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  1. Hey @Brea here is the thread. I will get the CS up and hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this soon. Even though we are starting over from scratch, here is our Original role play in case we want references

    The Nerd Next Door- He’s the nerd, the one who gets thrown into dumpsters and his stuff thrown around. It’s only ‘banter’, but sometimes it sort of hurts. There’s only one person who doesn't treat him like that, so naturally he has a massive crush on her. She’s the girl who lives next door, who he’s known since he was about 6, who came to his family barbecues. The problem? She’s the school’s star girl, the head cheerleader, prom queen so it’s not like they ever hang out at school, and they could never date. (If you want we can reverse the roles,s o you'd be the Nerd instead)
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    "I've never been one for the spotlight."

    "My mom says she named me after some actor, but she can't even remember what the actor was in."
    . Ashton Tyler Blake .

    "Lot's of people call me Ash, actually... When they're not calling me Ashley."
    . Ash, Ashley .

    "I'm told I'm very goofy looking."
    . Eyes- Light brown
    Hair- Light brown, thin, short on the sides and longer on the top.
    Height- 6'4''
    Weight- 157 lbs
    Build- Skinny
    Birthmark- Whitish marking on his left shoulder blade. .

    "Technically I'm an adult, but I'm not moving out until I've graduated."
    . 18 .

    "It'd just be sad if I was 18 and anything but a senior."
    . Senior .

    "My social status? Ha! I don't have one."
    . Nerd / Bandgeek .

    "What can I say? I like to play instruments."
    . Marching Band .

    "I guess I'm socially impaired."
    . Ashton has always been antisocial. He'd much rather sit at home by himself than go to a party. It's not that he doesn't like people, it's more that he becomes extremely awkward in social interactions, and so he tries to avoid them whenever possible. He is very optimistic, able to see both the good and the beauty in nearly everything. He can also be naive and too trusting, believing that everyone is a good person until proven otherwise. Ashton is very detail orientated, but he is also very disorganized. Often times you can't even see the floor in his bedroom- but he still knows exactly where everything is. He's very cheerful, and while he only has a few friends he is extremely loyal to them. Ashton is selfless, often valuing other people more than himself. That being said, he does not have low self-esteem. He's actually very comfortable with who he is, recognizing his short comings and taking pride it his strengths. Ashton is lighthearted, and sadly clueless. Someone could probably tell them exactly what they think about him and he still wouldn't be sure whether they liked him or not. He is naturally generous, and is often a pushover. .

    "I'm gonna take a guess and say you mean my likes? Right?"
    . Beanies, Cookies, Carrot Cake, Monkeys, Sweet Foods, Concerts, Pasta, Jackets, hats and Traditions. .

    "Jocks. I can't stand those guys."
    . Tattoos, Blood, Hiking, Mustard, Fashion, Medicine, Riddles, Wrestling, Mustard, Public speaking, Small Talk, Arguing and Leather .

    "No one has ever been so interested in me before."
    . Ashton is an only child .
    . His hobbies are Ping Pong, Baking, Playing Instruments, and song writing .
    . He is allergic to Dogs and Pollen.
    . Ashton is still a virgin .
    . Still sleeps with a nightlight... it's Iron Man .
    . Is sometimes bullies, which is why he has a tendency to avoid people .

    "Music is life."
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    "I know where my loyalties lie."

    "No, not Madeline. There is no D in my name."
    . Mattaline Lena Nelson .

    "Don't you say that Matty is a boy's name."
    . Matty, Matt, M&N .

    "Good looks are overrated, honestly."
    . Eyes- Bright Blue
    Hair- Long and Straight, Chocolate Brown
    Height- 5'5''
    Weight- 131 lbs





    "Age is but a number, my dear friend."
    . 17 .

    "I just want to upgrade to college parties already."
    . Junior .

    "I get so many labels, I can't keep up."
    . Popular / Party Girl .

    "Do I look like I play sports?"
    . N/A .

    "Not gonna lie, I'm pretty fun to be around."
    . Mattaline is very much a 'Party-Girl' and a 'Take-No-Shit' girl all at once. She is not afraid to get in someones face, or stand up for what she believes in. Confidence is in an abundance with her, as is a sense of humor and acceptance. As long as you treat her with respect and do not offend her close friends, it is likely that Matty will be exceptionally nice to you. She's not judgmental at all, so anyone can be their freaky-selves around her. As she always says, 'All of us are weird, some just choose to hide it.' She's very much a fun person to be around, so long as you don't mind loud people. However, if you offend her or one of her friends, she tends to have loose-lips. Along with her quick-witt comes the ability for her to think of horrible insults on the spot. She can be a major bitch, if you push her to the point. But, with how naturally easy-going Matty is, it's hard to ever see this side of her. Because Mattaline lives to have fun, she tends to be immature, impulsive, and reckless. She doesn't always think things through, but somehow she always manages to get herself out of trouble. She's a very persuasive young girl, which could be a good or bad trait, depending on how she uses it. She's also a little naive, and trusts easily. Perhaps too easily. Still, Matty is content with herself, and wouldn't want to be anyone else. .

    "I love parties, and I have a weak spot for cookie dough."
    . Trampolines, All Nighters, Cookie Dough, Bonfires, Milkshakes, Cookies, Beach, Disney Movies, Gossip, Cotton Candy, Piggy-Back Rides, Electronics, Hugs, Christmas Lights, Starbucks, Sunny days, Raves, and Magic. .

    "How about Debby Downers. They are so lame!"
    . Spoilers, Carrot Cake, Monkeys, Fish, Bananas, Olives, Medicine, Raisins, Studying, and Small Talk. .

    "That's all I have time for! Gotta go!"
    . Her hobbies are Taking Pictures, Running, Diy Projects, and Partying .
    . Her parents make very good money .
    . Ever since she saw him in the movie 'The Pacifier', Matty has had a crush on Vin Diesel .
    . Is actually much smarter than most people would assume .

    "The Lord made us all out of iron. Then he cranks up the heat to forge some of us into steel."
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  4. #008080
    "I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

    "I don't understand why people make fun of my name..."
    . Kei Annabeth Yamazaki .

    "Hmm I dont really have many...though I guess my family and close friends call me Yammy sometimes."
    . Yammy .

    "Do looks really matter?"
    . Eyes- Dark Brown
    Hair- Long black to dark brown hair (depends on lighting) Usually worn straight or in a ponytail, rarely is curled
    Height- 5'4''
    Weight- 130 lbs
    Build- Athletic, though a bit skinnier than most athletes
    Birthmark- On her right hip bone, shaped like a deformed star.Piercings - Two piercings on both ears and a cartilage piercing on her right ear.

    "Perfectly Legal to do whatever I, not really, not yet at least."
    . 17 .

    "One more year!."
    . Junior .

    "Does status really even exist?."
    . Popular .

    "I love to swim."
    . Swimming.

    Intelligent ll Intuitive ll socially awkward ll semi-antisocial ll loyal ll dense ll Dorky
    "Heh...most people tell me I'm socially awkward."
    Look up the definition of dork and you will seriously find Kei, no joke. She is the biggest dork that you will ever meet, despite being considered popular. Kei is honestly a very intelligent girl, scoring high on tests and acing almost every class, and not only that but she's very intuitive and detail oriented. She's learned to watch people and things over the years. She can tell when someone is nervous depending on their actions, if they play with their hair, chew on their lip or if someone has good news to tell without coming out and saying it, the way they smile, or even if someone is deeply disturbed, she can see things most don't. However, because of this, this tends to make the girl a bit socially awkward and a bit antisocial. Kei's always had a bit of a hard time actually relating to people and she much rather try and figure a person out then actually make a conversation with them to understand. She's a bit weird likek that. But Kei isnt your regular popular who enjoys flirting up a storm and partying till the sun rises. she rather stay home and read a good book or two, instead of going out to drink. There are a few times where she shows up to parties, however within the first five or ten minutes, she high tailing it out of there. She's extremely loyal to her close friends and her family, willing to do anything for them within reason of course, and she will stand up for them if she needs to. Truly, Kei is just an over all nice girl, a little dense, but nice however she does have her mean streak and if she doesnt like you, she subtly lets you know.

    "Do you want the long list of the short list?"
    ☆Books: She loves traveling places without really leaving her house
    ☆Greek Mythology: Don't even get her started
    ☆Swimming: The way the water moves around body and blocks out the noises, it's like entering a new world for her
    ☆Piano: She loves the music it makes and feels like magic each time she plays
    ☆The Stars: Kei seriously loves just laying on the grass and staring up at the stars, looking at constellations and watching shooting stars
    ☆Constellations: Follows along with stars, but she just loves gazing at them. Seriously she knows just about every constellations and the story behind it.

    "Probably the kids that think they're all that."

    ☆Bullies: She seriously doesn't understand them. She feels sad for them but at the same time, they anger her.
    ☆Being left alone: She just has a fear that everyone will eventually leave her and is afraid that they wont want her anymore.
    ☆Spiders: Don't even get her started, she has arachnophobia
    ☆Insects: There is just something about them that doesn't sit well with Kei
    ☆Getting close to others: Kei is afraid of losing those close to her
    ☆Failure and Disappointment: She is afraid that if she fails, it will bring disappointment which will lead to her not being good enough her family disowning her.

    "What's with all these questions?."

    She has a twin and they were both adopted into a family of three
    ☆ Kei is extremely close to her twin (they are nearly inseperable) so after a couple of hours or so, she starts to get a bit anxious
    ☆She's the only girl in her family
    ☆Her family is well off, though most people dont know since she doesnt flaunt it.
    ☆Is a lot more sensitive than people realize
    ☆ She has a list and has memorized that list of forgotten words and when she gets nervous, she thinks about them

    "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
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  5. #DC143C
    "As you are, I was. As I am, you will be."

    "Th-that's not really important..."
    . Jayson Theodore Arnold .

    "I have a few...I guess."
    . Jay or Jace .

    "I-I'm not that good looking."
    . Eyes- Caramel Brown
    Hair- Short messy hair that is fairly long in the front and naturally swoops upwards
    Height- 6'1'
    Weight- 142 lbs
    Build- Surprisingly athletic, more on the leaner side though
    Birthmark- It looks a little more like a scar, but it's on the inside of his right forearm.

    "I'm old enough to enlist in the draft."
    . 18 .

    "Last year, and I cant wait to move on."
    . Senior .

    " could probably tell by my appearance."
    .Nerd .

    "I've never really been coordinated enough to be on a team..."
    . Jayson isnt on a team, but he actually loves to run.

    Intelligent ll Bookworm ll socially awkward ll Adventurous ll loyal ll Trustworthy ll Caring
    "Heh...most people tell me I'm socially awkward."

    Total bookworm and your typical geek. Not that he really minds the label. Though Jayson has to admit, he could do without the bullying. Not cool. Any who, Jayson is honestly your stereotypical geek. He gets good grades, likes to read, terrible at sports (so he says) and of course, is bullied. Being shoved into lockers? (Well people have tried but he's a little too tall to actually fit. But Yeay, that's a thing for the poor boy. Forced to do other's homework? Also a thing. Jayson honestly needs to learn to stick up for himself, however the problem is, is that when he's extremely nervous, he tends to stutter. Which of course doesn't help his situation. However, don't let this shy nerd fool you, he works out in his free time, so he's not as weak as you may think, just physically. Honestly though, Jayson just really needs someone to tell him he's strong enough to stand on his own, give him strength. Deep inside him is a strong guy, who's also caring and sweet. Not like your regular d-bags that use girls as sex toys and plays with your feelings. He's extremely intelligent, and probably is almost up there with Albert Einstein and all of those other crazy scientists, one of the reasons many people take advantage of him, he's the kid that ruins the curve on math tests cause he always gets a perfect score. Because of all the bullying, despite being a senior, Jayson became not only anti social and and socially awkward but he's also a bookworm. He loves the fact that the characters dont judge him or anything. It's just hard for the poor guy to actually interact with others, without them calling him names or making fun of him when he stutters since he's so nervous. However, despite the fact that he is terrible at talking to people, Jayson is extremely loyal and trustworthy, but all that must be worked for. And despite his shy nature, Jayson loves going on adventures, hiking, or taking a walk, he loves to explore and experience new things.

    ♛Books: He loves traveling places without really leaving his house
    ♛Greek Mythology: Don't even get him started
    ♛Running: He loves the way the air moves around his body and how his lungs feel like they're on fire, it's hard to explain but a feeling he loves
    ♛Violin: It's a beautiful instrument, and though he was bullied when he was younger for liking a "sissy" instrument, he's stuck with it
    ♛The Stars: Jayson doesnt know much about them to be honest, but he loves to look up at the sky and see them twinkling up above
    ♛Disney Movies: He loves to watch them and believes that a lot of them have good hidden plots and morals. Mulan is probably his favorite
    ♛ Studying: While others abhor it, it seriously just helps Jayson calm down

    "Honestly, I dislike a lot of people at school."

