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  1. Viktoria had just started classes in a new school. She was being given a tour of the school. Admiring the architecture of the building. "Any questions?" She turned to look at the class president and shyly looked at her feet. "um...could you show me the library and art room, please?" She began to fiddle with her hands. The president nodded and smiled. "Of course! It's great that you're into art! You should show me some of your work sometime!" Viktoria looked away and continued following the president, as they made their way to the library. "I'm not very good. I'm sorry." She muttered.
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  2. Finally a Junior, one more year and she would be going to college. She was excited, perhaps she could graduate early and get out of this small town for good. No more looking back, she sighed wistfully and put the books in their rightful place. For her first period she was earned her easy "A" as a Librarian aide. She knew what books were missing, who had them, and when they were due, without consulting the computer. It was one of her little hidden talents. But this new girl, she seemed interesting. The School president was in charge of giving small tours before school hours to the new students. She watched with curious green eyes, and decided to approach the girl mid-tour.

    "Hey, I'm Isabel, what's your name? You're new here, right?

    Isabel was curious from nature, she pushed her black curls behind her ears. Her lips curled into a smile and her pale nose wrinkled. Across the bridge of her nose she had a few freckles dusted over it.
  3. She turned to see a pretty girl with curly, black hair and freckles. She grew uneasy with the attention and began to fiddle with her long, black hair. "Hello. It's very nice to meet you. My names Viktoria. Yes. I'm new here." She murmured. She looked around the library and grew slightly more comfortable. How quiet and empty the library was, gave her a sense of security. She wasn't one for big crowds or loud places. "Isabel I'd the librarian's aide. She can help you find any books you need! So don't be afraid to ask!" The class president said. She nodded and followed her add they left the library. The smell of books was enticing and she couldn't wait to return here during lunch break.
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  4. “Yeah, it was nice to meet you too, Viktoria.” She called after the new girl. She seemed so shy, she hoped that she would be okay in this huge school and not run into trouble.

    There was something empowering about walking through the hallways, everyone just moved aside so she would have no trouble walking to her first class. She flashed the students an evil smile. She saw the colors fade from their faces, and even some looked away when her eyes met theirs. She focused on her actual agenda; which included seeking out the principal office. This is when she felt somebody bump into her. She glared at the student president and at the new face she was with.

    “Watch where the fuck you are going!” She glared at the girl to intimidate her. Then she walked away.

    "Whoa, that was close." Isabelle commented from the side lines, looking at Viktoria,
    "We have our first period together. I thought you might want a familiar face to sit next to."
  5. Viktoria turned to see who they bumped into and was greeted by fierce, hazel eyes. Fear struck at her core, the way the girl yelled and intimidated her. "I'm terribly sorry." She muttered and looked away from those eyes. The way that girl carried herself was both invigorating and intimidating. She turned to see Isabella coming her way and speak of having a class together. She nodded to her invitation. She thanked the class president for the tour and followed Isabella. "Thank you for walking me to algebra. It's very...thoughtful of you." She murmured as she followed Isabella to their class.
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  6. Isabel smiled and nodded "No problem, I don't mind at all." She answered her emerald eyes scanned the hallways to see if anyone was listening in on them.
    "Be careful with Yael, she's dangerous. I've heard." Bel warned the girl, she opened the door for Viktoria as the got to their class.

    "I've heard some pretty terrible things about her since I've been to this school." She added as she picked a spot for them both to sit.

    The teacher waited for the last bell to ring before he checked the attendance list.

    "Okay, class I'm your new teacher Ms. Flowers, your Algebra teacher." She paused for a moment and got the list of names off of her desk.

    "I'll be checking the roll now, so please answer with "Here", okay?"

    As she made her way down the list of 22 students she wore a smile on her face




    She paused for a moment, and looked around the class a little nervous.

    "Uh, uhm Yael?" She sighed in relief when no one answered to the name. That is when the door opened.

    "You called, Ms. Flowers?" Devious Hazel eyes were fixed on the teacher. She strutted into the classroom and made her way to the back of the class. She sat down and put her feet on the desk.

    "Go on, teach your little lesson." She motioned her to continue.

