Never Give In (Assassins)

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  1. The moon hung high in the clear, cold night sky. The frost covered earth sparkled in its pale blue glow. The faint sound of teeth chattering was clearly heard in the large woodland area, due to the silence that came with the winter. A young man was tied tight against a tree, unable to move, save for the shivering of his well-muscled frame. His hazel eyes rested on the frost covered ground, his facial expression blank and numbed by the cold. He would be dead by sunrise if he didn't escape from his entrapment. His lips were cracked and dry, his stomach was pitifully empty, and his blood sugar was dangerously low.

    How did he get into this sorry state?

    It all started with a missing coworker and mentor. You see, this fine young man was very good in the business of death dealing. He was an expert assassin, one of the greats. He heard rumors of his allies and coworkers going missing, and went to investigate. He found out where they disappeared to soon after. They were all captured and tortured by a young woman out for vengeance. All of them were tied up and left out in the elements to die without food or water.

    How did he know that?

    Well, he was captured as well. And this was his fourth and most likely final day. The assassin didn't feel any remorse for his life choices, despite the fact that they were the reason why he was tied to a tree at the moment. He made more than a decent amount of money, and he had been somewhat happy with his work as a strictly solo assassin. He only worked with others when they were after the same target, just for the sake of not wasting bullets. But now he was coming to a realization- if he swallowed his pride and just asked for someone's help in this endeavor, he most likely wouldn't be in this mess. He could have been in Jamaica by now, without any frost clinging to him.

    But right now, he was about to slip into unconsciousness if he didn't get a meal or sugar or something back in his system. He was afraid to close his eyes.
  2. Kiera was watching the guy tied up, torn whether to help her or what. The woman who tied him might come back any minute then she'll be tied as well. Unable to take it anymore, she dashed quietly to the man's side and started slicing the ropes. "I'll help you mister. But don't kill me please?" she told him as she continued to cut the rope. She finally freed him and she half-carried, half-dragged him to her small cabin in the woods in the middle of the forest. She laid him in her bed and sat beside him.
  3. The man uttered a small scratchy thank you between his chattering teeth. He faded in an out of conciousness as they slowly made their way to what he only assumed was the woman's home. "I need sugar water..." He muttered softly once the warmth of the home had seeped into him. His everything ached from being tied so tightly to the tree, and ropeburn could be seen on his hands and neck from his initial struggle. He'd also earned too many new bruises from attempting to squirm his way out. His ribs ached from being released from the tight ropes, though he was glad that he could breathe easily once again. He felt like he didn't have the strength to move, and that was partially true because his motor skills were often the most effected by his low blood sugar. Fortunately he could still think clearly enough to at least communicate effectively enough to the woman.
  4. A few feet from the small cabin a man stand's facing the cabin, He was certain that the two were not aware of his presence, He thought to him self before silently running towards the cabin and leaping onto the roof, As he lands he knees down listening if he was heard by the two in the cabin but it was unlikely they would. The wind that blew through the forest started to pick up, The scent of others were near But the man did not want to miss the chance on his target, He peeks through a small crack in the roof and try's to see what was happening. He notices the man was injured, He thought to him self " is he one of the missing? " When he spots the woman next to the injured man He places his hand on his blade that was attached to his waist , He immediately starts to think this woman was indeed the Assassin killer He was targeting . The man was an elite Assassin that would only take high paying hits , and the price on the assassin killer was enough to spark his interest
  5. A young girl with silver hair and bright blue eyes walking barefoot in the cold snow as she stared off into space; not bothered by the frigid air one bit as she caught a woman dragging a man into her cabin at a strange time. As the girl erased all her thoughts about her previous mission, her curiosity got the best of her as she headed towards their direction. 'You're going to be scolded by the authorities,' Her other self she referred to as 'Dead Alice' stated. Alice only continued to ignore the voice in her head as she continued on to head towards their direction. She was sure she would be scolded, but she could care less. Her authorities were always careful around her because of 'Dead Alice'.