    ☣Bullies: Coming from a kid whose bullied almost every day, Jayson has right to dislike them
    ☣Arguing: His parents relationship is very toxic and all they ever do is argue, day and night, so Jayson cant help but shy away from that
    ☣His father: One of the reasons that his parents constantly argue is because his father is constantly out and about, having a fling with sluts and why his mother stays with him, he has no idea.
    ☣Spicy Food: His tongue is pretty sensitive, so he cant really eat spicy foods
    ☣Spoilers: Seriously, you spoil something for him and he will be very pissed
    ☣Medicine: Like any kid, Jayson absolutely hates medicine

    "Can I uh...can I please go?."

    ☆ He has a younger sister that he absolutely loves
    ☆His family is well off, though he dresses like he's middle class even though his mother fusses about it constantly
    ☆He loves to take pictures and has a very nice camera that he uses
    ☆A lot stronger than most people think

    "Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.."
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  6. NPC'S

    « »
    Kyler Stokes

    Football - Quarterback - Senior
    Cocky and Arrogant. Womanizer. Thinks of himself as higher than others. Not very smart. Teachers treat him specially because he is a football star. Major bully.
    Can almost always be seen wearing his Letterman jacket, no matter what the temperature is.
    Breanne Herman

    Poms Captain - Junior
    Self-centered. Lazy. Sassy. Organized. Confident. Sarcastic. Easy. Promiscuous.
    Is very slutty. She is one of the main people in the popular group. Poms is like the advanced cheer leading team, who dances more than cheers.
    Jennifer Hart

    Cheerleader - Captain - Junior
    Talkative. Naive. Manipulated. People Pleaser. Honest. 'Dumb Blond'. Preppy. Enthusiastic.
    She is almost always seen smiling. Takes her role as Cheer captain very seriously. Always has a boyfriend, but never the same one for very long.
    Theodore King

    Full-time nerd, part-time Mathlete - Junior
    Nerdy. Know it all. Mature. Boring. Sarcastic. Cocky. Teachers pet. Impatient. Restless. Intelligent.
    Nobody really likes him because he is always correcting people. He's a kiss-ass to all of his teachers. Thinks he is better than everyone else.
    Katherine Justice

    Rebel / Weird girl - Senior
    Bratty. Impulsive. Rebellious. Temperamental. Judgmental. Mysterious.
    If these were options she would win 'Most likely to speak out against popular kids' and 'most likely to hit someone for no reason.' She has a horrible reputation and often makes a big show out of being a bad kid. If you need alcohol or drugs she's your dealer. Has a criminal record.
    Jaxon Bayne

    Bully / Popular Kid - Senior
    Loud. Obnoxious. Flirty. Bully. Popular. Aggressive. Outspoken.
    His parents are rich, and he flaunts around their money. Drives a Porsche. Never does what he is told. Never has a girlfriend, but always seems to be sleeping with someone. Will do anything to get what he wants.
    Clarissa Scott

    Class President - Senior
    Bossy. Outspoken. Authoritative. Confident. Persuasive. Dishonest. Hard Working. Diligent.
    Coordinates all school-wide activities. Is popular. Isn't afraid to boss people around or manipulate them to get what she wants.
    Ethan Stone

    Thespian / Popular - Senior
    Liar. Manipulative. Self-Centered. Stubborn. Confident. Impulsive. Flirty. Reckless. Pampered. High-maintenance. Smug. Savvy. Critical.
    Ethan is the lead of every play the school puts on. He is very confident and doesn't mind speaking in front of large crowds. Pushes people around because he thinks of them as beneath him. His parents make good money.
    Ryan Rincon

    Cheerleader - Senior
    Emeotional Wreck. Messy. Disorganized. Pampered. Bratty. Insecure. Sensitive.
    Ryan is the type to cry if she is looked at the wrong way. She's always throwing herself at guys. Everyone in the group suspects that she is a in-the-closet lesbian, but doesn't mention it. She is Fioan's twin (See next slide).
    Fiona Rincon

    Cheerleader - Senior
    Confident. Bratty. Pampered. Self-Centered. Lazy. Organized. Witty.
    She always has boyfriends, and usually keeps them around for a long time. Only dates older guys. Is very bitchy towards people she doesn't like, and nerds. Is Ryan's twin (See previous slide).
    Dylan Dean

    Bad Boy - Junior
    Rebellious. Womanizer. Witty. Flirty. Creative. Impulsive. Reckless.
    Dylan plays up the bad boy role very well. He does what he wants, when he wants to. He is very popular.
    Blain Carter

    Hipster - Junior
    Annoying. Homosexual. Know-it-all. Judgemental.
    He always has something bad to say about everyone. He is very two faces, being nice to you and then going to talk shit behind your back. He also does not do anything 'mainstream.'
    Gage Zylstra

    Popular - Senior
    Lazy. Manipulative. Charming. Social. Talkative.
    Goes all out for spirit week and parties. Very into sports but doesn't play any. Kind of a wannabe, but still among the populars.
    Kaiden Deats

    Football - Running back - Senior
    Huge ego. Self-centered. Cocky. Jerk. Talkative. Arrogant.
    Gets special treatment because he is a football player. Never has to work hard for anything. Does steroids.
    Yasmine Fredrick

    Aspiring Singer - Junior
    Confident. Bratty. Stubborn. Slutty. Enthusiastic. Bully.
    Will do anything to get what she wants. Takes every opportunity she gets to sing. Some people call her a Disney Princess for singing for no good reason, and so she answers to both 'Disney' and 'Princess.'
    Sousuke Matthew Yamazaki

    Popular - Junior
    Kind, caring, slightly, out going, loyal, trustworthy, Confident.
    Unlike most of the populars, He's very kind and willing to help those that need help. He himself doesnt understand why he hangs out with that group. He's not afraid to tell them off though and stand up for those that need to be stood up for (though most people think he's just playing around). Is also Kei's twin brother.

    « »
    Mr. Boyd

    AP Bio, Year 1
    Funny. Enthusiastic. Nice. Helpful. Understanding.
    He is very animated and likes to teach with props. Sometimes he can get very loud.
    Mr. Heartfield

    AP Bio, Year 2
    Nerdy. Serious. Tempermental. Hands-on.
    Favors jocks and cheerleaders.
    Mr. Peterson

    Pre Calc/Trig
    Strict. Quick Teacher. Vague. Good with helping students 1 x 1.
    Coaches Football and Track. Favors jocks.
    Mr. Hale

    Funny. Goofy. Animated. Encouraging. Lighthearted.
    He likes to goof around a lot, and bounce ideas off of his students. He's more laid back than most teachers. He's also married. Likes jocks.
    Mr. Renner

    Funny. Interesting. Strange. Musical. Artistic. Creative. He's a fun teacher to be around, but he also doesn't put up with bullshit.
    Also coaches Marching Band. Used to be married but lost his wife to cancer. Favors jocks.
    Mr. Stark

    AP English, Year 1 & 2
    Enthusiastic. Energized. Critical. Sarcastic. Witty. He is always up to give feedback and is very honest. He likes to be interactive.
    Favors jocks.
    Mrs. Lawrence

    AP History, Year 1 & 2
    Funny. Cheerful. Animated. Goofy.
    Finds fun ways to teach History.
    Ms. Gallagher

    Serious. Musical. Artsy.
    She only really likes you if you have musical ability.
    Mrs. Clancy

    Strict. Logical. Helpful. Animated. Loud. Interactive. Serious.
    She's fun if she likes you, but otherwise you probably hate her. She also locks her door after the bell rings, she doesn't allow late kids into her classroom. Loves Jocks.
    Mrs. Terada

    Spanish, year 1 & 2
    Strict. Loud. Animated.
    Favors jocks. Coaches swimming.
    Ms. Taylor

    Drawing 2
    Goofy. Nerdy. Artistic. Creative. Weird. Lovable. Kind. Supportive.
    She's an easy teacher to get along with. In her classroom, everyone has artistic talents, and no idea is a bad idea.

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  7. Schedules

    1st-3rd Period
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    1st - Pre Calc / Trig Breanne, Theodore, Blain, Yasmine
    2nd- Yearbook (Jayson) Kyler, Jennifer, Jaxon, Dylan, Gage,
    3rd - Band (Ashton) N/A
    4th-8th Period
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    4th- AP English; Year 1 (Mattaline) Breanne, Jennifer, Theodore, Dylan, Blain, Yasmine
    5th- AP History; Year 1 Breanne, Theodore, Blain
    6th- AP Bio; Year 1 (Mattaline) Jennifer, Yasmine, Sousuke
    7th- Off Hour (All) All NPC's

    1st-3rd Period
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    1st - AP Spanish; Year 1 Jennifer, Dylan, Sousuke
    2nd- Art; Drawing; Year 1 Breanne, Theodore, Ryan, Blain, Katherine, Yasmine, Sousuke
    3rd - AP History; Year 1 Jennifer, Dylan, Sousuke
    4th-8th Period
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    4th- AP English; Year 1 (Kei) Breanne, Jennifer, Theodore, Dylan, Blain, Yasmine
    5th- Calculus (Jayson, Asthon) Kyler, Jennifer, Katherine, Jaxon, Clarissa, Ethan, Ryan, Fiona, Gage, Kaiden, Yasmine
    6th- AP Bio; Year 1 (Kei) Jennifer, Yasmine, Sousuke
    7th- Off Hour (All) All NPC's

    1st-3rd Period
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    1st - AP History; Year 2 Katherine, Clarissa, Ethan, Fiona, Kaiden
    2nd- Yearbook (Editor) (Kei) Kyler, Jennifer, Jaxon, Dylan, Gage,
    3rd - AP Bio; Year 2 Katherine, Clarissa, Ethan, Fiona, Kaiden
    4th-8th Period
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    4th- Orchestra Sousuke, Katherine, Clarissa, Ethan, Kaiden
    5th- Calculus (Mattaline, Asthon) Kyler, Jennifer, Katherine, Jaxon, Clarissa, Ethan, Ryan, Fiona, Gage, Kaiden, Yasmine
    6th- AP English; Year 2 N/A
    7th- Off Hour (All) All NPC's

    1st-3rd Period
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    1st - AP English; Year 2 Kyler, Jaxon, Ryan, Gage
    2nd- AP Spanish; Year 2 Clarissa, Ethan, Fiona, Kaiden
    3rd - Band (Kei) N/A
    4th-8th Period
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    (Click 'show' to see which NPC's they will have that class with)

    4th- AP History; Year 2 Kyler, Jaxon, Ryan, Gage
    5th- Calculus (Mattaline, Jayson) Kyler, Jennifer, Katherine, Jaxon, Clarissa, Ethan, Ryan, Fiona, Gage, Kaiden, Yasmine
    6th- AP Bio; Year 2 N/A
    7th- Off Hour (All) All NPC's

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  8. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki

    Two days before the end of summer, and Kei sat on her bed, legs crossed reading a book. Unlike most people, the young teen honestly didn't care that summer was ending and school was starting once more, it never really bothered her to begin with. That didnt mean that she liked it, but she never hated it either, Kei was simply in different towards the education system. Running a hand through her hair, the young female let out a long sigh, glancing over at the door when she heard a small knock and looked up to see Sousuke, her twin brother. Since she could remember, the two were inseparable and while twins normally had a strong bond, it seemed that the two siblings had an even stronger bond, since they only relied on each other when they were first adopted.

    "Yo, what are you up to?" The older male by fifteen minutes questioned and Kei gave a small shrug of her shoulders. "Well, you should get off your butt and come to this party at Kyler's house with me. Last one of the summer, you know those parties are unforgettable." He stated and the raven haired female gave a role of her eyes. Ah yes, Kyler Stokes, the guy that everyone fawned over and found to be absolutely hot and while she couldnt argue with that, the guy was a total jerk. He was cocky, arrogant and believed that he could get any girl he wanted. She remembered that he hit on her a couple of times, only to give up and find another girl, though there are times he comes back just to see if she's changed her mind, which would probably never happen in a billion years.

    Honestly, Kei couldn't care less about the parties that she missed out, especially those thrown by the rich and stupidly popular kids who had nothing better to do with their lives than hook up with each other, flaunt their money and make fun of others. "I dont see a point in going, Mattaline's already tried talking me into it, and I've told her no multiple times."

    Out of all the popular kids, Mattaline Nelson was her best friend, which was odd considering that the two were total opposites. But it's as the saying goes: opposites attract. To this day though, Kei could never figure out how their friendship worked, Mattaline liked to party while she enjoyed staying home and reading, her friend fit in with the popular crowd better than she did. Mattaline socialized, while she observed, the two friends couldn't be any more different than day and night.

