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  1. Aleister J. Kro (open)

    He took a light breathe as he made an easy jump backwards, he got over 4 meters in the air and punched himself back about 10 meters away with the help of another tree and landed on a tree branch. The brown boots that now was very dirty was standing steady on the thin tree branch. He took himself up with his staff, it shined strongly with gold, so much gold was on the staff that it just looked heavy with everything, it was thin and long and at the top of the staff it was a flying ball on it. In the ball there was a clock and it was moving around like a planet clockwise. He had a brown suit and with some gold buttons and tight brown jeans, some brown gloves with metal gauge on and the brown jacket on the suit was reaching down to the legs as it followed the hard and cold winter winds. Some other men showed before him, it was some simple thiefs.
    -"Give us the gold... young man." The man in the middle said, he was probably that man that was so called "leader" in that group, the man repeated himself more angrily and serious. Aleister didn't say anything, just stod up and looked down at them, he had a dark brown mask covering half of his face, he was also very tall compared to them, around 7 feet and 6.55 inches maybe less or more but his body was skinny and slim, which made the men think that he was weak.
    -"GIVE US THE GOLD!!" The man repeated for the last time as he was going to attack. Aleister made another "easy" backward jump as the men made a jump straight forwards to him, he spin his shining golden staff and took it backwards and waited for them to get closer. It was a little hard to see through his long-short golden brown hair but it worked. When they was close enough he started to make a spin as his very long and skinny leg hit the first guy on his tummy, the guy coughed and with a high speed he flew backwards and hit another guy in the group. He spin his golden staff once again and then hold it tight as he landed on a thick tree branch again, suddenly one of the guys in the group was going to attack him from behinde, the guy was near to hit his head but Aleister easy doudged it. The guy didn't get any seconds to react but flew from a big hit and hit a tree as he fainted. "Two left...." He thought. His amber colored eyes looked to the left, then the right. Then the last two got to attack as he took his staff like a baseball bat and hit them like they were simply a ball, they flew some meters before it would come cracking sounds from tree branches and than a loud thump eco through the wind. He made a sigh and jumped down from the tree branch as he hold his staff tight over his shoulder.
    -"Maylee, you lazy cow, you could atleast have helped me. Do you want them to take our stuff?" He sounded very calm, not very angry about it even though he was.
  2. She never saw a man move so quickly in her life. She could only stair through the bushes as this thin man jumped around and devastated her captures. She was bound and gagged so there was nothing more for her to do. She wondered if she should hope for this man to find her or if it was a better fate to be left to die in the cold night. They had just set her down so they could scout ahead, making sure the coast was clear. They knew someone would come looking for them after kidnapping the daughter of the head of the military elite.
    "These fools made the same mistake in one day, trying to get gold from someone they should'n be messing with. UGH! its a shame this guy got to kill them before I could". Unfortunately the foolish thief's actually knew how to bound someone.
    She was only waiting for the right moment. More then likely one of them would try to rape her and unbind her feet. Her father taught her to be an opportunist; when it was necessary. Only now she had a tough choice, should she give up this opportunity and fend for herself or try to get help from this mysterious stranger. She hatted the idea of needing help, especially from a man, but it seemed she had no choice.
  3. I wonder what is happening over there?
    She had been wandering through this forest for what seemed like weeks, even though it had only been 3 days, searching for more people to 'borrow' from. Unfortunately she had gotten lost after just 1 hour. It was her clumsiness that was her downfall after she tripped and rolled down a steep hill, landing in this forest where, to her, everything just looked the same.

    As she approached the voices she slowed her pace, treading silently through the thick undergrowth carefully as they came into view. Ducking behind a tree she observed the situation, judging whether it was safe to reveal herself or not.

    To her surprise she recognised the group of thieves from a village not far from where she had taken her fall, though she wasn't sure how close she was to it now. They were petty, small time thieves, incapable of looting anyone worth while and by the looks of this guy they had picked a terrible target.
    It is always the defenceless ones who turn out to be the most trouble.

    She smirked as he beat each one down easily. They had it coming to them she had to admit but she was slightly annoyed that she was not the one to be the 'hero' in this case.
    I guess i'll always be the villain.
    Mentally sighing she pressed her back against the large tree and remained hidden for now until she could be sure he would not do to her what she did to them.
  4. Maylee looked at Aleister while fiddle with his knife onto his teeth, he looked totally different from Aleister. He was more "dirty" depending on what people see him as but most of the time he looks like a dirty homeless guy from Asia. Although he wasn't from Asia his eyes was small, he had fabric on fabric just like a kimono or a yukata in this case. His clothes was white and light brown and he had long black hair put up in a ponytail and stubble on his angular face. He wasn't "clean" in that way, but he was a pirate so he didn't have much to say about it. He looked at his close friend Aleister before he stood up and put away his knife.
    -"Sorry that I didn't help you but.." He fixed his yukata.
    -"You seemed to do well without me." He smiled but Aleister wasn't very happy with it.
    -"What would have happen if those guy would have taken my staff? You know how precious it is, both for me and the world." Aleister fixed his hair and his mask showed a bit more.
    -"Yeah, yeah." He said and took the thieves gold money that they dropped in the fight.
    -"Want a drink? Or are you too much for a pretty boy?" He said jokingly although he was jealous of Aleister, to always get the girls even though he didn't do anything at all, which pissed himself of. Is it because I'm a pirate? He once thought but now tried to ignore it. Atleast he could get laid from some hookers that seeked money, atleast that was something. Aleister looked at him and rised an eyebrown at him, his amber colored eyes shone in the dark.
    -"We don't have time for that, let's go." He said and they started to walk north-east of the forest but before they could reach far enough Aleister heard some noices and looked around.
    -"What is it?" Maylee asked while counting the money.
    -"...Nothing." He said and they kept walking.
  5. "UGH! NO CHOICE, LEFT AT THE MERCY OF A MAN YET AGAIN" oh well this is my curse as a woman she thought as she struggled to make as much noise as possible.though all the excitement she hadn't noticed his companion.
    He seemed to be friendly enough with him, "maybe he isn't a bad guy". They spoke to each other but she was too far away to hear them. she managed to wiggle off the gag those petty thief s put on her. she could only think of how disgusted she was that it was in her mouth, almost as disgusted as she was with herself for getting caught by them. Just as she was about to call out to the two strangers, she noticed she wasn't the only one watching the show.
    This changed things. It would be best to see what this girl was going to do before she made a move. Her father always said to know the field of battle you fight upon. For him it was literal, but for her it was metaphorical.She applied everything she was taught in any way possible.
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