Never Ending Lullaby

"Ellie, Kwan help Prestal for Christ's sake." came an order from the girl near Todd. She then gave some tactical advice, but would it work.

"We'd need to get it further into the room, otherwise it would get away."
he edged further round as its attention turned to the boy called 'Kwan'. How would he lure it away from the... There was a voice in his head from something unseen. "Ellie, Kwan, get over to the chair." he said, snatching Todd's lighter from his pocket ((I assume)) "Todd, you're with me" he edged a little further and lit his candle "and you..." he didn't know her name yet "Join either, your fire will help both parties." Now he was almost at the side of the door, and he spoke to the creature again.

he said leering at it from the doorway. "I have rescued a girl who called for the father..." he stood his candelabra up and signaled the others to take one down from over there. "Accepted help in the name of the son..." he picked up the shard of wood he'd thrown earlier in the same hand as the bed post. "And been guided to a hidden passage under the chair by the holy spirit." He assumed that to be the identity of the voice in his head. He used the candle to light the wood and held both out towards the cretin. "I suggest you run, before your meal escapes." although it didn't understand a word, the animal backed away from the flame and turned it's head to look for easier food.

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Todd laughed, and it was an odd sound. Not like the usual dry chuckle of the man, but a sound that echoed through the room. He looked at Angel, and grinned. He blew a cloud of blue smoke into her face, "Useless?" He said with a smile on his face, a smile that stretched from ear to ear, "I ain't useless. In fact, I'm more 'elpful than Preacha Prestal 'ere and all of yeh 'umans," He grinned, 'But unfortunately for yeh, I see no real reason to save yeh," He shook out his hair, and watched as Prestal snatched his lighter.

It was interesting, he thought to himself, that these humans would struggle so hard against something that was not real. He found it even more absurd that his religious counterpart would put faith in a man that never answered and who, Todd suspected, never had existed to begin with. In the depths of his black heart, Todd was a rationalist. He did not believe in things that did not exist. He believed in what his eyes could see and what his hands could touch - but recognized that those things were sometimes deceptive to the body as the whole. Todd walked up and stood next to Prestal, amused with himself, wondering what exactly he was expected to do. His goal was to make it out of here with his skin. That goal did not include anybody else.

Todd yawned, and pulled a gun from the pockets of his coat. This changed the scenario quite a bit, he realized. He was no longer useless, he was a man with a genuine weapon. He never was without it, it was his simple of office, after all. Cor had his gun, and Todd had his. Cor's was the pearl handled revolved from a thousand Bond movies, Todd preferred simple and brutish - his weaponry being the only thing simple and brutish about Todd. It was a Beretta that he bought in 1956 in the middle of the Red Scare. Guns were still intimidating them, and often did Todd's job for him. He looked at the weapon. He had rarely used it, merely just waved it around until it was impressive enough that his client would make their concession.

Todd held the gun up, feeling his fingers squeeze around the trigger. Todd smirked to himself, and looked at Angel, "I'm useless am I?" He put up the half-cock. All pre-1968 guns had a pre-cock, he believed, or at least that's what the man who sold him this Beretta told him. Todd didn't believe in much. He believed in himself, and he believed in this pistol. He put it down, after a minute. He realized he looked ridiculous waving it around, and didn't have the heart to shoot the beast. Well not yet. Like his preaching companion, he had a flair for the dramatic. He put a hand on Prestal's shoulder, and muttered into his ear, "Nice theatrics and all that, but it ain't a demon. It ain't real," He kissed Prestal roughly on the cheek before the man had a chance to protest, and pulled the trigger.

The bullet ran and ran, until it hit the beast between the eyes. It dropped.

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Rhyme had gone through the door across the hall from the monster and quickly into another room from that hall. She slammed the door behind her and hoped that giant spider/wolf mosters couldn't open doors. "But it'll knock it down!" She babbled to herself and then took a look around the room. It looked just like the one she had woken up in, with a window seat, bed, and barely any furniture. "Closet...?" She mumbled in thought as her eyes scanned the room and found no other doors then the one she came in through.
She walked around the bed and collasped to the floor, too much was going on in her mind at once. She didn't remember anything but her name, a monster was just a couple of feet away in another room filled with others that she hoped were like her. "I hope they don't die..." A gun shot went off and she yelped and then started to sob. In between her sobs she prayed that God would let her live and something about how she wished she could remember what she had last eaten.

