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[dash=orange]Welcome to Neurotica cafe. Nestled in the somewhat busy streets of Somewhereville, where normal is strange and strange is normal but in the end it just doesn't matter. Don’t expect to know what is ever really going on around here, but expect that you will be served the drink and food you desire. Neurotica café is a place to go for a refreshing drink and dainty food, as well as a place for comradery, romance, and anything in between. We welcome anyone with open arms and a cheerful smile (usually). So welcome to our humble home, just make sure to wipe your feet and leave a nice tip! And, don’t mind the talking animals, they’re mostly harmless.[/dash]

[rainbow]Curiouser and Curiouser[/rainbow]
[dash="pink"]It was a gloriously cloudy day in Somewhereville, and a cool breeze was blowing through the busy streets as cars jetted by and people went on their merry way. The OPEN sign was propped in the display window of the Neurotica Cafe. The sign outside the cafe creaked slightly with each passing breath of wind, but it was a homely sound to the ears of the two females who ran the little place. The owners of the humble little establishment were none other than Inara and Charna, twin sisters who were nothing much alike. The two females had taken over the family business long ago and seemed to have been in their current location for some time. People certainly knew OF them but didn’t know them personally well. Inara had a strange pet cat that she called Anubis while Charna had a strange pet rabbit that she called Amun. What was strange about these two creatures wasn’t what they were but the mere fact that they could both speak (quite fluently) and the rabbit even wore clothing. Curious indeed.

Leaning on the front counter reading a book, Charna yawned and turned the page. Inara was in the back taking inventory. Anubis was curled up on a chair purring softly while he slept, and Amun was off doing some thing or another. "WHAT?! How could she marry Edward! what a skank!" Charna suddenly burst out throwing the book across the room. Anubis yawned and opened his eyes as he looked up at her, "Careful, you might take someone's eye out with that. Though I imagine that it would be quite fun to chase around and I could use anew play toy," he said with a yawn as he began to clean his fur. Charna shot Anubis an evil look before laying her head down on the counter and sleeping. Inara suddenly appeared from the back room, a butcher knife resting within the pocket of her apron, and a clipboard held in her hand. "I just don't understand where some of the stuff goes. It's as if it vanishes into thin air!" With that said a white rabbit wearing a waist coat and holding a watch hopped in.

"Oh dear! Oh me! We'll be late! We'll be late!" Amun was passing the counter as Charna reached forward and grabbed him by the ears.

"I'm sleep...pipe down" she said lifting her head and looking at Amun. A sense of dread and death would overcome the poor rabbit as he trembled in fear as his owner gave him the evil eye. Amun began to ramble on for forgiveness, his pleas going unheard by his grumpy owner. Inara sighed as she looked at the two, "oh dear..." she muttered shaking her head. Yes, another typical day at Neurotica Cafe. Now WHERE ARE THE CUSTOMERS?!
The bell at the door for the cafe jingled as an old man with somewhat longish silvery hair and glasses shuffled inside. Despite his age there was a hint in his facial features that once upon a time he might've been quite the handsome young man. Wrinkles got in the way of that now though and he could merely pass for someone's grandfather. A cane helped keep him from getting unbalanced on the floor. So many new types of flooring had been invented since his birth. Some of them were quite unsafe! But despite his advanced age, there still existed some sort of youthful exuberance in his pale blue eyes. Unfortunately they were somewhat hidden behind that pair of glasses. Clothed in an old fashioned style suit his attire consisted of: a black suit jacket, a white button up shirt, a black tie, black dress slacks, and black orthopedic shoes that still managed to look somewhat stylish.

Making it all the way to the counter without any assistance he looked up at the girl behind it. Thankfully those glasses were a strong enough prescription that he could read her nametag. It said Charna. What a strange name for a young lady. . . even if she was rather pretty. A somewhat lecherous lick came to his lips as he looked the lass over from head to toe. Certainly pretty enough to get away with such a weird name. On the other hand his name wasn't so weird.

Dominique. Dominique Delacroix.

Yes he was of french descent but that mattered not.

"Excuse me, Charna. . . could I have some coffee?"

