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I'm new here as you all would be able to tell but anywho I am starting a thread, a horror thread, so the basic plot is given below.

She can hear footsteps, but the sound is like as if someone is dragging their feet, she frowns. The sound vanishes but then she feels something approaching, her natural sixth sense told her that something was closing in, she was covered in cold sweat beads. All this time she was trying hard to open her eyes but she felt numb, weak, almost as if she was dying. She couldn't do anything but hear her heart beat so fast and pounding in her ears. For a moment the air seeed still and she could not tell anymore of that thing closing in but she heard something, a whisper in her ear, calling her name 'Angel.....' and the voice trailed off and that's when her eyes shot open and she gasped for air, sitting up straight.

She looked around her surroundings, the sky was gray and cloudy, she seemed to be in a courtyard of some sort, there was a dry fountain there beside her, when she looked to her back she saw a building towering so high, it scared her to death, it felt like prison. She tried to remember who she was, where she was from but her head would just ache and so she'd stopped concentrating. She got up and looked at her clothes, they seemed damp, so did her hair, but she couldn't tell why. Angel turned towards the building that seemed like a huge labyrinth castle in hopes of finding her way out of here and finding out what happened to her.


Okay so there you have it the plot, basically this girl is trapped in here all alone, unaware of who brought her here and what lies in the castle. I could use some help here if anyone likes. I'd also like to mention that before creating any demon/monster/ghost etc. consult me first please and if anyone has ideas of being a particular kind of demon or even the owner of the castle consult me here so we can discuss. Also characters are welcome who are like Angel lost and unaware, but the conditions are they can't remember how they got here their memory should be vague, and amnesia would be encouraged but isn't a must and that character should not have woken up at the same time as Angel, it can be before or after. Although fragmented memories can be gained to every character as the story progresses. I hope people like it and join in, after I get a few replies I'll open up the IC thread and one last thing, character sheets should be submitted here first and then in the IC section =)
Okay so I'll put up my character sheet down here and as for rules, normal forum rules apply how ever it might have some "mature content" to it so you are warned.

Experience: (this section is for those characters who have been awaken before Angel and have had a little experience around the castle. So basically whatever the character went through should be filled here. If you character is yet to be awakened then you don't need to fill this)

My Character Sheet:
Name: Angel
Age: 18
Appearance: her hair is not completely black they have a plum red shade to it plus her eyes are a deem plum shade and her hair is quite shorter, almost till down her neck.
Personality: Shy, tender hearted, caring and very loyal.
Experience: none

anyone who wants to start can start of by here =) btw I wud really appreciate if some one joined.
Hi, Harmangel.

As promised, I'll join your roleplay. I've always wanted a labyrinth sort of plot. And I loveth teh horror. >:3


Kwan Tsai



Social and fun, as well as helpful when he can be. He's generally a nice guy. At times, he may come off as childish. While he doesn't much look it, he's very much a 'nerd', having a love for numbers, comic books and sci-fi novels. There's also a feminine side to him, which he freely expresses through comfortable, expensive, nice clothing. If made angry, you're in for a non-stop stream of words. He will throw out insults until he's out of breath.

Kwan was one of the first to arrive at the castle, so he's been awake for some time. Curiosity sent him beyond his spot of awakening and he ran all the way back the moment he spotted something resembling a beast. He thinks he's dreaming! The other possibility he has in mind is he was abducted to a filming site for a monster movie or something.
I'm honestly not sure. He probably is. XD I was just "Ooh, cute Korean boy!" when I found the pic.