    "Like I said, I think you should go, it'll be good for you to get out of the house." Sousuke stated, crossing his arms over his chest and gazing at her and Kei pursed her lips. "I've got nothing to wear." She stated simply. "I'm sure Matty can help you with that." He countered. That was probably true, and she was sure that if she called the brunette up, she would either be too busy getting ready or she would rush over and just get ready over at her house. The thing about the two friends was that one loved to party, the other not so much and the friend that loved partying always found a way to drag the other out of the house. Of course it helped that Kei had her own keys so if she wanted, she could high tail it out of there, but lately Mattaline had been smart, either taking her keys or driving her to the parties, forcing her to stay until her best friend was ready to go home.

    "C'mon, just for an our and then I can drive you home or make sure that Mattaline doesn't take your car keys." The older twin reasoned and Kei found herself slowly cracking under the pressure before she let out a big sigh and nodded, reaching across the table to grab her phone and quickly dialing an oh so familiar number. One ring...two...three and then a voice.

    "Hey Matty..." Kei spoke into the receiver hesitantly. "I was just wondering if you would help me pick out an outfit for the party at Kyelr's tonight...and maybe do my hair and makeup? I dont...really know what to do." She rambled on; Kei had a tendency to ramble when she was nervous.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold

    Then end of the summer usually meant nothing to Jayson, but this time it did. This was his last summer of high school year, the last time that he would get picked on, despite his height, get called a freak, loser, geek and all the other names you could think of. He was ready for a change and with his senior year fast approaching, he couldn't wait to graduate. The eighteen year old stood in the middle of his room, music stand before him and violin in hand. The violin, despite being considered a rather feminine instrument, was beautiful and something that the teen enjoyed playing. He wasnt sure how his love for the wooden instrument started, cause he was pretty sure that back in sixth grade he was forced into it. He hated it then, and maybe it was because people made fun of him that he stuck with it and eventually ended up loving it. Who really knows.

    With his eyes closed, his the bow moved back and forth, music soaring throughout his room, Jayson locked in his mind, concentrating on lifting the music higher, and then bringing it down to a soft lull. The rush that went through his body was more than he could ever ask for and it was something that he always enjoyed.

    With a final strum, he brought the bow done, and opened his eyes, letting out a long breath. Sheer perfection. Jayson's caramel brown eyes drifted over towards the window, eyes landing on a house right by his and he was reminded of his neighbor. Mattaline Nelson a girl that he used to play with so long ago and as they grew older they eventually for got about each other. Well...she forgot about him. There was no way he could ever forget about her, the way her eyes lit up, the way her brown hair fell perfectly over her shoulders. It was a crush that was never reciprocated and it was never going to be. Not that Jayson really minded, he was a senior now, soon to head off to bigger and better things, probably and (hopefully) finding a college girl to date.


    Heaving a big sigh, the teen set his violin back in its case and ran a hand through his short, spiky brown hair as he moved to sit on the bed. He wondered what happened between the two, the falling out and words that were never exchanged. It was probably because she became popular while he was still a nerd that was forced to do all the embarrassing things nerds did and she didnt want to be caught with him. The sweet girl that he knew, he wondered if she was still there, all Jayson really knew was that she liked to party. that he thought about it, there was a party going on tonight and one of the most popular guy's house...Kyler. Fiddling with his fingers, Jayson wondered if he should go. He was never won for parties, then again this was his senior year and out of his whole high school career, he had only experienced one party which ended badly.

    Let's just say one of the jocks thought it would be hilarious to dump his cup of alcohol on him and the other jocks had followed in pursuit. Jayson remembered that he was grounded for four months, for coming home, smelling like booze even though he never had a single sip.

    "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" A shout floated up the stars, snapping the male as he gazed at his door, letting out a long groan and rolling his eyes. Here it goes again. His parents were constantly fighting, and he couldn't even remember if they ever went a day without fighting. They smiled for the public, like the perfect family they were but behind closed doors all things went haywire. "What are you talking about?" A deeper voice shouted. "Dont lie to me! I saw you with that slut! We have children, why are you doing this?" Screams turned to faint sobs and the arguing ensued.

    Not sure if he could actually take this, Jayson grabbed his phone and quickly sent a text to his friend, Ashton. 'Yo, is it alright if I come over? Parents are fighting again and I dont want to be in the house.' He sent the text and grabbed his car keys, dashing down the stairs and out the door, where relief came when he was safely in his car. Now all he had to do was wait for a text from Ahston and hope that he was allowed to come over.

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  9. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior

    "You're a strong, free, just what I need, wild card," Mattaline sung along to 'Wild Card,' by Hunter Hayes. Her black 2013 Volkswagen was full of gas, her Ipod synced up to the car stereo.
    Red light illuminated her dashboard as she came to a stop at the traffic light. Instantly she pulled down her visor, checking her eye make up and reapplying her lip gloss.

    Simultaneously, the light turned green and a new song came on. Mattaline's taste in music was very vast and nonspecific. She liked several genres of music, able to appreciate almost any song. The next song was 'Stitches,' by Shawn Mendes. "I thought that I'd been hurt before, But no one's ever left me quite this sore," Mattaline sang along easily, turning into a nice neighborhood. "Your words cut deeper than a knife, now I need someone to bring me back to life."

    The chorus was just beginning when Matty's ringtone began to go off. She didn't even have to check her caller ID to see who it was, she already knew that Kei would be calling any minute- Plus, her personalized ringtone for her best friend helped. "Hey, Kei," She greeted her friend, pulling up to a stop in front of a familiar house.

    Kei: "Hey Matty... I was just wondering if you would help me pick out an outfit for the party at Kyler's tonight...and maybe do my hair and makeup? I don't...really know what to do."

    A wide smile spread across Mattaline's lips. She tucked her phone between her shoulder and her head as she got out of the car, reaching for a bag that had been riding passenger. "Oh, Yammy," Matty replied, closing her car door. The click of her heels echoed throughout the quiet neighborhood, as did the beep her car came as the doors locked. "You know I will. In fact," Mattaline's free hand grasped the cool door handle, and she pushed it open with ease. As she stepped through the threshold of the Yamazaki residence she declared, "I'm here!"

    Kei's adoptive father peeked into the entrance of his home, and Mattaline waved hello to him before closing the front door and ascending up the stairs. Kei had been Matty's best friend for several years, it wasn't unusual for them to just walk into each other's house. She walked up into her best friends room, messing up Sousuke's hair as she passed him. Mattaline dropped the plastic bag on top of Kei's bed, whipping her straight hair over her shoulders and out of the way.

    Mattaline was already dressed and ready for the party. She wore a purple-red long sleeved shirt, which was tucked into one of her favorite floral skirts. She had topped the look off with black heels, one of her favorite silver necklaces, studded earrings, bracelets for both wrists and a small handbag to carry her things in.

    "Okay, so this is what I'm thinking," Matty said, pulling articles of clothing out of her bag. "I brought you three options, because I know how picky you can be. We can be floral buddies, with this light floral skirt and white shirt. For this I brought you some gold jewelry, white heels, and a green cover up in case you get cold. Or, you could wear this white dress and leather jacket, with the matching black tights and combat boots, of course. I didn't have any boots in your size, by the way, so I went ahead and just bought these for you. Go ahead and keep them. Your last choice is this denim shirt and white lacy shorts. I really think this brown belt and bracelet brings the look together."
    Mattaline threw each outfit in a pile as she spoke.

    She only paused briefly to reach to the bottom of the bag and pull out her make-up kit, as well as her favorite curling iron. "We're just going to curl your hair a little bit, to give it volume, and I promise not to go overboard on the make up," She said. Finally, Mattaline turned around to face her best friend and catch her breath. "I'll go plug this in and set up in the bathroom, go ahead and pick whichever outfit to wear. Oh, and thanks Sousuke, I knew I could count on you to convince her!"

    With that, Matty walked to the bathroom, her skirt swaying as she went.

    Possible outfits for Kei:



    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior

    Music filled Ashton's room as he strummed his guitar. He had spent the last few hours in his room, tuning his new acoustic guitar and testing it out. He was just trying to keep himself busy, honestly. School would be starting in two days, which meant he was going to go back to primarily playing the trombone for band. He didn't want to get rusty with his other instruments, especially guitar. It was the first instrument he ever learned how to play, so he was slightly sentimental about it.

    Suddenly, his phone beeped. He reached out for it, setting his guitar aside as he checked the message. It was from Jayson, one of his friends. They were both socially awkward nerds, so it was no surprise that they drifted together. He read the message, biting his lip. "Hey, mom?" He called out, thankful he had left his door open.

    "Yes honey?" His mother shouted back.

    "Can Jayson come over?"

    "Of course, dear!" His mouthed replied. After a beat she added, "I was talking to Kei yesterday, from next door. She mentioned a party tonight, maybe you two should go. Wouldn't it be nice to get out of the house?"

    Ashton rolled his eyes. His mother was always urging him to be more social. Without responding to her, Ashton sent two messages to Jayson:

    'Of course, come on over man.'
    'My mom wants us to go to Kyler's party. Thoughts?'

    As soon as the messages sent Ashton plugged his phone into it's charger. He then looked around his room- realizing it was a disaster. With a sigh he stood up, picking all of his dirty clothes off the floor. He took the to the laundry shoot, and as he returned to his room his eyes flickered to his window. He could see Kei and her brother, Sousuke, in the room diagonal from his, and it seemed as though Mattaline had just arrived.

    Ashton purposely closed the curtains to his window, preventing himself from eavesdropping on them. Once upon a time Kei had been Ashton's best friend, so it was hard for him not to be curious about what she was doing. Which was why he had installed curtains in the first place- to stop himself from watching her whenever he caught himself doing so.

    Ashton then threw most of his clean clothes on a laundry basket, leaving out a white t-shirt, red plaid over shirt, and black jeans.
    If they did decide to go out Ashton wanted to be ready to change. He picked up the trash in his room as well, placing the tied trash bag he filled by his door so that he would remember to take it downstairs later.

    His room was still messy, even after all of that, but at least it was easier to walk through. Ashton was sure that Jayson expected no less than a disastrous room whenever he came over, but he still tried to pick up a little whenever he knew his buddy was coming over. Just like his mother always made a snack whenever she expected Jayson- which was what she was now doing in the kitchen, do doubt.

    With another sigh Ashton fell back on his bed, looking up at his popcorn ceiling. "One more year," he said out loud to himself, "Just one more year and I'll be free of everyone in this town. I'll be off in some fancy college, I'll never see any of the people at school ever again." Ashton wasn't exactly excited for his senior year- he was mostly excited for it to be over. To get away from all the jocks who picked on him, all the cheerleaders who rolled their eyes whenever he tried to talk to them, all the arrogant high school teachers. Everyone. Kei included... He'd never have to think of her again. Just one more school year.

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  10. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior

    Kei wasnt surprised when Mattaline picked up the phone, nor should she have been when the other female told her that she was already here, however she couldn't help but let a frown cross her features. "You're already here?" She questioned, hearing as the front door to her house opened and shut, a feeling of suspicion tugging at her gut. Then again Matty had a thing for showing up unannounced and her family just became so used to it that it was like she was part of their family. Which was absolutely fine by Kei since the mother of this family walked out at least a year or two after adopting her and her brother. It was random and strange, everything seemed to be fine and then one day, they came home from school with a note on the kitchen counter saying that she couldnt do it anymore and left.

    No apology, no nothing. That always left a bitter taste in Kei's mouth. First her birth parents didnt want her and then her adopted mother wanted nothing to do with her or the family...the young female couldnt help but feel slightly offended.

    "You should stop showing up unannounced..." Kei grumbled when Mattaline appeared at her door, at the same time that Sousuke grumbled not to mess up his hair. Honestly though, Kei secretly loved it when Matty randomly appeared, whether she was being summoned or not, it gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that she was important enough to someone else for them to just wanting to randomly appear and grace her with their presence.

    Shifting in her seat, Kei ran a hand through her hair, dark brown eyed gaze lingering on her friend before she shifted it to look out her window, noticing that her neighbor's curtains were closed. The teen remembered how she used to stay up all night and talk with Ashton, having their parents come into their room and tell them to go to bed. She wasnt sure when he got curtains but they always seemed to be closed these days and she wondered what happened to those days where they would talk for hours on end. Honestly, Kei missed him from time to time, they were both awkward in their own way and she felt that he was the only one that truly understood her. Dont get her wrong Mattaline understood her pretty well, but there still was a gap from time to time, since the two were so different.

    There were times that she still talked to Ashton's mother and that was always her chance to ask how he was doing, what he was up to, where he was going to college, his hopes and dreams...dumb stuff like that. Because honestly, Kei still cared...she cared a lot, but she just didnt know how to reach out and let Ashton know that she missed him without sounding like a creep. Besides, who knows if he even missed chatting and hanging out with her.