An old withered voice questioned the employee, it showed his age for sure but it still held some force to it. Just enough to frighten kids off the lawn. Years gone by had drained the smoothness from his tone. But it suited the old codger in the suit.
[dash="pink"]Charna glanced at the old man who had asked for coffee. With her blond hair and blue eyes, she seemed a perfect angel! Her lips curled into a faint grin as she tried to remain pleasant. "Right away sir, one moment please" she said and turned slowly to get the coffee pot. Her intentions were to throw the pot at the man for interrupting her nap time. However, Inara stepped in and took hold of Charna's arm before she could do so. The two momentarily shared some choice words with their backs turned to the old man and their voices low.

While this was going on, Anubis jumped back up onto the chair next to the old man and stared at him with a chesire-like grin. His tail whipped slowly back and forth as he just stared with that creepy grin, "They might be a smell like fish, old man. Do you have any fish on you? hmmm?" he asked at length, leaning toward Dominique a moment. After a moment of bickering, Inara finally returned with a cup of coffee for him, "sorry about that sir. I hope you are not being bothered by my cat" she said glancing nervously at Anubis. Her more cheerful attitude certainly did not fit the pale skinned, dark haired, butcher knife in pocket, girl standing before him. WHO ARE THESE GIRLS?!
He had managed to get himself seated in the time that they argued, trying not to fall and somehow break his hip or something else rather embarrassing. In fact the entire ordeal of getting himself seated kept him oblivious to their choice words. Poor hearing aided in this happening as well since their voices were kept so low. Leaning the cane against the countertop he awaited the coffee patiently. But before his beverage had been completed he actually fixed his hair up some. One thing he could be proud of was that it had only thinned with age, instead of balding over time.

A sigh escaped his lips.

Suddenly a cat was talking to him!

Old eyes widened in surprise as the elderly man nearly toppled over in his chair. Arthritic arms flailed with a fragile enthusiasm before a wrinkly hand clasped over where the heart would beat in an old chest. It was almost cartoonish. Removing his glasses the old man took out a cloth to clean them with. Upon feeling satisfied he put the glasses back on and looked at Anubis. Yes, the cat definitely existed. Still suspicious of the creature he decided to answer the question just to see if it was actually speaking to him. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

"Sorry mister Kitty cat. . . you must be smelling my tuna sandwich I had a couple hours ago."

Quick enough a different girl showed up with his coffee.

"You're saying this is your cat? Is it some newfangled toy whatchamacallit? Where are the buttons?"

A moment went by and it seemed as though he had forgotten his first few questions directed at the dark-haired girl. This one was also quite the beauty to behold at his old age. If he were just twenty years younger he probably could have shown her a thing or two. Most of the ladies around her age weren't interested in a guy like him. Still there was a always a chance for the old magic to work.

"Say, when do you get off girly?"
[dash="pink"]As the man responded to him, Anubis continued to smile in his cat-like way as he rested his head on his crossed front paws and peered up at him innocently while purring. He sniffed innocently enough at Dominique's shirt sleeve before resting his head once more and pretending to sleep. When he spoke to Inara, she simply blinked and rubbed the back of her head some.

"No, he's quite a real cat sir...just a bit strange I guess." She returned the coffee pot to its holder, noticing that Charna seemed to have fallen asleep again. She sighed and moved about her sister as she continued her inventory count. As she was turning to taken inventory on the counter where the man was sitting, he began to ask her when she got off. Inara paused and looked at him blinking some as a look of confusion appeared on her face, "I beg your pardon, sir?" she stammered some. Anubis looked ready to laugh, as his grin only widened while he listened to this little exchange.

"I do not understand what you are asking. Please forgive me I--" she was cut off as Charna awoke and staggered over. Charna gave the man quite a frightening look with a grin as she leaned on the counter, resting her head in her hands. "You think you're being so smooth old man. Trying to pick up my sister here. Nice one, but you're a little to old for us, thank you." she shot another wicked grin daring him to try again. Inara sighed and hit her sister with a towel, "Oh stop it! He's just being..uh...friendly" she gave a faint attempt at a meek smile. The two were about to get into it again when Amun suddenly hopped frantically by.

