INTEREST CHECK Nevada [A Supernatural Comedy Explosion]

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    The Supernatural Comedy Explosion

    The world of Elvmor is quite different than the mortal realm of earth. In this realm, there is no such thing as a human, and it's inhabitants are a wide range of fantastical beings. Now while this world (medieval in style) has a fairly peaceful tone to it, there are still some troublemakers within it's mists; however unlike the mortal system of sending people to prison, or even killing them, Elvmor has a very different kind of punishment. They kick their criminals out of their dimension. Yes, you heard me right, they get a wizard known as the "Exiter" to form a dimensal portal to toss their criminals out of. Now, there aren't that many dimensions out there, and so when a criminal is tossed out, they usually are lost in space for many years, and some even die in the process, but some of them manage to make it to one of the other dimensions. You're one of these "people". You've done something unlawful and have been kicked out of your dimension, forced to rely on sheer luck to make it through the portal and into one of the other worlds. Luckily, you're one of the few that manage to land in one of the other dimensions; in this case the mortal dimension of earth. More specifically a state known as 'Nevada'.

    Now you have a lot of choices in front of you, as for what you're going to do, and who you're going to meet. You're not the only supernatural creature that has made it across the worlds, and you can tell it by the 'sixth sense' that all mythical creatures have. You're going to have to find somewhere to live, someway to make an income, and most importantly someway to thrive in this world. But how are you going to fit in? That is if you're going to even try to; this world is a hell of a strange one;

    Will you make it?​