    Kei was pulled out her thoughts when her friend starting listing off the outfits that she brought, throwing the clothes onto the bed in a pile. "You...didnt have to do that... She muttered softly, gazing at the combat boots that Matty brought her, her fingers gently tracing over the material. It seemed that her friend always bought her something, though she never needed it, her family was well off just like Mattaline's but the little gifts, Kei accepted with each thank you and put them in a special pile, one that was dedicated to the things that her friend had given her over the years.

    "It'd be nice if you got me things...after all, I do some of the dirty work. Sousuke grumbled and Kei shot him a look. "What are you talking about? I get you things all the time, why does stuff have to come from her? Kei questioned, narrowing her eyes and her brother huffed. "Do not. He countered. "Do too." She retorted, the twins started bantering back and forth, not that it was anything new. Heaving a sigh, Kei watched as Mattaline went to go set up things in the bathroom, thanking Sousuke for helping convince her and immediately Kei grabbed a pillow and threw it at her twin. "I hate it when you two are in cahoots with each other. She grumbled, falling back on the bed and letting out a long groan. From the few outfits that her friend showed her, she was going to wear the one with the denim shirt and lacy shorts, and pair it with combat boots. [​IMG]

    It was more her style and she felt that it represented her personality in its own cute little way.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior


    Sitting in his read jeep wrangler, Jayson waited for his friend to reply. Despite having money to buy basically whatever he wanted, unlike most of the popular kids, he worked hard to get what he wanted, instead of asking his parents for money. Jayson took up odd jobs over the summer of his junior year and half of his junior year as well in order to save up for his baby. [​IMG] Relief flooded through his body when Ashton texted back that he could come over. His friend's house was his safe place and when he couldnt go there, he usually went to this one spot deep into the woods and situated by a river to help calm his nerves. Honestly, the arguing between his parents was getting worse and worse, and when he got to college he wanted to move his sister in with him. He didnt want her to worry about their parents arguing day and night, keeping her awake. He wanted her to live a happy eight year old life, worrying about boys in the future, not what her parents were arguing about or any of that bull crap. Thanks man, you're a life saver, I owe ya. And why dont we talk about that when i get there...

    Starting up his car, he drove to Ashton's, fingers drumming on the steering wheel as his music blared throughout the car, mind lost in thought. It was all just white noise at the moment. Two awkward boys, both terrible at socializing and being around others, it was no wonder that they connected so easily. It almost made Jayson kind of sad to know that they possibly werent going to be going to the same college, but hopefully they would both find a good group of friends that would except them for who they were.

    Pulling up into a familiar drive way, his eyes were drawn to an awfully familiar 2013 volkswagen and a sigh lost his lips. He had forgotten that Mattaline's best friend as Kei Yamazaki and that she lived right next door to his friend. It was kind of strange how that worked out, his neighbor was best friends with his friends neighbor. For some reason, just the thought started to make his head ache and he gave a small shake, trying to get out of his mind. Sometimes Jayson lived in his mind way too much, getting lost in it all. Stepping out of his car, he pushed his glasses and rolled his sleeves up to his elbow. [​IMG] Jayson had tried, a long time ago, wearing contacts but they bothered his eyes too much so he gave up on them and decided to stick with glasses.

    Shoving his hands into his pockets, he made his way up the steps and opened up the door, greeting Ashton's mother with a small smile. He had started coming over to their house so often that it wasnt weird for him to just open the door. As the arguing at his house became more constant, he ended up running here to escape, sometimes spending the night, other times staying late enough to know that his parents had fallen asleep an he would sneak back over to his house. "Thank you so much for having me over." Jayson said, grateful that they allowed him to come, though there were some days when he wasnt allowed, which was understandable, but they've very rarely said no.

    Only Ashton and his family knew his family problems, and he knew that if anyone else knew, they wouldnt understand, hell they would probably make fun of him.

    Bidding the mother goodbye, he made his way up to his friend's room, smiling faintly as he let out a long sigh. "What's up man?" Jayson questioned, leaning against the door frame as he took in the room. It was still messy as ever, a bit cleaner but still very disorganized, not that he would expect anything different from Ashton. Running a hand through his hair, Jayson stifled a small yawn and made his way into the room. Ashton was into music, a little more heavily involved than he was, but they were able to bond over that and if he remembered correctly, that's how they made their first connection, talking over music and then things were only up hill from there. "So about this party..." He began. "You wanna go and just scope it out? I mean it's our senior year, I was kind of thinking that we should go and just maybe...check it out. We dont really have to stay or anything. He gave a lame shrug.

    It would be interesting to just go check it out, and he was sure that people would basically freak if they showed up, but like he said, they didnt have to stay long. Jayson just wanted to go for probably five minutes, at least so he could say that he went to a few parties when he was in high school, no one ever said that you had to stay long. "I mean if you dont want to go, that's fine...we can always stay here and find things to do." He muttered. There was another reason for wanting to go...a smaller reason. He hoped to catch the elusive Mattaline, not that he would get the courage to actually talk to her. But this was probably going to be his last year to see her and while he was looking forward to getting away from everyone, including her, there was still a small part of Jayson that knew he was going to miss Mattaline. So he wanted to catch as many glimpses of her as he could, admiring from a far and silently wishing that they still had the relationship like old times, but knew that was never going to happen. A guy could wish.

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  11. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior


    Kei's comment about Mattaline needing to stop showing up unexpected went completely ignored. Matty knew better than to believe Kei didn't love it when she showed up without any warning, and even if Kei didn't like it Matty wasn't planning on stopping. She enjoyed showing up out of the blue to spend time with her best friend, usually bearing gifts and several conversation topics.

    By now Kei had a nice collection of things Matty had bought her: Several pairs of shoes, jewelry, dresses- not that Kei ever wore them- phone cases, blankets, coffee mugs, bags. Mattaline's parents made more money than they could ever spend, and so they were often putting money into Mattaline's bank account for her. Which, of course, had resulted in a bad habit of her just swiping her card without ever checking to see how much was in her account. Mattaline shopped whenever she was excited, upset, too lazy to wash her laundry, or when a special occasion was coming up. Much of the stuff she bought was actually for other people- and the majority of that was for Kei.

    Now, that wasn't to say Mattaline completely depended on her family's money. While she humbly accepted the cash her parents gave her- because they lived to spoil their daughter, and who was she to deny them such a simple pleasure?- she did have a job. She was a cashier at a local Walmart. Though, because her parents were always putting money into her checkings account, she had it set up so her paycheck would only go into her savings account. Already she had over $5,000 saved up- Not that she knew this. She never checked.

    While Mattaline plugged her curling iron in and set it to an appropriate temperature the two twins playfully bickered in the other room. Mattaline enjoyed being an only child but she did sometimes wonder what it would have been like if she did have a sibling. That was part of the reason she loved coming over to Kei's house so much- Kei and Sousuke were like the sister and brother she never had.

    Once the twins paused in their banter Mattaline said, loud enough for them to hear, "Oh, don't think I forgot about you Sousuke. I could never forget my partner in crime. Your gift is still in the bag, though I wasn't sure if you'd like it or not. If you don't the receipt is also in the bag, feel free to take it back and get something you'll actually play." In the bag was 'Dead Rising 3,' a video game for the Xbox 1. In all truth Mattaline knew he'd like it, because she remembered him talking about how he wanted it just earlier that week, but she figured she should keep the receipt just in case.

    Humming to herself, Mattaline set her make up in a sort of assembly line, so there was no way she could mess up the order in which she wanted to put things on Kei. She didn't plan on putting too much on Kei, mostly because she had a natural beauty about her. Mattaline only planned on defining Kei's features, and perhaps subtly bringing more attention to her dark brown eyes.

    After checking to make sure everything was in it's place, and that her curling iron was almost at the desired temperature, Mattaline walked back to Kei's bedroom. Her blue eyes landed on her friend, and she shook her head. "Come on Yammy, up!" She said as she walked over, taking Kei's hand and pulling her off the bed. "If we dilly dally we'll miss the fashionably late mark, and then we'll just be late. Go get dressed, come on."

    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior


    Only seconds after Ashton replied to Jayson his phone went off again, and Ashton reached for it once more. He skimmed through Jayson's reply and then dropped his phone back onto his bed without sending another message. Jayson would be there soon enough, and Ashton didn't want to distract him with a text message while he was driving.

    While he waited for Jayson to arrive, Ashton's thoughts were again pulled to Kei. It was honestly torture having her just next door, so close to him at all times, and yet not be able to talk to her. He had considered calling her up before, inviting her to go see a movie while they caught up. But the thought was dismissed as soon as he realized that it'd be better for her if he just stayed away. She had somehow found her way into the group of popular's at their high school, she was on the swim team, she was liked by everyone who knew her. Kei had a good thing going for her, Ashton didn't want to mess it up by trying to reach out again. Her reputation would surly be ruined if anyone found out she was hanging out with 'Ashley Blake: Band Geek.'

    Besides, he wasn't even sure she'd want to hang out with him. Sure, she did talk to his mother from time to time, but he doubted she ever even asked about him. Kei probably only spoke to his mother to be polite- she had always been so polite. Unlike the people she chose to hang out now. Especially Mattaline Nelson, her new best friend. Ashton just couldn't understand how a quite and sweet girl like Kei could willingly hang out with such a loud and in-your-face person as Mattaline.

    Jayson: "Thank you so much for having me over."

    It was Jayson's familiar voice that pulled Ashton's mind away from his neighbor, and he sat up with a grunt. Moments later, Jayson entered his room and Ashton nodded towards the other male in a way to say 'hey.' He then listened to Jayson talk about the party, and after giving it some thought Ashton said, "Nah, let's go. This is our senior year, might as well pretend we're excited about it. Besides, it'll make my mom happy to know that we're making an effort to socialize."

    Ashton stood up, reaching for the change of clothes he had left out on his bed. "Let me just change into this real quick," he said, gesturing to the baggy t-shirt and loose sweatpants he currently wore. "I don't really think it'd be sociably acceptable for me to show up in this." Not that he was accepted socially anyways.

    It only took two minutes for Ashton to change into the bathroom and quickly brush his teeth. He then returned to his bedroom, motioned for Jayson to follow him, picked up the trash bag he had left by his door, and then headed down the stairs. He went to the straight to the kitchen, where his mom was putting together a platter of cheese and crackers. "Hey mom, we decided to go to that party."

    Ashton watched as his mother's face lit up, a smile stretching all the way across her face. "That's great! I was making this for you two, but I'll just leave it in the fridge for when you boys get back. You will be back, won't you Jayson?" Already she was opening the refrigerator, platter in hand.

    "Thanks, mom," Ashton said after giving Jayson time to reply to his mother's question, scratching the back of his head. "Any time you want me to be home?"

    "Nope," His mother replied instantly, making it obvious that she had anticipated this question. "Go ahead, enjoy yourselves boys. Oh, but do be responsible."

    With that Ashton gave his mother a hug, and led Jayson outside. He went to the side of his house to throw the trash bag away, and then started walking towards Jayson's red jeep. He couldn't help but glance towards Kei's house, seeing that all the cars were still in the driveway and that Mattaline's black bug was still parked out front. Would they be too early to the party? He was sure Mattaline, Kei and Sousuke would be going, they were Kyler's friends after all.

    Ashton turned to face Jayson and asked, "Do you even know where Kyler lives? Because I don't."


  12. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior



    A loud groan left her lips as Sousuke threw the pillow back at her. "Hey if Matty and I werent in cahoots with each other, then you would never get out of the house. You would wither up and become an old little shriveled up lady. He commented and the younger twin threw him a glare.

    "You are the most dramatic person ever. She stated as she sat up and ran a hand through her hair, her eyes catching the things that lay in her closest, stacked neatly on top of each other or by each other's side. A lot of the things that lay there she used and made sure to keep it in a nice neat pile, after all it was a gift from a dear friend. Mattaline seriously bought her way too many things, and it almost made her feel bad that she didnt do the same. Dont get her wrong, her family was well off, but not as much as her friends, besides, it seemed that what Mattaline liked was constantly changing so she wasn't even sure if she could find something the female liked. The two were close, but there still seemed to be a thing barrier that stood in the way from them getting even closer.

    "Hey Matty Are we taking your car or mine? Or we can take Sousuke's and you can spend the night. Kei called out as she got up and moved to get changed into the outfit that her friend had picked out for her, letting out a long sigh. Her friend was over constantly that Kei made sure there was an extra set of toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush and clothes, just for whenever Mattaline decided to pop by and stay for the night. Outside there were three cars, one was Sousuke's another was her friends and one was hers. In the garage there were two cars as well, one being her fathers and the other being one of her older brother's who was staying here for probably three weeks or so before he went back to do whatever it was he did.

    Kei's car was a 2015 black highlander, while her brother's car (which was passed down from their father) was a black tesla. Fancy...not that Kei really cared, she worked hard to get her car, working double shifts as a life guard. Now she wasnt saying that Sousuke didnt work hard, cause he did, but only one could get that car since her father wanted to get a new car anyway, and well...he won in rock paper scissors. Pulling the 'I'm the oldest car' didnt work that time.