"Oh dear! oh my! it's late! it's late!" he said frantically looking at the large pocket watch as he hopped around. All eyes stared at him a moment as he stopped and stared at Dominique, "uh...rabbit...rabbit" he tried to play coy. Inara looked mortified, and Charna only sighed and rested her head into her palm with a soft 'smack' noise. She shook her head some. Inara chuckled nervously, "so...uh how about another cup of coffee sir?!" she suddenly blurted out to turn attention away from the pets.

Anubis couldn't take it anymore as he simply burst out laughing. Rolling onto his back a moment he sighed and calmed himself, "Absolutely marvelous!" he chuckled, "Tell me old is your coffee?" he purred and leaned in toward Dominique. THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!
Even though their words were true, it still hurt the old man somewhere deep inside as it reminded him ever so brutally of his age. More so it meant those days when girls like these would fawn over him were long gone. No matter what he did on his own nothing could possibly change the relentless flow of time. Obviously he dare not try to act young again. . . especially not in here. Such a crazy place to visit just for a cup of coffee. But my oh my how it tasted richer than most places he had visited in his long life.

"This cup will be fine young lady."

A sad smile came to his face, simply drinking the coffee in silence until the cat questioned him.

". . . It tastes very good. Whatever this little cafe is. . . it knows a thing or two about making a decent cup of joe."

Sips were taken slowly, each one savored as though they might be the last one. Frightening how that actually could be true at this point given he had passed into the golden years some time ago. Dominique sat their almost oblivious to the strange goings on and almost complimented the odd cafe. Rabbits that talked were even hard pressed to shake the almost dangerously oblivious old man. It would probably take him a couple more minutes before the coffee was finished. In spite of the fact he would never get anywhere with the young beauties who ran this place. . . he ordered one more thing.

". . . Would it be too much trouble to have a nice slice of pecan pie? If you girls serve pie here that is. Then again I've never been to a cafe that didn't serve some sort of pie. Especially to compliment such rich coffee. Or maybe that's a diner. Sometimes at my age, you just start forgetting and stop caring about the little things. Why I remember. . ."

Just as he was about to continue, a strange thirst struck him and he took two more sips. Yet when he finished not another word was spoken to finish the sentence Dominique had left hanging. Apparently the poor old fool had already forgotten. Or merely been distracted by such good tasting coffee. Perhaps Delacroix should ask for the brand before leaving the establishment.
[dash="pink"]The man seemed to be adjusting quick enough to the talking cat and rabbit. Inara gave him credit. Most people ran out by this time. Charna on the other hand was less giving. She smirked some when the man didn't finish his sentence after taking a sip of his coffee, "Sure thing Old man..." she said and turned. Passing Inara she paused, "can you believe this old kook?" she said softly as she glanced back over her shoulder at Dominique. Inara sighed, "He's not that bad. Be nice. He's a customer!" she whispered back. The two went their own ways as Inara took a seat and idled some while Charna got the old man his piece of pie. She slid the plate in front of him and tossed the fork. It landed prongs down into the counter and stuck there ready for use. She grinned and took a seat before promptly ignoring him again.

Amun hopped over and examined the man a moment. When he looked down toward him Amun squeaked some and took off suddenly into the back. Anubis shook his head, "Silly rabbit..." he muttered and watched Dominique a moment, " are a very curious individual. That you are. Eat up and pay your bill. Before you go please leave a small tip, I'd appreciate being able to be fed. It's horrid when they forget you know" he purred and continued to watch Dominique. Meanwhile Charna seemed to have disappeared into the back as Inara took over the counter, glancing nervously back at the man now and then to see how he was doing. She'd turned on a small fan as it seemed that it was getting warmer out. Inara hadn't remembered anything on the weather about extreme heat, but today was certainly turning into a scorcher!

When the old man finished, Inara promptly cleaned up his spot, "Anything else sir?" she nervously stammered.
Suddenly the dessert item was before Delacroix along with a terrifyingly tossed fork. Needless to say a quick grab for his cane was made in an effort to balance himself on the stool. A surprise such as that had nearly dethroned him from what could be seen as a glorified high chair. Moments passed by before balance was restored and he took in the succulent sight. Whether baked by the girls own hands or merely imported from a bakery it looked to be a delicious delicacy.

