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  1. Welcome to Neverland Online...Processing...Updating Servers...Thank you for waiting...

    The Land of Neverland is a very diverse and intriguing places that centers around clans/groups/tribes/kingdoms that make up the majority of it's player base. Ever since the game came out only a couple of weeks ago, many people have been drawn to it's 'your buddies against the world' tag line where you and a group of friends would do your best to team up and slay demons. Many MMO's in this universe are singular players with clans/groups being side lined in favor of a more story based experience single player mode. Where Neverland was revealed to the world it claimed that it could bring all that and more with group experiences being just as important as the story experience. Neverland draws heavily on historical references for it's classes and combat forms and it's style is reminiscent of not just one but many myths from Vikings to Samurai to Pixies to Paladins. The new age of technology also allows people to bodily turn themselves into data and transfer themselves into this new world. When logging out they can go back any designated area near their log in area in order to go back to the real world.

    The goal of the game is to fight the computer generated monsters spawned by the environment or to fight enemy players from different factions to get the most points. Enough to become more powerful to get stronger and to eliminate watch your faction/clan to fly to the top of the leader boards. In doing so you may please or displease one of the gods you serve. Each of the gods is a physical being present in the world though they are not always easy to find or to please. Very few people risk choosing a different god to follow when playing as a member of a certain race or area.

    In real life the game has been an economic marvel and has surpassed movies and other platforms of games/entertainment forcing a revamping of the servers since it's release. However there is now a massive problem about to be introduced with an update....promising more content is not just all that is going to happen. Players will be forced into the game and their characters will start to resemble their real life bodies (with some things like size not adapting to their real life appearance). People will panic once this update is sent. And worst yet...they won't be able to log out and if they die...they die for real. Even stranger than that is is that there is some sort of virus going through characters forcing people to think that they are really a part of this world called Neverland turning some into violent and or holy warriors bent on killing other players. Some transform into entirely different people entirely. When this virus effects to many people it may spell end for millions of lives. We will survive the panic and figure out the way to the end of the maze to find out who is behind this? Or will we be cut down and become a statistic in this madness.

    The game is split up into a gigantic continent with varying changes to it's environment.

    The Men of Winter (Vikings) (open)

    In the northern half of the continent lives the tougher and more stern group of men who call themselves Winter's Children. They follow Dane's Law which decrees that they must fight honorably, with pride, to the end, and to the death. They are known as Winter's children. Vikings is the term given to these men in the frozen wasteland of the north. The north is mountainous, treacherous, and reeks of danger. Even lower level players fear for their lives in the mountains. Only the strong survive. The Vikings are only humans and refuse to let any other races in and they serve The All Father who brought life to the world. Their patron deities are Odin, Thor, and Ullr. Loki is the one they despise the most and is the patron of their very few rogues. Anything less than utter dominance of their foes is looked at with distaste. The goal of the viking players is and always will be the complete dominance of the Kingdoms of the Faithful and the Elven Remnants. They also seek to destroy the pixies of the western isles. The viking's land itself is the majority of the northern half of the continent. The majority of it is rough snowy tundra and mountains making their villages few and far between. Their capital is known as Winter's Fist where the All Father's main temple is located at. There are various sea isles and rivers which allow the vikings to train themselves for sea born attacks as well as swimming in heavy gear.

    Vikings warriors are restricted to only medium and heavy armor as light is viewed as cowardly by The All Father in game. Axes and variations of axes are the only weapons allowed to the viking warriors outside of a shield or spear. Any other weapons must be taken from the corpses of fallen enemies that died by their hand. Their signature weapons are devastating and strong. For those who have embraced the All Father's work is the magical Shaman. The Shaman class are dictated to their love of their all father and their people. They are very strong magicians with power unlike any other. Some shaman favor a side axe at their side however in doing so they lessen their own magical arts as those who strive with an axe have less time to spend with the all father's glory. The archers are simple and sweet. They carry javelins, and dirks. They also are allowed the use of arrows and pick locks. They are forbidden from disguising themselves unless they worship Loki...and that brings the wrath of the All Father's faithful on them for trickery is beneath them.

