Never Forgotten


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Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Horror; anything really, I'll try my hand at something once.

When you here the name, never forgotten, most cringe. These words strike chords in the very souls of the many people in District 9. But before you know what Never Forgotten, stands for, you must learn why it brings such pain and sorrow to everyone in each district, espeially District 9.

10 years earlier, a group of children went missing in the small farming district. The people turned tothe majistrate and they did investigations that gave them no clue as to where the children where.

1 year , 2 months, 3 days, and exactly 12 minuutes later, each child came back, but they were different.

They began doing things that most humans could not do and one by one they tried to have children. Once their child was born they left once again, disappearing. But just before they came back, but even stronger, and they began taking control of the people, seizing peoples thoughts, making them like they were now.

The majistrate caught wind of an uprising but they did nothing, having dealt with attacks before but they would soon learn.

One year... the group of 6 16 year old children, became 16,000 people and then doubled and doubled and then they attacked the Capitol city. The blood that was shed on that day, November 5, was one no one would ever forget.

The military barely defeated them and executed the 6 who started it all and tried to find their children but were only able to kill all except one....

Never Forgotten

These words were tattooed on Kaila's wrist in black wrods. She, like most of her kind, knew of singular meaning to these words. She was the spiten image of her mother, bright blue eyes and dark chocolate hair. But was different was the oddly pale skin she had. She never burned and never tanned not even spray tan worked.

She had just turn 16 and her friends had gone with her to get a tattoo. She didn't know why but the words she choose felt like they were closer to her then anyone else who uttered them.

As she walked to the place she called home, an underground tunnel that had been abondoned, she felt the wind pick up, which hardly ever happened, causing her to look around.