    "Awe, sweet! Thanks Matts I can always count on you. Sousuke grinned brightly, giving the female wink as he headed to his room. He'd save this game for later. Kei watched as he left, baffled by how he could play games like that and not get nightmares, she wouldnt be able to sleep for probably five months if she played a game like that. Walking into the bathroom, she crossed her arms over her chest, fully dressed for the party and ready to have her hair and makeup done. Usually Kei only wore mascara and eyeliner on the top of her eyes, considering that it was harder for her to put makeup on because of her asian eyes, but every once and awhile she indulged Mattaline and let her do her hair and makeup.

    "You spoill Sousuke way too much." She commented as she moved into the bathroom, running a hand through her hair and her gaze looking at the make up and curling iron that lay before her, a small whine leaving her lips. "It's too late to back out...isnt it?"

    The young girl always wondered how her brother and her friend seemed to talk her into things, within reason, but then again the things that they talked her into, she usually ended up leaving. It was mostly parties and social outings. Though there were a few times that Sousuke was on her side and they would just spend a night in their house, watching movies or playing stupid board games with the family. "Alright...let's get this over with."

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior



    Upon hearing Ashton comment that they should go, he nodded his hands and shoved his hands into his pockets. Immediately his heart beat started to pick up at the single thought of having to mingle with everyone and the risk of being bullied at a party. But who knows, there was also a chance that they could be ignored which would be slightly upsetting, but the feeling of relief won over that thought. He honestly rather be ignored than have cup after cup of alcohol dumped all over him again. "Take your time man."

    Truly, Jayson was in no rush to go to the party early, slightly fearing what would happen if they showed up too early and were the only ones there. It was a shame that Jayson was 6'1" and yet people could easily pick on him, including the freshman on the football team. Of course though, he could probably beat them up if he really needed to, don't get him wrong, he was very strong. He had more of an athletic build than people knew, but the problem was his mindset. Jayson believed that he could never take those jocks on, he wasn't confident enough and even if he did gain the confidence, it would quickly be knocked back down.

    When Ashton came back, Jayson pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and followed him downstairs, watching as his mother put the platter of cheese and crackers in the fridge. "Uhm...yeay, if that's alright with you Ms. Blake." He said. His sister was having a sleepover at a friends house for the time being and he was pretty sure that his parents would still be arguing and if they weren't then his mother was going to be crying while his father was out looking for the next slut to screw. He couldnt be around that tonight.

    Walking out to his jeep, he unlocked it and hopped inside, caramel eyed gaze moving to look at the cars that were just right by, seeing Mattaline's. Maybe this would be his chance to talk to her again...probably not.


    Ashton: Do you even know where Kyler lives? Because I dont.

    Jayson blinked upon hearing his friends question and he turned to look at the boy, shrugging his shoulders. "I know he lives somewhere in a house... He said lamely, trying to lighten the mood and then let out a long sigh. How would they find this out? He could probably text Mattaline and ask for directions, after all he still had her number in his phone, but who knew if she had his. And even if she did, she would probably be weirded out that someone from her past childhood was texting her. He sighed and shook his head, pulling his Iphone 6 out of his pocket and searching through a few things before he found it.

    "Gotta love the internet, right?" The brown haired teen questioned as he read over the address and started up the car before pulling out of the driveway. He still actually couldnt believe that both him and Ashton were going to this party and hopefully they would be able to go for a short period of time without any trouble coming to them.

    Running a hand through his hair, he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, glancing over at the male by his side. "Hey, I just want to say thanks again for letting me come over to your house so often." Usually Jayson was awkward about his feelings and ever just saying those words made him feel rather weird. But truly, he was grateful that not even words could actually describe how releived he was to know that he could come over to Ashton's house and spend a few hours there, even the night from time to time.

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  13. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior


    Kei: "Hey Matty Are we taking your car or mine? Or we can take Sousuke's and you can spend the night."

    The brunette gave this a moment of thought before saying, "Sou-Sou can drive, no point in taking more than one car, right? And I think I'll spend the night, my parents have some banquet to go to tonight so I think they'll be gone until morning. I don't really wanna be home alone." Her parents had been leaving Mattaline home alone since she was a young girl and, although they had a top-notch security system, Mattaline was terrified of being home alone at night.

    Suddenly, her mind flashed back to her old friend Jayson. He used to stay with her until her parents got home whenever they would leave her alone, and he was the only person before Kei that Matty had ever truly opened up to. Matty's smile suddenly dropped as she realized how long it had been since the two last spoke. Occasionally she would see him around school or outside his house, but whenever she tried to wave to him Jayson would look away before she even got her hand up. Mattaline took this to mean that he didn't want anything to do with her anymore, probably because she wasn't the same timid little girl she used to be. He probably resented her for all the partying she did. Still, sometimes at night she would open up her window, just to hear him play his violin...

    Sousuke: "Awe, sweet! Thanks Matts I can always count on you."

    It was the excited voice of her dear friend that brought the smile back to Mattaline's face. This was why she was always buying gifts for her friends: just to hear that tone in their voice. It always made her feel extra special, extra significant, whenever she witnessed the sheer happiness her gifts caused. Especially the spontaneous and unexpected ones. It was her way of showing her friends that she was always thinking of them, even when she was supposed to be out shopping for herself.

    "You're welcome!" Mattaline called out to Sousuke as he ran off to put the game away. Matty then followed Kei to the bathroom, admiring the outfit she had picked out for her friend. "I knew you wouldn't pick one of the ones with a skirt," Mattaline commented. She loved wearing dresses and frilly skirts, but Kei wasn't the same. Which was the only reason she had brought the option of the shorts, so that Kei wouldn't be entirely out of her comfort zone.

    "I don't spoil either of you enough," Mattaline argued when Kei said that she spoiled Sousuke too much. "It makes me happy to give you two gifts, so it's really like spoiling myself." A short laugh escaped her when Kei asked if it was too late to back out, and then her blue eyes rolled when Kei urged her to hurry up and get it over with. "I'm tempted to just take my sweet time, really drag it out, but-" Matty checked the time on her phone, "we're running out of time. You're in luck."

    Matty started by putting primer on each of Kei's eyelids, applying gold-ish eye shadow over the entire eyelid and slightly underneath her eye, and then light brown eye shadow over the edges of the gold. Using her favorite brush Mattaline blended the colors, to make the lines less obvious, and then applied a thin layer of eye-liner to Kei's waterline. She did give Kei a little wing- something she only ever did for her female friend. Mattaline just didn't like the way it came out whenever she tried to give herself eyeliner wings. Finally, Matty applied black mascara, a light blush to Kei's cheekbones, and some light pink lip gloss to match.

    "There," Matty said, stepping back to admire her work. "You just went from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous." She started picking up her make up materials and throwing them in her bag, giving Kei time to look at her reflection. Matty then picked up the curling iron and started to work on Kei's hair. She only held each strand of hair against the hot iron long enough to get a very loose curl, and was sure to curl the hairs in the front away from her face. Before too long Mattaline was finished, and she unplugged her curling iron from the outlet. "What do you think?"

    Mattaline's phone then went off, a message from Kyler:

    "Hey sexy! Kat totes upped the price for the booze she brought and I already spent to much on the rest of the party stuff. U can pick up the rest right? See U soon!"

    Mattaline heaved a sigh, and sent back a simple 'sure.' She enjoyed buying things for her friends, but she didn't enjoy buying things they specifically asked for. It took the sudden surprise out of it, and honestly when they asked for stuff like this it just made them seem greedy in her eyes. But, having the party at Kyler's house this year had been what she voted for, so she might as well help pay.

    "Ready to go?" She asked, looking back up to Kei. She smiled at her female friend, running her fingers through her long brown hair.

    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior


    Silence filled the car as Jayson looked up Kyler's address. It wasn't surprising that he had found it so easily, but Ashton couldn't help but think it was stupid of the jock to have personal information like his home address so readily accessible to anyone online. Was he fearless? He must be.

    Ashton would never put his address up online, he just thought it was too risky. Partly because he was sure his house would be egged, but also because he felt it put his mother and father in unnecessary danger. If someone held a grudge against him they could just show up at his house and threaten his parent's, if they wished to do so. He thought Kyler was a reckless fool.

    He watched as Jayson smoothly maneuvered his jeep. Ashton admired how Jayson was such a good driver, almost as much as he admired him for his skill with the violin- one instrument Ashton had failed to master. Ashton's car was a stick shift, which made it much harder to drive, but he was sure that even if it was an automatic like Jayson's jeep he still wouldn't be as good of a driver as Jay.

    Ashton stared idly out of the window, listening to the way Jayson drummed on his steering wheel. This was a habit Ashton had noticed Jayson had the first time he rode with him, but he had decided to never comment on it. The drumming didn't really bother him, so what would be the point of calling attention to it?

    Jayson: "Hey, I just want to say thanks again for letting me come over to your house so often."

    Ashton turned to look over at Jayson, studying him for a moment. It was unusual for him to share how he was feeling, even in such an indirect way. The simple sentence told Ash that things in the Arnold house were getting worse, and that Jayson really needed Ashton's house as a refuge more than ever.

    "Of course, man," Ashton said after a beat, nodding his head. "Mi casa, su casa, you know that."

    It helped that Jayson managed to wrap both of Ashton's parents around his fingers, seemingly unintentionally. His mother just adored him, and while Ashton's father was usually at work whenever Jayson came over, the times that he had spent around Jayson he had some pretty intelligent conversations with him. Ashton thought that his father enjoyed having someone around who would challenge him intellectually.

    In an effort t change the subject, Ashton asked, "So, how long until we get there? I couldn't help but notice my neighbor hadn't left for the party, so I'm sort of worried we'll get there too early... that would be kind of awkward, don't you think?"

    Ashton usually avoided saying Kei's name out loud, in an effort to remind himself that they no longer had any kind of bond. Silly as it may sound, Ashton worried that if he started to say her name out loud his desire to reach out to her would become overpoweringly strong, and he would end up doing something to embarrass himself. So, he always referred to her as 'my neighbor' instead.

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  14. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior


    "I'll only drive you if you dont call me Sou-sou again." Sousuke called from Kei's bedroom. Why he was in her room, she had no idea, he seemed to enjoy spending time there when he wasn't playing video games. Her gaze moved over towards her room, seeing a sliver of her window and outside seeing the window across from her room and immediately looking away.

    She felt as Mattaline did her make up barely listening a she spoke that she didn't spoil her or her brother nearly enough, a small smile forming on her face. As the other female put on her makeup, Kei seemed to get lost in her own thoughts. It was times like these were she wondered why they were friends, how they became friends and though they were close...they didnt really understand each other.

    Mattaline was a lot more social than she was, she partied, was out there, all the boys loved her and wanted to be with her...or get with her whichever way you chose to look at it. Kei on the other hand was pretty sure that no one wanted her. She had somehow made it into the popular crowd and yet she was just there. It was moments like these where she wished that she still talked to Ashton, heard his words of wisdom and just basked in his presence. Kei would get this way when she was younger too, the fear of someone leaving her and he was always there to remind her that people did like her and that they wouldn't leave her. Of course her best friend understood the feelings that plagued her, but Kei rarely ever brought it up around Mattaline, not wanting to burden her with her own feelings too much.

    Mattaline:"You just went from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous."

    Being pulled out of her thoughts, Kei turned her attention towards the girl in the mirror wearing makeup, feeling rather uncomfortable since she wasn't used to it. "My face feels heavy..." She joked, giving Mattaline a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Somehow Mattaline and Sousuke found a way to convince her to go to party after party, sometimes she stayed other times she left within the first ten minutes, but the thing was, parties weren't really her thing and she felt that she didn't understand that sometimes. There was loud music, drunk boys that let their hands wander and got too close for comfort, and alcohol.


    She wasnt one to drink, neither was her brother, and sometimes Kei couldn't understand how people could consume that substance at such a young age, not caring about the consequences. Sometimes she felt as if she was growing up in this generation with morals from an older generation. Being pulled out of her thoughts once more, Kei turned her gaze back towards the mirror, seeing that her hair was now curled. "Oh, I love it...uhm thanks Matty. Her dark brown eyed gaze watched as her friend pulled out her phone, sending back a simple reply with a sigh. "Yeay...lets go get our party on!"

    Heading down the steps, she bid farewell to her father who seemed please to not only see his daughter get out and be social but to have the house all to himself. Sousuke was already waiting in the car, music playing throughout and his fingers drumming on the wheel as he waited, grinning when he saw the girls. "Perfect timing. Kyler texted me saying you've got the drinks?" He questioned, turning to look at Mattaline. "Geez Matts you know you're becoming predictable when Kyler texts me and asks if I'm driving you and Kei. He chuckled a bit and started up the car, peeling out of the driveway and heading towards the jock's house. For Kei, the drive was slow and torturous as she gazed out the window, watching as house after house passed by, the music becoming white noise as she slowly ventured further and further into the recesses of her mind. Her safe haven.

