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    Stars are coming and going. That's one of the unwritten rules of industry. And one of today's stars was Alexander Fabel, or just Alex. A real shooting star, rising to fame with just one selfwritten song in a talent show. But unlike similar stars, he didn't just vanish from sight. His first single was out a couple of months later and spread faster than a virus on the net and the shops. And now? Now he was got out of a car (after a flight across the ocean) and stood in front of the Big Play Button studios. His manager got out just after him and led the way speaking in German to make sure not everyone understood her.
    "Here we are. You'll meet Erica Rosewood in a few moments, so stick to the plan. I'll do the talking, and you just focus and don't wander off."
    But when she turned around, Alex was already gone. It was not like he had an evil intend when leaving her like this. It was just not his true self if he would let her do the complete talking.

    This did not happen rarely. Alex did keep his practice and performing appointments, but it was difficult to make him stick to anything he was not in the mood for. Which was much to the dismay of his manager. Poor woman was stressed enough already, but at least it wasn't boring.

    Alex learned the layout of the studio before they got there, so he knew exactly where to go. He headed to the studio and peeked inside. Alex could see the stage from a side angle, and a girl practicing her performance. She seemed to be in the middle of something, so he made his way in quietly, closed the door behind him, and waited at the entrance for her session to be over. It was kinda interesting watching her, and he could tell why she was popular. She had a certain aura.