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Neoknight Classification: (Enforcer, Shinobi, Battlemage)
Ranking: [Rank] (Rookie, Officer, Detective, Veteran) [danger grade] (F, D, C, B, A, A+, S, S+)

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Name: Jendon Makkal
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Neoknight Classification: Shinobi
Ranking: Rookie C


Equipment: Standard Shinobi Armor, Variable-Shock Sword, Custom Drone (C-Drone) - Jakob

Jendon is a kind young man with a strong sense of justice. He knows the difference between right and wrong, but feels content to skirt that line at times in order to keep the peace and people safe. He is a skilled hacker, more than one might expect from one without nenergy inside him, and he uses this skill to crack criminal systems and otherwise use tech to assist in his job.

He also has a good amount of technical skill beyond hacking, able to fix machines and even build one, as evidence in Jakob. Jakob is a drone with a shackled, friendly AI whose job is mostly to scan and assist investigations. He is made to withstand combat, but not contribute.

Jendon grew up in what was, outwardly, a normal life. He went to school, did his work, and went home. But going home was always what he dreaded. From an alcoholic father who wanted a more muscle-bound son to a promiscuous mother, Jendon hated his time at home. The only solace he had was a rudimentary computer which didn't even have internet access. He spent this time pulling it apart and finding out how it worked.

This mechanical skill, as well as an interest in the nenergy crystals that were an integral part of all circuitry, drove him to join the robotics club in mid-learning. Not only did it keep him out of the house, but it allowed him to build something with his hands, as well as network with other people. Though he originally started as a mechanic, he quickly shown an aptitude for computing and soon pulled double duty - triple, if you count being team captain. During this time, the original Jakob was built as a companion and side project.

Under his leadership, his mid-learning team won all three years he was there. Then, with the first year of high-learning came tragedy. His mother was found dead in a hotel, and his father's abuse was getting worse. Despite this, they were both family and Jendon was determined to find out what happened to his mother. When even the Neoknight sent to investigate was hit with stonewalling, Jendon took matters into his own hands.

He hacked into the hotel's systems, and brute-forced his way to the information that he needed, but not necessarily what he wanted. What he found pointed to the fact that his mother had gone their for another one of her rendezvous, but that this one turned out to be his father.

With a heavy heart, Jendon anonymously sent the data to the Neoknight and his father was arrested for the drunken murder. That should have been the end of it, but as an inexperienced hacker he had left behind traces. And when the hotel called upon that same Neoknight to press charges on the young man, he was instead recruited into the Neoknights. He already had the skills, all he needed to do was train his body, to learn the speed and stealth of a Neoknight Shinobi.
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Name: Fuan Kai
Age: about 25
Gender: Male

Neoknight Classification: Battlemage Shinobi
Ranking: Officer A

Equipment: grieves, gauntlets, and chest armor from the Shinobi armor set worn in tandem with his outfit (in picture; grieves over outfit and gauntles/chest armor under outfit), a half-mask covering his lower face that includes air-filtering tech, heat-vision goggles, a katana, a wooden katana (boken), tanto (small katana-shaped dagger; blade is about 1 foot long), smoke bombs

Nenergy Ability: Fuan is able to send electrical currents through objects he touches to cause them to vibrate intensely. This can cause blunt objects such as pipes or sturdy sticks to be capable of cutting (tearing) through things (and people) as if they were live steel, and would make an actual bladed weapon capable of tearing through metal as if it were paper. In order to use this ability, he has to provide a constant stream of Nenergy, so overuse will result in his power draining quickly.

Personality: Fuan is somewhat stand-offish and rebellious, not fond of being told what to do. He'll listen to leaders he respects without much complaint, but if he doesn't respect the leader or he thinks an order given is either stupid, pointless, or detrimental then he will actively disobey it. Despite this, he himself is a fairly strict person when put in charge of others. He's also fully dedicated to the mission of the Neoknights, to bring safety to society, regardless of his insubordinate tendencies.

Not one to trust easily, he generally keeps his heart close to his chest which makes him come off as cold or uncaring. In truth, he cares deeply for those he does trust and become close to, wishing for nothing more than their safety. This can cause him to become even more strict with them, however, due to his experience with the dangers of the slums. Because of that history, if he ever sees a child in a similar situation he had gone through he doesn't hesitate to take them away. He also visits orphanages during off time to help the facilities.
Having grown up in the slums, Fuan had a rough childhood. With parents who were addicted to various drugs and neck deep in debt, he wasn't even allowed commonplace privileges such as education. Eventually he became fed up with it and ran away from home at roughly 10 years of age. Never having celebrated a birthday in his life, he didn't even know exactly how old he was or when his birthday was. After running away, he lived on the streets where he learned how to protect himself and scavenge for food by any means necessary. He also slowly picked up how to read through his daily experiences. Through everything the one thing he learned the most is that only few people in this world could be trusted, and that it was difficult to tell who they were at first glance.