Kwan did as he was told and watched Prestal work like a pro but Angel was shocked and angered when Todd revealed his gun and killed the animal in seconds. There was silence seeing the monster was dead Kwan was the first who was heading out the door. Angel grabbed Ellie hand and pulled her out and her pup followed. When everyone was out, we were all breathing heavily. Angel was on her knees heaving and Kwan slid against the wall and asked, "Where do you think the other girl has run off to, we should find her before she encounters any other beast." Angel when finally got her strength back started ranting on Todd. "You, you liar, you cheat. You had the gun all along and you just stood there like a jackass until we begged you to help!!!!" Angel was all flared up one would say, "You know if you were so eager to die why didn't you just say so and we would have happily let you die, seriously I would be very glad." Kwan got up and tried to calm Angel down, she was out of breathe again and was silent now."

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Prestal cheered as the thing fell with a ferocious thud. "You are a SAINT, Sir." he bowed to Todd then returned his lighter and looked up "We have been rescued by the almighty today." he said to the girl after she berated todd. "Don't think him evil, but the opposite. He obviously didn't want to kill the creature unless he had to." he stood up and spun. He had a flair for the dramatic. "Now. The girl!" he ran from the room, grabbing the candelabra en-route. "Miss? Young miss?" he called from the hallway "She won't have gone far." he looked back at Todd. "keep the beretta away. Don't want to scare her." He turned back into the hallway and marched across it into the next one.

"Don't worry miss," he called "The demon is gone. Dead." He looked over all the doors, she must have gone into one of the rooms, she's got out of sight too quickly to reach the end of the corridor, she was probably in a room near the start. "You're safe now" he had no idea if she could hear him or not, but it was still worth trying. "If you like I can wait here till you feel ready to leave." he put his weapons on the ground and started rifling through his pockets. "St Todd, may I borrow a light?" He said pulling out a red carton with 'matrix' written across the front. "I like to smoke like the Hashish-men of medieval times when I do gods work."

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Rhyme heard voices nearby over her sobbing and tried to calm down. "Maybe they killed it?" She asked herself in a hoarse whisper and stood up on wobbly legs. "Hello?" Her voice sounded choked and horrible from crying and she had to clear her throat a few times before she sounded normal. She walked back around the bed and to the door. "Can you guys hear me?" Fear kept her from opening the door, she wasn't sure if she wanted to take the chance of finding no one outside in the hall. That would mean the voices weren't real and the monster was also a figment of her imagination, or just outside waiting to eat her. "Is that...thing. Is it dead?"
Todd snickered to himself, and stuffed the gun back in the pocket's of his jeans, making sure that the half-cock was intact so he wouldn't end up shooting off any of his limbs. He looked at the girl, Angel. He smiled like the cheshire cat, and rifled through his pockets until he found his carton of strange black cigarettes. He pulled one out and lit it up, blowing more of that smoke into Angel's face, grinning still, "Angel, Angel," He said softly, scolding her with his tone, "Yeh don't even know meh," He glanced over, looking at his religious friend and the young girl that he had retrieved. Curious, he thought to himself. He tossed the lighter over to Prestal.

He walked over to Angel, and grabbed her face roughly. He had a strong grasp, "Listen, girl. I'm a liar and a cheat. I never said otherwise. Some would indeed call me a jackass, but I'm Todd, and that's my profession," he let go of her face and smiled at her, the scent of foul tobacco wafting across the hallway, "Now listen to me," He glanced at Prestal, "There will be no spontaneous saint-'ood. I aint a saint. Quite the opposite, realleh. I'm an enjamber," He turned his sunglasses gaze on Angel again, "I didn't shoot the beastie not 'cause I didn't wanta, but 'cause the time wasn't right," he laughed heartily, "And partly 'cause I wasn't sure whether or not I was gonna let you all die or if I was gonna heel-face-turn and save yeh," He shurgged, "Looks like there's some good in me after all. Don't tell anybuddy."

"Angel, Angel," He said softly, scolding her with his tone, "Yeh don't even know meh," He glanced over, he tossed the lighter over to Prestal. Angel eyes him angrily and Kwan observed the tension and got to his feet just incase and noticed Prestal look for the girl and followed. He walked over to Angel, and grabbed her face roughly. Angel hated how he dominated her just because he could. He had a strong grasp, "Listen, girl. I'm a liar and a cheat. I never said otherwise. Some would indeed call me a jackass, but I'm Todd, and that's my profession," he let go of her face and smiled at her, the scent of foul tobacco wafting across the hallway. 'what a disgust' she wondered to herself still angry at his gesture. "Now listen to me," He glanced at Prestal, "There will be no spontaneous saint-'ood. I aint a saint. Quite the opposite, realleh. I'm an enjamber," He turned his sunglasses gaze on Angel again, "I didn't shoot the beastie not 'cause I didn't wanta, but 'cause the time wasn't right," he laughed heartily, "And partly 'cause I wasn't sure whether or not I was gonna let you all die or if I was gonna heel-face-turn and save yeh," He shurgged, "Looks like there's some good in me after all. Don't tell anybuddy." "Scoundrel" Angel murmured under her breath and followed along to look for the girl. "It's okay we're out here and yeah we killed the monster, you can come out." Kwan replied to the girl who peeked through the door and seemed like she had been crying. Angel still couldn't believe a man like Prestal was friends with him.
((why is prestal 'no-one' now? he was in the hallway))