I'll go on over and post, then. If we get no more players in the future, I'll still move the story along with ya. This could work out as a private 1 on 1 game, I think. It's your decision as the GM, though~ <3
I wouldnt mind either way one on one sounds cool too and if more players join then yays for us, I suggested this site to an old rping frnd of mines so he might join in, that'll be three of us then =)

About the korean dude, I feel exactly the same, I dont know why korean guys are all cute stangely lols
Hiya sis-jan. mind if I join this one? it looks like a perfect time to play Prestal. and Fluffy, nice to meet you.

here's my Ch sheet, if it's a no, let me know.
Name: Prestal Yeoung
Age: 21
just imagine the necklace is a crucifix.
Personality: Prestal is a highly religious and noble man, but becomes a quivering wreck as soon as he see's an attractive woman.
Experience: Not yet written but will be something along the lines of waking up and wondering where he is and why his swords have gone. will update if you OK the ch.
I like it, jut one thing I don't see the pic =S
Hi there! I'm in a Desperate Race with you! I thought I'd join this. C:

??? (I should probably clear this with you: Todd is the embodiment of an idea, and thus, is eternal. His current form and personality can still be killed and the new version of the idea that springs up is no longer Todd - it has a new body and personality.)
Handsome, with a narrow face and some stubble along his jawline. His nose is very straight and his teeth are very straight. Thick, short blonde hair. He always wears sunglasses so that his eyes are hidden. He smokes black cigarettes that give off of a slightly bluish smoke. He wears a rabbit suit sometimes, but that's just for his job. Currently wearing a white button-down shirt and acid-washed jeans.
Clever, scheming, and sadistic to some extent, Todd tends to come across as a clever-er than average fraternity guy, He's quite used to getting what he wants, and usually does -- quite the hedonist and quite unashamed of it. He tends to sound oily, and is quite good at talking people into helping him when they might not normally do. Some would say that Todd is evil. He would say that he's just pragmatic.
Todd woke up quite recently, and believes that he's being harassed by his boss (his boss is prone to doing this sort of thing) or is in a dream world. Or some combination of the two.


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A comical character for a horror? I like it ^_^

But the decision is up to sis, and I think it''s like 5 AM there (or PM, can never remember if it's +6 or -6)
Todd's pretty comical, but he was originally a character I wrote for a horror story. He was the antagonist, along with his coworker Cor. They were fun to write for, so I figured... Hey, why not? He's comical, but he's also kind of.... nasty. So that should balance him out.
As for the time, I THINK it's +6.
Right, so it's 6.46 there. which makes it quater to one here... oops, I have work tomorrow XD

and sounds fun. my ch was originally written as a saint with incredibly strong magical powers. now I mostly use him in romance stories as a nervous wreck that found religion out of his guilt at killing his violently abusive father.
I love it, it will perfectly fit for a horror story like this, so Sir Basil you too can start and yes mezz it helped. FYI no magic keep it real but seeing as Todd is an embodiment of an idea I guess he can create trouble and mischief that would seem hard to beleive right? Sir Basil you can surely stat but do tell us more about your character I'm interested =)
Well, Todd really has no magic other than being strangely persuasive, and able to convince people to make bad choices. He's probably not likely to use that ability of his all that often, because he's stuck in the same mess as everybody else and encouraging people to do bad things would probably be less than productive. C:
Alright, I'm ready to post then!
Well then I'm looking forward to it =D Oh I'd like to say too that your character, if you wish too, can feel like remembering fragments of memories just to make things interesting there is no compulsion to have you characters lost all the time =) they would gradually remember something right but thats all on your will =)
Out of curiosity, is that meant to be a cockney, Scottish or Somerset accent on todd?
It's a cockney accent, but really, its just supposed to sound old and obsolete.
Todd - though masquerading as an American - was first conceived in London. He wasn't the first Todd, but his current incarnation was born in London, 1840.
Is it too late to join this?

I was wondering if I could.

Had an idea for the ghost of someone who had awoken a long time ago at the castle, failed to defeat a certain 'obstacle', and as a result died. After that I was just making a sort of assumption that with this type of horror RP that a soul would probably end up trapped at the castle. So i was thinking it could be a ghost that one or at some point all the characters could run into.

Maybe try to help them through traps he had navigated while alive?

Up to you guys.
Well that is a rather good idea, if I can suggest could you make the ghost more like emotionless just to make it look more scary, and you should put up you character sheet and tell me more about this ghost i'd like to hear =)