Never Ending Lullaby

Prestal watched as the odd Todd slammed into the door over and over. Normally, it would break a mans shoulder to do that. In Todds case, it broke the door. "That's quite some strength you have there." He commented stepping in. He looked at the people in the room, 2 girls, a boy and a dog. Ellie was obviously the girl near the door. A second girl was sat by some damaged lighting, and the boy attacking the wall. Prestal ran strait to the second girl as she fell to her knees. "W-w-w-w..." he cursed his inability to talk to girls, and turned to the boy. "The door is open. what are you...?"

He'd looked up mid sentence, just in time. The ceiling was almost at head height. He raised his arms in a futile attempt to stop it, but he'd never make it back to the door in time to get out. "P-p-p-p-prop! Prop it up!" he shouted at nobody in general. His knees started to buckle beneath the trap and he dropped to his knees, right next to the girl on hers. he took the opportunity to grab a candelabra and hang onto it for a future weapon, then had an idea and put it strait up on end. "W-will these work?"
Ellie glanced at the boy who had crashed through the door and nodded her thanks. As she turned to the the girl whom she still didn't know the name of, she rolled her eyes as the boy stuttered horribly. With worried eyes, she helped the girl up and ushered her through the door with her great Dane following close to his master. She let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding and turned to the girl. "it's okay Hun, everyone is okay." she said oddly caring considering her usual personality Was harsh and sarcastic. She glanced at the boy who had been stuttering and gave a faint smile. "thank you." it was a simple gesture, just thanking someone, she just did not want give an impression of her being entirely heartless.

She straightened up and turned to the bored looking kid that looked annoyingly arrogant and cool. She narrowed her eyes and turned to her dog, hugging him tighly, causing him to give a deep bark of affection. smelling the dust and dirt of the house of horrors, she ponders what will come next.

Kwan was amazed when he saw the two new comers enter but its bad luck the ceiling was getting to low and there was no time to get out. Kwan panicked more and turned to Angel. Angel was too surprised by how the door had finally opened and the new comer was in mid sentence when both of them looked up to see the ceiling coming real low. Ellie tried to make her feel better but honestly it wasn't working. Angel only smiled an anxious smile. Kwan was so surprised by the idea of this man. "Come on quick every one I bet we can use these to hold the ceiling." he said as he tried to get the candle stands to stand up, some of them were really heavy, "A little help here girls." Angel pulled Ellie with her to go help Kwan, "Ellie help our friend." she was referring to Prestal and she and Kwan got one pf them to stand and they headed for another, literally now only limited time was left, Kwan turned to the other man, Todd and spoke, "Aren't you gonna help us or you wanna die?"
Prestal quickly welcomed Ellie for her thanks and then thanked the other girl and the boy for their help. "Aren't you gonna help us or you wanna die?" the boy directed at Todd, whom was still by the door, too far to get to the candelabras. "Todd, your might has been helpful so far, perhaps you could slow it while we set these up?" The dog barked next to Ellie, whom was glaring at Todd. Prestal quickly picked up another and balanced it. There was alot of dust in the air, he noticed, and thanks to the adrenaline pumping through him, he also noticed a draft from somewhere, meaning a secret passage in the dark room.

But the ceiling was still dropping and once it reached the candelabras they'd only have space to crawl. "Hurry, then we can introduce ourselves." He looked up again, this time not at the ceiling, but past it. Already on his knees, he dropped the bed post and put his hands together. "Please lord, let us all survive this evil place. Amen." he grabbed a third one and put it up.
Todd sniffed, and folded his arms across his chest. He was good at breaking down doors simply because he had much experience with it. He looked at the group of people, amused that they were angry with him. It wasn't like he had broken down a door in a desperate effort to save their lives - not anything like that. He was, confused however, as to what was going on. Apparently, the ceiling was dropping. This was bad. However, Todd was so oily that he probably could just sneak right through the cracks. These people, however, would not survive a ceiling crashing down on them. He wondered if it counted as suicide if they just stood here, milling about, desperately trying to figure out how to get out. The boss paid him well for suicides.

"I must admit I 've no bluddy idea wot's goin' on,
" Todd said, in his thickly accented voice, he glanced at Kwan, and the girl with the dog. Todd didn't like dogs. Dogs knew him, whenever he entered the house. They tended to bite his pant legs. To them, he said, " Listen, right now, aint the time to pick yer allies. I promise no rape or murder. Well, not yet." He turned away from them. "Praying ain't gonna help, berk," He said, looking down at Prestal. He looked up at the ceiling. It was getting dangerously close to brushing the top of his head. He began to grope around the walls, searching for a hidden passage - feeling the draft that Prestal had felt earlier.
The figure could have groaned aloud at this point, not even in the spirit of making the place seem haunted either. From his vantage point it appeared clear that at least from what he could ascertain. . . the 'selection process' if there were one had changed. Now it appeared to be quantity over quality with how much they struggled against their first trap.