    Out of habit, Kei's hands immediatly started to play with the hem of her shorts, one of the things she did when she was nervous. Two of the other things she usually did was bite her lower lip or run her fingers through her hair, but since Mattaline had done such a nice job, she didnt want to ruin it, so Kei settled on playing with the hem of her shorts and repeating phobias over and over again in her head in hopes of calming her nerves.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior



    The faintest of smiles appeared on Jayson's lips when Ashton told him that mi casa, su casa. With senior year around the corner, things only seemed to be getting worse and worse at his house. His father stayed out later, his mother wept, and the arguing escalated when both parents were home. He couldnt wait to get out, get away from it all and have some peace, hopefully. Silence settled in once more and the small drumming continued to spread throughout the car before Ashton spoke up.

    Ashton:"So, how long until we get there? I couldn't help but notice my neighbor hadn't left for the party, so I'm sort of worried we'll get there too early... that would be kind of awkward, don't you think?"

    Thinking about the answer, Jayson pulled up to a red light, tilting his head to the side and pursing his lips. He had noticed that whenever he talked about Kei he used 'my neighbor' and Jayson had always found that strange but never bothered to ask.

    "Well I saw that Kei had Mattaline over, A shot of pain ran through his heart at just the mention of her name. "So they're probably going to do what most girls do and come "fashionably late." He air quotes before he put his hands back on the wheel and stepped on the gas when the light turned green. Mattaline Nelson. He remembered her shy smile and bright life, which she still had, but she had gained a lot more confidence. Jayson wondered if she still hated staying in her house on her own, remembering that when he was younger he would sometimes spend the night with her since her parents always seemed to be gone. Those were fond memories. But now if he was to befriend her again, he knew he would ruin her status and he didnt want to do that. He wanted her to be happy and actually have fun during high school unlike him.

    Besides, she probably didnt want to be seen with a loser like him, the six foot one inch tall guy getting shoved into the lockers, having people make fun of him. She probably laughed at him now with all those other jocks and popular kids. Heaving a big sigh, he turned down a street, looking at the houses that lined the streets and immediately he found Kyler's place, after all there were already a bunch of cars and people milling about on the front lawn. "Found his house..." Jayson muttered out loud, as he turned his car off and looked out the window. This was now or never. Taking a deep breath, he got out of the car and looked around, hoping to go unnoticed. Then again who could miss a guy who was 6'1" and his friend who was 6'4". Damn height. "C'mon, let's go check it out.

    Jayson nodded his head in the direction of the house and made his way across the street, catching some stares and watching as people turned and whispered about the two geeks being here and yet no one made a move to stop them, at least not yet. The party was already in full swing, music blasting throughout the house, girls already with the tops off or shirts hiked up, and it wasn't even ten o'clock yet. Pushing up his glasses, Jayson looked around the room, taking in the scenery and secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of Mattaline. He watched as girls swayed their hips, guys grinded behind them or offered some people some alcohol. Over in the corner there was a group of guys that looked to be playing beer pong and out back there were a group of people milling about, a couple people making out and feeling each other up. Jayson concluded that his school was filled with manwhores and sluts.

    "What do you think?" He turned to Ashton and raised his voice, trying to be heard over the music. This was his first party in three years since the beginning of freshman year and it was exactly as he had remembered it. Cramped and suffocating. Part of him wanted to leave already, just turn around, get back in his jeep and drive back home and then another part of him reasoned with part that wanted to go home, that he should just stay for a bit. Get a feel of his last high school party and then they could leave. Jayson stood out of the way with his best friend at his side, near a book case and watching as everyone else mingled, poured their cups with more drinks or did whatever the hell they were doing.

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  15. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior


    Mattaline followed Kei down the stairs, waving goodbye to Mr. Yamazaki before exiting the house. Gracefully, she climbed into the backseat of Sousuke's car. A gasp escaped her as the teenage boy called her predicable. "Mattaline Nelson, predictable?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Impossible. You've got some nerve, Sou-Sou, calling me such a thing." She shook her head in disapproval.

    Her gaze turned towards her window and she watched the houses pass by as they made their way to Kyler's house. The route was familiar to Matty, and so she knew exactly where they were going. Before too long Sousuke pulled up in front of Kyler's house, taking the last available spot in the driveway. Everyone who showed up from that point on would need to park either across the street or in front of one of his neighbors house.

    Mattaline checked the time on her phone, a smile appearing on her face. "Good," She said, tucking the phone back into her bag. "We're still in the fashionably late window. Excellent job guys!" With that, Mattaline exited the car and ran her fingers through her hair before leading her two friends inside.

    Already, the place was packed. Flashing lights and blaring music assaulted Matty's senses in a familiar way, only causing her smile to deepen. It was in this kind of environment- where countless people showed up to have a good time, all doing their own thing- in which Mattaline felt most comfortable. Reaching behind her Mattaline found Kei's hand, and she easily pushed her way through the crowd and to the kitchen.

    That, of course, was where Kyler was waiting for her. He was accompanied with Gage, Kaiden, Jasmine and Katherine. Jasmine and Kaiden were making out, though they were not a couple, while Gage spoke in a hushed tone with Katherine. There was no doubt in Mattaline's mind that Gage was trying to get Kat to give them the booze at a discounted price- which they all knew was a lost cause. Kat always had the best stuff, which was why everyone went to her. And, when you're the best you get to charge whatever you want. That was just the way it worked.

    "Matty! Glad you're here. You got the rest of the money, right? It's just two hundred."

    Mattaline's blue eyes landed on Kyler, and she smiled at him. "Yeah, yeah, right here," Matty said, reaching into her purse and pulling out her wallet. A few moments later Katherine had her money, and Kyler left to go get the rest of the alcoholic beverages from her car. Since Matty had already taken care of what she needed to do, she turned to her Kei and Sousuke. Before she could say anything her attention was drawn to a song playing in the living room

    "I've got a fire for a heart, I'm not scared of the dark, You've never seen it look so easy."

    Mattaline's glossed lips curled back into a smile as she reached out for Kei's hand. "Come on!" She announced, dragging Kei towards the living room. "Dance with me!"

    The two arrived just as the chorus began, and Mattaline easily fell into beat with everyone else. "All my life, you stood by me, when no one else was ever behind me," She sang, swaying her hips, "All these lights, they can't blind me, with your love nobody can drag me down." She found a good spot among the crowd- not too deep, so that Kei wouldn't be horribly uncomfortable- and released her best friend from her grasp. Mattaline's gaze flickered around the room, smiling to several people she recognized.

    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior


    Anxiety began to build up inside of Ashton, and by the time Jayson pulled up to Kyler's house he was practically drowning in it. It didn't help seeing all the other cars that were already there, and the ones that were arriving just seconds after Jayson parked. Oh lord, Ashton thought, staring out the window with wide eyes. What have I gotten myself in to?

    He'd never been to a party before- Well, not a real party. The band geeks threw parties of their own and Ashton occasionally attended those, but he never stayed long. Even in an environment where he was surrounded with people he liked Ashton couldn't get past his social anxiety. And now he was attending a real high school party at a house owned by the quarterback- Willingly!

    Jayson: "C'mon, let's go check it out."

    Had it not been for his friend urging him to come along Ashton may have hid in the car the whole night. After a few deep breaths Ashton pushed the door open and ducked out of the jeep. He slammed the door shut behind him- an accident. It was the nerves. Ash swallowed- something that seemed much harder to do at the time- and followed the other male across the street.

    He could feel all the eyes on him and Jayson, and he could even hear some of the things people were muttering. Ignore them, he told himself, keeping his eyes down. Just pretend they don't exist. As the two drew closer to the house the music grew louder, the space more crowded. Before long Ashton was passing over the threshold of the house, and finally he lifted his gaze.

    All around him were dancing adolescents, reeking of sweat and alcohol. He recognized almost everyone immediately, but he knew none of them on a personal level. And the ones he did know he did not have a positive relationship with. Ashton could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and he found himself missing his mother's nagging.

    He saw more of people he ever thought he'd see. Parties are strange, he decided, looking away from several topless females. He knew they had willingly exposed themselves like that, but he still felt very wrong looking at them. Apparently, he was among the few teenage boys who felt that way.

    Had Ashton not been looking at Jayson he likely would not had realized his friend was even talking. The music was deafening loud, and Ashton had to shout back to his friend, who only stood a few inches away. "It's a lot more like the movies than I thought it would be," He joked back, forcing himself to smile. He thought that if he tried to act like the party wasn't so bad he'd learn to enjoy the experience.

    He looked to the back doors, seeing that it was less crowded out there. "Come on," he yelled before heading in that direction. In order to get to the back yard one had to pass through the kitchen- where the smell of alcohol was the strongest. The teenage boy found himself inhaling deeply once outside, thankful for the fresh air.

    It was much quieter in the back yard, and surprisingly well lit. Lights dangled above, the reflections of them playing on the surface of the pool. Most people held red cups in their hands, and Ashton could only assume was was inside of them. He turned to Jayson, his voice returning to a more normal volume. "Let's stay for a hour, yeah?" He suggested. "That way we can say we came and didn't just leave right away, but we also won't be here for so long. And, if we somehow get separated we should just meet back here. It's a lot less crowded."
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  16. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior



    It was the same thing over and over again and Kei could almost feel as if the car was closing in on her the closer that they got to Kyler's house. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to steel her nerves. Feeling as the car stopped, she turned her gaze out the window, watching as others walked up the driveway, some already waving towards the car that had just pulled out. Just stay calm, you're fine. You're with your brother and're fine. Kei told herself, glancing over at her friend when she stated that they were still fashionably late. With an audible gulp, Kei watched as Mattaline got out of the car, hearing the driver's side open, Kei turned a rather frightened look towards her brother who gave her a sympathetic look.

    "Hey Yammy." He said in a soft tone, chuckling just a bit. "Dont worry alright? We'll be here for just a bit. Besides since when have you known Mattaline and I to leave you completely on your own?" Sousuke asked as he shut his door and moved over to open her side, holding out his hand. "It'll be alright." He told her in that same reassuring voice as he took her hand and helped her out, something Kei was grateful for.

    Taking a deep breath, Kei stepped into the threshold and immediately she started to curl in on herself, wanting to run away, but the minute that Mattaline took her hand, everything felt better...slightly. Following Matty towards the kitchen, her brother trailing behind, the smell of alcohol hit her nose and she knew that it would only get stronger later in the night. Dark brown eyes watched as money was exchanged before they were off towards the dance floor. To be honest, parties were just a big whirlwind for Kei and when she was with Sousuke and Mattaline she just kind of stuck with them.

    Moving to the dance floor, music blared all around, sweaty bodies pressed into her and Kei felt as if she was slowly starting to drown in a sea of bodies. That was a feeling that no one seemed to understand, social outings like this made Kei feel as if she was drowning, and no one could hear her cries.

    Mattaline:"Dance with me!"


    Her friends voice cut through her thoughts like a sharp knife and immediately Kei's gaze drifted back towards Mattaline watching as her friend swayed her hips to the beat of the music, people around them smiling and giving simple waves before they went back to whatever it was they were doing. It wasn't too crowded where they stood and Kei could deal with that. With the faintest of smiles, Kei began to dance with her friend, somehow having lost Sousuke in the process of weaving in and out of the crowd. Whatever, he probably went to find his friends, a good group of friends that he had. They were like him in a way and they were part of the popular crowd, not that they cared, they weren't anything like Kyler, Kaiden, Dylan, Jaxon, or any of the other populars.

    Kei moved her body in time with the music, letting her eyes close for a bit as she let the music carry her away and allow her body to just melt. Sometimes parties weren't all that bad.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior



    Music intruded Jayson's senses and he looked around the room, glancing over at Ashton's when he spoke up. A small chuckle left his lips and he nodded his head in agreement. That sure was right. There was alcohol, probably drugs somewhere, guys shirtless and drunk, girls topless and down to their underwear. This scene made Jayson realize one thing...he truly wasnt missing out on much. This was honestly ridiculous in his mind and never in his wildest dreams did Jayson think that the party from freshman year could actually get worse, but here he it right now.

    Hearing Ashton over the blaring music, Jayson made his way outside where there was fresh air, and it was a lot less crowded. There were about one or two people in the pool splashing around and having a wonderful time. To be honest, pools kind of weirded Jayson out, all that bacteria floating around and gross other things that made him shiver. That was something that he usually avoided, that and he wasnt the best swimmer. It made it easy that he was tall, but he couldnt seem to blow bubbles out of his nose which always ended up with Jayson choking on the water.

