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  1. A princess who was out one day on a stroll through her town on a rainy day stumbles upon a beaten man lying in the road.She knew he was a wolf simply by looking at him but she was unsure why he was so deathly looking.Why would he be beaten so badly and by whom?When she brought him back to her castle and left her maids to attend to him until he awoke,she never imagined that he would change her life so drastically.

    In a world ruled by werewolves,humans were scarce and most often kept as slaves.The princess of a werewolf kingdom was thought to be a werewolf but was actually only half.

    Both were lost souls who somehow found each other.Will there love prevail or will their secrets break them apart?
  2. Character form
    Name:Heather Irena Thane
    Hair:Dark brown,long and wavy
    Eyes:Bright emerald green
    Species:Half werewolf/half human
    Heather (open)

    Heather's wolf (open)
    [​IMG] (but with green eyes instead)
  3. Samuel Charles Raven was suddenly on the streets, having woken from unconsciousness and was filled with unending pain, putting him back into darkness. He awoke in a bed, having no idea where he was, and he was clean and cast, his broken bones already healing, along with his cuts and bruises. Where was he? And what ha happened to him? He got up from the bed with a small wince, one of his ribs just mending together and silently opened his door, looking out into the hall. He noticed guards in the halls and quickly shut it, wondering what he was going to do. Time for an escape plan.

    For Samuel, he had always known of his heritage, always known of the alpha blood that ran through him. For others, they were weaker. His whole bloodline was of full werewolf blood, back to when werewolves first existed and were feared by people.

    He only remembered a face looking down at him as she got people to collect him, since she couldn't carry him herself, and he instantly felt a connection towards her until he blacked out again.

