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  1. This is a Silent Hill-like RP

    Railey (my character) is a journalist is training at a community college. Something has been bugging him about the new place that has shown up in the edge of town. It has only opened this week he swears he's seen news on it before. The place is Nevermoore Court, a mix of asylum, cemetery, and mansion to care for elderly. Railey knows there's something off about the place, it give him the creeps. It says it was only opened recently after lying ownerless for years. Old news papers from two decades before prove otherwise. The place has been open for twenty years but no one can remember that. No one but Railey is suspicious and he doesn't care. He's going to act on it, he's going to find out what's going on in the creepy closed off Court.

    On his way to enter the Court, he is followed by or confronted by other students (either friends, random students, or bullies). He ignores them and continues on. The group gets all caught up in the mansion. Once inside, this go bad and they can't get out. Can they find out the secret of the Court and get out before something horrible happens to all of them?

    RP Info:
    I hope to have fun. romance heavily encouraged
    You can have both a students and villains if you wish

    No controlling of other people's characters.
    No killing or maiming another's character without their permission.
    During fights, don't dodge every attack and win kill shots. I will decide when a monster or villain gets hit.
    Don't be a jerk unless you're playing a character that's naturally a jerk.
    Only original characters allowed.
    Romance (m/f, m/m, f/f) is alright, if you want to have a relationship with someone else's character, message them.
    1-3 characters allow per player.
    Please wait to be accepted
    Try not to rush

    Posting rules:
    Three sentence minimum please per post
    Try to use your best spelling and grammer, I'm not crazy picky but I like to know what I'm reading

    Future weapon: (things that they either brought with them or can be found in an old mansion)


    Dark powers:
  2. For looks can we use pictures and if so do they have to be anime or real?
  3. You can use whatever type of picture you like to get your character across. ^^
  4. Still need players.
  5. May I join? ~
  6. of course. Feel free to fill out the profile
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  7. Name:
    Paige Smith.

    18 (( I don't know what you prefer.. ))



    Future weapon:
    Found in Old Mansion: Katana.
    She knows how to use a sword, due to having taking lessons as a child and young teenage years. Paige, without a doubt, was the most skilled with swords (( Katana's )) And small Daggers in her class. Due to her living in a very secluded place, she was able to continue practicing without getting into trouble or having hurt anything. Usually she tries to practice on trees and the ground, but at times she uses her skills on Animals.

    Paige is Eighteen, and has just began her second year of College.
    She plans to become a Director and Direct some of the most famous movies.
    There was a possibility of her being an Actress, but she hates attention with a passion. So Directing was the second best bet. When it comes to making witty comebacks, she's the winner. Although lately she was able to cool down with them, so she's a bit.. More nice. But that doesn't mean she isn't afraid to throw a punch when push comes to shove.

    Paige was born in Scotland, moving to America when she was Sixteen, terrible year to move. She quickly accepted it though, due to her meeting tons of people and having her first boyfriend. They broke up, and she didn't really care. Honestly dating is the last thing on her mind right now, unless she finds it truly necessary, she would most likely die alone.

    Her mother and father left her as a baby, so she really doesn't remember them. She was passed on from Foster home, to Foster home, until they found a Relative living within the United States. So she moved there, and finally left when she was eighteen. Her Relative was her supposed Aunt, and Paige absolutely hated her Aunt, so she was relieved when she moved out.

    Finally finding out about 'Nevermoore Court', it instantly intrigued her. One of her fellow classmates, had also ben researching on the place. She of course, didn't know his name, but she too, wanted to go. Paige had been a sucker for Horror Movies, Haunted Places, and some.. Teeny, Tiny, Romance action going on somewhere belong those lines. Of course she wasn't afraid to admit it, due to her being very blunt about most of her feelings and what she thinks of other things- Which causes her to have the worst type of friends. Drug Dealers, Addicts, and Drinkers were all inside her group. Paige never did any of that stuff, but she's gotten so used to it now, that she may try it in the future... If she lives to see her life pass on.​
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  8. Approved. ^^
    Name: Railey Chesterton
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Looks: [​IMG] Wears a purple hoodie
    Future weapon: found later on: Ornamental dagger​
    Bio: A journalist in training, Railey finds himself alone most of the time as he investigates.
    Despite his near constant loneliness, he's very outgoing. He loves meeting new people even if he's not very good at talking to them.

    He always keeps a keen ear out for a good story. Railey's perhaps a little too nosy for his own good. His bad habit for looking into things that he shouldn't tends to get him beat up easily as he is unskilled in protecting himself. Like any good journalist, this does little to stop him and he's almost always has at least one bruise somewhere.

