Never Got a Chance... (Filled Request)

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  1. That title isn't the final one, we can discuss alternates later on. I just needed a placeholder.


    Weddings are always an interesting event. There's drinks, dancing, cake, relatives you haven't seen for a few years, and at the end of the day, a happy couple is (hopefully) bound in blessed matrimony for the rest of their lives. Spirits are usually high and everyone has a great time (minus feeling extremely tired and hungover the next day).

    So, MC thought that his older sister's wedding would be exactly the same. Having been asked to join the Groomsmen, MC did everything he could to make her special day as happy as possible (making sure that her future husband 'behaved himself' during the bachelor party, recommending bands and restaurants for the catering service, and even picking up the cake on the day of the wedding). Everything seemed to go over rather smoothly... Until he ran into YC.

    YC had been his sister's best friend for nearly 12 years... But more importantly, she had been his childhood crush for just as long. Unfortunately he never had the courage to ask her out/confess his feelings, so he never got a chance to know what it was like to date YC. However, on the night of his sister's high school graduation during a party, MC managed to get YC alone. They talked about their plans for the future and how in two years MC would graduate (citing how fast time flew) and various other things. They spoke for what seemed like hours and all the while, it seemed as if they were already a couple. Seeing how well they connected, MC finally gained the courage to ask her out... Only to find out she was going to college in England the following semester.

    So for the last 5 years, YC has been living in the UK with no apparent sign of returning. Until she was asked to be the Maid of Honour to MC's sister, of course.

    During the reception, the two finally come face to face after so long. While initially things are a little awkward, the two soon began to engage in pleasant conversation and really hit it off again. As the night goes on and the celebrations continue, they spend every moment together. While MC has moved on from his previous crush, he cannot deny that feelings for YC are beginning to resurface. But at the end of the night, YC has had a little too much to drink and as a result, asks MC to drive her back to her hotel room.

    Once they arrive and MC helps her through the door, YC blurts out a shocking revelation: she's had a crush on him since they were kids as well, but thought he wasn't interested since he never said anything. Before he can get further information out of her, YC passes out from exhaustion. To make sure she doesn't get alcohol poisoning, MC stays the night, opting to sleep on the pullout couch in her room. The next day, MC takes a hungover YC to a coffee shop and, as she regains herself, questions her about what she said the night prior. YC admits that it's true and MC reveals that he's felt similarly towards her.

    So now, two grown adults who never got a chance to find love in one another finally have a chance to try things out... But how do they proceed from here?

    That's where we come in!

    It's pretty obvious what the roles are here, so I won't really go into it too much.

    As for the starting point, we could take it from anywhere theoretically. We could start on the wedding day when they're reunited, or the day after when they decide to try and see where things go. Or, another point if you have any ideas ^^

    Now, I did have faceclaims for this RP (for both MC and YC) based off a previous version I did in the past, so I'll post them below for reference. If you want to use a different faceclaim, that's cool, but if you're cool with the one I put up then that's just as great!

    And for reference: our characters would be between 20-23.





    Anyways, if you're interested then post below or shoot me a PM! We can discuss more details from there! ^^
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