After roughly seven or eight years of getting by like this his view of society and people had grown fairly rotten, but there was one incident that happened around this time that revealed a glimmer of hope to him. It was on a day like any other when he witnessed yet another crime being committed. Not wanting to get involved, he naturally tried to avoid the area, but then he saw a group of armored men charge into the area to confront the criminals. These men recited beliefs of order and peace of which Fuan had never heard before, and it enticed him. Intrigued by these soldiers, he snuck into the building after them armed with a metal pipe for protection. When he happened upon one of the Neoknights he hid in order to watch from a distance, but when he saw one of the criminals sneaking behind him with a gun Fuan's body moved before he had time to think. Even without knowing what a gun was he could tell that it was a dangerous weapon, so he charged straight ahead and swung at it with his pipe. Initially trying to knock the gun out of the criminal's hand, his haste and tension had awoken an untapped affinity for Nenergy that caused the pipe to vibrate so fast that it was able to slice through the gun instead. The action alerted the Neoknight, who quickly took down the now disarmed criminal.

After the incident got wrapped up, the Neoknight Fuan had saved recommended him to joining the force. With nowhere else to go and an elevated interest in the justice group, Fuan followed along. Once they found out that he was critically under-educated they made him participate in a generalized crash learning course to bring him to an acceptable minimum while also training him to use his Neocasting and everything else he needed to know about being a Neoknight. Despite a tendency for occasional insubordination, Fuan was able to climb to the rank of Officer, and is still working hard to bring peace to society.


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Name: Narine Merik

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Neoknight Classification: Battlemage Enforcer

Ranking: Rookie C

Appearance: A young man with black hair, tied into a tiny ponytail, long sideburns trailing down his face and reaching to his chin. He considers his eyes a dark red, though actually they are just an interesting shade of brown. His skin is rather pale from not going out much and he constantly wears long sleeve shirts, the kind with a turtleneck and all of them black. His pants honestly vary, usually black in color but sometimes he just wears other kinds of cargo pants of various shades of brown or green. Honestly he would prefer to not wear shoes and just go barefoot, but if he has to he usually wears black hiking boots, the laces usually...very intricate somehow. He loves his complicated laces. He doesn’t really like his appearance, but this is what he was born as and it won’t change anytime soon, he feels…

As for his Neoknight outfit, it seems like futuristic armor, a bit like from the Halo series but more durable and easier to move around him. Light cloth strung together with metal and plastic, the plastic showing the black cloth that is his clothes underneath… His pauldrons, his vambraces, the armor on his upper are, and his gauntlets are metal, though the fingers on the gauntlets are missing for easier manipulation with the sword. Between the armor around his elbow is soft and pliable plastic to move around in. His greaves and his cuisses are also metal, though around the kneecaps its plastic that is soft and pliable to easily move around in. Wanting to screw around a bit and be a medieval knight, his cuirass has faulds and tassets, the cuirass itself is metal, but he asked for the faulds and the tassets to alternate between metal and plastic, starting with metal and ending with metal but still having shiny black plastic between them. Around his neck is a ring of plastic, covering all portions of it but not choking him, the plastic being a bit loose for easier breathing. The helmet itself is futuristic, a headset much like in halo with the visor somewhat darkened but allowing him to see, only across his eyes. For the body armor, the cloth fills in the places not covered with metal and plastic, making it rather easy to move around in. All of the material is black in color; the metal, the plastic, and the cloth itself. Also, he added runes and data lines on his armor, blue in color and allowing him to manipulate his Neocasting easier. He still has his boots, one of the few unchanging things about his outfit.

Equipment: A shortsword, covered in runes, the hilt straight up silver metal with a gold pommel at the end. The blade itself is a bit technologically advanced, dark colored with blue data line streaks coursing down from it. One the lines are the runes used to augment his spells. Used in tandem with his Neocasting and just attacking.

He also brings with him a small laptop at all times to help with his casting, a bit more like two tablets smacked together on a hinge rather than a true laptop. Still, the touchscreens make it easier to cast his spells and he can attach it to his armor due to the fact the bottom is magnetic. Yay Neocasting and technology!

