Netoyome-inspired roleplay?

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  1. The title is misleading because I had this idea before coming across the existence of 'Netoyome', or as I like to call it, 'fat cleric lady the anime'.

    That aside, I'd like to start an RP about a bunch of online friends who met through an MORPG, and afterwards, decided to meet in real life. After finding out that they're from the same school, they decide to form the Computer Club... or something...

    ... yeah.

    WHO UP
  2. Sounds like it could be fun! Count me interested!
  3. Let's bumpeth this uppeth.
  4. I'm in! Sounds like it could be incredibly fun! ^_^
  5. @Ailucia @LVL1337N00B @Reanimator Bob @★Under The Stars★


    Alright. Now for the question before commencement.

    What kind of setting do you want the MMO presented in the RP to have?
    a. modern-ish like in CLOSERS or Soulworker
    b. The usual Fantasy

    Well, there'll be some... special rules in this RP. If you don't follow them, it'll ruin the surprise~.
  6. I don't really mind either setting. I believe that it'll be fun with either one!
  7. If no one else is going to pitch in, I'm going with the first choice.
  8. First one sounds nice, no complaints here.
  9. Soah, it sounds interesting, but i'm trying to get back to RP'ing (sorry about Sainan...... I can probs make a char if I am allowed) after my long long break......
  10. Closers/Soulworker style it is.
  11. Can't decide whether I want to play a girl through and through or a guy who plays a girl.
  12. I'm just going to place emphasis on reading the RP rules when I actually make the RP after the completion of my work.
  13. *nods* Sounds good!
  14. Yo, I just got internet back 8D

    Was this gonna be in that universe, or something original that's just similar? If the former, I may have to back out. I haven't seen or even heard of that prior to this thread.
  15. It's original and has little to do with Netoyome. Besides, Netoyome is a Slice-of-life programme so even if it was in the same universe, it'll just be...

    ...yeah it'll make no difference since it'll be in a different setting anyways.
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  16. Gotcha. Cool cool cool.
  17. Even though this RP is supposed to lean towards the SoL side of things, I'm still going to elaborate on the MMO side of things.

    I should probably make this a browser MMO RP

    yeah after some thinking, maybe I'll balance MMO and SoL a little more, as opposed to focusing a lot on the SoL. I'm still focusing more on the SoL, but we'll still be writing about dungeoncrawls and kooky kwests A fair deal of the former does provide opportunities for some fun and cooperation amidst the Slice of Life. I'm not going to complicate things so the only mechanics I'll elaborate on are the MMO concepts, classes and their brief descriptions.
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