    "Right, well here are some worksheets for you to complete. I want to test your skill levels." She handed out some worksheets to the students.
  7. Once her name was called, she raised her hand and gave a muttered here. She noticed the uneasiness the teacher felt once she came across a certain name. She sighed in relief and called our Yael, but it was a short lived sigh. Yael sauntered into the class and gave a smirk that sent shivers down everyone's spine. Viktoria sat enthralled by the way Yael presented herself. Such confidence and cold, hazel eyes. She felt a shiver run down her spine. The teacher was shaken up, but continued nonetheless. She handed out the worksheets and spoke of the day's lesson plan. Viktoria tried to concentrate on her work, but grew bored. She drew on the desk, as the teacher spoke. She eventually grew tired of the drawing and erased it, before beginning on the worksheet. She turned to see Isabella working diligently. She remembered how Isabella warned her of Yael, but couldn't help being intrigued by her demeanor.
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  8. The worksheets did not seem to interest the dark-skinned girl one bit, she glanced at it and scribbled the answers half heartedly on the paper. She then rested her feet on her desk and looked out the window. The teacher didn't even bother saying anything to Yael. Nothing good would come of it if someone went against her. Some people even referred to her as a demon. How one could harbor so much malice was a mystery no one was willing to solve. But the truth of the matter-she didn't give a fuck.

    She starred out the window and let out another sigh, she noticed two rows in front of her a restless girl, tunning in and out of the lecture, and scribbling on her desk. Sitting next to the freckled-face librarian aide. She smirked to herself, a new face, maybe she could terrorize her a little. She ripped a sheet of paper out of her not book and crumbled it to a ball. With a flick it hit the girl on the back of her head. She threw as many as she could, and some of the other students began to notice, but they dared not to say anything.
  9. Viktoria was enthralled by a sketch she was doing, when out of nowhere she felt something hit her head. She didn't want to give the person who was throwing paper at her the satisfaction of turning around. She tried to busy herself with the worksheet, but the endless bombardment of crumbled paper was beginning to irritate her. She took several deep breathes, before finally deciding to turn around. She saw who was the culprit, Yael. She grew slightly nervous, but didn't want to show any signs of fear. "Um, do you need something?" She asked quietly.
  10. It delighted her that she didn't get a reaction from the black haired girl, but she knew her patience was wearing thin.

    Isabel watched carefully as Yael decided to torment the new girl with the paper-wads. Before she could say anything to Viktoria, she saw her turn to face the blue haired girl.

    Her hazel eyes lit up with excitement, finally an answer- well more of a question. A smirk curled at the edge of her lips as she threw another piece of paper right on the middle of her the girl's forehead. This seemed to be interesting.

    "Yeah, your big head is in the way, move it." She said, she challenged the girl, and wanted to see how she reacted.
  11. When Yael commented on her 'big head' she felt embarrassed. As another ball or paper hit her forehead, she turned back to her paper. Her face flushed red and tears began to gather at the corner of her eyes. She slouched, not wanting to let anyone see her cry. She tried to continue her work as before and just let this humiliating experience be forgotten.
  12. Yael laughed hysterically when the girl she turned around again in embarrassment. Isabel watched and sympathized with the girl and was angry that no one said anything. But to her surprise the teacher frowned disapprovingly.

    "Ms. Kaisa, Yael. I will not tolerate bullying of new students in my class. One more time and I will make sure you end up in the principals office." She warned the girl.

    The class broke out in whispers, maybe Yael wasn't so tough at all and it was all just a rue. The blue haired teen smirked, and leaned back in her chair.

    "Sure Mrs. Flowers, whatever you say," A pleasant smile graced her lips.

    "Apologize to Viktoria."

    "I'm sorry Viktoria, that you couldn't take a joke. But your head isn't big. It's only your forehead that's big." Yael offered as a back-handed apology.

    "I said apologize or leave my class!"

    "Okay, no need to yell." She still wore that smile. "I'm sorry, Viktoria, it won't happen again."

    The students continued to whisper among themselves, was the beast tamed finally? They sure hoped so.

    But Isabel new better than to trust a smiling serpent. She didn't trust that blue-haired she-beast.

    The black-haired girl turned to her friend, "Are you okay, Viktoria?" She was concerned about her.

  13. Viktoria wiped her eyes and turned to Isabella, smiling. "Yeah, I just need to learn to take a joke." She said with a chuckle. She turned to Yael. "I accept your apology and hope we could become friends." She turned back to her work and ignored the whispers of the other students.
    Once class ended, she gathered her belongings and headed to her next class. She didn't want to see Yael anymore than needed. She wanted lunch to arrive, just so she could go draw in the library in peace. She arrived to her next class and headed to a table near the back. She settled down and waited for class to start.
  14. Yael chuckled,friends? was this girl serious. Whatever the case may be, Yael was not out to make friends. With her work sheet done she had nothing to do, but sit there and wait. When the bell rang her hazel eyes were fixed on Viktoria. Something about this girl intrigued her, but right now she had other matter to attend to.

    Isabel followed the new girl around hesitantly, "Are you sure you are okay?"
  15. Viktoria noticed Isabella following her to her next class. She nodded and smiled assuredly.
    "Yeah. I'm fine. Just don't want to arrive late for my next class." She said.
    She waved good bye to Isabella and hurried to her next class. She would much rather be alone and ignored, than be the center of attention. She sighed as she say down by the back and began to daydream.
  16. Isabel was still worried about her, but she knew she could not mother her every minute of the day, besides, she was new and Viktoria needed her freedom. Isabel waved and went to her next class as well.