Neocasting: His own Neocasting uses his laptop and his own body to create spells, him making coding as his spells and then thrusting his arm out to command it. Literally the more complicated the coding, the easier it is to confuse his opponents what kind of spells he does, since not all his coding executes complicated spells that match its length. A lot of his spells depend on what he wants to make, so he can make various electrical currents as one thing, perhaps imitate the other kinds of magic in the world as another, he’s never truly tested it. Still, his spells and coding...while he’s able to channel his Nenergy into making the coding on his laptop, it does drain him so he has to be careful not to overextend himself, lest he collapse.

Personality: Narine is a bit shy and withdrawn from not having much interaction aside from his father, something he loathes with a passion. He can’t speak at times since his words escape him, or so he thinks, not because of trauma because he’s better than that. But yeah, can’t speak at times and he’s too frustrated to not use his laptop to convey his words, rather using his own voice to speak. Still, he is quite intelligent and prideful, those he can admit! At times he knows he can hurt with his own pride...but at other times, come on, inflate his ego, he needs the confidence boost. As for his intelligence, he’s studied a lot and skipped several grades in online class, he’s fine. Not only that, but he sometimes thinks he was an AI put into a human body, seeing 1s and 0s in his head constantly whenever trying to interpret an object while seeing and hearing soundwaves when he’s thinking of music, though the melodies constantly’s only when’s he’s thinking about making music do the soundwaves appear. The numbers themselves transform into 1s and 0s to form wonderful binary and he loves it so much, he just thought it weird the first time he noticed those 1s and 0s. Honestly, colors too, he can see in colors when he touches something, warm colors making him happy and cold colors making him fear and hate it. He doesn’t know why it’s like that...but it’s interesting and he’s been using all those skills to a terrifying effect when advancing in his classes. He had been attending online college prior to becoming a Neoknight...but now he’s not sure he can come back to it and it sucks because he wants to learn. He loves learning, he loves to create new things, and he wants to study pretty much everything the world has to offer. Greedy for knowledge, he’ll take it and gulp it down as if data were food. ...If it were that’d actually be nice.

Even then, there are some things he doesn’t want to admit or show to anyone. ...His father’s words hurt him more than he let on. Useless? Worthless? Lazy? Stupid? He believes all that despite some words being contradictory and unfortunately he rationalizes the contradictions. Useless? He can’t really do his household chores right, otherwise he wouldn’t be hit. Worthless? Does anyone see him? No? Then he might as well be nonexistent and not contribute to society. Lazy? He sits on his butt doing computer stuff all day rather than making a change. Stupid? His childishness, his innocence, his father hated that...and that’s what made him stupid. Still, can’t he at least entertain himself with his imagination and the things around him? The texture of the drapes, his own bed that was a really hard and springy mattress and nothing else, going into his father’s room and studying everything there before sneaking out was actually a favorite pastime of his...and just making fun of his choices to make himself feel better. Because honestly...he actually did admire his father’s choice in aesthetics...he was just being bitter about everything and needed an outlet.

The words his father kept telling him, it really lowered a lot of his confidence actually. And honestly...he felt really terrible, enough to want to just disappear from the world. He forced himself to live a lot but most of the time...he didn’t want to. Honestly he never took it out on himself, thank god, but he just hated how things were and wanted an escape. Let him sleep forever, come on… His self loathing running deep, sometimes he can’t see his accomplishments so his confidence there definitely takes a nosedive when he only focuses on the bad he has. The words his father said, his own self being that critical of every little thing he does, all of that kept putting him down with a nasty voice he created himself and he can’t shy away from it no matter how hard he tries. A constant voice...he wondered how he made it. In any case, he feels low a lot but won’t say it, just keep smiling and pretending everything is fine. Because honestly, in this new situation, he’s better now, so why bother pretending everything about him is still not okay? He’s fine, he really is, really! ...So why don’t people believe him?

...Well there are some good qualities. He does like to joke around and make people laugh, he loves black humor the most. And also computer humor. And also pretending he was from a different time and screwing with people with his speech pattern. He actually does like ye olde Englishe speake but he loves to just come in with it randomly because it’s that funny when people look at him weirdly for it. ...Actually combining the past with the future HAHAHAHAHAHA he’s going to enjoy this. Honestly just seeing people smile is enough to bring him joy, along with interacting with others. Just talking with’s nice. And the human interaction is nice...he just didn’t wish he were human. He’s pretty friendly, he thinks? When he’s comfortable around people. Just wants to keep joking and making others laugh, he wants to laugh with them too but their laughter is his priority. And he can be helpful. Just helping another person, not being lazy or selfish for once...that’s always nice. He wants to be good, he really does...but he constantly wonders if he’s really good. ...Still, if he can help someone else, now that he’s out of isolation...he has no regrets.