Fork in hand. . . the quest to devour the pecan pie had begun!

Deafness, whether true or pretend seemed to get put on by the old man as the talking cat spoke to him. Perhaps this was how he retained his sanity so easily in such a strange place. Or how he would get out of leaving a fat tip. But if the place were so frightening and odd. . . how on earth did these two girls ever make profit? These problems were not for Dominique to ponder however, instead all he had to ponder about was pecan pie and how delicious it was to feast upon. And what a glorious glutton it turned him into ever so briefly. One could just picture that probably over half a century ago this was exactly how he had eaten his first slice of peacan pie. Nothing more than wild abandon to the pleasure of dulled senses was at work here.

Paying no mind to Inra's occasional gaze, Dominique finished the piece within five minutes. Quite fast for someone so old that every movement of their arm had enough tremors to frighten someone into believing there was an earthquake. Yet not a single morsel managed to escape the old man. Every crumb found it's way into his mouth and down his throat to be consumed by the rest of the digestive process. When all was eaten and drank the elderly one sighed happily with a much happier smile than earlier.

"You girls sure can make an old man happy. . ."

Reaching into his jacket pocket, Dominique was obviously fumbling for his wallet.
[dash="pink"]Inara blinked, "I suppose. The customer should be satisfied. I am quite pleased that you are pleased, sir." She gave a faint smile before taking his dishes and cleaning up. Anubis had closed his eyes again, "Oh please you want the man to leave. Don't lie to him, sweet" his lips curled into a smile again. Inara looked at him, "whaaa? No! Don't listen to him please!" She turned to say something but tripped and fell instead. Wonderful. When she pulled herself back to her feet, Dominique was fumbling for his wallet. Finally getting the old crinkled bills out he'd set them on the counter and was heading out. "Uh thanks sir" she called as he was hobbling out of the cafe.

Silence fell as the small bell rang over the door. Sighing, inara collected the money and tip. Charna barged through the back doors just as Inara was collecting the money, "Some of that is mine!" she said and walked over grabbing the money and taking her cut. Inara stuck her tongue out as she took a seat on one of the counter chairs and began to idling spin on it, "well...least we had a customer. He was kind of creepy though"

"He just wanted us that's all. All old men are the same" Charna said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes, "They think they're so smooth as they try to pick up young pretty girls like us. Sad old fool" she smirked and fixed her hair in the reflection of one of the toasters. Anubis rolled his eyes, "this will be interesting" he said hopping down from the chair and slipping out the door to tail the old man at a distance.
Dominique wandered off down the street about a block before going across the street into a small park. It sure was hot out today. Certainly started to make him regret wearing these dark clothes. Rays of heat that he assumed the sun made were beating down with what felt like an ever increasing intensity. Not to mention drinking a fresh cup of coffee had warmed up his veins. Beads of sweat started to form along his brow as the old man trudged along past where a crosswalk had guided him safely past the traffic. Intentionally or not he ignored the cat following him from the cafe.

Soon enough he took his seat on a park bench in the sun.

Where was it I have to go again today?

As he sat there in vain trying to remember his list of errands for today, something ominious loomed up in the skies above. Heat haze began to make the air all around shimmer as though the world were a mass mirage. If someone had not dropped acid or taken LSD they may have started to doubt that right about now. Trees in the park were actually visably suffering. Leaves were crinkling up and turning brown as though a drought had been going on for weeks in the area. Dominique's vision grew blurry as though the wavy lines of the air were not enough already.

Cast on the ground around him was a massive black shadow, it held vague similarities with some sort of avian shape. The closer it drew to the ground the larger it got. Before it only eclipsed Dominique but now the entire bench was covered in blackness. Whatever it was certainly matched or more than likely surpassed the size of an albatross. Time seemed to slow in the world around the poor old fool. Looking up above him, the elderly man could just barely make out some sort of fiery mass heading straight toward him. Only now did cries of pain reach those partially deafened ears. . . the kind which a creature made while in it's death throes.

For but a single moment the two beings locked eyes with one another, and their fates became intertwined.

