Nevermoore Court (romance/horror RP)

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  1. This is a Silent Hill-like RP

    Railey (my character) is a journalist is training at a community college. Something has been bugging him about the new place that has shown up in the edge of town. It has only opened this week he swears he's seen news on it before. The place is Nevermoore Court, a mix of asylum, cemetery, and mansion to care for elderly. Railey knows there's something off about the place, it give him the creeps. It says it was only opened recently after lying ownerless for years. Old news papers from two decades before prove otherwise. The place has been open for twenty years but no one can remember that. No one but Railey is suspicious and he doesn't care. He's going to act on it, he's going to find out what's going on in the creepy closed off Court.

    On his way to enter the Court, he is followed by or confronted by other students (either friends, random students, or bullies). He ignores them and continues on. The group gets all caught up in the mansion. Once inside, this go bad and they can't get out. Can they find out the secret of the Court and get out before something horrible happens to all of them?

    I'm looking for new players to play students that are hunted through an old mansion. Friendship and romance abound and are encouraged.

    Romance (m/f, m/m, f/f) is alright, if you want to have a relationship with someone else's character, message them.
    1-3 characters allow per player.

    Posting rules:
    Three sentence minimum please per post
    Try to use your best spelling and grammer, I'm not crazy picky but I like to know what I'm reading

    RP ---> Nevermoore Court
  2. Still looking for new players.
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