Never Ending Lullaby

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The Never Ending Lullaby:-

She can hear footsteps, but the sound is like as if someone is dragging their feet, she frowns. The sound vanishes but then she feels something approaching, her natural sixth sense told her that something was closing in, she was covered in cold sweat beads. All this time she was trying hard to open her eyes but she felt numb, weak, almost as if she was dying. She couldn't do anything but hear her heart beat so fast and pounding in her ears. For a moment the air seemed still and she could not tell anymore of that thing closing in but she heard something, a whisper in her ear, calling her name 'Angel.....' and the voice trailed off and that's when her eyes shot open and she gasped for air, sitting up straight.

She looked around her surroundings, the sky was gray and cloudy, she seemed to be in a courtyard of some sort, there was a dry fountain there beside her, when she looked to her back she saw a building towering so high, it scared her to death, it felt like prison. She tried to remember who she was, where she was from but her head would just ache and so she'd stopped concentrating. She got up and looked at her clothes, they seemed damp, so did her hair, but she couldn't tell why. Angel turned towards the building that seemed like a huge labyrinth castle in hopes of finding her way out of here and finding out what happened to her.

My Character Sheet:
Name: Angel
Age: 18
Appearance: her hair is not completely black they have a plum red shade to it plus her eyes are a deem plum shade and her hair is quite shorter, almost till down her neck.
Personality: Shy, tender hearted, caring and very loyal.
Experience: none

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The environment was spine chilling and lonely, which were two things he didn't know how to deal with. Home was always filled with cheer, plus he was seldom lonely. Well, it wasn't totally abandoned... Probably an hour ago, he saw that monster patrolling a path he wanted to take. Luckily for Kwan, the beast didn't notice him. This had to be a nightmare; it just had to be! Supernaturalism wasn't a true thing, was it?

Kwan was laying on the stone ground, his dark eyes glued to the cloudy grey sky. Both hands rubbed at his face while he made a stressful sigh, his mind absolutely refusing to wake him up. This floor was genuinely cold; the temperature bit his skin; everything looked real. Yet, there was no way to know what time it was! He couldn't make any sense of this place.

At the sound of someone approaching, he immediately sat himself up from the ground, hopping onto his feet. He was holding a defensive position, prepping himself for any fight that may come. Years practicing taekwondo could finally be put to use! If it was that monster again, he would just make a run for it. He didn't want to deal with anything that much larger than him.

His muscles relaxed when he saw it wasn't a threat at all. In fact, this newcomer looked just as lost as he was. "Oh, just a girl," he whispered to himself, sighing with relief.

An eyebrow raised as he studied her, wondering where in the world she was going. Letting he wander to places unknown didn't sound like a good idea. On the upside, he wouldn't be alone anymore! Hastily, he went in her direction, stopping directly in front of her. Despite this place being dusty and gross, his clothes were all still in good shape. Something Kwan liked to avoid was getting his outfits dirty...

"H-Hey, you! Any idea what this place is?"

Angel wandered aimlessly looking around her surroundings, it was so quite, still and lonely that every noise made her jump. Her black dress had her puzzled, why would she be wearing such a dress, what had happened. Her throat was dry and she was scared, the towering buildings was like her worst nightmare. By now she had one objective to find the exit and escape. She would stop in her track every now then to only realize she got scared of her own breathing. A strong feeling told her this was not a dream it was too real, too real to be a dream.

She walked a little further and then stopped dead in her tracks, something was approaching, she turned around to see, she could hear footsteps and the moment she turned back around she was startled as a boy stood there. She took a minute to compose herself and then he spoke, he looked frightened, confused and lost basically, just like her.

"H-Hey, you! Any idea what this place is?"

"N-No, you-you how did you get here?" She had her hand over he chest as she was scared and then she took a deep breath in and continued, "Don't do that again, scared me to death." She observed him this time, young, charming looking, older than her definitely and in a better shape as his clothes weren't as dirty and hers seemed slightly dusty and she straightened her dress trying to dust it off
Kwan made a disappointed sigh when she claimed to have no clue where they were. Evidently, they shared situations. An apologetic smile then showed on his face, in response to her being frightened by his approach.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I've been here by myself for too long," he explained, shyly rubbing at one of his arms. For a moment, he watched her dust off her dress. He wondered if she was really that concerned about being dirty, or if she just wanted to look presentable in front of a man. Or both. Then again, he wasn't one to judge; he was the same way. Looking his best was important!