    Human form: image.jpg
    Wolf form: image.jpg
  4. Heather hurried over to the maids that watched over the injured stranger."Is there any news on his condition?"She asked gently,a hint of worry in her voice."He seems to be stable and healing quickly.He should be awake by early tomorrow morning."The young maid replied to her princess,reciting what the doctor had told her.Heather nodded and took a quick glance towards the door where the man lay and thought she caught sight of a flash of movement. Gathering the skirt of her sleek blue dress,she walked over to the two guards on duty to protect him."Has he woken up yet?"She asked curiously,wondering if it was in fact the man waking up that had been the movement she saw."No princess."The first guard replied,taking a quick look towards the door before returning his gaze somewhere behind the princess' head."Would you mind if I just take a look"She wasn't exactly asking for their permission,more like stating that she was about to enter the room."I don't think that's a good idea princess.""Well why not?You did say he was still unconscious,right?What can an unconscious wolf do to me?"She knew her words had caught the guards by surprise as the struggled to find their excuses."Exactly."Heather said with a pleased smile upon her lips.She smoothed the dress around her slim waist and legs before reaching out and turning the handle.
  5. Samuel heard voices and movement outside his door, but there was also a voice that stood out the most. He shook his head clear of the thought and started to shift into his wolf form, whining from the pain of his not fully healed bones, but once he was fully transformed, everything was healed and he was ready. He heard the sweet voice come closer to the door and communicate with he guards outside his door. He heard her say a couple smart remarks, making the guards try to grasp for any excuses, but he mostly heard that she was coming see him. This was his chance, so he crouched down, ready to lunge as soon as the door opened and make a run for it. His heart raced as the door handle turned slowly as the source of the voice he found so enticing, wearily turned the knob as if she hesitated. She has the right to. As soon as the door was open, he lunged, his teeth bared as he whipped around the corner and started rubbing.
  6. Heather let out a scream of surprise as the now fully shifted and completely awake wolf lunged at her.As she landed on the ground painfully,she turned her head to see the wolf running down the hall.Her emerald eyes followed him and she wished he hadn't thought to run so soon.She was curious as to what had happened to him and only wanted to help him.A pang of hurt rested in her chest as she came to the realization he was leaving her.She was unsure why his departure affected her so much but one thing she did know was that he was staying until she was sure he was better.Shifting into her own wolf form,she sprinted after him along with the castle guards both in human and wolf form running beside him.Her wolf was small in comparison to the stranger's but she was also fast.She caught up to the wolf and with a sigh of frustration,pounced on him and tried to bring him to the ground.
  7. Samuel snarled when he felt a weight on his back, finding that, to his surprise, it was another wolf clinging to him. He tried to shake her off, since she was weighing him down and he was going considerably slower. He finally managed to get her off and he shifted to human form and spun around, skidding to a stop I'm a defensive crouch as he glared at her and the guards behind her. "Where am I? And why won't you let me leave?" He called to her, a growl slipping from his throat
  8. Heather shifted as well,trying to hide her womanly parts from the stranger's view as well as any guards.A fierce scarlett blush covered her cheeks at her indecency infront of the man.Quickly,a guard behind her,draped a cloak over her shoulders and she eagerly covered herself in the soft material."I'm Princess Heather and you're currently in my castle.I know you would prefer to leave but I can not let you after everything that has happened to you.I only want to help."She replied soothingly to him and gave him a gentle smile.
  9. Samuel stood there, fully exposed and nude, but he didn't bother covering himself. He growled again, but stopped when the woman shifted and he caught a glimpse of...well, everything. So this was the sweet, innocent creature who had rescued him from the streets. He slowly relaxed, standing up and bowing respectfully. "I see. My apologies, m'lady, but as you can see, I am fine now." He said and stood straight.
  10. Heather averted her eyes as he stood before her fully nude and stood carefully to walk over to him.Clutching the cloak around her body,she took a few steps towards him,waving the guards away as they tried to intervene."I know you are physically fine but I doubt you are perfectly fine mentally.What I am wondering is why an alpha was found in the middle of my village beaten so badly."She replied to him,gently placing her hand on his arm."I only want to help.Just stay,eat some food,get a good nights rest,get some clothes."As she spoke the last part of her sentence,her eyes drifted to his bare chest and she felt her blush return.
  11. He flinched when she touched his arm, but he sighed and nodded. "Yes, your highness." He said and bowed before her again. He looked up to see that her cheeks were pink and his brow furrowed in confusion, but shook it off. "Is there someplace specific I can stay and get clothes?" He asked, looking down at himself for a moment before his gaze returned to her
  12. Heather nodded and stepped back from him at his question."There are a few spare rooms around the castle and I'm sure my maids will be able to find some clothing for you while I change as well.I believe my brother may have left some when he last visited."She replied to him reassuringly."And please call me Heather."With that she motioned for her maids to help their new guest as she headed upstairs to her bedroom.Her father and mother had died a few years ago and her brother had moved out last year when he found his mate.It was only Heather and her servants that resided in the castle but she had learned to deal with the loneliness that sometimes affected her.
  13. "Thank you." He said before he let the maids lead him to his new room, though he didn't let them touch him. He walked into the room sat on the bed, waiting for his clothes to arrive. He was plagued by his memories of his pack, the ones who put him on that street and left him to die. When the maids came back up with clothes, he quickly fit then on, though he had to leave the shirt unbuttoned because his muscle tone was bigger than her brothers.
  14. Heather grabbed a red dress in her closet and slipped it on,having to call in a maid to help button it."Thank you."She said to the maid before heading off to find the mysterious man.She closed her eyes and concentrated on her enhanced senses to find him,opening them when she finally caught his scent."It's Heather,do you mind if I come in?"She said as she knocked on his door.
  15. He looked at the door and buttoned his pants, hissing at the restriction and the tightness around his manhood. "Yeah, you can come in." He said and as he steered to roll up the sleeves of the shirt so they weren't so tight. "I think I need bigger clothing." He mumbled to her and looked up to see her in a flashing red dress. A seductive growl escaped from his throat and he quickly coughed to cover it.
  16. Heather stepped inside and was slightly amused to find how small the clothes were on him."Sorry.My brother used to be a bit scrawny and unfortunately those were the only clothes he left behind."She replied apologetically.Her eyes widened slightly when a rather attractive growl escaped him,though he tried to cover it."We'll go to the market tomorrow to get you more clothes in your size."Her emerald eyes glanced away from him as she fought to keep her cheeks from burning crimson once more."I do hope your mate knows your okay."It was rather strange to blurt out so suddenly but she figured it was best that his mate not worry and she could be brought to the castle as well if he would like.She was also curious as to if he actually had a mate though she figured someone as handsome as he had to have found his destined a long time ago.
  17. "I'll be fine eventually. Thank you very might for the substitute, though I greatly agree to going to the market tomorrow." He said and he just growled in annoyance and took the shirt off since he barely covered him anyway. When she said something about his supposed 'mate', he frowned and sat on the bed again. "I don't have one, sadly." He said and looked at her, his eyes starting to glow his wolf's color
  18. Heather was startled at his reply to her,turning her gaze to meet his.She noticed his wolf was surfacing and she took tentative steps forward unsure if his wolf would see her as a threat."I thought for sure you did.I'm sorry for bringing it up."She said apologetically,feeling bad about asking.When people asked about her non existent mate,she felt the same sadness and longing but she had grown accustomed to being alone after her family members parted from the castle.
  19. Another seductive growl escaped from his throat and he let this one surface, watching her closely. "It's fine. I'm asked a lot, so I've gotten used to it." He said and lounged back on the bed, his muscled shifting beneath his skin as he moved
  20. Heather gulped slightly at his attractive muscles but quickly averted her eyes as she struggled to contain her hormones.She sat down in a chair that was a little ways from the bed but close enough that she could still maintain a conversation with him."No one should have to get used to it."She replied with a soft sigh."But I guess everyone's destined to find their mate at different times."She longed for her mate but she knew there wasn't much she could do but pray that he would find his way to her.
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