Never Love Again

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  1. Okay Uhhh... Some stuff happened... Sasori assaulted Josuke... They are mad at each other... Uhhh... Hanging out with other people... And stuff! Now on with the posting!

    "...And then I returned the purse to the woman, she still maced me in the face...Then she dropped her purse again...Turns out that her purse strap was broken...." The young woman was trying to hide the smile she had at his expense with a concerned face. "I can't believe you kept going back to give that woman's purse back to her!" Josuke was smirking as they were walking towards the run down hotel, and back to Mitsuo car. "I mean hell, I was going to get blamed for it anyways since we were going the same way, I might as well as try to do the right thing, right?" They reach her car and Mitsuo turns to face Josuke.

    "I've got to admit, Mr. Josuke... I wasn't sure what to expect when I agreed to go with you..." She slightly brushes the hair from the side of her face behind her ear to expose more of her face, her pale, almost translucent complex glowing softly in the moonlight. Her eyes reflected the same light as she stared straight up at Josuke, aligning her sight with his. "But... I have to admit it was one of the most enjoyable nights I have had in a long, long time." Josuke's face slightly flush as she gazed into his, slightly shifting his gaze to the side to try to regain his composure.

    "Heh... If that was one of your better nights then you really need to increase your standards..." Mitsuo smiled gently, placing her hand softly on Josuke's chest, which made his face turn even more red than before."Hehehehe... I think my standards are just fine, Mr. Josuke..." She laughed at how flustered Josuke was getting and turned to her car. "... I was wrong about you... In many ways... You... You are nothing like I would expect you to be...I... I would like to see you again...If you would let me."

    Josuke was a bit confused at her request. "Yeah, sure... It's not like I am going to go anywhere or anything." Mitsuo smiled and closed her car door. "Good...I will be looking forward to it..." And with that she quickly took off.

    Josuke was just in a stupor as she quickly drove off. "But... I didn't even tell you where I live..." She was a bit odd, but she was rather cute, and a good way to get his mind off of Sasori. "..." Speaking of which... "Oi!" He walked over towards to the gate of of the hotel and started knocking loudly at it. "Oi! Open up, Damnit! I know you are home!"

    Meanwhile. "Wait... What?!?" The black car nearly came to a stop as Mitsuo almost dropped her cellphone.

    "You mean... That man wasn't the Minazuki heir?"
  2. Sasori was sitting on the floor of the study, several books open on the long tea table that sat near the fireplace. There was no fire, no romantic atmosphere, but the man she was tutoring didn't seem to mind.

    "So if you divide A from 356 and then multiply it by the square root, what do you get?" Sasori asked, writing down the equation on a notepad for Katsuo to work out.

    Katsuo wasn't watching the paper, however. He was moving to take Sasori's glasses and rest them on top her head. She hadn't worn any glasses up until they sat down for study. "You know... your eyes are very pretty. I like that serious look you get while studying."

    That came out of left field! Sasori coughed, preying that she wasn't blushing as her eyes darted towards a clock. "Uh... you know, it's getting late. I guess we should head to bed. Do you want to stay here with me tonight?" Katsuo had offered to stay. After that thief had broken in, (and she STILL was so sure it was Josuke!) she was still pretty freaked out.

    "Of course! I'd never leave a girl in distress." he replied with a grin. "To bed then?"

    "Yeah." Sasori showed Katsuo to one of the empty rooms and left for her own. Tired, kind of annoyed, she changed her clothes and climbed in to bed.

    Awhile later there was a rustle. A sleepily Sasori sat up, rubbing her head. "Katsuo..?" Before her eyes could adjust to the dark, a hand grabbed her shoulder! She let out a startled scream!

    Just as Josuke had reached the hotel gate and was shouting to be let in, that's when he heard it. Her screaming was loud enough to carry all the way out in to the yard!
  3. “…?” He stopped pounding at the door as soon as the sound of that familiar obnoxious voice rang through the courtyard. It sounded like she was screaming. “Goddamnit…”

    Without thinking, Josuke rammed his shoulder into the thick wooden gates. “Ahh shit…”

    He reeled back in pain, underestimating the sturdiness of the old wooden gates. “For a goddamn run down eyesore, the friggin’ gate are still in harder to get into than the pants of a Yakuza Boss’ teenage daughter…” He quickly shook it off as he tried again with a running, jumping foot stomp against the the door.

    “Grrraaahh!” The wood was slightly splintering as he kept trying, but he was no where near close of breaking it down. “Grrr…” He cliched his fist tighter with each second that passed, know that the longer her took the more danger that smug know-it-all could be in. Hell, had forgotten what happened the other night cause of the little evening he had with that Mitsuo woman, but as his focus began to stem into frustration, he couldn’t help, but wonder why he was trying to help a woman who smashed a chair over his head, even despite him not doing anything wrong… Well, except sneaking in to her place, but that was just to get back his stuff!

    But here he was, slamming his foot repeatedly into the thick, antique wooden gates of her house, cause he thought he heard her scream. He thinks that he may have fracture something in his foot, so he starts using his shoulder to ram against the gate once more. “Huuu…” He hurling himself a fifth time, he found fatigue catching up him as he leaned against the gate, which suffer fracturing, but still was no where near breaking. “God…Goddamnit…” The extraneous activities has caused the little golden crucifix he has been trying to hid under his shirt to slip out , dangling off his neck as he leans his head against the wall.