    Railey has a very close relationship with his parents was a little clingy to them until he moved to the other side of the States to go to school. He still talks to his parents often but does a lot on his own or with his roommate, Lexi. Railey has minor heart problems and suffers from severe panic attacks. He likes to keep this little fact hidden from most people, confiding only in Lexi and his doctor.
    Name: Lexi Cobalt
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Weapon: None, carries medical supplies for the others.​
    bio:lexi is a photography student. Railey's best friend since they were eight and nine, Lexi's always there to help his friend out. Despite being of a weaker fortitude than Railey, he's very protective. Lexi's sweet personality allows him to make friends quickly even if he's rather shy.

    The teen suffers slightly from a nervous stutter but tries to hide it. He usually hides behind his camera. He happily captures shots to add to Railey's articles. He's willing to go almost anywhere for his friend.

    when he first found out about Railey looking into Nevermoore Court, he didn't think anything of it. As time went on and Railey became obsessed, Lexi became scared for his friend but would still follow him.​
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  9. Awesome ~

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore both of your Characters *^* They are so cute.
  10. ^^ Thanks. I like yours too. I think they'll all be good friends.
    I'm going to start the RP. Others can jump in later if they want. sound good?
  11. Yeah I'm totally fine with that, I may just not get my Intro in until later today or something. Who knows, but I will post it whenever I'm free.
  12. That's cool. Any time is fine and it doesn't have to be super long. ^^
  13. Name: Lliira Andreadys
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female


    Future weapon: When not at school or performing some other mundane task (such as grocery shopping), Lliira often carries a staff of pale rowan wood that is intricately inlaid in brass with sinuous Art Nouveau swirls and arcs that curve around Hermetic sigils, geometric symbols, and cryptic strings of Greek letters. At its capital is mounted a sphere of quartz crystal. It is a tool of her mystical practice (see Bio). On sunny days, she also sometimes carries a parasol to shield herself from the sun, though it is too light and delicate to be much use as a "weapon." Sometimes she leaves the parasol at home, and wears a light hooded cloak instead.

    Bio: Lliira was born into the family of a prominent Greek shipping tycoon. Her albinism made her a laughing stock in the elite prep schools her parents tried to send her to, to the point that she threatened to become an embarrassment to the family. Her skin also burned easily in the hot Mediterranean sun. When she was of age to enter junior high school, she was sent to live with an eccentric uncle in America. Her uncle introduced her to a wide range of interests, including Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, Greek philosophy, Pythagorean, Platonist, and Hermetic mysticism. Though she was often mocked and bullied in school, Lliira found comfort in esoteric study and practice. He also saw to it that she had the opportunity to learn artistic and craft skills. She can sing with a soft alto voice, and play the electric zither.

    Entering into high school, Lliira developed into an unusual, eerie beauty. She is quiet and serene, and seems to have settled gracefully into the role of a young woman apart, almost as if she were an exchange student from Middle Earth. She moves with grace and poise, wearing flowing Art Nouveau gowns and jewelry she makes in her uncle's workshop. She now attends the community college, taking classes on sustainable design, horticulture, and automated fabrication (CNC router and 3D printing technology).

    Lliira is a practicing Ceremonial Magician in the Hermetic tradition. Her "magic" does not produce any "special effects" type manifestations (yet?), but she does have the sort of mystical experiences that practicing mystics and occultists report in the real world, such as synchronicity, out of body experiences, "astral travel," and encounters with (alleged) spirit-beings, "thought-forms," and the like.

    She also uses psychedelics as "sacraments" on certain occasions: psilocybin mushrooms, dimethyl tryptomine (DMT), and LSD. She knows how to grow the first and make the latter two, which she regards as a practice of "practical Alchemy," though she offers no clue to anyone that she does this. Only her uncle knows, as he is the one who taught her.

    When Lliira first heard of Nevermoore Court, she felt an intuitive "sense of wrongness" about it. It has proven ominously opaque to her attempts to investigate it through divination and other arcane means, so she has decided to look into it more closely. She has a very bad feeling about the place.
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  14. Oooh, I like her. Accepted. Feel free to post your intro any time. ^^
  15. Ohh~ Pretty. Anyways I will be posting my Intro later today.
  16. Thank you, I'm glad you two like her. I edited her bio to put her into the community college with the other characters. :)
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  17. Oh my lord. Just realized I used 'Within' like.. Five times, in one sentence. Well that's quite embarrassing. Jeez.. Who would've thought that I'd do something so strange. Meh, oh well.
  18. ^^' could have been worse.
  19. True, true. But still.. I just.. That's so unusual *^*
  20. true

    *groans and works on my post* You guys types so much
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