    Yael on the other hand had other plans. She'd been following the pair at a safe distance, something about that new girl intrigued her. She saw her disappear into the classroom. After the bell rang she wandered the hallway a little, it was her free period. She decided it was for the best to wait in the library until it was lunch time.

    On her way there, she saw a familiar face again, Mrs. Flowers. She gave a sly smile when she saw the teacher wander the hallway with a overload on books and papers. She came up behind her and smiled sweetly

    "Mrs. Flowers, let me help you." She offered.
  17. Viktoria felt a boy more at ease. The teacher didn't point her out and she say in the comfort of being unseen by others. She took notes while the teacher spoke and eventually forgot about the fiasco in her previous class. As she grew bored and zoned in and out of the lecture, she began to think of Yael. How her hazel eyes had been so cold, yet held a fire. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. How could eyes be so contradictory? She shook her head, trying to forget about her and focus on the teacher.

    Eventually the class ended. She was informed that it was currently time for lunch. She packed her things and grabbed her bag, before heading to the library. She followed the path the president has led her and eventually arrived. She opened the door and sighed in relief. It appeared to be empty except for the few students who were entranced in either homework or a good book. She headed towards the art section in the back of the library. She opened her bag and took out her lunch and sketchbook. She couldn't help but give another sigh of pure bliss. Finally, alone. She can now do as she pleased, without anyone bothering her or trying to make her life unbearable.
  18. It seemed like time slowly moved forward. Every other minute she would glance over at the clock to see if it was time for lunch. Her stomach let out a low growl and she sighed. Isabel starred down at her papers for English and twirled her curly raven locks around her finger. Idly she wondered how Viktoria was doing; did she make any new friends, was she thinking about her previous school experience, was she adjusting well? She sighed again as her stomach let out a hungry moan.

    She spaced out again and starred out the window, she could see the student out on the football field for their P.E. lesson. That seemed more fun than being cooped up in a classroom. Also from the distance she could see a slight shimmer of blue hair in the sun. That lazy good-for-nothing beast was lounging on the bleachers. Every time she would see that hazle-eyed devil she would get a bad taste in her mouth. Not because she was bullied by the girl, but they did share an interesting history together. This girl was bad news and the sooner she would leave Viktoria alone the better.

    She snapped back to reality when she heard the bell ring. She gathered her homework and left for lunch, in hopes to have some lunch and spend her time finally in the library.

    Yael didn't think much of going into the big Cafeteria to eat lunch sit down and "mingle" with other students, but today she was hungry. She walked into the the room packed with students she noticed that a few students were shocked to see her in the lunchroom. She walked to the front of the line not caring who she cut-besides,they new better than to complain about it. She grabbed a sandwich and left the line and dipped out of the Mess Hall. She made her way to the art room, which was her next class after lunch anyway, and decided it would be best to have some piece and quiet there.

  19. Viktoria pulled out her sandwich and began to eat. She pulled out her phone and decided to read, while she ate. She was excited for her art class, which would begin after lunch. She finished eating and slipped her phone back into her pocket. She had twenty more minutes until lunch ended. She continued her drawing that she began earllier. She felt so relaxed during that moment. She felt like what had happened was no longer worrisome.

    As the lunch period drew to an end, she began to pack her belongings. She finished packing her things and pulled out a stick of gum. She began to feel anxious for her next class of the day. She grabbed her bag and headed towards the art room. She looked around and noticed that she hasn't seen Yael. Perhaps she was out bulling a poor student endlessly. She had to admit, something about those hazel eyes intrigued her. She had such an overwhelming personality. She felt her heart beat intensely every time she laughed. She shook her head and took deep breathes to calm down. Was she afraid of Yael? She didn't know.
  20. Yael hid away in a back room of the art class. She pushed her hair out of her face and secured it with a clip, so it would not obscure her vision. She liked art a lot, but her main art was photography. She dug out of the cupboards her camera, that she hid away earlier. She inspected it throughly and gave a nod of approval. She walked back into the main classroom and was startled by the door opening again. She hid behind some art supplies and peeked around the corner. The girl that entered looked familiar, she rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was not going to hide away from another student.

    "What do you want in this class room-the next period doesn't start for another 20 minutes!" She exclaimed. Upon further inspection she remembered the face of this girl. She was in her first period class, this would be interesting to say the least.

    "Oh, is this your next class, Miss. Viktoria?" She took a seat across from the girl. She decided to take off the lens cap and play with her camera a little.

    "You don't seem like the artsy type." She smirked at the girl and held her camera up to her face, and with one click she captured the nervous look of the student.

    "At least you're a good model." She mused
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