"Anyway, I don't know how I got here... I sorta just woke up here with a bump on my head. I tried to take a walk around, but there's something creepy lurking this place, so I ran back," he finished saying, taking a deep breath afterward. All of those words were strung together and spoken quickly, out of thrill for finally seeing someone else here--someone normal at that--and because he was, admittedly, scared for his life.
Prestal woke from an odd dream, that he couldn't quite remember. It must have been scary, because he was sweating. He slowly crept his eyes open and sat up. The first thing he noticed was the unfamiliar room, it was clean and white, not his dingy grey living room with weapons on the walls. and he was in a bed, not a mattress on the floor. Then the clothes, he wasn't in his usual silk pajamas. They were still pajamas as far as he could tell. He got up and knelt on the floor.

"My lord." He began his prayer. "I do not know where I am or what I'm doing here, but I know you have a reason in mind. If you can't give me a sign to guide my next move, that's fine. B-b-but if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I had a nightmare last night, perhaps a demon or devil is affecting my mind? Or perhaps a warning? Maybe it was the sign I just requested? Either way, I'm ashamed to say I don't remember it. There is nothing I particularly need to tell you about my feelings yet this morning, but please lord, allow me safety and goodness, as you always have since leaving my father. I will speak again once I know more about my current situation. Amen."

Prayer finished, he walked towards the door, then stopped. "Swords... swords..." he muttered to himself, checking his back then looking around the room. his eyes widened. "I-i-i-i'm Unarmed..." he gulped, then walked through the door. He was in an unknown corridor and there was nobody around. There were other doors and passages randomly positioned in the hallway, but he had no idea where to go. "H-h-hello?" he shouted nervously, then looking up added "Is this a joke?"

He smiled an apologetic smile and spoke,
"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I've been here by myself for too long," he explained, shyly rubbing at one of his arms. Angel smiled a light smile back at him. "Anyway, I don't know how I got here... I sorta just woke up here with a bump on my head. I tried to take a walk around, but there's something creepy lurking this place, so I ran back," he finished saying, taking a deep breath afterward. Angel gasped after hearing him say about something creepy lurking. She looked around and then suggested, "Maybe we should head inside, perhaps someone can help us." She looked towards the small door covered with wines of leaves, it was right behind him. "Maybe that's the way in, I'm not so sure but we should give it a try." She spoke as she walked up past him and toward the door. She nudged it but it wouldn't open and then she turned to look at him, "Why don't you give it a try." she suggested waiting for him then.
Todd felt the ground next to his cheek. This ground was cold, and all together unpleasant, nothing like the soft bed he had gone to sleep in. He pulled himself up from the ground, looking around. His sunglasses had fallen off. He groped around on the floor for them, finally finding them in the blackness of the room. He returned them to their proper place on his face. That had made the place darker, but he felt humans, and their presence was enough to guide him. Todd licked his rather thick lips. This is not where I should be. Jason Hastings finally snapped. Timmy Faber is sick of being treated like a little kid. John Andrews wants to fuck his sister. He sighed to himself. So much work to be done, and he was stuck in this place. Hopefully, his colleague Cor was taking care of it. Cor took care of everything when Todd wasn't there to help out. Well. I wonder why I'm here. Is this some trick the boss is pulling on me?

As he thought, he wandered the halls, pulling open doors, and finding that they didn't lead anywhere with some exasperation. Jesus. Old Nick really got this place nice and confusing, didn't he? Why is my boss such a prick sometimes? Oh, yes, Todd IS my top worker, but I like to watch him get all kinds of fucked up. Yeah, that's funny to me, because I'm Old Nick. Todd grumbled a little, and opened another door, finding himself in a hallway. A hallway that happened to house what looked to be a particularly confused man. A man of the faith, Todd noticed with distaste, seeing the crucifix.

"Oi, yer lively. 'Ow long you've been 'ere?," He stuck out a hand, "I'm Todd. 'Ooh the 'ell are you?" His other hand fumbled in his pockets, looking for his package of cigarettes.
With a childish expression on his face, Kwan Tsai watched the girl attempt to open the doors to the castle. He never gave that a try himself, out of fear that something would jump out at him. If they could be helped by whatever was inside though, he supposed it was worth a shot.

