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    The season of Summer was almost at its end, but the summer vacation had already ended one warm evening ago. It was monday morning, and it was time for high school to start again. It was a new year, and due to the burning down of a nearby high school in a tragic accident, many students this year would be new to the school. It was sure to be another interesting year...

    Second-year Brax Saito was looking forward to the school year. Now that the classes would be a bit larger than last year, there would be more people to meet. He wondered who would be sitting next to him, as this person hadn't shown up yet. What would they be like? Apparently they'd come from the school that burned down, so surely he wouldn't already know them... He waited patiently for them to show up.
  2. Fauna walked into the classroom and was told my the teacher to sit down. She pulled out a chair that we next to a guy, he seemed like the really chirpy kind of person and she really wasn't up for talking. She had come from a school which had burnt down and they're reconstructing it. When it's finished reconstructing the students can go back.. But Fauna was going to be finishing school soon. No one got killed in the fire, only badly injured.
  3. He'd been waiting... and waiting. He supposed that this is what he got for showing up to school early for once. Then the door opened, and there was motion next to him. Finally, his neighbor had shown up! Brax looked to see... her? Well, he'd sort of been expecting a guy to sit by him. It was easier to be friends with guys. He wondered why it was disappointing that she was a girl, and then he decided it didn't matter. She was cute, anyways. He opened his mouth to greet her. "Hey, there," he said, extending his hand in a gesture that asked for a handshake. "I'm Brax. What's your name?"
  4. She put a couple of her books down that had been bundled in her arms. They consisted of reading books and a couple of textbooks that she had needed for this class specifically. The rest of her books were stuffed inside of her tiny locker, which she had been given when she headed into school along with her timetable and any other essentials that she needed. She sat down finally and looked over at who she would be sitting next to, a cheerful boy. "Hi" Was all she could say. She was pretty shy and could never actually stay in a conversation without uttering a couple of words. Her voice was quiet and soft spoken, if she spoke any louder than she already did she might even shock herself.
  5. Woah, her voice was so quiet. It kind of matched her cute looks. But, wait... The boy fought to keep his eyebrows from furrowing. His handshake had been refused, and she didn't even share her name... Should he be offended? Naw, he'd just ask again. How to re-ask non-awkwardly? "So, wait, I didn't hear you -- what's your name?" Brax questioned as he kept his friendly look on his face.

    Class was about to start, so the time for chitchat was almost over...
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  6. She frowned and then glanced down at her books and didn't make any eye contact with him. "Fauna" She mumbled quietly and then got on with her work. When class started the teacher introduced her to the class, she blushed a little bit and have a little wave to everyone and said her name was Fauna. Then, they were told that they would be doing group work.
  7. Fauna, huh? "Nice to meet you," the boy replied. The teacher had asked her and two others to come to the front of the class. Brax was surprised by the small amount of people who'd come to his school this year. Maybe the others from the burnt school were in the other classes. He noted Fauna's little reaction when she introduced herself. She was just shy, then?

    When the teacher stated they'd do group work to help them get to know each other, Brax rolled his eyes. They weren't in elementary school anymore. They didn't need group games to get along. Still, an assignment was an assignment. Since the groups were of three, he figured he should quickly approach the people who didn't seem too confident so that they wouldn't feel 'stuck' with whoever they ended up with. When Fauna got back to her seat, Brax had already asked the guy sitting in front of him to be in part of the group. Brax looked to her and grinned. "You, too. You should be in our group," he invited. How would she react?