History: Narine did not have a good childhood. He was alone with his father a lot...his mother was nowhere to be found. Probably dead, he had no idea. Still, his father was...pretty heavy handed. He was lucky it wasn’t the other kind, the one that made him tremble just thinking about it, but even then, just that heavy handedness and being called useless and worthless every day...not fun. And his father wasn’t even a drunkard, he was high on the corporate ladder as a businessman and often used his connections to hide his dark little secret. Him. He was kept in the house with no interaction, for he wanted only the two of them alone and forced him into online classes, and he was lucky if his father would let him eat properly. It was bad. And honestly he escaped into the digital world, just learning how to hack and handle computers...while also practicing his Neocasting. He was able to learn that at a young age without telling anyone, and considering his father wasn’t usually in the picture, he was content with just practicing in secret.

Honestly he was fascinated with the digital world and wanted to be an AI. No worries of his father...and no worries of being discovered. 1s and 0s, playing in his head, digital soundwaves engulfing his beings, he wanted to be like that and he actually was like that, seeing the numbers and the soundwaves play for some reason. He resonated with that and sunk deeper and deeper into his Neocasting and the digital world, wanting to be an AI because he felt like he belonged there rather than the real world. Reality was far too cruel to as an escape, he wanted to be with the people online.

Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and literally hacked into the system of the government to expose his father’s crimes, not just of his abuse but also for the corruption he did in his own company. The fact he manipulated people, he often heard him rant to him as he just took it with a blank face, but the evidence itself he had to hack into that corporation in order to reveal everything. ...And truthfully he left traces of his misdeeds online, hoping to be executed for his crime of hacking into the system. His father was arrested and he was taken into custody, but his own hacking was quickly discovered during his time in custody. Surprisingly he was approached and made into a Neoknight, something that was...somewhat relieving, somewhat made him miffed, and somewhat freeing. Just someone to be a knight...and maybe expand his abilities a bit. He didn’t know, he was just a kid. But with the whispers of rebellion he saw online...perhaps...nah, not yet, maybe. He didn’t know.


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Name: Maeve Callaghan
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Neoknight Classification: Enforcer
Ranking: Detective A+

Appearance: Maeve is your prototypical fiery redhead. She's also very petite - so much so that she's often mistaken for a middle schooler even though she's pushing thirty. A closer look reveals that she has the physique of a whippet, a tracery of scars, and a hard, cold look about the eyes that comes from watching as the life departs from someone too many times.

Equipment: Maeve comes loaded for bear. She wears the heaviest available Neoknight armour, and her favourite weapon is a pollaxe - five feet long, of which a good foot is a massive axe blade with a wicked inward curve and a spear point and backspike. She also carries a small arsenal of other weaponry, including a blackjack, knuckle dusters, and several knives in interesting places, including wrist and neck holsters.
Even when she's not busting down doors and taking names, she still hauls around enough nasty stuff to outfit an entire squad, and is never without at least a soft armour vest and discreet vambraces.

Personality: Maeve is as hard-bitten as they come in the Neoknights. She curses like a gunnery sergeant - and she'll take the hide off a rookie who screws up, because a Neoknight screwing up means people die or worse. She's not without compassion, but she tends to save that for the innocent and powerless. Her sense of humour is as dark as the cold coffee she constantly mainlines, spiked with enough booze to strip paint. It never seems to affect her: the last time someone tried to match her drink for drink he ended up in hospital.
Don't mess with Maeve.

History: Callaghan is one of the few Neoknights who came up from the hardscrabble side of town. Not the slums, not quite, but the working class who fight desperately every day to keep from falling into the pit. She was brought up with a very stubborn sense of pride in who she was and where she came from, even when it proves a disadvantage as it does among the Neoknights. She'd be a lot higher ranked if she were upper-class or at least bothered to try to pass, but she seems almost to revel in her rough edges and shanty dialect. As it is, she's valued for her abilities in the field but not given a whole lot of credit for it. It would be lying to say it didn't rankle, but she knows the score, and she's content with the awe she inspires among the rookies, and the knowledge that she's doing her best to keep the streets of Xenonia that little bit safer.
There are a lot of stories about her circulating in the Neoknight rumour mill. Some of them are even true. Which ones those are, she doesn't say.