Whilst rubbing his palms together, he walked towards the door, looking it up and down. The whole thing was filthy, covered with dust, dirt and tangled with invasive plants. He couldn't quite tell, but there might have been dried blood on the door, too. To ease his mind, he called it old ketchup. Yes, ketchup! Someone angrily threw their hotdog at the door because they couldn't open it. Or the cook forgot to add onions.

Kwan wrapped his hands around one of the handles, pulling at it with all his might. He wasn't too muscular, but beneath those clothes was a healthy build created from hard work. Fortunately, his strength was just enough to get it to budge just a crack.

"Geez, this thing weighs a ton," spoke his strained voice. His hands snapped back from the door when he judged it to be open far enough, his heart pumping with the adrenaline. That bit of space should be plenty for them to squeeze through.

"After you," Kwan insisted breathlessly, adjusting his posture. This was her idea, after all!

The boy seemed hesitant but gave it a try, I guess he noticed something that Angel had noticed too, something that seemed like dry blood, it really creeped her out but seeing as this boy was rather more freaked out than her she tried to stay composed. He had the door open enough for them to walk in.
"Geez, this thing weighs a ton," spoke his strained voice. "After you," Kwan insisted breathlessly, adjusting his posture. Angel paused a bit and peeked in first, she felt like the coast was clear nothing monstrous here and then smiled, "Of course." she replied and walked in. As she did she was dazed by how magnificently beautiful the castle was from the inside, although filled with dust and cobwebs it was still so beautifully made yet there was something eerie about it that scared her deep inside and for once her memory flashed almost in a second. She couldn't try to make out what it was but she could only tell candles were lit in the chandelier above. She paused in her steps and wondered but her trance was broken when she felt that the boy could be watching her weird actions. Turning to him she spoke, "I never got to know your name, I'm Angel by the way."
As Prestal stood pondering his next move, a voice made him jump. "Oi, yer lively." It began, and Prestal turned to see it coming from a classically attractive man. there was little more about his appearance prestal felt like noting, other than the fact he had a very american look for his rather unsuitable voice. "'Ow long you've been 'ere?, I'm Todd. 'Ooh the 'ell are you?" Prestal bowed with his hands together.

"I am Prestal Yeoung, good sir." He replied, rising, before walking closer and taking the other mans hand in a firm but gentle shake. "May I ask Your name?" He glanced around, quickly considering this mans spiritual standpoint. the use of the word 'hell' and the tobacco stains on his index finger implied it wasn't a strong one. "And where we are, for that matter."
Todd laughed at Prestal, "Gotta listen, Presto-boy. I already introduced meself," He smirked, finally finding his box of cigarettes, and withdrawing a long, slim black tube of paper and cancer. He gestured with the box to Prestal, but he got a feeling the man didn't partake in such activities. He pointed his right hand like a gun and out of the tip of his index finger came a small flame, which he lit his cigarette with. It was really just a parlor trick, a cleverly concealed lighter in the palm of the hand, but to anybody watching it might have looked like real magic. "M' name's Todd. If you wanna be specific 'bout it, Todd Renard. As for bein' here, I thought my boss was playin' a trick on me. 'E's prone to doin' this sort of thing," Though Prestal couldn't see it from behind Todd's sunglasses, the man narrowed his eyes, "You another Enjamber like me? 'Cause that would make sense if we go with the 'My Boss is an Arsehole' theory."

Todd looked Prestal over. Well, he certainly doesn't LOOK like an Enjamber. I don't think he is one, Toddy Todd, he thought to himself. He pushed a piece of his blonde hair out of his eyes, and looked around the room. It was very dark, and the shadows seemed to creep about on their own accord. It wasn't like there was any light to push them about. Todd sighed, and looked for the nearest door, "I suppose we just gotta keep checkin' doors, and keep our wits about us. Don'tcha think?" He tugged on the door, and made a sweeping gesture for Prestal to go first, "Normally, I'm pretty good 'bout bein' in many places at once. Well, not this time."
Kwan was following close behind the girl after she entered, his own eyes wandering from feature to feature. The outside might have been gloomy, but the inside had beautiful, bright displays. If it weren't for the lack of cleaning, this place would have been bright with candlelight, paintings and figures of shiny armour. The setting reminded him of fantasy tales and Disney movies with eerie plots that always had happy endings. Deep down, he really wished this was a similar situation. He hoped for a positive ending for himself, as well as this stranger he just met.