    Cross classing is only available to the shaman and the archer classes. Archers can infuse their bows with magical spells to power their destructive nature. While shaman pride themselves in magic some can fight in close range at the cost of less powerful magical spells. Despite these differences all players receive an immunity to cold magic, and warriors receive a resistance to wind magic as well. On the downside they may not turn down a fight when challenged less they bring on the All Father's wrath and while they can swim heavy armor isn't something too favorable to quick moving units who hit hard like rogues and the Samurai.

    The Men of The Center (open)

    Then come the more civilized men in their holy kingdoms. The armies of men hold up in the center of the continent and hold the most land out of any race. They are versatile, quick, deadly, and utterly devoted to their cause: The annihilation of those who seek them harm and those who question the true gods. Though they are numerous and powerful they are also the most fractured. There are those who worship the Holy Lord of Light in the western half of the holding of men. They believe in justice, truth, honesty, and righteousness. Crime is forbidden to those who worship the Holy Light. They will not hold back to those who harm innocents and will not allow those who are blasphemous to kill their fellow players. They rally in the Grand City of Huspar and in the center the Lord of Light holds vigil. Under them are the mighty paladins of magic and justice. Very rare is the paladin who defects from these holy men. With the paladins at their side there are few who can handle the mighty of the holy lord.

    In the East comes the Zentyne Empire. They claim that they are the true heirs to the lands of elves, men, and the whole continent as a whole. They believe in the Holy Lord as well but in a different way. They are not do gooders. They care not to save men but to unite them. Under them is the Son of the Lord of light known as The Holy Light Izanagi. They are modeled after more eastern style of fighting including samurai to their roster. Samurai are forbidden to carry shields but their swords do incredible amounts of damage equal to vikings and are quicker due to the superior nature of their armor. They hold up in the mighty mountain fortress of Vistgard. Built by the vikings of the north ages ago and fortified by elves when they took over the Vistgard keep is nigh undefeatable. It was only claimed when the men of the empire were forced from their lands and then turned on the elves opening the keep to Izanagi who claimed it as his own. The Lord Izanagi demands that his followers defeat his father so that he may claim the title of the most holy.

    The southern men follow no gods, no masters, and no kings. Rulers are instead elected. They are led by the Elder Council who seek too destroy the gods themselves. The lords of the Elder Council are merchants who rule through money and power. Men of these parts are not entitled to worship any god though the elves in that region once worshiped the lost god Hestor the Mighty of the Elven Pantheon and the Holy Lord is also a favorite among these men. There are no unique attributes to these men other than they are free to do as they please. These people were included in game for people who wouldn't want to worship any god in game.
    The men of the center have no bonuses but they don't receive any penalties except to the god they worship.
    Paladins can wear all armors and cast light magic which hurts evil creatures and heal their allies. They are also the slowest to level up (In roleplay means they get skills less quick but that will be explained in a bit) They are restricted to swords, and maces. Axes are the sign of their enemies the vikings.
    Samurai can use katanas and can move faster in heavy armor than any other class. They may not use magic but can use bows just as well as their swords.

    The Elven Remnant (open)

    The peninsula to the east lies the beautiful fortresses and forests of the last elven king Tyran. The elves have been shattered since the Empire forced out the land that now belongs to their long enemy the holy lord. The elves worship the goddess Revenal the Beautiful who seeks peace for all creatures. They have many small holdings but none as mighty as the fortress of High Quin. The fortress is the only fortress built by the elven people who live there under Tyran. The elves as elite warriors but they are few in numbers now. They worship an elven pantheon consisting with Revenal at the top followed by Lord Dingu the Prideful (deity of love), Harshal The Glorious (war), Nynedal The Peaceful (Nature), and Syndal The Forger (smithery and crafts).

    The elves are the only ones who can still use the magic intertwined with nature itself. Thus their mages have given up the practice of fire magic. Though fire is strong and a part of nature it is also what burned down the forests that use to be the plains of the center. However they can use roots, vines, etc to slay their opponents.

