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  1. Do you remember those fairy tales that your parents used to read to you at bedtime? The ones about the fairy princess up in the tower being guarded by a evil and scary dragon? Or the one about how the young girl makes a journey to her grandmother's house? You don't? Well no worries, no one else does either.

    Welcome to Nevermore.

    A world where the fairy tale characters of the stories of old, reside. Characters from Alice in Wonderland, to the fairy tales that hail from Japanese culture and even Irish culture. In this realm they all live together, albeit, sepreate of course. Each in thier happy little niches. All seems so happy and well here, except for one thing. With the invention of internet and gaming, it has seemed that children from all over, have forgotten about these tales.
    For us humans, seems like no big deal right? Well, you're wrong. To these charcters, it's a matter of exsistance and well...non-exsistance. With each passing year that a child goes without hearing or believing in these fairy tales, a member of this world dissappears. The population for this realm, is dwindling at a rapid pace. Soon, these people will no longer exsit and fairy tales as we know it will be no more.

    As you would imagine, these entites are not going to stand for it. They want to save thier world as would any person. And to do that, they have decided to come into our world and put faith back into thier exsistance. Only thing is, they have to take a human form. Yes, they would still have thier fairy tale personality but they can't exactly go around looking like they normally would.

    So, my question is, who will you be and how will you take your world back?
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  2. Great idea, but what the modern parodies, legends and religious figures?
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