    "Hey, let's go check out things in the house again, just in case we need to make a fast getaway or something." Jayson teased as he nudged Ashton with his elbow before he maneuvered around the crowd, making his way back into the house with his friend by his side. It wasnt too hard to get around though since he was six foot one, and his friend was six foot four. Though what baffled Jayson was how he managed to lose his friend. They werent even doing anything. It was honestly as if one minute Ashton was by his side and the next, he was gone. "What the hell?" Jayson muttered to himself as he rubbed the back of his head and looked around the room, ignoring the glares and whispers around him. He had to find Ashton. A nerd alone was a nerd in danger...and that goes for both of them.


    Internally panicking, Jayson pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and started to search around the house. Though as he was looking, his gaze cut across the room and over towards the dance floor where he saw his neighbor, Mattaline dancing with her friend and immediately his heart started to pound. She was beautiful as ever, a bright smile on her face, hair perfect as always and of course he had no chance with her. Whether it be in a platonic or romantic relationship, there was no chance any of it was going to happen. All thoughts of finding his friend just flew right out of his mind. Good friend right there.

    Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Jayson recounted Ashton had said that if they got lost, they should meet in the backyard by the pool. Great idea! Making his way back, Jayson casted one last glance at Mattaline before he let out a small sigh and made his way out back, hoping that he would meet up with his friend soon.


  17. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior


    It wasn't long before the song came to an end, but Mattaline didn't pause in her dancing. As soon as the next song started- 'Buy U A Drank,' by T-Pain- she found the beat and matched her movements. Five more songs passed after that, several boys and a few females coming up to dance with Mattaline. But, she showed they nearly no attention, and one by one they would loose interest and migrate to someone else who would acknowledge their presence.

    This wasn't an uncommon occurrence for Mattaline: People- often strangers- coming up behind her and attempting to dance with her. Sometimes she didn't mind and would dance with them, but other times she just wanted to dance alone. Mattaline had found that ignorance was the best way to get rid of someone: If she played along they would continue, if she shooed them away they would take it as a challenge and keep trying, if she politely asked them to leave they'd consider her the type who would eventually give in. Which was why whenever someone would touch her waist or lean against her Mattaline would only turn slightly, so they weren't against her anymore, and carry on as she was.

    The fact that Kei was dancing too helped. It made he feel like she'd have back up if things got too out of hand- even if she wouldn't need the help. Everyone knew that Mattaline Nelson was more than capable than taking care of herself. Only two months prior she had punched Kaiden in the jaw for getting too handsy. He had learned his lesson, at least, and several of her other male friends also chose to learn from Kaiden's experience.

    Mattaline was just about to suggest that she and Kei go get a drink when someone bumped into Kei (Ashton). Not only had he bumped into her, but he had knocked her down to the ground. For a second Mattaline just stood there, processing what she had just witnessed. But, as soon as the shock was over Mattaline extended a hand out to her best friend, to help her back to her feet.

    "Why don't you watch where you're going next time," Mattaline suggested with a harsh tone, ignoring the males apology. He looked vaguely familiar, but Mattaline couldn't quite remember his name or who he was. Not that it mattered, he could have been the love of Mattaline's life and she would still be pissed at him for causing harm to Kei.

    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior


    Talk about a fast get away only made Ashton feel more nervous. He again became aware of his rapid heart rate, and suddenly he found it very hard to swallow. Thanks Jayson, he thought bitterly, turning to follow his friend back into the house. Just what I needed to hear. The two walked back into the house, and again Ashton was surrounded by sweaty adolescents.

    His attention only wavered from Jayson for a mere second, but it was long enough to loose the male. One would think it would be easy to spot his giant friend, but they would be wrong. Jayson and Ashton were not the only tall males at this party, and some of the teenage boys at the party were carrying females around on their shoulders. Was this meant to be some sort of game, or did girls just think it was cute to make boys carry them around like that? Ashton wasn't sure.

    "Jayson?" He called out, pushing his way further into the crowd. He had only lost Jayson for a second, and so Ashton assumed that he'd find him almost immediately. After all, how far could Jayson had gotten? He went down a less crowded hallway, drawn by he appeal of more personal space. The hallway seemed to be lined with guest rooms, a laundry room and a bathroom. Almost all the rooms were occupied, however, by two or more teenagers. Gross.

    After realizing that Jayson would not have taken this route Ashton headed upstairs. There was a loft that overlooked the front room, where several people were dancing. Ashton stood by the railing and looked down, his eyes searching for Jayson. He didn't see him, but he did see a different familiar face. It was Kei, dancing with Mattaline. A sad smile grazed his lips as he admired her, she looked happy. Good, he thought, I want her to be happy.

    Forcing himself not to stare- for that would be creepy- Ashton gave the room one more once over before exploring the rest of the upstairs. Again, all he found was horny groups of young adults. Very quickly Ashton learned not to open a door with a sock on it. His panic was just beginning to rise again when he remembered something he had conveniently said just before the two lost each other:

    "If we somehow get separated we should just meet back here. It's a lot less crowded."

    Ashton considered actually face palming. Surly Jayson went to the backyard as soon as he realized they had been separated, he was probably waiting for Ashton there. Ashton descended down the stairs, and was just about to turn towards the kitchen to walk out back when a group of drunk females went passing by him. One of them decided he was blocking the stairs too much and pressed her hand to his chest forcefully.

    Suddenly, Ashton was stumbling over his own feet- backwards. He first bumped into another girl, and before he could utter an apology she too pushed him. This time he fell backwards, colliding with a female and taking her to the ground with him. Instantly Ashton was saying, " I am so, so sorry, I was pushed and-" Sadly, his apology was cut short when he saw who he had knocked into. It was Kei. Of course it was Kei! That was just his luck. Ashton's face twisted with horror, his mouth going dry.
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  18. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior



    Mattaline was everything that Kei wasnt -at least out in public- and sometimes that kind of made her jealous. Her best friend was outgoing, beautiful, nice, fun, caring, loving, extroverted. Kei had to admit, sometimes she wished that seh was more like Matty but then again who knows if the two would actually get along. Though the two were as different as fire and ice, they had a nice contrast. Mattaline (along with the help of her brother) helped Kei get out of the house, sometimes pushed her out of her comfort zone for the better and Kei much as she loved Matty made sure she stayed calm. Honestly without her, Kei wasnt sure if Mattaline would even have a "chill" setting. While she still felt slightly uncomfortable, after a little while Kei let loose and just started to dance with her best friend.

    Her body swayed to the music, a smile on her face and her muscles at ease. The few that came up to dance with her quickly left, probably because they saw Mattaline close by or the fact that she didnt even acknowledge their presence.

    It was probably both. Kei had to admit, as sweet as her friend was, she had a tough side and ready to beat up anyone that brought harm to the ones she loved. Sousuke called that rather tough and protective side "Mama Mattaline. While Kei could hold her own, she was no where near the other female, and sometimes she craved under pressure. Mattaline could punch someone who deserved and claim that he deserved it while she would feel bad in the end. What a strange friendship the two had. With a bright smile, Kei ran a hand through her hair ad let out a small laugh, though it was quickly wiped off when she felt someone bump into her and she fell to the ground with an 'oof.' Falling on her bum, Kei let a small frown make its way onto her features and she looked up to see Mattaline holding out her hand and Ashton apologizing profusely.

    Taking her hand she stood up and brushed herself off, thankful that she had worn shorts. "It's alright." Kei said, gently placing a hand on her friends arm, trying to calm her down before anything else could get worse or she could get overworked. "He didnt mean it." She said softly. While Matty was quick to defend those close to her, Kei always tried to look on the other side, whether they meant it not, if their actions were intentional, and most would easily call Kei soft hearted. Matty this is my neighbor Ashton" The young female called out, her voice louder than usual just to be heard over the music. She wasnt really sure if introducing the two would really do anything, but Kei just hoped that it would lessen some of the hostility towards the male. Turning to look at the six foot four male, Kei looked up at him, wondering when he had gotten so tall. He was literally a foot taller than her and she had to back up just a bit so she wasnt putting strain on her neck just from looking up at him.

    "Are you alright?" Kei asked, genuinely concerned. Though he was taller than most of the people here, she knew that he she put it like a big teddy bear. Since she had known him, ever since she was young, he was always so kind and sweet, a bit awkward, but still very sweet and not too much into confrontation. Though now that she thought about it, she wondered why Ashton was here, not that he didnt have a right to be here, but parties werent his thing. Then again they werent her thing either and yet here she was.

    The small crowd that seemed to be surrounding Mattaline and Kei seemed to have thinned out and whether it was because Ashton was here or they just wanted to go get more alcohol, she had no idea. But it was nice, she didnt feel as crowded and the scent of sweat and alcohol wasnt as strong. As she watched Ashton Kei realized that this was the first time she was talking to the older male in a long time. Part of her wondered if he was okay with it or if he wanted her to leave her alone. Usually she just asked his mother how he was doing but this was her chance to maybe build their friendship back up, that is if he wanted.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior



    This was not good and Jayson was internally panicking over the fact he couldn't find his friend. "How the hell do you lose a six foot four giant? He thought to himself, looking around and using his height to his advantage. Jayson was boarder-line pissed, boarder-line worried, and board-line queasy. The thought that anything could happen to them while they were apart didnt sit well with him. In fact Jayson was so worried that he actually ignored all the death glares people gave him, the whispers about a nerd being here, ruining the party and screwing everything up.

    Heaving a big sigh, Jayson made his way back outside and shoved his hands into his pockets, rocking back and forth on his feet. His gaze moved towards the pool, staring at the moon that was reflected in the crystal clear water.

    Jayson was memorized to say the least. Though the only problem was he hated swimming. For one he wasnt very good at it and two he had the constant fear that he was going to drown, so yeay he tried to stay away from water as much as possible.

    Jayson was gazing at the pool and he was so lost in his thoughts that he didnt even notice Kyler walk up to him until he felt someone push him back a bit. "What do you think you're doing here loser?" Kyler spoke up, a sneer on his face, others standing behind, arms crossed and angry looks on their faces. Jayson opened and closed his mouth not sure what to do or say, and he didnt have to say anything, the male before him did all that. "Who the hell gave you permission to come here? Who do you think you are walking in here as if you were invited." He asked, laughing a bit and swinging around his red solo cup that was probably filled with beer, or vodka or whatever it was they drank at parties. Jayson wanted to snap back and say that last time he checked, everyone was invited and if he didnt want losers like him to show up, then he shouldn't be such a fricking idiot and post his address up online.

    The only thing was...he didnt have the guts. Clearing his throat, Jayson just looked down at the ground, refusing to meet the eyes of the males that stood before him. "I dont hear you saying anything! Cat got your tongue you stupid freak." He bellowed with laughter, lifting his cup up and dumping it all over Jayson. Just like Freshman year... Jayson thought to himself bitterly; the smell of alcohol invading his sense of smell and the sound of roaring laughter filling his ears. Immediately his ears went red, well his whole face, and now he just wanted to run out. He was a senior, a senior for pete's sake and he was still getting bullied. Clearing his throat, Jayson looked up at the males of the football team, watching as they laughed their butts off, others in the background laughing just as hard. "I think he needs to be taught more of a lesson." Jaxon spoke up, raising his cup before Kyler stopped him and shook his head.

    Relief flooded through the teens body before he remembered that this was the star player of the football team, the one who gave him wedgies when they were younger, spread rumors about him, shoved him into lockets. Something worse was coming. "Dont worry nerd. We'll teach you a lesson that you'll never forget and maybe you'll learn to never show that lame face of yours." One step. Two. Jayson felt himself backing up, the brilliant blue water of the pool to his back and the grass moving to perfect cobblestone. "You'll regret ever being born." Kyler sneered. "I'm surprised you still have the guts to even show up in public. And who knows maybe you and that other freak face loser friend of your wont come to our graduation. Certainly would make everything better. The other male growled.

    Jayson backed up towards the edge of the pool, feeling as the quarterback of the football team leaned over him, breathing in his face. Jayson got a huge whiff of all the alcohol that Kyler had consumed and immediately his stomach lurched. Jayson could already hear the splash of water behind him, his heart started to race, palms started to sweat and he knew that he wasnt going to be able to get out of this one.

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  19. Mattaline Lena Nelson ❣ Junior


    Had it not been for Kei's hand on her shoulder Mattaline probably would've been much meaner to Ashton once her friend was up. Luckily the simple gesture was enough to calm Matty's nerves, and already she could feel her annoyance fading away. Though, the fact that Ashton was her neighbor did little to diffuse Mattaline's inner flame. If nothing else it made it shine brighter, because she didn't care who he was, only that he bumped into Kei.

    The teenage girl settled on giving the tall boy a death stare, even though all she wanted to do was chew the guy out. Be calm, she told herself, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. It was an accident. Kei isn't noticeably hurt. It's all right. Once Mattaline felt as if she could interact with Ashton without making too many rude comments she opened her eyes. Her gaze followed his hands as he reached out for Kei, and Matty got prepared to shove him away if Kei so much as shifted away from his touch.

