Never Fail Pick-Me Ups?

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And I'm not talking about pick up lines!

When you're in a bad mood, sad, depressed, angry, or just blah... What are surefire things that cheer you up and make you feel better, no matter how bad your day went?

...I.... I really like cute kitten pictures and videos. Lolcats never fails me. c___c You can't NOT smile at cute kittens.
Watching movies about people who are worse off than me, lmao. It really does help though, because it puts me in my place and makes me realize that my problems are small in comparison.

ALSO exercise works. Its hard to be stressed or down when your breathing hard and pouring sweat.

I fucking love that movie. Whenever I see it, I feel so uplifted, and feel like I can accomplish the goals I've set for myself with ease.

Also, meditation. And being told I'm awesome by the people that matter most to me.
Adorkable J-Pop always puts a smile on my face, also dancing my butt off makes me happier
Agreed with October, I enjoy swimming. It's difficult to focus on something you're unhappy about if you're really involved in the swimming, or any activity for that matter. When I can't swim, I like to read dumb stories to cheer me up, usually cute little love stories.
When I'm told randomly by someone i don't know : Hey, You have nice eyes or you look nice today.
Yeah it might sound a little conceited but when a random person compliments you on your looks it brings your spirit up(:

( especially cause i have hazel eyes, their not even green or blue)
Well everyone knows I'm going to say Beer first, so we can skip that.

I'm pretty much an escapist so when something puts me in a bad mood, I just separate myself from the problem and I'm fine, usually by playing the shit out of Fallout:New Vegas.
You can't NOT smile at cute kittens.

Not true for me. For some reason what people call cute.... I just don't get it.

Theres really nothing that comes to mind, when I'm in a mood I don't drink, I deliberately avoid drinking. I usually lie down and do probability calculations in my head, or more recently paint miniatures that I never seem to get round to finishing.
...Hello Kitty and all other Sanrio, San-X, Ibis and Morning Glory character paraphenalia. I don't have much in the likeness of a Hello Kitty television set-- just phone charms. Phone charms can only do so much to calm me, if I had an entire roomful of shit like that the Koori you all know would cease to exist.


And I have to clear the air, now, in this thread; Asian women are some ANGRY and VIOLENT motherfuckers. We are the original bitches, the obsession with Hello Kitty and her ilk? It was actually a device created by Asian men to keep us sedated and prevent the Apocolypse from coming too early. Just thought y'all should know.
Two words:



....I'm going to pretend the sci-fi universe's greatest badass was not turned into a panda.

For me, hitting the weights always helps.
....I'm going to pretend the sci-fi universe's greatest badass was not turned into a panda.

For me, hitting the weights always helps.

Vader was not the biggest badass in Sci-Fi

Duke Motherfucking Nukem
Can't believe no one else besides Zyph has said music! I thought it helped more people... nothing like some uptempo dance music to get my mind off things. Secret one-person dance parties for the win.
This is about never fail pickups, a song can help one moment and exacerbate the next.
when I feel the most down (like wondering why on earth I participate in this pointless existents down) I first play a video game to get my adrenalin up and then I read a good story. preferably one I haven't read yet (for me rereading a book is imposable, I already know what is going to happen).
if I'm not quite that down, I'll listen to some music.
Good point, Vay - it definitely depends on the song, the context, and the situation. Usually I like to choose a song that is sort of the opposite of whatever I'm feeling, and usually it does a good job of overriding negative thoughts.

Come to think of it, though, sometimes if I really want to "feel" what I'm going through rather than avoiding it, I'll pick a song with a similar theme. By putting my emotions into words, it can sort of clarify my thoughts, and be an odd sort of pick-me-up in its own way. *shrug*
I thought this was going to be about pick up lines until I actually READ the first post. >_>

For me it's either MST3K, some kindda video game, or a Batman movie.
I have to add something other then music, I love other people's pain, shadenfreude (sp?) Stuff like Jackass with physical stuff or even watching "To Catch a Predator" with the failures of human intelligence always make me laugh and smile. Yay for dark sense of humour~