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    Removed from public view? :O How is it that bad to be removed from public view? I've only seen people or moderators delete posts but never have I seen something where it was removed from public view, especially if it looked like it didn't have a need to be removed~
  2. It seems like the creator of the post saw fit to take it down o.o People delete their own posts for a number of reasons.
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  3. This might be a bug that @Diana should be notified about. As far as I am aware, regular members shouldn't be able to see deleted posts by others. They should only be able to see that the message has been removed from public view, but not the message itself.
  4. That's what I thought but I couldn't remember if regular members could do that or not. Extend the message I mean.
  5. @Ilsa

    I need:

    A link to the thread

    To know if you had donator privileges when you took the screencap!
  6. RANDOM - Superpowers

    This is so weird. That only happened on mobile but now it says the usual "This post has been deleted by So and so"

  7. Huh. O_O It might have been a momentary screwup because things weren't all loading like they were supposed to. I'll keep a note of it just in case.
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