Neo Verona: The Rose and the Arrow

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  1. Plot:

    Neo Verona; a desolate depressed town hold no hope. After Romeo and Juliet were found together, the people thought that the two warring families, the Montage's, and the Capulet's, would call a truce upon the lands and their feud.

    How very wrong the people of Neo Verona were; after their children's deaths, one side blamed the other. Heavier fighting tore the city apart, and the mass genocides of the Neo Verona people was in full bloom. And to make matters worse, they taxed everyone to pay for the war debt. Within two short years, Neo Verona was a depressed place to live; neither the Montague side of the country nor the Capulet side (civilian wise) held anger towards the other; their anger was faced towards the government and their dogs.

    All hope was lost until a girl who went by the alias 'Black Rose'. She was a crime fighter, and most of all, like a female 'Robin Hood' for the people. The people before her, were starving cold and broke. To those that she helped, they survived, which was as many as she could. she told them to set up a system to help all of their family and neighbors, and for four years and counting, she's been a blessing to the people, and a very dangerous outlaw to the governments. Nobody knows her real identity.

    One day however, she is badly wounded, and must seek help before the wound festers. She falls through a window belonging to a man named 'Archer', who is actually another vigilante. Like the Black Rose, he too has been serving the people but in a different way; he's been defending her since she first appeared. There's a reason she's not been hit until today, there is a reason why her identity has never been discovered. Archer has had her back without her knowing it, and on her off time as a normal woman, he's been breaking into the house of Capulet, stealing gold, and spying.

    He couldn't help her out of this situation due to his own problems (will be discovered later on in the roleplay why he could not help her at that particular time). But she stays in his home until she heals, but even through her nervous curiosity to how he knew who and what she was, she can't help but feel that...she met him before.

    Soon, she remembers who he is, and where she knows him from. Her childhood friend, who had died after the Capulet invaded.

    But this goes deeper than just a 'love story'. While the Montague's and the Capulet's have been warring, a hidden war within the very walls has been fought. A rebellion against both powers, but serves not the people. This small group are a small collection of alchemists, that have been using people as experiments. They act as a mob; instead of aiding like the Black Rose and The Archer, they force money from the already poor people. People come up missing every day; men, women and even children; human life does not matter to the rebels. And what is worse is that nobody seems willing to step against them. It is even rumoured that these rebels work for the government, but hold secret plans to overthrow.

    The only thing that stands between them is Archer. He's been solving murders, and fighting a silent battle against them. But what the rebels don't know is that he might be one of them.

    So, anybody interested in being the Black Rose?

    Time this takes place: In this time, their world is like Earth's 1940's

    Race: Human

    Technologies: Automail, Hand guns, one kind of machine gun. Bombs like pipe and grenade as well as cannons.

    Magicks: Alchemy (an uncommon gift, but not rare)

    (loosely based on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The alchemy and automail comes from that anime, but this holds a different plotline entirely)
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  2. Though I may need some advice on writing in that time period, I'd be really interested in being the Black Rose. This is such a creative plot! Nice imagination you got there!