"Well, Todd the Enjamber." said prestal stepping towards the door. "That's at least a start to sainthood." he opened the door and his girl-nerves kicked in. "M-m-my name's Prestal. I-it's safe out here n-now. I-i'll give you a chance t-t-to cleect yourself. I'm j-j-just outside." he shut the door again and pulled what appeared to be a cigar from the packet, but it's was actually a spliff designed to look like it. He offered the packet out to Todd. "Anyone want one?" he grabbed Todd's lighter again and lit his own. "And nice to meet you all. I'm Prestal Yeoung." he took a long slow drag and blew out some thick white smoke to meet Todd's blue.
Rhyme nodded to herself and decided to take the stuttering guys advice. She took a couple of deep breaths and then slowly opened the door. "I'm Rhyme." She said to the group of people as she stepped out into the hall. "What happened to the monster?" She looked around at the people, two girls, three guys, and a dog. "You're definitely the people from that room with the monster..." She mumbled to herself, chewing on her bottom lip in thought.
She barely noticed as the people fought feverishly, all she could think about was her dog. It was dead, the monster was dead. breathing in a deep breath, she turned to the others. "I- I'm sorry. for not helping, i just.. my dog.." shaking her head. She was delighted as her dog came to her, tail wagging. She silently followed the others out of the hellhole and answered a quick "hello." to the girl. Ellie was so pissed off at herself for not doing anything, she could have used her dagger, but it lied forgotten in her pocket.

Fumbling to get the damn leash onto her dog, she heard the tall arrogant boy say his name, then she found out the girls name was Angel. Running her hand through her hair, she stood up and flushed as she apologized multiple times. She looked at the less arrogant stuttering boy and gave a small smile before saying, "I think we all need a drag er two eh? Gimme one of those please." She still was very disappointed in herself for her -with lack of a better word- retardedness. "I'm, er, Ellie."

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Prestal took one out of the pack and handed it to Ellie along with todds lighter, then took another drag of his own one. "P-P-Prestal" he said to Ellie, smoke pouring from his mouth. "N-nice to meet you." he paused. "All. Nice to meet you all." he turned back to rhyme "D-don't worry, y-y... y-you're safe now." he then turned to the other 2 "A-and... Wh... M-may I ask your names?" he continued to offer the packet around.
Todd sighed, and watched the group. Apparently, they were playing 'get to know you' now. That was fine by Todd. He actually was genuinely interested in who these people were, these people who violently condemned him for killing a monster. The tall blonde man shrugged, but his grin stayed on his face, as blue smoke curled around his cheekbones and his sunglasses, before it dissipated into nothingness. Todd ran a hand through his thick flaxen hair before looking over this group. What a set of people. Extras. Extra people. The line from the film rang in his head as he introduced himself.

"I'm Todd," he took another long drag on the cigarette, "'Suppose yeh know that alreadeh. I'm an enjamber. Cause enjambment. It's me job," He blew out the smoke, and glanced at his comrades, "Yer probably better off not knowin' most of profession. Might upset your delicate senses," he smirked, "Yeh seem to not be fond of me. That's fine. I ain't too fond of you either."