    There are those who oppose the Lord Tyran however and view his monarchy are awful and hold up in the underground city known as Grass Star that once belonged to dwarves. It is a forest underneath the earth that is beautiful beyond description. Elves here worship the lost Pantheon of old which consists of Hestor the Mighty (god of war) Nectar The Life Giver (goddess of life), Hendyle The Masterful (god of purity), and Benestal The Brave (God of the Sea). Their wish is to overthrow the new elven rulers and reestablish the elven regimes of old.

    The Elven people don't use blunt weapons due to well their bluntness and prefer the use of arrows and swords which they use better than humans. However Heavy Armor is beyond even the best of them. They are also weak to fire magic. Elves are naturally fast and quick on their feet though strength leaves something to be desired.

    All elves can intertwine magic with their weapons except for nature which is only dedicated to their mages. Elves are also more skilled with bows than any other race

    The Fairies/Pixies of The Western Isles (open)

    The pixies/fairies of the western isles are a joyful people who detest war but the vikings have made them into a race that is not unwilling to fight. Following their Queen Haraha the pixies are mysterious people who live in a group of isles that are the envy of the elves. The islands are covered in forests and small pixie cities. Pixies are small most only reaching 4'10 in size at most. The pixies lack typical warriors but they are infamously dangerous mages. They are also the only people outside of human paladins who use healing magic but are even more effective at it. They specialize in area of control spells and stunning spells to allow their fellows a chance to hit their enemies with devastating power attacks. Pixies often sell themselves off as indentured servants to parties in order to obtain better gear or money to buy whatever they wish to. They have no goddesses or gods except for their queen. Many distrust them due to their mysterious nature.
    Pixies are not allowed to go into warrior classes. They are restricted to the mage class which they are the strongest in and the rogue class which is very often not used due to the pixies abominable strength levels though fairies are quick enough to dodge most slower moving attacks.

    The Nomadic Dwarven People (open)

    And finally the last race is the once proud dwarves. The dwarves are largely nomads now as the Vikings have forced them from the north, the pixies reject them, and the elves dislike them forcing them to settle in the plains of men in the north. Their last underground fortress is Hasgen which was made originally as a fort but is now ruled by the last dwarf monarch King Koin of House Quald. The dwarves are the people who have no home left and thus struggle everywhere. Their god is the god of the stone Wufith. Their other gods have been lost and wait to be reclaimed. The dwarves have no official cities but travel in caravans and despite their exile the dwarves are just as strong as the vikings with their axes and other weapons. While few in number Dwarven mages still exist and can repair items and use powerful earth magic though not as potent as elves or pixies they are still sought after for their durability.
    Dwarves can't cross class with magic. They are allowed to use weapons other than axes but struggle with the bow. Dwarves have strong health and strong stamina allowing to fight longer and harder then most others outside of the vikings and paladins. Dwarven magic is weaker than pixie and elves and slightly below human magic in terms of quantity.

    Classes (open)

    Warrior - Paladin - Samurai - Viking Warrior
    Mage - Shaman
    Archer - Ranger (Melee subclass) - Arch Ranger (Mage subclass)
    Rogue (dual wielder thief) - Loki's Chosen (Viking Rogue with Magic)

    Dwarf Warrior - Dwarven Battlelord (Dwarf with bow subset)
    Dwarf Rogue
    Dwarf Archer
    Dwarven Mage

    Warrior - Gold Guard (Tyron's warriors with bow skill subset)
    Archer - Elven Mage Archer
    Elven Mage - Elven Seer (Elven Old Pantheon Mage with the ability to dodge one blow per battle)
    Elven Rogue
    Pixie Mage - Pixie Healer (Pixies who forsake damage for healing/Status effects only)
    Pixie Rogue

    Rules/FAQ (more to come):
    1. All meta gaming, god modding, and other such stuff is not allowed
    2. You may not have a cross breed character as it is not a function in game.
    3. You don't need to roleplay your character per say and can act like a normal person inside Neverland.
    4. I have the right as GM to have the last say in things. If you have a question ask me.
    5. All players will start at level 5 giving them five skills. Uniques classes get two due to their stronger nature. Neverland has a unique build system that lets people make spells and powers as they like within a limit of how stronger they are in game. Skills are techniques that one can perform not abilities or proficiency like armor and or weapons.
    6. This is an adept level roleplay a lengthy bio and personality are required as well as a relatively sizable post minimum.