How could they possibly deal with what awaited them deeper within this accursed castle?

As Todd's hand groped the walls another switch was triggered. But would it be for the better or worse? From the left and the right, walls started to try moving inward toward the group. Due to the already lowering ceiling it caused them to grind against each other. Had the cieling not been triggered their trap would have been entirely different. Perhaps this development would aid them as it slowed down the ceiling to a barely noticeable crawl. In the sense of time it did indeed help preserve their lives.

But from another point of view this was simply. . . .

. . . . EASY MODE.
*Click* came a noise from the wall near Todd, and the walls start moving in too. A blessing in disguise, he thought, It's slowing the ceiling. my prayer must have been answered. he made a mental note to thank god at the next appropriate moment, then stood hunched over and started looking for the passage. the draft was from away from the-

His thought was interrupted by a growling noise from the hallway. "Shhhh!" he hissed "there's something out there." he ignored his own order and spoke pretty loudly.the growling could barely be heard with the noises of the grinding walls and all the people trying to stop it, but it occasionally got louder for a moment, almost like a motorbike revving. He watched for a couple of moments before the creature came into view of the doorway.

It was big, that was for sure. It stood on 4 legs with a long tail behind. In front of them were 4 more, brandishing claws on an upright stretch of the things body. Above the 8 clawed legs was a wolf-like head, drooling between sharp teeth. It had 6 eyes though, that wasn't normal. then again nor were the legs. It growled, baring its teeth and spraying white foam from between them. A rabid spider-wolf thing. Never a good thing, but thankfully it couldn't fit under the ceiling without crawling, and perhaps it didn't want to. Perhaps it was just waiting for some nice home-made... pancakes.

Kwan gasped as he lowered his head the ceiling was getting lower and just then he heard a sudden grinding noise and he looked to his sides and notices the walls coming in. Angel on the other hand didn't get a good vibe from Todd and his carefree sort of attitude but when he accidentally clicked the secret button that made the walls come closer she found it hard to swallow. It grind against the ceiling and after a while it sort of stopped moving extremely slowly and seeing this Angel quickly spoke, "Quick outside no-" she was cut off when she saw the horrible expression on Prestal and Kwan's face. The dog started barking and Angel turned around only to e haunted by the beastly creature. As her eyes made contact with the the beasts she felt as if he was grinning and then her head ache hit her momentarily and oddly Todd's conversation with the dog replayed.
"Listen, right now, aint the time to pick yer allies. I promise no rape or murder. Well, not yet." and she felt the words echo in her head they were leading to something like a chain word. 'Rape', 'Sex', 'Love', 'Lust' and she shivered literally for she felt as if a cold touch brushed past her lips and then like whirl it was sucked into darkness and she was brought back to reality and she gasped and felt numb skulled for a moment as she looked right to left and the struggle people were making. It was like she was in a trauma for a short moment.
hearing the grinding of the ceiling halting filled Ellie with brief relief until she heard the walls shuddering to life. sighing, she cursed under her breath and looked around at everyone's expression. the boy looked bored, Lawn looked shocked, the girl looked frightened, and the other boy looked nervous. She followed everyone's gaze and cried out in surprise, in front of them was a huge beastly creature. Gale started barking wildly so she clicked on his leash quickly, causing him to get even more excited as he started to strain on it.

taking a deep breath, she patted the back of the girl who was beside her who was pale as a ghost only to come back to reality quickly. Breathing in slowly and deeply, trying to remain calm, she took one step back. Feebly trying to get her dog to stay still, a thought came to her, a not very nice one. Her dog was strong, but could he take on such a creature? keeping her hand on the leash, her dog finally sat still. Reaching her hand down to pat her dog, he bolted very suddenly, the leash slipping out of her grasp. Her dog was racing towards the animal, growling madly, his lip pulled over his canine teeth. Ellie screamed out to her beloved dog, but he was oblivious. He jumped at the creature, giving a mad bark before he attacked.
Todd folded his arms, and watched the ceiling halt. He looked at the ceiling with some pride, but then, he heard the grumble and grind of the walls closing in. The blonde man sighed, and thought to himself, It's never that simple, is it? He glanced around at the small group of people. Todd was intelligent, cunning even, but solving puzzles was not where he usually tested his smarts. He was very good at convincing others to do things for him, and very clever at making his job pleasurable, but he was not particularly good at logic. Todd closed his eyes behind his sunglasses. He was considering the methods he could use to get out of this room, but his powers were primarily in the art of coercion and oily diplomacy. Neither one was going to be particularly useful here. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the growl and snarl of something quite unnatural.

