Nerdy Roleplays up the butt!

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  1. Hiya~

    I'm looking to roleplay! Please check out my roleplay resume to see what I will and wont do.

    Here's the stuff I'm interested in!

    Original Pairings

    Angel x Demon
    Princess x Hero
    Princess x Wannabe-Hero
    Student x Student
    Student x Supernatural Student (Humanoid species in disguise)
    *we can discuss more about that if you would want to.**

    Or I'm really up for anything, I'd love some suggestions! :D


    Dokapon Kingdom

    **Will add more when I can retrieve my original list off Roleplayerguild**

    I also love doing crossovers, they are my guilty pleasure and addiction. :3
  2. And old thing I did on another website, I don't know if it's allowed here, I hope it is, but;

  3. I wanna rp with you! :)
  4. Angel x Demon and Princess x Hero sound pretty cool .3.

    So does the Student x Supernatural student :D
  5. I'm really intrested in the student x supernatural student. If your still looking for a rp that is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.