    Character Sheet:
    Nicknames: (optional)
    In-Game User:
    Appearance: (Written or picture)
    Armor Style in game:
    (Examples: Flaming arrow shot, holy fists, minor fire enchantment, double shot, weak barrier, critical slash, ice shard)

    NPC Character List:

    Character Roster:
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  2. Name
    Ishida Takeda

    ''Ky┼źsokuna kaze'' - Rapid Winds

    In-Game User




    A calm and smart kid that nearly just graduated high school. Whenever he isn't playing games he usually reads due to the fact that he doesn't have much friends because he stays inside most of his time. Manga is his pride and joy and gaming is his pleasure he quotes himself on that everyday, however he is rather sociable in the game which might be a clue that he has different personas. He is very passionate about his japanese culture so much that he chose samurai as his class in the game. Ishida is a very nice and caring person, however he may get brutal and gory in battle if you threaten his comrades.

    Ishida was born and raised in Tokyo with his younger brother, however after he graduated high school he found a apartment where he lives today. He works everyday at the local Cafe and spends most of his time and money on manga and DLC for games he plays.

    ''Uchigatana'' - Katana
    Bow and Arrow - Secondary

    Basic Health Pack

    Armor Style in game



    Swiftness and light weight movement, Specialty in Swords and Bows

  3. Work in progress?
  4. My bio? no its done, why? Does it need improvement?
  5. Yes boss because this is an adept roleplay not intermediate or below. You're not near done on this. You got a lot more fleshing out on the character bio and on top of that skills aren't anything like specialty they're things like fire arrow or a special kind of swing or what have you.
  6. What does this roleplay being adept have to do with my bio? Adept means that we write more advanced in accordance to intermediate not that we have bigger bios. And it would be more helpful if you told me what to change instead of ''flesh it out''. And its your fault for not specifying what the skill section was.
  7. It means that I expect more detailed bios. I expect more a lines of characters like this one. LINK from my Madoka Magica roleplay (which is an intermediate level roleplay btw). Family life, friends, life experiences, general life accomplishments or struggles, hobbies possibly, interests, etc. I will admit that this OOC is lacking due to it being a work in progress. I'm currently roleplaying in over four roleplays at the moment so it's not like I have the time to spend on just this one alone just as I'm sure you have stuff to do yourself.
  8. You didn't even apologize for your mistake... how about this, i'll edit it when this roleplay actually gets attention. Plus i feel like you didn't even read any of my bio you just looked up and down and was like ''nope not long enough'' can you please read it and see that i put detail of this character not only in the bio section.
  9. apologize for what? You're not standing any moral high ground here dude. You flat out asked me no questions and from my point of view your reply post lacks any sort of tact in regards to respect whatsoever. I will say that my post was blunt but as gm And I DID read it. Yeah you're brother and you live in tokyo and you stay in a cafe playing games. Besides that all you got is your skills (which still haven't been changed and samurai being advanced class will have two skills at the start instead of five as I said this is an unfinished OOC. I literally made this when playing a video game yesterday) and personality. To PROVE to you however that I'm not talking out of my ass I will get to work on my own character now. I was still in the planning stages for who is is and what he will be but I will be making a human paladin from America.
  10. Name: Carl Anderson
    Nicknames: None
    In-Game User: SilverHandedDevil
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Carl is a very temperamental and passionate individual who is willing to give it all to save anyone in need. His dad passed onto him his mentality of being a hero to those in need and the joy of helping others. Carl has no interest in bullies, punks, or big shots who pick on people who are weaker than they are. He has a lot of trust in the goodness of man and is more than willing to put faith in strangers. He is hardly ever without a smile on his face when around people he likes. He also has a great amount of pride in his family lineage of soldiers dating back to the American Civil War when his uncle was drafted.