    “Come on… You know I am not doing anything bad… Just give me a break, will ya…” And just as soon as he finished his sentence, the gate started moving, falling back as Josuke nearly fell with it. “WATDAFAWK!?!” The gate itself was very sturdy and could have withstood Josuke’s assault until he passed out… But the hinges themselves were pretty badly rusted, snapping off from all the force being extruded on it.

    “…So you wait until I beat the shit out of myself to finally help?” He scoffs as he once the strength to start running again, moving his way up the stairs to the hotel. “Moves in mysterious ways, my ass. Seems like he just likes watching me suffer…”
  4. Meanwhile, inside the hotel there was more continued screaming! Loud thumping! Something heavy falling over and breaking! After a few moments there was silence. The hotel fell quiet as a mouse. Not a thing was stirring inside and no lights had come on. From Josuke's perspective everyone inside might have already been dead!
  5. “GWAH!” Instead of kicking out the frame, Josuke’s foot just merely punctured throught the through the old Fusuma door, it being traditionally made from rice paper instead of the modern reinforced ones made with enforced wood. “Damnit all… Stupid traditional building with its integrity to preserve historical architect…” Josuke just leaned forward and sort of just fell into the hotel, ripping a large hole in the doors.

    Josuke quickly got back on his feet, stumbling blindly within the darkness. “OWAH!” He stubbed his knee against something solid and caused something to crash into the ground. “Aw shit…” Josuke continued on blindly, trying to get to that high-maintenance woman before anything bad happened to her.


    He searched around blindly, knocking countless things over in his wake.

  6. Nothing! Not word! Only silence replied to Josuke.

    But then there was the soft sound of sneaky footprints nearby. Step. Stepstep. Step. Stepstepstepstepstep. WHAM! A body rammed in to Josuke at full speed!

    Both forms went crashing to the floor, the other giving a manly grunt and a groan before seeming to jump back up to his feet. It was Katsuo!

    "What the fuck, dude!"
  7. Josuke didn't even take a second to let his brain register in who the person his fist was flying into. "...Oh." But man, did he feel great when he saw that he had decked that smug jerk that was here early.

    Wait, what the hell was he doing here. "HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU HERE?" Josuke leans down to grab Katsuo by, what he hoped, as the collar of his shirt and shook him violently only to find that he was unconscious.

    "Damnit..." He carelessly dropped the guy back on the ground and stood back up. "OI! SASORI! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" He crosses over the jerkass and continued to muddle around in the dark. "SASORI! WHERE ARE YOU!"
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  10. I keep reading a ton of shit about how the 2017 eclipse is going to kick off the Biblical apocalypse because another one is occurring in 2024, which is 7 years later, and this year is apparently one Biblical Generation (70 years) away from the Foundation of Israel as a nation.

    As a Christian, I'm sorry for other Christians. But also, this is making me paranoid, because I still have so much I want to do, and what if it actually is? AGH!
  11. "He bumped into me..." Josuke cleared his throat causally crossed his arms. "... Then his face bumped into my fist..." He slipped in a quick kick to Katsuo as he laid passed out on the floor still.

    "What the hell are you talking about..." She was dragging him like she was serious about this. "Feh... Why don't you just hit it in the face with a chair when it's not looking?" Okay, Josuke still was a bit bitter about that one, BUT SHE SLAMMED A CHAIR ON HIS FACE! A CHAIR!

    "You're going to pay me extra for this right?" Before he could really get an answer she shoved him into the room and backed away. "..." The room was still a bit dim, with only the moonlight leaking through the paper window. "What the hell are you talking about... Crazy ass... Pffftt... Monst-" Then something moved within the darkness, breaking off the weak moonbeams that leaked through. "Oh...Shit..."

    Josuke, now a bit hesitant, inched forward, his fist clinched tightly as continued. "..." it seemed that whatever it was, it seemed to notice Josuke there as well and had retreated into the corner... As if it was waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    Josuke worked up all his courage by trying to remember all the Shounen Jumps he had read over the years and talking himself into believing that if shit really went down, that some sort of secret power within him will awaken and totally kick the ass of the monster in the dark.

    At least that is what he wanted to happen...

    "Oi..." Even though it was dark, Josuke did his best 'Scary Thug' face and inched forward. "YOU THINK YOUR PUNK ASS SCARE ME? OI! WHO'S BEING THE LITTLE BITCH HIDING IN THE CORNER, HUH?! CHICKEN SHIT! YOU AIN'T NOTHING BUT CHICKEN SHIT!" Josuke prodded whatever it was in the corner with his foot, feeling all brave and bold. What he didn't expect was it shrieking and moving as fast as it did.

    What he really really didn't expect was the 'monster' leaping up and latching onto his face. "GGWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!"
  12. "Because it's been so much work getting just this far. We don't need to put on airs about anything, we just need to be ourselves. Anything else should come naturally."
  13. "So now you think that?" He teased.
  14. "I have to know that I'll get to them in time."
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  16. "He's trying and I don't need him trying to break himself again. You didn't see his worst, terrified that he'd never wake up again."
  17. Hahahaha. This is great. We'll lead into chapter two pretty damn soon, so everyone watch out for that!

  18. Why, hello there four characters who should have been included at launch.
  19. Tfw the only Junko Honda met is the Daughter one :/