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So, after years of not writing or roleplaying online I'm recently trying to get back into both scenes. However, I find I have a nerve issues. As in, after I write something my nerves feel shot.

It's been a problem I've had recently with writing short stories as well. I'll write the story, but, because my writing skills are under par of what they used to be I'll feel to nervous to share it. Usually this provokes me to several rewrites of a piece that was okay to begin with till it is rewritten to something that is crap or just a massive deletion of whatever I wrote.

Any tips on how I could conquer this?

My nerves don't give me a problem in any other situation just when it comes to my writing. I'm generally the guy who doesn't get nervous about crap.
The only way to really get over it is to just jump out there and do it. .____. AND not to compare yourself to other people or compare yourself too much to your past work. It just takes a little bit of time to get back in to the habit of writing. So there's no reason to be freaked out about it. XD

Especially with roleplay writing. >:D That's all about having a little fun and playing pretend. It's a good way to get in writing practice in a way where you're not being judged on writing skills. It's just the fun of interacting and entertaining each other.
The thing is you don't know if the people will like what you wrote. I know because I had that problem in the past and I really hated it, but then I just got over it and what I had I would just share or use. Reason is that I can correct my self the next time and it helps with writing skills.
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Stories are never an easy thing to write. I know many people that are in your shoes and after taking three years of upper level creative writing courses, it's more about the effort put into the plot more than anything else. It's always a good thing to have peer reviews for works if you feel that they are lacking. I could go on for hours but that's the basics. As for RPing, most of it is bullshitting anyways. Have fun with it unless your name is Asmo.
Diesel powered nuns... Maybe that what was wrong with my nuns at my catholic pre-school.

Diana: Yeah, i'm just going to have to jump in and hope I find my creative feet again.

Shadow: That's a big part of it. My other part is when I read what I write and scoff in disgust.

Daiki: I'll just have to get back into the bullshitting rythm of it. My short stories I'm constantly running past peers. Unfortunately a handful of them I feel just feed my ego.I have an editor friend though who lets me know what she thinks weather I send her the story or she picks it up and reads it out of my personal notebook. She's a bitch. But a damn good editor.