Echoing across the park was the resounding sound of a crash that made the ground shake for about a block in all directions. Car alarms went off while dogs barked and people screamed in terror. If anyone could have seen through the hazy mirage they would have seen the fiery form of a Phoenix crash straight into the bench where Dominique Delacroix had sat so peacefully comtemplating the day ahead. Trees all around had caught fire. Now there was only a smokey crater with nothing but a naked human male surrounded in ash.

Slowly getting up, the male became aware quite quickly that he had no clothes on and started to panic. As if answering the obvious question, suddenly the ashes which surround him started to move toward him. Covering the nude form they seemed to have the ravages of flame removed entirely. In no time at all cloth that had been reduced to ash had been restored to the state of a somewhat professional suit. Mystified by this and also frightened by the inferno this section of the park had suddenly become, he ran away from the hazy air acroaa the street with the agility of a young man.

Only then, standing with the fiery blaze behind him was his appearance clear:


Sprinting down the sidewalk in a confused panic, the young man headed almost instinctively toward one place in articular. Once more the bell jingled inside the Neurotica Cafe as the mysterious male staggered and stumbled inside before steadying himself against the countertop. Breathing raggidly he looked around for someone or something to communicate with.
[dash="pink"]Anubis had followed Dominique and seen it all. He was quite intrigued now. Returning to the cafe, he slipped in a back way and stayed hidden for the time being. Let the girls do their thing it wasn't important what he knew now. Finding his favorite corner, he jumped into his hiding spot down a small hole and curled up to sleep, "I'll let them have their fun" he said with a yawn drifting into sleep.

As they went back to whatever it was they did when customer's weren't there, the heat continued to rise. The shop began to shake faintly from some small disturbance or earthquake somewhere. The two had grown accustomed to such oddities in the city of Somewhereville so it didn't phase them. Returning to their own worlds they were aroused when the bell suddenly rang and a young strapping man suddenly burst through panting for breath. Charna and Inara both stared at the man a moment as he stared back. They turned their gaze toward one another, "I saw him first!" they said in unison as they rushed to the counter. "How can I help you sir?" once more in unison. They t urned toward one another, "I got here first! no I did! stop it! uh one moment sir!" they turned around with their backs toward Dominique.

"Oh my god he's so cute!" Inara whispered. Charna nodded, "I totally call dibs!"

"What?! No fair I saw him first!"

"I totally did! You get all the guys!"

"Do not! You do"

"Yeah well..." They turned toward Dominique both smiling dreamily as they approached, "How can we help you sir?" they leaned on the counter batting their eyelashes at him dreamily. God he was cute! Amun appeared again sniffing at the air as he stopped and stared at Dmonique. His little nose wiggled as his ears flopped some, the pocket watch still out, "Who....are you?" he said suspiciously. This time both the girls shot him a look. Amun squeaked some and dove behind Dominique to hide.
Catching his breath as they constantly talked, the young man could only listen to the cute pair of girls as they argued over him right before his eyes. It was at that the young man realized he saw them clearly without any glasses. Yet upon touching his coat pocket he realized the glasses were resting inside the chest pocket. Memories in that freshly formed mind swirled in a raging flame as each one tried to get organized chronologically.

After all his brain had just regenerated from ashes.

Soon enough however, he remembered the events which had transpired only a few minutes ago. Especially the scorn placed upon him by the two girls. but could he really blame them? Rare would have been the girls which actually might have wanted something to do with an old man which did not involve money getting exchanged.

For some time he simply stared on in silence, comprehending the situation at hand. Now was a chance for revenge in a way. Amazing how they desired him so feverishly when he looked the age he felt. It seemed that without knowing it these two would get to witness the elderly man they scorned in his prime. Unlike before his hearing was quite good, allowing him to hear the little conversation while their backs were turned whether he wanted to or not.

But what if this is all just a dream? What if I'm asleep on that park bench having a heat stroke? Oh well. . . I think I owe it to myself to enjoy this to the fullest either way!

"I. . . I just saw a rabbit talk. Am I . . . dreaming? Could either of you girls prove to me I'm not dreaming? Pinch me, kiss me, something."

