concept: A modern day version of Wuthering Heights (the novel by Emily Bronte) where all the characters are alive, and they try to fight their way through modern day society.

    Any other ideas you have, I will welcome.
  3. I've never read Wuthering Heights, unfortunately, so I'm leaning toward the first idea. I'm just a little uncertain on how it would work, however. Can I have some more details?
  4. What ideas do you have for it? Thats all I have so far
  5. Maybe I can play a villain who's trying to capture one of the sisters?
  6. Ok - :) btw what ideas for a catastrophe do you have? It will need to be something that will separate them all.
  7. Maybe a short-lived nuclear war? (only a few nukes actually go off, but there are evacuations and panic.)
  8. Just a fair warning to all: I'm going to be gone tomorrow (Friday, May 4th) and Saturday (May 5th). I should be home by really late Saturday, but I won't check stuff until I wake up sometime Sunday.
  9. Yeah that sounds good - how about you play three of the sisters, and I will play three, and then anyone we meet along the way, we can just double as them as well.
  10. Only qualm is I want to know more about what I would play, for the first idea. Will there be magic, and all that?

    Nevertheless, I am interested.
  11. Yeah there would be magic involved - each of the sisters would have some special power which was unlocked within them when they were hit with the big catastrophe
  12. I think he was talkin' to me, Lady Boo. :wink:

    And yes. There would be; it'd be different between say, Kalix the Pretender God and humans, though. and it'd be rare and rather intense.
  13. oops - so are we doing our roleplay?
  14. I don't know, Lady Boo. I'm kind of iffy on playing three main characters at once: I'm kind of afraid I wouldn't do enough justice to each of them without taking a looooooooooooong time to write it all out.
  15. You don't have to write out much - maybe just a short paragraph for each