Never Have I Ever

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  1. It's a simple game really. I'm pretty sure most people played the game. Here's how it works. Someone does never have I ever such and such, and then the person after them says if they did or not, and comments on it. They cannot just say yes or no. Here's an example if you don't understand.

    Person 1
    Never have I ever watched teen mom.

    Person 2
    I have. I marathon on the weekends.

    Never have I ever lived in Africa.

    Person 3
    Me either. South Africa seems fun though.

    Never have I ever blah blah blah

    I hope you understand now. You can keep track of how many things you have done if you want. It's not required though. I'll start you guys off.

    Never have I ever tried Starbucks.
  2. Me either. We don't have that in Sweden as far as I know. And if we have, they aren't in places I've been in o.O

    Never have I ever traveled to an Asian country
  3. Me either. It's all the way on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

    Never have I ever eaten sardines
  4. I have, I like them.

    Never have I ever cheated on a lover.
  5. Me either! First, you need someone who you're dating.

    Never have I ever done Latin without translation errors.
  6. Same boat bud.

    Never have I ever been to a Fair, even though I REALLY want to >.<
  7. I haven't been to one either... But I might be at one next month!

    Never have I ever been to South America.
  8. I've never been anywhere, man.

    Never have I ever posted on this thread before.
  9. I have. Cause I'm cool :D

    Never have I ever ridden a horse.
  10. i have

    i have never ever had a threesome. sour about that.
  11. Me either. And I don't want to o.O

    Never have I ever eaten surströmming (Fermented herring)
  12. I never ate one, but I am intruiged now.

    Never have I ever owned a Playstation console.
  13. I've owned two before. Get wreaked.

    Never lived in one place for more than 4 years.
  14. I have. Moved around a lot for a couple of years when I was four, but after that I have lived in the same place my whole life.

    Never have I ever read fifty shades of grey
  15. Never have, and I don't plan on it

    Never have I traveled under the equator.
  16. The closest I've got is Florida.

    Never have I ever got a speeding ticket.
  17. Never have, don't even own a driver license (they are expensive as fuck in germany!)

    Never have I ever been outside the continent I am currently living at.
  18. I have. Visited the U.S from England.

    Never have I ever been tattooed.
  19. not me, no sir

    never have i ever wanted a tattoo
  20. I'm considering getting a tattoo, so thats a no.

    Never have I ever started writing something and ended up writing random stuff.