The way he acted so convincingly was to gain their sympathies by acknowledging the weirdness of this place for the first time. On his lips rested a smile of innocence and confusion for Inara and Charna. Unlike his last visit where he simply didn't care. Instead he would use this to his advantage. With time, he would teach these girls quite the lesson. After that he might possibly just move on with his brand new life. Or wake up. Considering this was still quite possibly a dream. Most people would believe that considering the strangeness of the situation.
[dash="pink"]Both their eyes widened in disbelief as they looked at the man. Charna shot Amun a death glance as he squeeked and dove behind Dominique once more. Inara giggled nervously as she smiled at the young man. God was he gorgeous! As he suggested being pinched or kissed the two girls looked at one another.

"Me first!" they said once again in creepy unison as they both literally attempted to dive over the counter to be the first to just touch the handsome man. No doubt he'd be enjoying the attention the two were fawning over him. They were pushing, pulling, and all that fun stuff just trying to get over the counter toward Dominique. In a last valiant attempt Charna managed to slip Inara's butcher knife from her pock and pinned poor Inara to the counter with it. Grinning while Inara tried to free herself, Charna jumped over the counter and gracefully landed (almost floated) next to Dominique.

"You are most certainly not dreaming. Though the rabbit you need not worry about. perhaps you're just stressed" she kicked Amun away a bit as he slid across the floor and disappeared into the back. Leaning forward she gave Dominque a kiss on the cheek. She had to get up on her tippy toes to do so, but it was worth it! Just as she did this there was a small thud from the counter as Inara finally managed to free herself from the butcher knife incident. Getting up her apron had a clear rip in it, and her eyes held a great disdain toward her sister. Charna only smiled innocently.

"You'll have to excuse my sister. She's quite crass most of the time anyways" she glared. Charna only stuck her tongue out, "I have plenty of class. You're just ill tempered dear sister of mine." The two shot daggers at one another as their eyes met. One could almost see the negative energy flowing between the two as they argued. Amun watched this from the safety of the back door. Meanwhile, Anubis had awoken from a very short nap it seemed and made his way to the front. As the two sisters glared their daggers he sat on the chair next to Dominque and quietly cleaned himself. He looked ready to say something but instead just sat there and purred innocently. A curious thought came to Anubis' mind as he watched this scene. A quote from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Lookingglass which goes as follows:

lewis carrol said:
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

*Ding* The bell rang as the door to the cafe opened, A 13 year old kid named Facocne stepped into the cafe and surveyed what was before him.
Intentionally ignoring the man and woman standing next to each other, He walked up to the counter which his shoulders were just above, and said
"Excuse me miss, can i get a large café au lait, with whole milk and vanilla flavoring?"
Looking at the display cases some more Facocne noticed one of his favorite desserts on the shelf,
"I would also like to get a slice of that pound cake if it's not to much."
with that Facocne went and got a seat at a nearby table, studying his mechanical for anything that might be wrong.
Dominique could hardly contain himself during their antics, it was almost too much for an old man to bear. Except that he wasn't an old man anymore. At least not on the outside. Was this what it meant to have an old soul? Plus there was no guarantee as to how long this state of youth would actually last. But he didn't even want to think about that. Delacroix would enjoy this new development for as long as fate allowed him.

From Charna's kiss on his cheek a genuine blush had actually come to his cheeks. It had been such a long time since a beautiful girl had kissed him at all or shown him any real affection. Constantly his eyes seemed to dart between the two akin to the way a schoolboy would when around fawning schoolgirls. Perhaps it was so sudden he didn't actually know what to do now. But then again the gears were turning in a fresh mind lacking in the deficencies of mental illness. Dominique knew what he wanted from these two, from his newfound youth.

Still blushing he muttered a request softly.

"When you're not busy. . . might I get another kiss? Until now girls have ignored me. I don't know what I do wrong. . . I always try to be nice. . ."
[dash="pink"]Inara reached under the counter to grab a new apron. As she slid it over her dress and turned, she saw the shoulders and head of a young boy. He quickly made his order and took a seat at a nearby table. Inara eyed Charna and the man she was flirting with. Shooting daggers at her sister again, she sighed and prepared the kid's order. She noticed that he seemed almost...mechanical. An eyebrow raised, but she wasn't one to judge. She'd seen stranger things in her day, sad enough. Taking the order over to the boy she glanced at his arm a moment, "that's quite the contraption you got there" she idly said, trying to ignore Charna and Dominique.