    But, he ended up stuffing his hands in his pockets before they reached Matty's best friend. This caused the corners of her mouth go pull slightly upward. At least he wasn't foolish.


    The shout caught her attention, and she turned towards the kitchen. Gage was standing in the doorway, and as soon as their gazes met he raised his hand and waved her over. Mattaline held up a finger, as if to tell him to hold on, and then turned back towards Ashton and Kei. Her hand went to grasp Kei's to drag her along with her, but when she caught a glimpse of Kei's face she froze.

    There was a glint in Kei's eye that Mattaline had never seen before. Not when she was swimming or spouting out random stuff from her latest favorite book. Not when she messed with her brother or when she was showing off her knowledge of constellations. The glint caused Mattaline's eyebrows to knit together, and she looked to Ashton, which was the fixation of Kei's gaze.

    She... Cares about him? Mattaline wondered. She knew the two had been neighbors forever, but had there been a deeper connection once? Mattaline looked back go Kei, analyzing her countenance. Matty also determined that Kei trusted Ashton, to some degree, despite their most recent encounter. From this new-found information Matty decided it was safe to leave Kei with him for just a moment... Kei probably wouldn't be interested in what Gage had to show her anyways.

    "I'm going to see what Gage wants," Mattaline whispered, leaning over to speak in Kei's ear. "I think we're going to the backyard. I'll be back asap..." The brunette stole one last glance at Ashton. Just because Kei was comfortable around him didn't mean Matty trusted him. "Come find me if you need anything. Or if he tries anything on you."

    With that, Matty pushed her way through the crowd and to Gage. As expected, he led her to the backyard, laughing and talking excitedly, though Matty could not hear what exactly he was saying. They arrived to the backyard, and Matty expected to see someone pulling some dangerous stunt or consuming an unspeakable amount of alcohol.

    Imagine her shock and disgust when she realized that it was only Kyler, picking on someone. She followed Gage around the crowd, unamused by the show that was being put on. Unlike many of her friends Mattaline did not find the bullying of others humerous.

    Her and Gage found a clearing, and Matty looked to see who was being messed with. Her eyes widened as she recognized her own neighbor, Jayson. His face was red as a strawberry and he was wet, and the sight made Matty chew on the inside of her cheek. Seeing her childhood friend being picked on so mercilessly obviously upset her, but she watched for a few seconds. These seconds were critical for her growing rage, and the more it grew the more she could unleash upon Kyler.

    Finally, when she was angry enough to intervene Mattaline began to walk forward. As she stomped towards them Kyler forced Jayson towards the pool behind him, and her pace slightly slowed while she decided how to get between them without accidentally pushing Jayson in the pool herself.

    Ashton Tyler Blake ♫ Senior


    The attitude of Kei's friend did not take Ashton by surprise, because Mattaline was known for her defensive behavior. However, this did not mean he was prepared for it. "I'm sorry," he apologized once more the second Mattaline snapped at him. Clearly, she did not like the idea of anyone dragging Kei down to the ground.

    Kei: "It's alright."

    Ashton's gaze switched over to Kei. She was so gentle and kind, it made his heart hurt and he felt even more guilty now for knocking her over. While she informed her friend that they were neighbors Ashton rose to his feet, fixing his clothes. He looked around the room, hoping to see Jayson somewhere. But, sadly, he was nowhere to be seen.

    "What?" Ashton asked as he looked back to Kei. She had just asked if he was all right and, even though it really shouldn't have, the question took him by surprise. Sure, he knew Kei was still very sweet, but he didn't think she cared about his well being anymore. He instantly realize he was being rude and shook his head, quickly adding, "Yeah, yeah I'm all right."

    He felt his features soften as his eyes met hers, his heart giving a painful lurch. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" he questioned, the concern clear on his face. He reached out with the intent to inspect Kei for injuries, but drew his hands away as soon as he realized what he was doing. Stupid, he thought, shoving his hands in his pockets to keep from making that mistake again. Don't touch her, you've done enough of that already. And what if her boyfriend see's?

    Ashton took a brief glance around the room. He had only assumed that someone as amazing as Kei could not possibly be single. Surly someone in her group of popular friends had claimed her for himself, and if he was one of the boys within the popular group Ashton doubted he'd play nice after his girlfriend was touched by a nerd. In fact, Ashton was sure that come Monday he would pay for knocking Kei to the ground. He'd rather not add to it by touching her again.

    Mattaline excused herself, and Ashton watched as she leaned over to whisper in Kei's ear. He was curious as to what she was saying, but there was no way to hear her over the music. He watched as Mattaline headed of towards... The backyard!

    "Jayson!" Ashton exclaimed to himself. He looked to Kei, feeling panic rise once again, as it usually did whenever he had to make a quick decision. He had to go find Jayson, but he also had to make sure Kei was completely okay before he left her. But, if he left Jayson for too long something bad could happen.

    In less than three seconds Ashton knew what his decision was, though it had been a real struggle to come to it. He had to make sure Kei was okay before he left her side. Once she confirmed she wasn't hurt in any way he could go search for his friend, but not until then. Nervously, Ashton leaned down to Kei slightly, so she would be able to hear him over the music. "I'm truly sorry Kei," he said.

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  20. Kei Annabeth Yamazaki ✯ Junior



    Though Kei had tried to calm her best friend down, she could still see some hostility in Mattaline's eyes; clearly showing that even though she herself trusted him, Matty was far from trust him. Gazing up at Ashton the faintest of smiles appeared upon her lips and relief spread throughout her body upon seeing an oh so familiar face; upon hearing his voice. Though she was quickly pulled out of her thoughts when someone grabbed her hand and Kei blinked, looking over at Mattaline before her gaze quickly flitted back towards the tall male before her.

    Chewing on her lower lip, the young female waited to hear if Ashton was alright or maybe he didnt hear her; which was quite possible since the music was extremely loud.

    And to be honest, it bugged her and it there was a small ringing in her ears from listening to the lyrics and blared throughout the house. So lost in her own thoughts, Kei barely missed Matty telling her that she was going to see what Gage wanted and that if she needed anything or if Ashton tried anything, then she should come find her. Ah protective Mattaline, it may bother some people that someone always seemed to hostile but to Kei it made her feel loved; the fact that someone cared enough about her to get upset in her honor.

    Watching her friend go, the young teen turned her gaze back up towards her neighbor and nodding her head when he told her that he was alright. Tilting her head to the side, Kei watched as Ashton's features softened just a tad and concern quickly moving across his face when he asked if she was alright. It was always easy for Kei to read others, something she had been doing since she was younger and it was easier to say that Kei was better at watching and understanding others, than talking to them and trying to understand them. She wasnt sure how she picked up this habit, but she was kind of glad that she had it, that way she could avoid others if she chose.

    "I'm fine; not a bruise of a cut in sight." Kei told him in hopes of reassuring that he brought no damage upon her. If they were alone she would do a small little spin to show him; something that she remembered that she did when they were younger if she had fallen down or something of the sort. "I'm fine, not a bruise or a cut in sight! See!" The memory flashed in her mind, she had fallen after tripping over her own two feet. These were back in the old days, when she used to constantly play with Ashton. No one judged her, she could goof off all she wanted; running around, picking flowers, telling stupidly lame jokes; all things she used to do. Well Kei still does that, but usually that is only with close people.

    Kei was so lost in her own thoughts that when Ashton suddenly shouted Jayson, the young female jumped and looked back up at the older male. She watched as he leaned down just a bit, her hazel eyes widening ever so slightly and feeling her heart beat pick up ever so slightly. The smallest blush crossed her cheeks and before she spoke, she made sure that her voice wouldn't give anything away. "Really Ashton, it's fine." Kei gave the older male a faint smile, one where just one corner of her lips lifted and though to others it seemed strained and almost fake; people who were close to her and at least understood her to some extent knew that, that small smile held so much more.

    Just as Kei was about to leave Ashton and head towards the backyard, unaware that he was going to the same place, something that Kaiden said caught her attention. "Damn, I cant believe some loser thought he could come see this. I cant wait to see Kyler lay into him. Should be pretty good. The jock's laughter boomed and it almost seemed louder than the music. Stealing a glance at Ashton Kei looked out towards the back, seeing a crowd starting to grow. Immediatly she began to move through the crowd, weaving in and out of the people until she made it out back. With wide eyes, Kei watched as the boy that she knew as Jayson fell back into the pool, the sound of his body hitting the water reaching her ears and laughter soon floating through as well.

    Her gaze moved towards Kyler watching as he laughed so hard that he had to clutch his stomach and she felt anger course through her veins. What was wrong with him? He was such a jerk! Clenching her jaw, Kei began to make her way over towards the jock; though she didnt get very far until her brother stopped her.

    Jayson Theodore Arnold ♛ Senior



    With Kyler leaning over him and breathing in the alcohol on the male's breath, made Jayson sick. Not only did he want to throw up, but he felt as the stress and anxiety started to seep into his bones, move through his veins and settle deep down into his body.

    There were days when his parents fighting got to him and he needed an escape. Today was one of those days and unfortunately, there was no escape.

    "You know, it's people like you that ruin parties." Kyler began, smirking as he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. "I'll teach you a lesson though. Remember this;'s exactly like the movies. The jocks, me and my buds, always get the hot girls. You know we get some good action, teacher favorites, and all the perks. Losers like you, no one cares." He laughed. "No one cares what happens to you, not teachers, not others in this school, not even your own loser friends." The words that Kyler spoke were brutal and they cut deep down into Jayson. You think he would be used to this and he was, however it didn't mean that it lessened the blow. "I'm popular and I'm the top of the social ladder. You however, you're the at the bottom and there's no way that you can climb up it. A loser will always be a loser." Jayson watched as Kyler leaned close and whispered in his ear. "Remember your place."

    He didnt want to cry but Jayson could feel hot tears press into his eyes and he clenched his jaw, hands balling into fists. Now Jayson wasnt one to cry, especially not in public but there was so much stress going on at his house and those words of realization that Kyler laid before him cut deep to his core. Why would he ever think that someone cared?

    "Awe, are you going to go cry to mommy and daddy about it?"

    With those words, Jayson felt something snap and pain ricocheted in his heart, spreading throughout his body. Jayson didnt even have a mommy and daddy to go crying to. Well he did but they were so involved in their own personal drama that his parents might as well never even be there. Taking deep breaths and trying to control his breathing, Jayson glanced up at Kyler when he felt a hand on his chest. "I think you need to cool down." And then he was falling.

    It was like everything became slow motion and Jayson watched as Kyler and his group of friends grew further away before his back slammed into the water. Immediately water filled his nostrils, his vision blurred and for a good minute or so; Jayson didnt know up from down and he struggled to reach the surface since he was in the deeper end of the pool. His heart raced with anxiety and anticipation, his lungs screamed for air (swimming and breath holding was not his forte) and his head started to pound. Finally surfacing, Jayson took a deep breath of air as if he had been deprived of it for seven whole years and though he was no longer under water, his vision was blurred and the teen could barely make out people pointing and laughing.

    While treading water, he brought one hand up to his face, feeling nothing and immediately he panicked, silently cursing. He most have lost his glasses when he hit the water and the problem was that Jayson's eyesight was so bad that he didnt even know where to begin looking, everyone and everything just merged into a colorful blob. One big colorful blob that oddly enough looked like Crayola vomit. "Awe, did the loser lose his glasses? Serves you right for showing your face here. Do use all a favor and go home!" Kyler shouted as he threw the red plastic cup at Jayson, others following in suit.

    Jayson was absolutely mortified and he would sink back under the water if he had his glasses, though it was obvious since his face was bright red. "Where are my glasses?" He muttered under his breath as he swam around in a circle, though he struggled. Swimming was not Jayson's strength and he knew how to swim to the extent to swim for about an hour or so but ask him to tread water for ten minutes or even swim a 150, he wouldnt be able to do it. "Where are my glasses?" He repeated, blocking out those that pointed and laughed at him (occasionally throwing red cups at him), just to try and find his glasses. Of course Jayson had contacts at home but he hadnt worn them in years and there was three problems. 1.) He was pretty sure his prescription had changed so they could be out of date, 2.) contacts bothered his eyes 3.) he hated contacts.

    "Dammit." Jayson muttered under his breath when he had no such luck. Great now he not only had the privilege of bumping into things, but he had the privilege of bumping into things and possibly getting injured. Not to mention that he wouldnt be able to drive home. At that thought, another wave of panic set in and Jayson immediately felt his pockets, fishing out his car keys and groaning, though he felt no phone. Luckily he had left his phone in the car, so he didnt have to worry about buying a new phone.

    One thing at a time though and what Jayson really needed was his glasses. Sometimes being as blind as a bat was a disadvantage....alright all the time.

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