He turned around, and saw the thing. It was part wolf, part spider or scorpion, and looked as if it was keen on ripping them to shreds. Todd had come across many monsters in his time, but they had usually been people deep down. To some people, he already was a monster. He looked at the dog, and some could tell by the set of his mouth that he was unimpressed. The flashier the beast, the less intimidating it was. He watched coldly as the dog went for the beast's throat. Rather unsuccessfully, it looked like. Todd walked up to the wailing girl and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm yerself," He said in his oddly accented voice. His voice was unusually quiet and controlled sounding, "There are currently 'bout three things tryin' to kill us. The monster's the least of our worries, I assure yeh," He looked at the beast with his dark-glasses eyes. He smiled coldly, and let go of Ellie's shoulder. He dug around in his pockets, bring out his cigarette package, lighting up another of his strange black cigarettes, "It's entirely possible," He continued, as he set the cigarette between his lips, "That yer all gonna die. It's alright," He shrugged, "I figure only 'bout 'alf of yeh are going to meet my boss when you die. Yeh might get to know me better before that 'appens, but if that's yer plan, yeh better make it quick," He looked at the walls, gesturing to them with his thumb, "Cause unless one of yeh has a plan, we're about to get smushed."
Prestal cracked his neck and drew out the shard of wood. Swords were his specialty, not throwing knives, so he took a moment to aim at the... thing. His throw was off target, it hit with the blunt end on the things arm, but it still had the desired effect; The creature snarled and ducked into the room. He was short so in here Prestal had more of an advantage, he had room to move. The animal didn't. "Get the candelabras stood up. I'll take that on." he grabbed the bed post and ran towards the beast. The beast ran back at him, on all fours... well, eights. It lifted two paws to slash him as they met in the middle but was too slow and howled as it was met with a bedpost to the face. "hurry."

Angel noticed Gale growl back and go forth for the beastly creature. Angel lunged forward hastily one she was back in her senses and tried to grab hold of Gale but he was fast and she fell. She retreated seeing how close she was to the beast. Kwan put up most of the candelabras and now the ceiling was at halt finally. There was something else to fight for now the beast. After a while when the walls and the ceiling stopped still, Kwan spoke horrified. "Now how do we kill that thing?!" Angel looked around as if trying to find something to fight with. "Grab anything you can I bet it'll run away seeing all of us are armed." Angel and Kwan found themselves smaller Candle stands yet they had weight so they'd probably do. "This is a dream, it has to be a dream, this can't be happening." Kwan kept murmuring
. Angel turned to Ellie and asked, "You have a dagger do you think that will help?"
Prestal circled the beast and growled at it. It growled back. Prestal entered a crouched attack stance. "Fire." he said plainly "These foolish beasts are usually scared of fire." he swung at it and then backed up. he intentionally missed as a warning shot, but the thing would still remember its blow to the face. "Find a candle and light it. the thing will back off." he grabbed a loose candelabra and a candle off the floor nearby. "Todd." he said edging over "Can I borrow your lighter?" he paused "and pinch a cigarette?"
Rhyme heard the ruckus before she was even running down the hallway it came from. She swore she heard something that sounded human, or that could've just been her wild hopeful self doing what it does best, hope for the impossible. It hadn't even been an hour since she had woken up on some random window seat. For some reason or another she had been taken from her comfy bed and rudely awakened by falling off the window seat and onto the hardwood floor, in this unfamiliar house! Wasn't long before she was talking to herself to hide the fact that it seemed like she completely alone. And now she thought she was hearing other formers of life?!
"Hope it's not a monster." She said as she came to a doorway, the door now being non existent. One look inside had her screaming bloody murder and one wicked looking wolf-spider thing turned to face her. "Dear God... Help me!!!!" The moster came charging towards her and she jumped out of it's way, luckily it got caught in the doorway since it was so big.
A new person appeared in the doorway, another girl. She was young and quite cute. Prestal heard the girl cry out the lords name, and the beast charged towards her, still on all 8s. Prestal dropped the candle. Only one thing would react that way to the holy father. "DEMON!" he shouted running at it, still hunched. "Your quarrel is with ME, not the girl!" he Threw the bedpost at it to no avail. "Fight me, not her!" as he reached it he dropped onto his left hand lifting his feet into the air and used the momentum to swing his other arm round. The candelabra hit it full force and Prestal doubled over, bringing round his feet in a double kick. He rolled back away from it as the beast turned and roared. "That's more like it." he picked up the bed post where it had fallen. "In gods name..." he bared his teeth and roared back "FIGHT ME!"