At Dominque's request for another kiss, Inara sharply turned around, "Oh I'm not busy now!" she said enthusiastically as she charged toward him. Charna was, of course, closer, and moved in for kiss number two. The result was a two way collision (with poor Dominique in the middle) as the two girls crashed on top of him into one giant pile. Laying there a moment trying to regain themselves, Charna first got up as she looked down at Inara and Dominique, "Oh do get off him!" she said trying to pull them apart. The collision had, of course, given Inara a chance to lock lips with dominique (though not entirely by choice). Getting up they pulled Dominique forcefully to his feet as they once more continued their bickering at one another. My, how one handsome boy could turn two young girls against one another.

Anubis' tail flicked idly as he watched this scene before him. One might seriously think that the cat had just laughed at the collision as well, but he remained silent and resumed his semi-sleeping state as Charna went at it with Inara once again. Yawning and stretching, he finally jumped from the chair and sauntered over to the young boy, licking his lips and eyeing the pound cake on the plate. Sitting on the seat next to the boy, he eyed him intently.

The clock hit the next hour and the heat finally started to die down a bit. Charna had given up and gone into the back to take inventory (even though Inara had already done that earlier). Inara had returned behind the counter and seemed to be flirting with Dominique, or chatting at the least. What a shy girl she was for such an intimidating appearance, and that butcher knife she always kept in her pocket! My oh my!

Suddenly the two girls were upon him yet again!

Flirting had indeed gotten him rather far in this new form that a mix of chance and fate had bestowed. Nothing could have made Dominique happier until the collision happened. Surely the sight of these two bickering over him brought a great deal of confidence back into his mind. Blushing from the sudden amount of physical contact, he could barely get up off from the floor or even his back. Inara's lips were pressed to his and in that moment Delacroix returned the accidental kiss. The taste of her lips had lured him into such temptation. Would she have noticed the token of affection? Or at the very least. . . how his lips had tasted strangely similar to cinnamon.

"Inara I apologize if you did not mean for our lips to meet. . ."

Dominique seemed to ignore the new arrival entirely as it was not one more woman to fawn over him. Instead he flirted with Inara quite a bit. For not only was it with the way he spoke, but the way those eyes travelled along her body and the way he sat at the counter. Every inch of him radiated with youth's glow. No doubt his thoughts were trying to figure out just how far he could go with one or even both of these girls.
[dash="pink"]Inara was making a bumbling fool of herself as she stumbled over her words with Dominique. Charna was throwing a tantrum in the back as knives, pots, pans, dishes, and other random items were being hurled this way and that. The clamor was heard from teh front as Inara blinked, "Um excuse me a moment please" she said softly with a blush as she left to go see what was ailing her dear sister. Of course the result was a further ruckus as the two literally went at one another. Appearing in garbed armor from pots pans, and items just happening to be around, the two wielded their weapons. A large pot lid and a ladle were Charna's and a golf club and trashcan lid being Inara's. Poor Amun was caught once more in the middle as he scurried from the fray as quickly as he could. Sliding from the back room doors he panted and slid into the leg of teh chair Dominique was sitting at. Looking up haphazardly at the man, Amun quickly righted himself and hopped up on the seat next to him.

"Those two are crazy I tell you! mad! You should get out quick, before they kill you!" he panted and then quickly realized he's spoken as he clamped his little paws over his mouth. This caused Anubis to chuckle from his spot next to the strange mechanical kid, "It's quite alright...the old fellow already knows. I dare say he's been here once before today already" his lips curled into that cheshire grin. Amun cast Anubis a strange glance before peering carefully at Dominique. Quite startled, his ears perked as he almost fell off the chair, "oh me! oh my! its true! its you! it's him!" he said blatantly trying to keep his calm. From the back there was a loud explosion of noise and suddenly Charna came flying through the door in her strange garb. The items used as armor fell apart and off her body as she stood up and brushed off. Inara appeared in a likewise manner as she too dusted off, "well, heavens. I've never seen the Dutches quite so irate! I guess it's for the best, dear sister" she gave Charna a hug.

