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Hello my fellow Iwaku...ians?
Some of you may know me from the rp sections, and well I'm actually a bit of a beginner at art, and as such its definitely not on the same level of quality as most other artists here.
That means my work is cheaper.
First off, a couple examples:

I can work in either traditional, or digital, though traditional is going to be simple sketches, possibly with crude coloring via colored pencils. So, keep that in mind.
Prices can and will vary depending on what you want, quite simply if you want me to draw something, tell me what you want and make an offer. (I'll only accept payment through paypal)
I don't really have any 'off-limits' subjects, as I'm trying to save up for something pretty important to me, so I can't afford to be picky, so even if it's a strange request, don't be shy! ^.^​