Having been distracted by the castle's insides, he didn't notice the awkward motions she was making. When she gave her name though, he did look to her and stopped right next to her. "Angel? Nice to meet you," he joyfully replied, even extending his hand to be shaken. This was an acquaintanceship, after all. Traveling alone would not be wise for either of them! "My name's Kwan."

Just then, he reminded himself that even though they were in this castle, they were probably still in danger. Like any gentleman would, he hooked his arm for her to hold onto. He might have been timid, but he wasn't going to give the impression he wasn't trustworthy. "By the way, that dress is very pretty!" he complimented. Kwan was an appreciator of fashion and the style of her dress was something he didn't see too often.

"Angel? Nice to meet you," he joyfully replied, even extending his hand to be shaken. Angel smiled and shook hands. "By the way, that dress is very pretty!" he complimented. Angel looked at her dress and then spoke, "Oh this, I'm not even sure if it is mine, I mean I can't really tell why I was wearing this you know but thanks you don't look bad yourself." Smiling she turned around, then wondering which way to go. "Any idea which way we should take? Left, right or up the stairs?" She turned to him again recalling what he had mentioned. "Kwan you mentioned earlier you saw something lurking, what was it?" Angel was curious and confused and she was desperate in trying to find out why she was here, it scared her so much that she wondered if Kwan was really a human too but she couldn't have herself believe he was something other than that but her mind was playing ticks on her and she had to keep herself composed.
Prestal shook off the odd comment about many places and nodded. "Perhaps I'll find some form of weapon in one of the rooms." he edged towards the door. "But I doubt it's your boss, Todd. I work in a coffee shop." he poked his head into the room. It was pretty similar to the room he'd awoken in himself, except the bed was made. there was nothing else in the room except a blacked out window. Prestal cautiously went over and tugged it. "Locked" he stated simply across the room. "No idea what's outside, unless we break the glass." He looked around for something heavy, then put his hand to his mouth. "Although, without knowing what else is here, we don't want the noise."

He quickly checked under the bed, then walked back towards the door. "I see nothing in this room to worry about, but I've only given it a quick look. I'd like to look out in the hallway, but perhaps, if we can find a weapon, perhaps it'll be safe to break a window and look outside to see what's going on?" he suggested. "Either way, I want to keep moving. this place feels rather... evil." He beckoned Todd into the room and moved out of the way. "But if you stay to search, I'll stay with you."
Todd laughed at Prestal again, and he began to realize that this was going to become a running trend where the man was concerned, "Evil's no problum, no problum at all. Not fo' me, at any rate," It was true, the notion of things being good or evil mattered very little to the man. After-all, people never fit evenly into those categories, why should things. He decided to inform Prestal of this philosophy of his, "Good? Bad? I'm the Todd," Todd grinned, and blew a large cloud of bluish smoke, that began to drift towards the hallway like a wayward ghost, "I guess a man of the cloth, like yer good self might care 'bout that sort of thing. I ain't the carin' sort." The young man readjusted his cigarette in his mouth and pushed his sunglasses up his straight nose.

He could convince this believer into doing many terrible things if he chose. Make him rape, murder, and eventually, die, but he wouldn't. Not right now, at least. This house, mansion, the infinite rooms. Todd found himself picturing the place in its entirety. E
mpty salons, corridors, salons, doors, doors, salons…empty chairs, deep armchairs…stairs, steps, steps one after another…glass objects, empty glasses… forgotten and left behind. Broken. Just like Todd's clients. The thought unnerved him. He didn't think of his clients ever like that. Never with pity. Todd nodded his head though, "'Allway sounds like a good idea. I'd break a window, but that don't seem polite, does it?"
Kwan's brows knit together when she asked him which direction to take. Having no idea what lied beyond them, he didn't think himself a very reliable advice giver. For this matter, anyway. A moment was spent contemplating an answer, his eyes staring at their three options thoughtfully. "Well... Um... Up the stairs might not be so bad. That way, if anything chases us down, we can make a run for one of the other directions," he suggested, knowing he might have sounded absurd. The plan made sense to him, though! "Unless we want to explore the first floor some more, of course. I'm no expert."

