Never ending fight

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  1. (OOC: So Hinata Kisa is just a girl who goes from town to town and always ends up in a fight. That's all and thanks for role playing wit me)

    Hinata wore a black duster over her brown short sleeve shirt and black pants. She had boots on and carried a metal pole with a sharp point on one end. Her deep purple hair fell a few inches bellow her shoulder. Smooth white skin and gray eyes that reflected the moon light. She was walking through a city late at night just waiting for a gang to jump out something to happen but so far nothing. She relaxed a little and kept on but still had some awareness. A slight wind blew her hair back as she calmly walked under the lights.
  2. A man named Sinachi Uraku walked out from an ally and stood in front of the girl. He wasn't trying to start anything, but Sinachi grew up in this town. He knew how bad it was, but due to an accident a while back, he was granted quite an ability. "Hey...I hope you know it can get real dangerous out here," he said to the girl hoping she acknowledged him.
  3. Hinata jumped back and quickly grabbed her weapon putting it to the strange mans throat. After hearing his words she wondered if he meant no harm. "Is that a warning or an invitation to fight?" She said sternly. Keeping still and making sure not to move the metal pole. "Why did I relax?" she thought to her self.
  4. Sinachi put his hands up. "I just wanna help you," he said to her. "And trust don't wanna hurt me." he smiled a little. He moved the pole to the side with his index finger. "Call me sin." He backed up a little and smiled.
  5. She raised an eye brow. Whats he hiding? She put her weapon to her side. "Why not?" she said with a serious expression still cautious.
  6. A couple of shouts were heard in the distance. I stood there in the midst of a gang of people surrounding me. "Come-on guys can't we all just relax?" He sighed. Again he was being attacked. Quick rumors of hi slowly rising up the food chain spread. He was beating more and more people. Most people didn't realize it was him until he said his name. Kukyo. Kukyo was just a nick name his real name was Anthony. Another man lunged at him. He brought at the sword with a sigh as he cut deeply into the man's shoulder. The man dropped again. He raised his sword slightly. It gleamed. He was in all black leather. Wearing two black metal crosses. He dashed and twirled. He was making graceful movements. He slashed more people. He didn't want to fight truly. But he always had no choice. He was surrounded at the moment. "Can't you guys just give me a break?" He sighed as none maid the motion of wanting him to leave alive.
  7. She looked over from the man she was currently talking to and ran around the corner seeing a man surrounded by people. Hinata walked up behind a couple of the guys and knocked there breath out making them fall to the ground. As she looked up at the guy she raised an eyebrow "What happened?" She asked walking to him and stabbing one guy in the stomache.
  8. Eh. Trouble follows me I guess..." He looked at her. She seemed familiar... " anyway it's fine now."
  9. "are you sure?" she asked a little curious now "I am not from here. I travel town to town. Are you from here?" she asked. Maybe he traveled too. She thought bout the other guy and that maybe she should go back but first she wanted to see about this guy before she went and argued with the other.
  10. "No. But I am socially known. I've kinda been trying to be avoided but apparently I get into trouble so much." He looked around to see if he saw anymore. He sheathed his sword. "yes I'm fine. Are you having any troubles?"
  11. "Uh...actually yes I have been in this town and have been wondering around I had to sleep in a yard last night it was dark and the person was nice enough to give me food but I need an official place to rest" she explained. She held out her hand "By the way my name is hinata kisa, you can call me hinata." she said. He seemed trustworthy enough
  12. "Well. Hello my name is Hunter. But everyone calls me Kukyo." He had no home but he never really slept. He looked at her. She seemed oddly tough. Brave as well. He was actually pretty kind for a man who kicks ass on a basis.
  13. "I would go back to the house but too many gangs. Do you know of any hotels or something? Where do you sleep?" she asked she was tired and a bit hungry. She felt a bit ashamed asking these questions.
  14. "There is a hotel nearby. But, were you talking to someone earlier? Shouldn't we take them as well?"
  15. She thought for a moment "No if he wanted to come along he will would catch up." She paused "So what do you mean by trouble follows you around?"
  16. He motions around him. "This is trouble. Everyone wants to fight. Everyone want's to test themselves against me. They don't care how they win they just want to win. A bar was burned down trying to kill me." he looked back up. "Like I said trouble follows me everywhere." he was actually pretty hungry now.
  17. "Oh I'm sorry. I get in to fights but mostly with thieves or people who want to kill me for my info" she shrugged. Her stomach growled a little "You wanna get something to eat I have some money" she smiled softly still curious about hunter.
  18. It was the best thing he heard all day. "That sounds great. Thank you...." He loved eating. He had amazing appetites at times. But he was going to hold him self back so she would not have to spend so much.
  19. "great" she said happy. She motioned for him to follow her. They walked in to a shop with lots of food. She could could smell the aroma of every wonderful dish. "Is this a good place to eat?"
  20. "Oh yeah. This is a very good place to eat." He saw some amazing foods last time he passed here. He even tried some. And they were amazing. "Yeah this is a very good place to eat.