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  1. I did a search for a thread but any discussion of the show has been locked and archived (couldn't see why).

    Really loved what they did with Season 1, eagerly awaiting Season 2.

    From some reading i've done, they want to increase the pacing of the show for Season 2. Since we're past the "origin" element of the story, it makes sense. Plus we're getting a ton of new characters.

    Some shots:





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  2. Damn, was hoping for more red and less armour for the suit.

  3. It's odd, isn't it? It looks unfinished, like a prototype they test our for size before they stylise it with colour. If you look at the shot of him with Frank, he's just wearing sneakers.

    Ah well, that's why we have fan fiction! Any good graphic artists here? Hit me up, I have some work for you :glasses:
  4. Lol they brought in Shane from the Walking Dead. I'm assuming he's going to play Punisher? That should be interesting.
  5. I didn't much care for Season 1.

    The first few episodes were outright beautiful. And I fucking loved Stick.
    But then they brought in Fisk...

    Someone who for the entire season seemed to accomplish almost nothing other than a poor execution as a romance, and throwing literally lethal tantrums for minor incidents.

    Pretty much every other villain they brought in were more interesting than he was... And almost all of them got killed off through fisk's tantrums.
    Which then led me to my second issue. Too many Villains.
    They shoved way too many into one season, to where other than Fisk and the Russians none of them got much time for development or any proper ark of their own.
    They were more just there to be killed off or vanish at the end of the season.

    If they had cut down on the number of villains it could have been far better.
    Because they'd all be developed, and Fisk probably wouldn't have been pulling his tantrums.

    Still, the fact Fisk did have those tantrums getting them killed means there are now less of them to flood Season 2.
    So Season 2 has enough promise that I'll be tuning in and seeing how it works out.

    P.S The Theme Song is just perfect. <3

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  6. Because we lock and archive all threads in most sections of the site that go a month or more without any activity. It keeps the place tidy.

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  7. I disagree, Daredevil season 1 was as much of an origin story for Matt Murdoch and him becoming Daredevil as it was Wilson Fisk becoming Kingpin, the difference is that Kingpin's full realization will come when he returns. He will be less emotionally invested and a much more intelligent and harder villain.

    I honestly prefer Kingpin over Toki Hiddleodinson personally.
  8. It should be noted I'm looking at the TV Show just as it's merits as a Show, I'm not going into it with any pre-knowledge or understanding from comics.

    Hopefully he will be less emotional and more intelligent in Season 2. I want to see him become a better villain.
    But if I had to rate it with Season 1 on it's own, all I can see at the moment is an uninteresting villain, who got more interesting one's killed.
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  9. I liked the fact that Fisk was an emotionally insecure and socially awkward villain. Both the writing and the performance felt very original because the trend since 2008 is to "Joker" the villain by having the character as a more eccentric version of the hero. Naturally, you root for the villain as you did Leger's Joker. But, for Fisk...I actually felt sad for the guy.
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  10. Fisk is one of the greatest celluloid villains of all time. Period. He is so nuanced: he has the emotional depth of the Mariana Trench! I look forward to seeing how he evolves and develops, but I think he's the best thing about Daredevil Season 1, and he's the best villain Marvel has produced.

    Well... Kilgrave...
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  11. I don't expect any villain to top Kilgrave for quite some time.
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  12. Nope, Fisk was better. I like Kilgrave but Tennant gave us a more malevolent Doctor. His vocal mannerisms and timing were similar to his portrayal of Ten. But, Vincent D'Onofrio not only gave us an unprecedented style of villain...he reinvented himself as an actor.
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  13. Y'know, I agree with you on that. He really did present Evil!Doctor. I noticed those mannerisms numerous times.

    Ol' Vince really did give us something completely new and original, and he did it in such a way that was threatening and believable. Fisk could exist in our world.
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  14. Just teasing:

    They've timed that brilliantly because if you watch Season 3 of House Of Cards from the day it launches, one by one, then the new season of Daredevil will be uploaded immediately after. Daredevil, House Of Cards, AND my Birthday all in one month...
  15. I know jackshit about comics, but I really enjoyed this show. 8D Sometimes it got a little slow story-telling wise, but the characters are fun and I like the dialog and stuff.