Angel took a deep breathe and smiled lightly seeing everyone was introducing themselves. Turning to Ellie she spoke, "It's okay, we all were worried about your pup, I'm glad he's okay." She looked at the others once again and greeted in a well manner."Well then my name is Angel and I'm glad to have met you all in such times. You have been a great help." She mostly referred to the stuttering Prestal. Kwan smiled and replied to the new girl, "Yeah it's dead, I'm Kwan." This time he spoke addressing to everyone, "Nice to meet you Rhyme, welcome to the survivor group." Kwan chuckled lightly. Angel started keeping her distance from Todd and stood rather closer to Kwan and Kwan couldn't get it first why she acted this way but he realized after a while that Angel and Todd were like opposite ends of a magnet.
Rhyme nodded as everyone said their names, noting how they all seemed to be avoiding Todd. She wanted to ask why but other thoughts were begging for attention. "That's good..." She said to Kwan about the monster being dead. "And it was real right? I'm not going crazy again?" ~Again...?~ Her memory was still fuzzy but she seemed to have the notion that she had been told she was crazy before. "And is this all of us? Why are we here?" A panic edge took over her voice. "Is there anyway out of this place? Why can't remember..." Then on some random impluse she turned to Prestal. "And why does he keep stuttering?"
Prestals eyes widened and his mouth flapped, he couldn't get a word out. After a moment of struggle, he managed to force his voice into action... almost. "I-i-i-i-i... S-s-ssss... Y-y-y.." He gulped and swayed. Why did she have to point it out? "I-i-i-i-it's..." He sighed and shut his eyes. breathe, Prestal. Slow deep breaths he thought to himself, before doing so. With his eyes still shut, he took a toke of his cigar-joint then entered his favorite stance, Weak foot forward, strong foot a shoulders width behind at a right angle. Body facing with the strong foot, head facing with the weak. Weak arm in front, strong arm behind. All that just to allow him the confidence to say "Attractive women make me incredibly nervous." It wasn't for usual reasons, but he wasn't going to tell them that.
Todd snorted at Prestal. Unlike Prestal he had all the confidence in the world. He was an enjamber of a very specific kind and to say the least, women made up a large amount of his clientele - of course, Todd had served others, pretty much every type you could think of - old women, young women, beautiful and toadish, young men and old men, tall dark and handsome and then nothing at all. Todd had even served some people in between. To say that Todd had confidence towards the object of his attraction was an understatement. He was every sexuality incarnate. It was kind of his job.

He rested a hand on Prestal's shoulder and grinned at him with those white teeth, "Prestal, mate, pull yerself together," he looked at the young ladies that the man seemed to be having so much trouble with, "Life with women is hell, life without women is hell, best to kill 'em all while we're still havin' fun," He quoted. It was a line from a film that he had seen, about the embodiment of Death. It was erroneous, of course, Death was not like that at all, but it was a fine film from all other standpoints, "Then again, I don't believe that. I just say that," His smile faltered for a moment, but returned quickly. He clapped Prestal on the back in a friendly manner, "So don't waste your energies gettin' weak knee'd about it. You don't got time."
"Oh...Well..." Rhyme blushed and then face palmed herself. "My bad." She gave a small giggle and then looked Prestal over. "I can be a rambling idiot at times and say the most stupidest things. Not to mention this whole cituation has me freaked out so really I'm just babbling about the first thing that comes to mind. Sorry again, it was my mistake." She took a deep breath and smiled at him. "But please don't let me intimidate you, I'd feel really bad." Then she glanced at Todd, chuckling to herself when he made the women comment. ~So three girls and three guys...~ Nodding to herself she looked around the group again. ~Safety in numbers, right?~ "That's good to know..."

"Attractive women make me incredibly nervous." Kwan felt weird that he would stutter usually when he met a new person or panic out of anxiety, rubbing his neck and looking down he spoke, "Well at least you don't act anxious or nervous like me all the time." Angel wondered that odd fact about Prestal, he was some what of a monk and he considered every girl here to be attractive, seriously she believed they were all normal nothing extraordinary. "Life with women is hell, life without women is hell, best to kill 'em all while we're still havin' fun," He doesn't believe that he just says it. Angel arched a brow at Todd as if stating what he said was lame but she looked at Rhyme and Kwan they were both laughing, they really thought it was funny. Angel wondered if it was only her who felt so drawn away from Todd yet there was a curiosity in Angel to find out more about him as if to know who he really was so that she knew weather to stick with him in the group or ditch him.
As if to keep a certain young lady from forgetting he existed, the voice of the mysterious man from earlier whispered into her ear. It came from the wall nearest to her as though it were made of paper and painted to look real. Perhaps the whole joint was just a snuff film funhouse. Monsters that were supposedly hallucinations and voices coming from walls. Could be a gas of some sort, right? It would explain the memory loss. But would any of that matter if they died?

"Don't trust the one named Todd. He will betray you if it becomes convenient to him. Or even just out of amusement."

Sure he had put the lives of her and the recently introduced companions that shared her fate inside the castle. What that fate would be was as of yet undetermined. But it was certain to say that each one of the six people would play a part in the outcome. Including the mysterious man who wanted to be forgotten by all except Angel for now.