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    All you get to do in this club is talk about nerdy games, movies, books, Ect! It's a bit more than just a club. It's life. It's a huge apartment building where rent is completely free! It's for the nerdy geeks who go to highschool and moved out. Downstairs, movies and an arcade is located. All rooms include a bed, kitchen and bathroom. It's practically a club house on weekends. Strangers come and go on weekends to party on the main floor. Bars, partying, arcades, movies, comics, what's not to love.
    This is a school where you party and live. It sounds perfect! But is it?! Join now, it doesn't bother us if it's in the middle of anything.
    Lili walks into the brick building. She imideatly see's a DJ and food. Of coarse she goes to have a little "drink" even though she's under age she came her to get an Education and have fun doing it! She starts partying around
  2. appearance (open)

    Darius could be seen quietly slinking into the arcade machines right behind the bar, the faint sounds of quarters rung as he was carrying quite a few around in his pocket at the moment. Slowly, he approached one of the older ones; it was the classic street fighter game, despite it's age, it was actually a very entertaining one for him. It was always a nostalgic experience playing these old games, especially when no-one else was around, he didn't notice the presense of anyone else as he placed two quarters in the coin slot below and started to play.​
  3. Walking into the building the twins Donn and Dohn couldn't help but feel at home. They loved gaming, partying, comics (though they loved manga much more) and this school was just perfect!

    "Dude, there's even a DJ, this is just getting better and better!" Donn, the brother clad in a cat hat, shorts, and long sleeves said to his brother.

    "I know, ohhh bro look they have DDR with Miku!" The other twin said gripping his dog hat tightly as he danced in place. His scarf fluttering about madly which clashed with his jeans and short sleeve shirt.

    Dohn grabbed his brother by his neckercheif as he began to drag him away towards the game.
  4. Beautiful and a little on the nerdy side, Sophia was usually shy but easy to talk to. She loved a place where you could just have fun despite her shyness.
    Today was a busy day for her though, someone saw her many paintings that she loved doing on the side and commissioned a portrait of a small farmhouse in a gorgeous meadow, and with that she started her work. Within two hours she started painting after drawing the gorgeous and detailed outlines.