Nerdy Proposals

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  1. I check Pokemon Memes daily.
    And I stumbled upon this:


    It effing made my day.
    If I was proposed to like that, I think I'd tackle the person and smother them in kisses. o_o
    And REALLY nice lookin ring. :D

    Do you know of any nerdy type proposals? I know you do..
    Would YOU like to be proposed to in that manner?
    Is it fuckin' adorable, or just plain weird? :D


  2. There's a Taco Bell hot sauce packet that says "will you marry me". XD

    I love unique proposals! It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that there's people out there being creative and romancey!
  3. I KNO RITE?!?!

    Taco Bell < Pokemon.

    But thats cute.

  4. My favorite way to propose I've ever seen was that video that was posted somewhere around the board that I saw relatively soon after joining. It was this guy that had a lot of big cards with a vast array of memes on them that told a sweet (yet humorous) story and ended with him asking her to marry him.

    I don't want to be unoriginal and copy that but... it was just so awesome. Even if I don't do the same thing, that video will probably inspire me to do something equally as amazing when I meet the right girl. I just have to find her first.
  5. AGREED.

    I showed that video to my mom, and everyone I could drag over to my laptop.
    It made me cry.<3
    And made me feel better about the world and future.

  6. I agree with hirohashi, that was so creative xD
    But this was also a funny idea x) do it in a unexpected way and they wont be able to say no ;)
  7. [video=youtube;Fii-KPEmcMw][/video]

  8. ​THAT WAS BOOTIFUL.<3<3<3
  9. [video=youtube;fU1x8Ll62QE][/video]

    I've actually got a couple of ridiculous and nerdy proposals tucked away for when I'm ready to pop the question.
  10. ​YOU ARE A GREAT MAN. -nod.-