Never gonna give you up (Original or Fandoms, MxM, MxF, FxF and others)

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  1. never gonna let you down
    i'm bad at titles but i'm cool i swear not really
    A. General Informations

    - RULES -
    I'm not very exigent, but I do have three.​

    1. Be respectful - It seems obvious, but please.
    2. Communicate - If we don't talk from time to time (about the plot, our characters, etc) I'll feel like I'm writing with a robot, which is far from motivating or inspiring.
    3. Be honest with me - You don't know what to answer? You don't like something my character just did/said? You don't want to continue? TELL ME! I won't get mad, I'll edit my post or say good bye.

    Length - I can write a paragraph as well as I can write twelve. I will most often mirror what you offer me, although I do prefer quality over quantity. I don't like to ramble or repeat myself just to occupy space, and sometimes quick dialogs or interaction need shorter posts. Still, length has never been an issue before (*cough*that's what he said).

    Gender/Romance I won't lie, MxM is my soft spot and I'll always be happy to write one. But I've been doing mostly nothing but that for the past year, and I would enjoy a bit of diversity. I can play any gender and orientation, love is love and all. I don't mind playing the male in a heterosexual romance BUT if you're the type of female writer that can only play straight girls, I'll have to say no. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than self insertion.

    Style/Grammar Although English is not my native language, I've studied it for a long time, currently live in the UK and read English books regularly. So there should be no problem apart from the occasional typo. I love creative writing and enjoy thoroughly working on the stylistic aspects of my posts, but I can also roll with something more casual. To speak in Iwaku terms, I'm adaptable, from Adept to Prestige.

    Plotting / Conversation - I love creating stories and plotting them with my partner. I also love talking, be it about the rp - our reactions to the latest events, our characters, their relationship and in which direction we're going - or just random stuff. If you want to rant about something my inbox is always open.

    Drawing - It's not systematic, but I often draw characters or scenes I particularly enjoyed.

    Sex - For 18+ only, sorry teen members. I can and enjoy role-playing sex although it is never an imperative. I am pretty open-minded, so we could discuss kinks together. Fading to Black is also possible should you want a sexual romance but are uncomfortable writing smut/a teen member.

    Time to answer - It depends on my schedule, my work etc. From 1-10 days under normal circumstances. But rest assured that I keep record of all my unanswered rps and always answer first to the one that's been waiting the longest.[/SIZE]​

    B. Building a plot together
    - GENRES -
    Yes -
    Adventure, Sci-Fi, Original Fantasy, Thriller, Historical, Slice of Life, Classic Fantasy (Urban, Heroic...)
    No -
    Furries, Medieval


    LOVES (open)

    Character Traits (Your character does NOT need all of these traits for me to love them. These are but suggestions. I'll most often always love a well-constructed, balanced character.)
    - Originality
    - Intelligence, Wit
    - Complexity, Realism
    - Grey Morals (neither black or white, good or bad, but a meddle of the two)
    - Maturity
    - Strength
    - Independence

    - Original World/Universe (an alternate version of our society, a new society...)
    - Dream worlds (Alice in Wonderland or Black Rock Shooter style, the environment as a use for symbolism)
    - An unknown world to discover
    - Dictatorships, Dystopias
    - 19th Century
    - Ancient Greece

    Plot Devices:
    - Character Development
    - Internal Conflicts (such as dilemmas), particularly because of an illegal or socially frowned upon desire/attraction
    - Conflicts between characters
    - Slow Burn romance
    - Escaping (from a society, a prison, one's life...)
    - Humor, wit, characters teasing each other
    - Mental Illnesses
    - Enigmas, mysteries
    - Deep Friendships
    - Romance
    - Smut
    - Hurt/Comfort

    DISLIKES (open)

    It's so easy to understand, I don't even need sections. Two words will suffice:

    Let's write something original - an original plot with original characters in an original setting.
    But this isn't about making your character perfect. In fact, the more you'll make efforts for me to like them, be impressed by them, pity them, etc: I WILL NOT. It will annoy me. Build an INTERESTING character, a realistic one I'll want to know more about, and I'll feel all these things naturally.
    Hard limits: Heavy non-con, drug usage shown as something harmless and fun.​

    - PLOTS -

    Just some random stuff thrown out there, but if you think we'd get along from what you've read so far, we can most definitely work something out even if nothing here strikes your fancy.
    • Two people that don't speak a word of each other's language have to live together for a few months and learn to communicate (historical or modern)​
    • Martial arts trainer and his student (historical or modern, occidental - boxing, swords... | or oriental - judo, karate, kendo...)​
    • A single father and someone 10 years older/younger because why not and kids are cute​
    • A gang of assassins / bounty hunters​
    • Medieval Japan​
    • 19th century Europe​
    • Underground Railroad, or more generally American slavery​
    • Ancient Greece - either historical or mythological (or both!)​
    • The building of a three-way polyamory relationship, that passes through angst, self-destruction and love (we would play one character each, and the third one equally)​
    • Religious conflicts (atheist w/ believer, priest...)​
    • A quest of a sort. I fucking love quests. And mysteries. And enigmas. And symbolism. AAH.​
    • Super heroes and heroines and whatnot​
    • Smooth criminals​
    • A person that can talk to the dead, see the future or some psychic thing​

    FANDOM LIST (Note that I will NEVER do CanonxOC romance. Sorry, it makes me too uncomfortable.)
    I can, however, do:
    - OCs in the canon universe
    - Canon characters in an alternate universe
    - Canon characters in the canon universe in the past, the future or an alternate timeline
    • Game of Thrones (disclaimer - I have not read ASOIAF)​
    • Supernatural​
    • Sherlock (original or BBC)​
    • Hunger Games​
    • Hamlet (Horamlet is life)​
    • N.0 6 (ShionxNezumi)​
    • Les Misérables (Enjolras&Marius)​
    • A Cat on A Hot Tin Roof​
    • Matrix​

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  2. Hey! Dropping interest here - should I PM you?
  3. Sure!
  4. I'm interested: please PM me ^^
  5. I'd be interested in a psychic type thing. I've been wanting to do one for a while now, actually. :D
    I prefer to play females, but I assure you I've played all types of romances(M/F, F/F, Trans/M) and genders. (Male, Female, Transgender, ect.)
  6. I'd be interested in some of your ideas (particularly the Charles Baudelaire one), so if you're still looking, please PM me ^-^
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  7. You have piqued my interest more than a little bit! x3 I would love to try out any of the following:
    • Martial arts trainer and his student (historical or modern, occidental - boxing, swords... | or oriental - judo, karate, kendo...)
    • A gang of assassins / bounty hunters
    • Medieval Japan
    • Ancient Greece - either historical or mythological (or both!)
    • A quest of a sort. I fucking love quests. And mysteries. And enigmas. And symbolism. AAH.
    • Super heroes and heroines and whatnot
    • Smooth criminals
    and Supernatural + Game of Thrones.

    If you're still looking please let me know. c:

    I prefer MxM btw, but I love playing agender/androgynous/genderfluid characters.
  8. Still looking? =3
  9. I have an interest in the single father and someone ten years older or younger... If I'm understanding the plot right... Should I pm you?

    Or the two roommates who don't speak a lick of the others language if the first one is taken.
  10. Still have room for one more.
  11. I'm interested in the single father idea.
    You can send me a PM if you want to do this with me. :)
  12. I'm very interested, Should I PM you?
  13. I'm very interested in your No.6 fandom. I love Shion x Nezumi.
  14. I guess you're full up huh?
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