    I'm glad they're doing another season. O__O
  16. Fisk is prolly the be best Villain MCU have BECAUSE he was emotional. He was unstable and reckless at time? No shit. It is a human thing some people have. He was miles more relatable as a villain then say: Ultron or Loki. And Daredevil is street level crime to start with, it is bound to have several key players he have to go trough. The fact that we see Fisk consolidate power and then loose it shows what kind of powerstructure he has. He is a crime boss, a Kingping. He doesn't have any super power other then loads of money and alot of brute strength. Yet he has forced the entirety of New York to benefit him. He has infiltrated every facet of the city. That shit is scary, because that can happen in real life.

    As Seji said, Fisk was entirely believable, his actions while grand and violent, aren't far off from what idealistic fanatics do. The relationship he builds with his future wife is beutfull in how it is such a corner stone for him. He is a man who always felt out of place, always questioned himself. His relationships reflect that, in that his closest two people are fantacally loyal to him and enables him to feel he has a place. The acting alone from Kingping: He manages to be properly sympathetic but at the same time he is scary as all hell. He is the kind of person that if you met in a normal setting, you would have a small inkling that something was off. But that'd you dismiss as nothing, only to find yourself on the bottom of a river becouse you spilled wine of his wifes favorite dress. To call him uninteresting becouse he is emotionally invested and flawed, that is like hating on something for not being generic and instead well written .-.

    Killgrave is exellent, don't get me wrong. Tennant oozes charisma. He is prolly a better "Pure villain". As he has no reedeming qualities what so ever. But becouse of it, his charachter have no room for further development. and his story arch can only end one way.
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  17. It's not that I have issues with a villain being relatable or anything, that's one aspect I'll agree Fisk tackles better than most villains. But the way he handled said emotions just made it difficult for me to take him seriously as a villain, especially given what he had control over. How does so someone who has to work the delicate job of balancing so much allow his anger to create such outbursts so easily? Outbursts that granted the show does make him enter some danger of losing his power outright, though the only reason he seems to be saved by it is luck. Luck caused by a combination of the others not expecting exactly how angry Fisk would get, and one of them simply having bigger priorities than New York (combined with having been shown enough mercy to be warned that danger was coming). So when I say I wish he was less emotional, I don't mean I don't want an emotional villain period, just that they know how to manage it better.

    The relationship being some sort of cornerstone wasn't the part of it that bugged me, I have no issues with someone who normally struggles in that department finding someone. It's how easy it was for him to sway her over, considering she was fully aware of who he was. The first date there was a small interruption, one Fisk could have just dismissed as a work emergency but his reaction gave away it was something more serious and secretive. Then the second one he basically outright goes "I'm a Crime Boss, I'm killing people. Look, you can see the fire from the window".

    Where the only explanations I can honestly see for someone for sticking around after that is if it's an attraction to his power, attraction to him being dangerous and mysterious, or there's some back story going on with her we aren't that privy to yet. But I can't judge Season 1 on potential answers, if Season 2 does clarify this then that's when I'd need to go back and re-evaluate season 1.

    And in regards to Intimidation, I just don't find him Intimidating. Like if I met him in real life I'd probably be scared shitless, because of the power, influence and unpredictability he has. But that's more just my common sense/survival instincts kicking in. As a TV Show villain though he just comes across to me as someone who get's angry way to easily, and out of the blue.
  18. Some alternate designs for the costume which actually look better than the final version:

    Show Spoiler


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  19. I haven't watched Doctor Who at all, so I have no clue if that comparison is accurate, but I will say I have never felt so physically ill and off-put watching a villain before as I did watching Kilgrave, so he gets points for that. I liked Fisk as a villain, I guess, but he was really weird. Like, good character, but I'm amazed he got as far as he did with his lack of control. He had some Kylo Ren level tantrums.

    Kilgrave was a pretty good representation of every toxic male I've met ever, so that made me really feel proper contempt for a villain for like the first time I can remember. I get the whole emotional/relatable thing you're getting at but just because Kilgrave was scum doesn't mean he wasn't realistic. I know scores of people who would end up right where he did if they had his powers.


    Kilgrave made me feel so sick watching the show that I had to take pretty significant breaks every couple episodes to re-calibrate. That's a good thing.
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  20. ^This is by far the best summary of Fisk I've seen. XD
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