    Carl has a fondness for dogs and cats alike viewing them as very loyal and independent in their own regards. He has always wanted to work with animals his whole life because of this. Carl loves showing off whenever he can some may call him a clown because of it but he's more than willing to call them back out on one of their own flaws. His tempermental natures leads to him getting in people's faces when they push his buttons even slightly. However is often tries to rebound his anger into quickly thought up comedic jokes on whatever situation he is in unless it's inappropriate for the time.

    In the world of MMO's he tends to act very much like the stereotypical paladin due to his father often playing them in DnD games he used to watch growing up. He has a fondness for acting like a hammy super hero though when confronted with a 'troll' his first response is usually to challenge them to a duel which is more often then not caused him to get his butt whopped on a regular basis up until he started to gain more knowledge in Player Vs. Player combat systems that typically are associated with MMO's. He has since not done as much MMO playing as he'd like to admit since going out and learning parkour with his friends.

    Carl tends to be very close to his family and views them as the number one priority in his life. He gets extremely protective of his kin and won't let anyone or anything belittle them unless it is all in good jest. Though he is close to his family he is still willing to butt heads with his parents and family if they get on his nerves or cross the line with him though he usually tries to make up with them quickly afterward.

    He personally loves athletics and has been training in free running, aka Parkour, for the past two years now ever since he first viewed the sport on the internet and he found an instructor in his gym teacher and his best friend Ollie. However he admits he is fond of computers just as much as he is of free running and wishes to get back into it with his more nerdier friends.

    Born in Maine during a hiking expedition Carl Anderson was the son of a general manager of a food chain and a accountant at a bank. The two were high school sweethearts who stayed together and were overjoyed to welcome Carl into the world. His early life consisted of being with his grand mother Wendy Anderson and his uncle Jacob due to his parents lacking the time to spend with him. Though he didn't meet his parents often he always enjoyed having them around and was a very energetic child often running around or playing catch with his uncle Jacob. He had no siblings so all of his parents free time was devoted to him. Uncle Jacob was also responsible for his like of animals as he worked as a zoo keeper and occasionally he got to meet animals up close and even befriended a guerrilla named Arnie.

    Eventually Carl and his family would move to Boston and he'd be in the care of nannies for awhile before his mother decided to quit her job to spend more time with him due to her boss becoming increasingly disgruntled with her work. His mother helped him learn how to read and write. He deeply cared for and loved his mother with all of his heart and he even made a friend in a kid his age named Ollie who was his mother's friend's son. The two were inseparable forcing his mother to look after both of them more often then she liked. Eventually his father had to quit his job due to layoffs after which he became a fire fighter. His father was a kind and funny man who never failed to show affection for his son when he could and he even caught him lamenting the fact that he missed so much of Carl's childhood.

    As Carl went to school he and Ollie became the 'defenders of justice' in kindergarten and pre-school and made sure bullies didn't get away with anything which made them into the school's tattle tales. However it also gained them many friends and the respect of the teachers who trusted them not to lie which they hardly ever did. Though as they got older they ended up in fist fighters with bigger bullies who wouldn't backdown and the duo were suspended and forced to change schools twice. Around this time is when he first got into computer games after his dad introduced him to Dungeon and Dragons. He wanted to be just like his dad, a hero, a brave man, and a kind hearted person. Though his temper slowly developed into a problematic trait he also developed an admirable style in that he refused to EVER give up on anyone or anything even once saving a puppy who had his front leg run over by a car during the night after coming home from night school during the summer.

    Carl spent a lot of time on online games as a kid when he was home and he loved them to death so much that he would keep on playing them as a teenager. He often was the butt of the joke as he often fell to the lure of trolls and griefers online. However the people he did befriend online were genuinely good people who would become his friends in the virtual world just like Ollie was in real life. He even managed to make up some clans though they didn't last long due to various reasons mostly school life and in clan fights. He was disappointed though is mother told him that she knew he could find more friends and his father insisted that people sometimes just couldn't get along. He took the words to heart and moved on despite losing some friends in the break up.

