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  1. So I've always wanted one of those crazy ridiculous-priced Korean dolls you find on DoD, ResinSoul and Fairyland and whathaveyou... But $600 for a doll? Really? Even the cheap $200 dollar ones are enough to kill my bank. :\ So I got to this idea right, to get my own damn resin and make my own.

    The Monday after this coming one on the 17th is payday. I plan to buy 5 pounds of it to practice a bit first, and then I'm going to freaking mold my own. B| Because screw that price. For all the materials, it's about $80 dollars to make, plus some things I already have that I don't have to buy. That price right there is way cheaper than any doll on the internet. And it would be unique because it'd be made from scratch. And mine.

    Any weird nerdy things you're into that your friends deem odd or lame? I have only one friend that'd find the doll idea awesome, and she lives a bit far from me. /Sad
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  2. I need to buy Pokemon cards. ._. Like almost every time I go uptown. Mostly because I love the artwork on the cards, and they also come with a code for a pack on the Online TCG game that I am obsessed with collecting. I've hardly ever played the actual trading card game in real life, but I play the online one everyday.

    Also, I've become super obsessed with the need to collect the little figurine toys QwQ I want all of them so badly!
  3. My boyfriend, me, and our mutual friend pool money for huge piles of Yugioh cards. People sell their cards by the hundreds. I sort them alphabetically by card type in a three-ring binder with card-keeper pages, and keep them rotated and organized as cards are added and removed. I have built, from these bulk cards, three decks with a fourth in progress. I order cards off the internet, not just in bulk but as singles if there's a rare or specific card I need.

    VIDEOGAMES. VIDEOGAMES. VIDEOGAMES. :nescatridge: :floppydisk: :gameboy: :playstation2: :computer: :atari2600:
    My peers don't really judge, but people a generation up are always surprised at how many games and systems I own (it's not even that massive a collection...
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    I have a Dreamcast, gamecube, Gamboy Advance, NDSL, 3DS, Wii, PS2, and access to an Xbox 360 and Ps3. I also own a PC, but I'm more of a console gamer. I own about 65 console games, and I have a bunch downloaded on emulators on my PC as well

    Sewing! :D
    I'm not sure if this counts as a geeky/nerdy hobby, but I love knowing how to sew. I can't fathom having to buy a new shirt because of a ripped seam or burst button; that shit's so easy to repair! I love to make my own things, too, like blankets, skirts, pillowcases, dolls, and costumes. I spend what some could call silly amounts of money on fabric, but I always buy from thrift shops when I can, I use old un-donatable clothes for scrap fabric, and you wouldn't believe all the stuff I made out of my old bedsheets.
  4. I crochet! 8D

    And I have an epic box of Magic cards... Unfortunately, I don't have a card holding binder for them, so we stack them as neatly as we can, and rubberband-off the decks we made specifically for playing. All we have to do is dig through and pick them out. 8D (Though sometimes we spend hours re-checking our cards to see if we want to mix them up. DX It takes forever to play those games. And even then, we play with 200 card decks, and it's like an epic battle up in here.)
  5. My friends think that roleplaying is odd and lame.

    But they also think my need to walk around parks and pick up bark pieces in the summer is odd too.
  6. Woah really?! Duel monsters has a card limit (min 40 max 60), so I can't even imagine o.o
  7. Most of the people I consider friends are as nerdy as me, but my co-workers think all my hobbies are weird and lame. Magic, forum rp, reading > < ....yeah I work with a bunch of rednecks.
  8. I'm in robotics club... That's pretty much it :| oh and MtG. My friend thinks it's dumb but he plays DnD so I'm like whatevs.
  9. To be fair, I can only see card games like MtG as a huge money sink, but I play pen and paper RPGs all the time.

    Otherwise, I'm a Revolutionary War buff, but probably the strangest/"nerdiest" thing I do is that I (used to) collect album and singles ads from radio and other music trade magazines. Basically, they're advertisements for new and recent song and album releases geared towards people in the radio industry. A lot of them will list that such and such song has charted on this and that radio station and is getting a lot of air play. The funny thing is, I'm not even that "into" music. Haha.
  10. Huge video game nerd.

    Huge pen and paper RPG nerd.

    Used to be huge into Warhammer 40k, until I realized how much money it was taking from me.

    Would like to be huge into SCA, but unfortunately, running around in armor is not my strong suit.
  11. Haha, armor, strong suit.
  12. Oh yes. You can pick any amount of monsters, and any amount of magic types of cards too. It doesn't matter, as long as you match your opposite player. So it can be a little like Monopoly with the insane longness of it.

    In tournaments, you're only allowed 25 card decks I think? They're meant to be quick and fast. But at home? Bunk it, I got a box of cards yo. XD I'm making an epic battle! XD XD

    Yeah card games can be expensive. -__- I don't look at it as a sink unless you never play though. It's money well spent in my book. Especially since pen and paper RPG's take a super long time to put together, at least for us they do. I like Magic because it's quick (quicker than D&D,) and it's fun with only two players too. .D
  13. Agreed! I've always wanted to play DND but never had enough people; yugioh you can play with two people! We improvise three way duels though which are a lot of fun
  14. Everything I do is nerdy. I'm probably the biggest nerd on the planet, but I don't look like a nerd. That's what throws people off.

    I like reading, writing, Dungeons and Dragons, playing shit on my ACTUAL REAL-LIFE OCARINA, chess, you name it. I'm a Star Wars fan. I'm a Stargate fan, Battleship Gallactica fan, Dr. Who fan, anime fan, comic book enthusiast. I also like history like a mofo, I know EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED.

    I've spent weeks reading battle strategies that Rome and China actually used. I collect magic the gathering cards.

    I regularly delve in applied physics. I'm currently trying to solve the riddle of the second law of thermodynamics. I'm working on an essay that I'm intending to send to NASA, disproving a major portion of the Theory of Relativity. That theory is bogus, you guys have no idea. Which, happens to disprove the theory of gravity as well.

    I believe in aliens, telepathy, and I believe in unicorns. (They're too scared to come out now-a-days).

    And, I actually think the idea of pocket protectors isn't that bad, I don't know why they get such a bad rep imho.
  15. i spend 1000$ a month on cosplay and tcgs
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  16. Is that Grell Red Reaper? XD I love "Black Butler."

    Oh yeah. I guess certain types of anime count too, right? DX
  17. it most vertainly IS Grell n.n
  18. I am a huge MMORPG player, and I just got a new laptop so now I can actually play again :D I played WoW for seven years until I was about 14, then I took a two years long break. Now I'm playing Rift again and probably going to try some other thingies as well.

    I play MtG, I dm for D&D, and I cross dress and cosplay. Uhhhhh…. I used to play SWTOR and LOTRO and a multitude of other things.

    Final Fantasy is amazing


    that's probably it..?
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