    From what she could see, the young girl saw a man that was injured and it didn't look to be any ordinary injury a person would get. As she neared to the cabin they had entered, the girl stood outside, wondering if she should satisfy her curiosity or leave to not invade in their privacy. As she debated with herself, she turned around to leave when she ran into a few stacked boxes that all crashed onto her as she fell and grunted. 'Great job... They'll never know your here now,' 'Dead Alice' spoke sarcastically. Alice only rolled her eyes as she huffed and pushed the boxes off of herself as she tried to get up.
  6. She decided to cook something from him. He looked thin and needs nourishment. She heard him mentioning "sugar water". She prepared one and helped him to drink it. "Sleep and I'll wake you up once I'm done cooking." she patted his head gently. She heard small noises but pretended not to hear it since she doesn't want to injure the man she was helping. She went to the kitchen to continue Her cooking. There are plenty of tools she could use to defend herself if need be.
  7. Seeing that the woman was acting to kind to the injured man the man releases the his blade and stands back up " dam that's not her" He hears a noise coming from the front of the cabin and goes to investigate. When see's another woman he leaps down while pulling his blade out thinking to him self " this has to be her" As he lands He rushes and steps on one of the boxes so she would not be able to get up, holding out his blade " who are you? "
  8. Hearing the noises again, she decided to investigate now. Following them, she saw a guy and a girl. They looked like...assassins. Why are they in the house? Could the man be their target? Or her? That's impossible. She cleared her throat. "I should be the one asking you that. Who are you two?" she said calmly.
  9. 'Dead Alice' and Alice simultaneously curse in their head as she looked at the man with confusion. Not knowing what he was speaking about and stared at him silently as she fought with herself to prevent 'Dead Alice' from wreaking havoc in the town. As Alice attempted to restrain 'Dead Alice' she looked at the man and to his blade and sighed, her eyes showing no fear. 'Look at what you've gotten yourself into,' 'Dead Alice' said as she snickered, causing Alice to growl unintentionally aloud. 'Your going to hear it when you get back,' 'Dead Alice' taunted as Alice rolled her eyes mentally and looked at the man. I'm not going back... She thought, knowing well aware that Dead Alice had heard.

    Her attention was then brought to a woman who had cleared her throat, and turned her head at an angle to look at her as she looked back at the man without a word.
  10. Since the man had verified that other woman was not his target he just turns his head making sure not to take his foot off the box " this does not concern you " He turns his attention back on the girl that was on the ground. "i asked you first... now answer before i remove your head"
  11. "You're in my house so you'll answer me. Or do assassins don't have any honor left?" she taunted. She's nice when you're nice and it goes the other way, too. She waited the man's reply. She took one look of the girl and decided that she's just lost somehow.
  12. Alice gave no signs of answering the man and looked up at the sky blankly. "Alice... My name is Alice," she spoke in a faint yet eerie voice. "You?" She questioned, not directing her question to anyone in particular.
  13. "I'm Kiera." she found herself answering. "Nice to meet you Alice." she smiled at her. Then she smiled coldly at the man pinning her down.
  14. The man steps away from the girl while putting his blade away. If he remembered the contract that name was not used. He turns back towards towards the woman " That man you have in there... is he an assassin ?" The man had no intention of giving no information about him self. He only cared about the task at hand and that was finding the assassin killer.
  15. When the man had finally released her, Alice sat up and looked at the two as she blanked out and began to converse with with her other self. 'You should leave while you have the chance,' Dead Alice said as Alice hesitantly agreed. Though she was thinking of staying in the town for a while longer, considering the situation she couldn't stay. "I don't want to go back though..." She spoke quietly, unaware that she had spoken allowed as she stood up and dusted the snow off of her.

    Despite the fact that she had been sitting in the snow with her feet bare, she had no recognition and looked as if it were normal to walk around barefoot in the rigid cold snow. I'm not going back to that place... She thought as she wanted to use this chance to escape even though she couldn't.

    No matter what she did, her reputation would always be known at the organization she was sold to, and if she did escape, they would find a way to get her back.
  16. "He's not." she lied easily. "He was just framed and besides you have to get through me.first." she smiled again. Then Alice said something about not wanting to go back. "You're welcome to stay. No worries." she told the girl. "Let's all go inside." she said helping the girl up and ushered her. She knew the man would follow.
  17. The man thinks to him self when he hears he was not. He watches as she picks up the girl before following her. " then i will ask him my self " He walks slightly faster than the girl so he could reach the man first.
  18. Alice looked at Kiera who had offered to let them stay and began to wonder why Kiera would offer them shelter, let alone assassins. Though Alice wanted to refuse the offer, she currently had nowhere else to go. Should I stay? It would be fine if it were only a short while right? Alice asked. 'Sure, why not. We could cra-' No, you can't kill them! It's not a part of our mission, Alice interrupted as she frowned. 'Mission? I thought you decided you wouldn't be in their control anymore...' Dead Alice questioned. Yeah... But it doesn't mean you can just leisurely kill people as you please, Alice said scolding to Dead Alice. 'Fine, whatever... But if they turn their back on you, I get to takeover,' Dead Alice spoke with malice. Alice didn't answer and tuned her thoughts out as she turned her attention back over to Kiera.

    "Thanks," She said quietly when Kiera had helped her up. She then followed behind the two taking her time as she watched the man rush into Kiera's home to speak to the injured man.
  19. "He's unconscious. No use asking him." she said throwing a stick at him which slightly grazed his face. "Assassins or not, behave yourself. If you don't want others to find you, behave." she reasoned out.
  20. The stick manages to knock the mans mask off, He turns around revealing that he was actually in younger than he sounded. He picks up his mask and glares at the woman " do not lecture me lady " He continues to walk towards the man " besides i am not here to start anything" When he gets to the injured man he begins to look for any types of markings that would connect him to being an assassin.
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