Charna agreed as the two made up, "She does have all those little children to take care of. Quite the piglets I hear too. Poor woman..." A radio was brought out as Charna tuned to a station.

This is Dodo radio broadcasting live! All you queens and kings out there the roast is over. Earlier today there was a report of a massive heat wave that struck the town of Somewhereville. Quite the doozie it was too! There have been rumors of a giant pheonix crashing down to cause this catastrophic heat! But that's just speculation. I think one too many people have been dipping into caterpillar's secret stash! Now it's time to lay down the jazz cat tunes so lets enjoy this little music break!

"A pheonix they say? how strange. it must be rumor, those things can't possibly be real" Inara said as the two began to clean up. Charna agreed as she swept the floors. It was almost as if the two had forgotten about poor old Dominique. That was until Amun spoke up, "Mary anne! Mary anne!" he squeeked. Charna stopped and picked him up by the ears, "I told you before that is not my name. You should learn names better" she gave him a look as he fell silent. Inara looked up at Dominque a moment who was slightly smiling at her, causing a blush to quickly spread across her face, "oh..uh....can we get you anything else..uh sir? What is your name exactly?"

Their attention drawn back to Dominique, Charna dropped Amun and stood next to her sister oogling Dominique with her own eyes. It was as if he held some sort of romantic persuasion over the two females.
Well this was quite the little cafe that Anabolli Venici had just came across. He walked up to the door and slightly pushed on it to open. "Well hello... There..." There were quite a few people in the shop already. He just wanted a nice cup of coffee from the local shop. He was so used to such the fancy coffee from his home town that something a little different would be great. There was a cat, two other men, two girls oogling the one, and some strange rabbit in a coat with a watch. "My... How things change so very often..." He cleared his throat and walked up to the counter. He hopped over it and started making his own coffee, since everyone else seemed so busy with the oogling and so forth.

Strange utensils, but no match for his own intuition. Even though, he ended up burning the next roast. "What is this?! How are you supposed to make the coffee with such... items?!" He couldn't even fathom inexperience would stint his abilities with making the coffee. "Would one of you kind girls help me with this?" He looked back with kind of an angered look, a piece of hair twirling out from his head, quite unseemly.

His glare was quite distinct:

When Anubis spoke so knowingly, for the first time since he had entered, Dominique gave a rather knowing smile and a wink while the two girls fought with one another in the kitchen. When the rabit cried out in surprise a single finger came to his mouth in a 'Shhhh' fashion while a mischevious glint burned in his eyes with a flame's intensity. Revenge was mixed in with his romance in such a distinct way. Yet one could ponder which he was after more considering the events so far. The reborn man could have gone anywhere after the incident earlier, but he specifically came here of all places. Did he have a home or family to go back to? Were they just completely forgotten now?

For a second when Inara mentioned her belief in the Phoenix a strange feeling tugged at him all the way to the bone in an almost painful fashion. It was as if some other entity were bonded to Dominique's very being. Each cell shared with some creature other than the human which had miraculously returned to youth. Something had been angered and aroused by the girl's lack of belief in the fiery bird. His hand ever so faintly shook as it reached across to clasp the girl's wrist in a grasp gentle in nature but that would not let go easily. Burning with a seductive yet dangerous intensity his eyes, the hot one stared at Inara in an almost lusting silence.

". . . I's like some warm pecan pie, a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. . . and possibly. . . you. Or possibly you."

Memories returned to him with every second from both sides of the fence. On Dominique's side came the memory that earlier he had not given the girl's his name at all. Let alone his real name. A decision was made to tell the truth since it would have no impact on the lie. How curious that it would work out that way. But while speaking in a voice meant to melt their hearts and make their bodies hot, he had indeed spoken to both girls. Just how much COULD he get away with? It was barely percievable but a slight heat haze was given off by his body, though it might only serve to make him seem ever so more irresistable.

"My name is Dominique Delacroix."

Only moments later did the strange newcomer who wanted to disrupt his romantic revenge, his revenge against romance itself. Would the girls attack him for ruining the moment? Or perhaps for ruining their cafe? It was certainly very rude to make use of someone's equipment without asking and then blame them.