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  1. Ok its like how its told "the rules are simple, IT MUST BE 3 WORDS" I'll start it

    The man walked
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  3. before rolling away
  4. Name: Robert Baldwin
    Codename: Penance
    Origin: Marvel Universe
    Birthdate: May 5th
    Age: 22
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 170 Ibs
    Education Level: Highschool graduate
    Occupation: Free Lance Vigilante
    Citizenship: U.S Citizen
    Level: Enhanced
    Intelligence: 2
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 3
    Durability: 6
    Energy projection: 5
    Fighting Ability: 3
    Powers: As Penance, Robbie's powers evolved into a more aggressive form of kinetic energy release. He could absorb energy from his surroundings, such as kinetic activity, electricity, even the transnormal radiation signatures of other super-beings, such as She-Hulk. This energy was then harnessed as kinetic release, causing explosive force to radiate from his body, firing lance-beams of pure force from his hands, or even allowing him to fly.
    Abilities: Robbie is skilled in reading people
    Equipment: Custom Armor with 612 spikes on the inside that helps fuel his powers.
    Weaknesses: Emotionally unstable, leaving him open to manipulation of any sort. That and his powers are completely reliant on him being in pain. Forcing him to injure himself to activate them.
    Bio: Robert "Robbie" Baldwin was born and raised in Springdale, Connecticut. He was the son of Maddie and Justin Baldwin their overbearing and smothering upbringing turned him into and angst-ridden teenager. His father wanted him to go into law while his free-spirited mother hoped he would go into arts.

    After school, he interned at Hammond Labs. Robbie snuck in to watch Dr. Nicholas Benson's experiment that tapped an extra-dimensional energy source, and was accidentally irradiated by it when the energy went out of control. The energy gave him superpowers: Whenever Robbie was hit with an impact above a certain strength, he'd become surrounded by a protective kinetic energy field that manifested in the form of a more muscular body, a spandex costume, and floating 'bubbles' in the air around him. When he was in "Speedball mode," any impact against him caused him to bounce instead of being harmed. He could also harness this energy and direct it more forcefully, or alternately use it as a bubble/shield to protect others, catch others, and even stop moving objects, like bullets, in mid-air.

    Using his powers he had brief career as a local hero against a series of ill-conceived villains such as Sticker , Leaper Logan, The Ghost of Springdale High, The Basher, Two-Legged Rat, Bug-Eyed Voice, Harlequin Hitman, Bonehead and Feathered Felon It was revealed that scientist Dr. Clyde Bodtchik was responsible for equipping or empowering most of Springdale's villains.

    Dr. Benson's cat Niels developed the same kinetic energy powers . Robbie was assigned to catch the bouncing feline so that Benson could study him, but Niels remained elusive.

    Robbie and his mother attend a Broadway play he was jumped by four thugs. He turned into Speedball and defeated them, but a pair of armored men arrive and killed the muggers. High Evolutionary's armored Purifiers prepares to render the city unconscious prior to killing everyone with unacceptable DNA. Speedball overheard but can't get the police to take him seriously. He arranges for Daredevil and Spider-Man to crash the Purifiers' operation in the Empire State Building, thinking they are tackling the drug dealers' killers. Speedball smashed the Purifiers' antenna on the building's tower ending the threat but falls. Daredevil and Spider-Man rescue him.

    Speedball accidentally found himself at the site of the formation of a new young adult super team, the New Warriors, where he really started to come into his own.

    Night Thrasher had actually not intended for him to join the team, but his arrival and assistance in the battle against Terrax convinced Thrash to let him join.

    Speedball was once tortured by the Sphinx and drained of some of his power.The Sphinx in a later time banished Speedball to the kinetic dimension where Robbie derives his powers. During this time Robbie was briefly replaced by a clone created by Darrion Grobe in the future in a bid to stop Darrion's father Advent from destroying the timeline.

    During his time in the New Warriors his closest friendship was with Rage. Rage felt betrayed when the person he thought was Robbie sided with Nova about kicking Rage and Night Thrasher off the New Warriors. When the real Robbie returned he confessed to Rage that he may have made the same call.

    During the early years of the New Warriors Speedball's parents fought constantly and eventually got a divorce. Speedball's mother Madelyn Naylor was an actress who used to star on the soap opera Secret Hospital with Mary Jane Watson. Madelyn was once tricked into joining into the violent environmental group Project Earth but was rescued by Speedball and the New Warriors. Speedball's father who is the district attorney of Springdale, Connecticut was kidnapped by the street gang the Poison Memories after they learned of the identities of the New Warriors and began targeting their families.

    While in the New Warriors, Hindsight Lad realized that Speedball's access to the kinetic dimension made Speedball the embodiment of time and motion.

    After the Warriors, Speedball was working with the police to take out drug dealers, but because of his uncontrollable powers, he screwed up. Jessica Jones assumed that Speedy was a "washed up second string hero," on the side of the baddies.

    Later on, in Stamford. Robbie attempted to defuse a massive bomb planted by an unknown individual. However, the bomb went off. Killing the 612 people in the town and sending Robbie flying across the country. Waking up in pain, he found that his powers had changed. Now more explosive in nature and fueled by personal pain. He called up the man who had made his Speedball outfit and commissioned a new costume. One that would remind Robbie about his failure while on his quest to find the person behind the bombing.
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  7. who secretly was
  8. Vanilla Ice's mother
  9. and a superhero called
  10. The Butt Plugg
  11. who liked to
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  14. fifty meters wide
  15. . So one day
  16. he decides to
  17. hire amputee prostitutes
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