OOC Note: it's not ACTUALLY a demon, prestal just has a habit of over-reacting.
Rhyme stopped screaming long enough to take a good look at the creature, it reminded her of her intense fear of spiders. Then she heard a boy yelling, something about attacking him and not her, but she couldn't really see behind the monster.
When she did try to look into the room though she saw a small group of people near the other side of the room, they seemed really tall. ~Not tall...It's the ceiling!~ She noticed how there were candelabras put out as an attempt to hold up the ceiling which saw was slowly moving downward, the only thing slowing its decent was the fact that the walls were also moving in. ~Is that a dog?~ Her thoughts turned away from the confusing room and back to the people, two girls three guys(she could only see two though since the monster was in her way of the third), and a dog.
Then she realized she was just standing there like an idiot with a giant monster near her and bolted for the closest open door, which was across the hall.

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Todd would have handed him the cigarette box and lighter, but Prestal was already charging at the monster. Todd sighed, and blew a cloud of bluish smoke across the room, watching with some amusement as Prestal hurtled towards the beast. He adjusted his sunglasses and looked at the beast. It was horrific, yes, and a slobbering monstrosity, but certainly no demon. Todd had seen enough demons in his days to know what they looked like, and they very much did not look like this beast. They looked like people, human after all. Todd glanced at the group, and snickered a little to himself.

"This realleh is quite ridiculous," He said bluntly in his funny voice, he looked at Prestal, and said in a calm voice, "Is it realleh yer policy to let adorable little girls get eaten by demons?" Though it wasn't visible to his compatriots, the Todd got a gleam of mischief in his eyes, he glanced at his other companions, "Do we 'ave a guilty child neglector here?" he laughed at his own joke, and looked at the girl who had been the subject of the beast's interest, "Only joshin' you. She ain't a kid. Not a kid anymore," he flicked some cigarette ash in the direction of the fight, "I'll just stand here and look cute, shall I?"
"Or perhaps help?!" Prestal shouted in Todds general direction as the beast turned. He batted away the things assaulting arms with the weapons, but he only had 2 arms to handle the creatures 4. "Trust a demon not to fight fair" he said, and spat at it. For all his clever tactics and ideas, Prestal was actually quite dim. Besides, his ideas weren't half as smart as he thought and he was clearly outmatched here.

He saw the girl run into an open door over the things shoulder, the door he and Todd had left open from the hallway earlier. "We can't let her run off alone..." he said batting away another swipe "We need to go after her" he tried to sidle round it towards Todd, but 2 legs aren't as nimble as 4 and it blocked his route. "Ellie! and you two!" he shouted at the group arming themselves across the room. "we need to flank it!"
How quickly things had changed to the point that it seemed the largest group the castle had ever seen would all meet their death at the hands of such a lowly creature. Then again no one could have foreseen a simple little 'test' that was potentially under control would go so far from it. Perhaps this was not just an accident. Indeed the appearance of the monster came at a rather inconvenient time. Could the mysterious figure from earlier be so unsympathetic as to let them all potentially die?

Silently from an unseen vantage point he watched them all react in their own special way to the inhuman house guest. But it seemed that patience was finally starting to give way to logic. Logic that said these people would likely not take the beast down alone. Not as long as someone like Todd stood idly by during it all. Such a pity that Prestel fought alone, at least showing bravery. Yet not much had came in strategy from any one of them yet other than the suggestion to flank. From where the figure stood he saw quite a few possibilities.

One of them was to take down the candelabras and once again press the switch that had brought the walls in. Rather soon too, before it had a chance to escape back into the hallway. Deactivating all of that would bring the ceiling back down at a faster rate. Onto the body of the monster, it would be enough force to crush the life out of it. At the very least the creature would end up both pinned to the ground and still holding up the ceiling at the same time. Who knew for certain? Everything so far had proven things were very . . . uncertain.

So to give some certainty, a whisper entered the ear of Prestal, a hushed voice that only he would hear and explained the potential scenario. Now of course, he could follow the advice of the unseen. Or he could chalk it up to demons. The rest was up to not only Prestal, but the others. Co-operation was key to the execution of that particular plan if they all wanted to survive this ordeal. Then again, some of them could just die right here. Plenty of others had died without knowing why they had been brought to the castle.

Why not them too?

Prestal's voice came back to the two, "She's running away, not a good idea." Said Kwan about the new girl. Angel picked up the lower candles and this time was the one asking Todd for the lighter, "Todd the lighter hurry now!!!!" She literally shook him and glanced back and forth to the monster to Prestal and then Todd. "Ellie Kwan help Prestal for Christ's sake." Kwan nodded and even though scared as hell he moved forward just in time to realize how huge this thing was and that actually gave him an idea. "Hey Prestal I think I found a way to get rid of this monster and escape. Just let the ceiling fall on him and we'll crawl out, I bet he'll hold up the ceiling because he's so huge." with that Kwan jumped back at the sudden movements of the monster. "You know you're real useless Todd." Angel hissed at him for doing nothing and just standing there.