Then, she asked him about the strange being he saw earlier. The girl certainly had a lot of questions. Having her company was nice, but he was beginning to feel flustered by all the inquiries. Being trapped in... Wherever they were, was stressful enough. Nonetheless, he kept a friendly expression on his face. In her position, he'd probably be asking lots of questions, too. They needed to survive and learn this place.

"I honestly don't know what it was. It looked like something from a cheesy monster movie. You know, like a werewolf or some Frankenstein guy. I didn't get a good enough look," Kwan told her.

"Well... Um... Up the stairs might not be so bad. That way, if anything chases us down, we can make a run for one of the other directions," he suggested, "Unless we want to explore the first floor some more, of course. I'm no expert." Angel looked at him and liked the idea the stairs had her tempted to look around what was upstairs. "I honestly don't know what it was. It looked like something from a cheesy monster movie. You know, like a werewolf or some Frankenstein guy. I didn't get a good enough look," Kwan told her.

"I see, you know I get the feeling as if I know and yet not know the place its weird do you feel the same?" She asked and then waited no longer, "Come on let's go." Angel found Kwan was really horrified and she on the other hand was curious rather than scared. She glanced at him and then took hold of his hand. "Don't get me wrong, it's just you seem a little too scared, hope this makes you feel better." She just wanted him to feel better the poor guy seemed like he had had gone through a lot. They walked upstairs then stopped at the intersection. 'left or right' she wondered, the hallway seemed to lead somewhere so she thought that would be a better choice and without any advice this time she headed onwards yet a little slow paced just in case anything popped out of nowhere.

Ellie is searching through her pockets frantically, trying to find her dagger that her aunt had given her five years ago. fuck.. yes! found it. she holds it in her hand and looks around, the air is humid and thick. shaking her head, she begins to walk up some stairs, pausing hesitantly before continuing. she stops dead, Gale! she turns and races down the stairs calling his name. Ellie hears a faint bark and she whistles loudly. at that moment the familiar great dane comes running towards her. she grins and smothers her beloved dog in hugs and kisses. he growls in affection as Ellie straightens and stands.
"time to find help,Gale." She begins walking once again with her companion at her side. as they walk, Gale stops and sniffs the air, tilting his head curiously. Ellie watches him, eyebrow raised, as his ears prick as he starts jogging in a direction. She follows close behind, clutching her dagger as she murmurs encouragement to her dog. Ellie brushes her dark hair from her violently bright emerald eyes, her hair damp from the humidity. A grin slowly spreads onto her face as she hears faint voices..
A voice whispered in Kwan's ear.

"Lost? Lost."

A voice whispered in Angel's ear.

"Do you know why you're here?"

They could see nothing around them, yet the whisper was unmistakable as the voice of a man older than either of them. Down the hallway ahead of them it grew cold with every step taken. Cobwebs and dust fluttered with the disturbance of a breeze in the direction of a large wooden door that had started to rust away at the hinges. One at the top had already been busted. A rusted padlock lay on the floor just inches away from the door itself which was hanging open by just a single inch to grant a peek inside.

Behind the door was a dark room devoid of any inside light, a womb of shadows.

"Are you lost?"

The voice inquired without emotion.

"You seem lost."

Kwan and Angel could both hear it now.

"Others have come before you."

Each sentence came right after the other, accompanied by a eerie breeze that continued to gently direct them toward the room.

"The others were lost too."

Next the voice came from deep inside the room.

"And like them I have found you."

Would the pair enter the room?
Prestal nodded at the odd man. "Perhaps some stairs would be a good target. after all, there are windows, so we know we're above ground." without another glance at Todd, Prestal set off. He almost ran to the corner, before cautiously peering around it. "I also doubt we're the only two here. Looking for allies and comrades would be a good plan." he was more thinking aloud than talking to Todd, he didn't even know if Todd was following him, he didn't look. He set off down the next corridor, again at speed, then stopped suddenly, before turning to the nearest door and walking through it.

It was yet another empty bedroom, with a small bed and a dresser. There was nothing in the dresser drawers, except the cliche bible in the top, which Prestal pocketed for later use. He then stripped the bed, removed the mattress and shook one of the wooden slats. "Perfect..." he muttered, then yanked at it. It was stuck on pretty hard, he wouldn't be able to get it off in one peice alone. "Todd?" he called to the open doorway, still not knowing if he had followed or not. "Could you give me a hand ripping these bed-slats up? One each, so we have something to defend ourselves with."