    Eventually when he got into high school and puberty hit he started to play football as a linebacker but failed and quit after one season. However Ollie remained in the team up until 10th grade where he invited Carl to his local free running group and a new passion was founded. Giving up on MMO's for a couple of years he and Ollie formed a duo called' The Brothers of Extreme' who performed free for local crowds showing off various stunts. However Ollie hurt himself sometime this year forcing Carl to hold off any more appointments and with this he decided now would be the best time to get back into MMO's and luckily enough Neverland Online launched and he found himself teaming up with some local players for a brief amount of time after he found out all of them picked Paladin however the group wasn't as fun as it could've been and disbanded quickly. Though only a noob a level five he is determined to be the best paladin he can ever be in this new least until Ollie gets better.
    Weapons: Steel Sword and Mace with a iron kite shield
    Items: Rope, Potions of Healing (3), pickaxe, hammer, tinderbox, fishing net.
    Armor Style in game: Iron Plate Armor
    Class: Paladin
    Level: 5
    Healing Palms - Skill allows him to heal other people within reach by touching them. Effects are decent but nowhere near as powerful as it could be.
    Holy Calling - Gives minor enchantment to his own weapon that lasts for one minute. It causes extra damage to monsters.
  11. So yeah that took me...what? An hour if that? And that was completely improvised If you can't do something near that or similar then the door is right there. I don't buckle my standards. My character sheets are meant for a couple of things: Showing the amount of skill the player has, showing how much thought the player has put into said character, and of course having a written example of what the player can pull on to make connections with other players or to form storylines in the future.
  12. Character Sheet:

    Hikigaya Hibiki


    In-Game User:


    Male(Real life), Female(In-game)

    Believe it or not, the Hibiki of the real world is shorter than his in-game counterpart Lorelei - he is a mere 1.4 metres. He looks rather feminine in appearance, and is often mistaken for a girl. His build is very little and tiny, too.




    She essentially looks like this, except she is tinier in a few aspects with a bust size of B and is a mere 1.45 metres tall.

    She does not use any weapons, save for her magic. She may equip Charm-type weapons worn on her neck, however, to enhance her spellcasting and access certain spells. She does not start out with them, and only learns about them through the description of one of her new Skills that she acquires later.

    Odd Egg | Potion of Healing(3) | Blue Cowry

    Armor Style in game:
    She basically wears the armour as seen above, without the gold chains and gold bangles of course. Her chest armour and lower armour are simply blue seashells, and her lower armour is in turn veiled by a translucent, white sarong of sorts.


    Pixie Mage


    Whirlpool Kicker - An AoE water-based capability that may cause 'dizzyness' to the targets.
    Flashfreeze - Strikes with a sphere of energy that can potentially freeze the target.
    Cryogenesis - Freezes self in order to make self invulnerable for 20 seconds. Pretty, pretty long cooldown for a cool attack. Allies within ten metres will have the same effects inflicted onto them.
    Christfeet(Passive) - grants ability to walk on water. Inactivated by activating 'Scyllafeet'.
    Scyllafeet(Passive) - removes need for breath underwater. Inactivated by activating 'Christfeet'.
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  13. Before I continue with my application:

    1. Can Real Life and In-game counterparts be of opposing genders?
    2. What is the in-lore minimum age for kids to play this game? My character is 13. If this was Browser or Desktop, he could easily fake it, but I notice that this is pretty close to VRMMOs.
    3. Will 'Pets', 'Mounts' and 'Familiars' be allowed? If so, can they grow from let's say... a caterpillar to a butterfly? A tadpole to a frog? That is what I intend to do with the egg.
  14. Yes of course they can however your facial appearance will turn into your real life appearance once in game you'd just be a he'she or a she'he

    I'd say about fifteen but the developers really don't care all too much not unlike Runescape.

    I suppose I haven't put too much thought into it but as long as it's not a dragon or some other giant beast I suppose it will be allowed.
  15. Young boy with feminine babyface. That will fix the lady with manface gimmick someone else intends to have. Alrighty then.
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  16. whatever works for you.
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