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    Welcome to the world of Neo Genesis!
    Dive into the game and play for keeps, but be careful, you don't want to lose...



    Neo Genesis is an online game that has taken the world by storm. Over time, nearly the entire population of Earth has converted into the digital world to play. The company in charge of Neo Genesis, LEGEND, slowly gained enough power to take over all of the world. They began by buying all main suppliers to the worlds markets and manufacturing, and eventually gained a monopoly. Now, anything created in the world has the trademark symbol of LEGEND.

    LEGEND has created a new system of living. Now, your status in the game determines your status in real life. In each household, at least one person must play Neo Genesis in order to keep their family not only afloat, but out of prison.

    When you lose all valuables in the game, whether it be losing an Arena battle or dying in a no-respawn zone, you have two options:

    Option one is that you restart, in which your family in the real world becomes extremely poor, and you only get one shot to try again.

    Option two is to try and win an Arena battle to reclaim all of your previous possessions and character, but you are fighting against LEGEND characters, advanced opponents.

    If you fail at either of these options, LEGEND will come for you in the real world and take you to prison. The LEGEND prisons make you work, and in most cases, the individual is never seen again.

    Now this is where you come in. You and your character must go into the game and try to survive. Can you climb to the top? Can you bring yourself fame, fortune? Or are you looking to destroy the LEGEND corporation? Well now's your chance!


    1) Usual Iwaku rules. No god-modding, Mary/Gary Sues, all-powerful characters or just being an asshole. We're all friends here, gettin' ready for a good roleplay. :3

    2) Please post at least once every week. I know some people are busy with real life, so if there's somewhere you need to be, let us know ahead of time and we'll work something out, like moving your character somewhere while you're gone, or having them do something. We want this roleplay to be active, because we're impatient. XD

    3) While roleplaying there will be two worlds, In-Game and Real Life. At the beginning of each reply/response, I'm asking that you put a green IN-GAME at the top of the post is you're expressing an in-game character, or a Red REAL LIFE at the top, that way we know exactly what we're seeing. Don't wanna get real-life mixed up with fantasy!

    4) For this roleplay you will need two characters, an In-Game character and a Real Life character to play them. You can have the same Real Life character for multiple In-Game characters.

    5) The roleplay is not rated, so you can do what you want. Cursing, kissing, whatever. The only thing I ask is that if you're going to have sexual scenes with someone, please make it closed-doors. I do encourage moving your steamy romance to a private chat though, because who doesn't like a good romp?

    6) If you read the rules, please put a banana emoji somewhere in your character sheet. :)


    In-Game Races

    Humans - Mostly reside in Capital City Arcana, in the Destro Province.

    Elves - Mostly reside in the Wispin Woods, in the Hylian Province.

    Orcs - Mostly reside in the Nibbon Forest, in the Limelight Province.

    Dwarves - Mostly reside in the Cordendum Mines, in the Limelight Province.

    Abecean - Mostly reside in the Ocena Islands, in the Ghost Sea.

    Kitsune - Mostly reside in the Blessed Woods, in the Hylian Province.

    Humans are humans.
    Elves have pointed ears, light appearance and are graceful.
    Orcs are green and.... brute-like.
    Dwarves are short. Usually chunky. Beards.
    Abeceans are fish-people. They have gills on their necks, and bodies are usually slender to be able to move swiftly in the water. They are mostly humanoid.
    Kitsune have fox tails and ears, but are mostly humanoid.

    In-Game Areas

    This is put here so you can get an understanding of area's in the game. You don't have to read them all if you don't want to, but it's here to help enhance the games lore, and understand where certain races come from. We're goin' balls-deep for this roleplay, guys.

    Wispin Woods, Hylian Province - During the Great Struggle between the Kitsune and the Human people, a great forest lay exactly in between the kingdoms. A poet by the name of Leon was a Human prince destined to overtake his fathers struggle, and a bard named Ayamei, daughter of a Kitsune noble, met during a scouting mission into the Wispin Woods. After nearly killing each other, the two began talking, and soon enough they fell in love. Every day, the two would find ways to escape their war driven lives and escape into the Wispin Woods. The Woods were notorious for, "swallowing adventurers whole". Those who entered almost never returned, however, the two lovers always managed to find one another. Everyday the two would meet in the center of the woods, in a small gazebo, it is here that the world stood still, sun shafts dotting the chapel and birds singing the most beautiful songs. They always parted with a kiss on their lips, and a song in their hearts. Until one day, Leon never showed, and so Ayamei investigated. She came upon an army, gathering at the woods edge, but Leon was nowhere in sight. Ayamei looked around frantically for her love, and she saw him, just as the army marched into the woods. He was strung up, hung upside down with magical rope. They knew about the two lovers. In a flash, Ayamei freed him from his bonds, and they fled to the gazebo. The warriors took notice and chased after the lady fox who was making her escape with her lover. The couple reached the gazebo, but got no farther. The Kitsune were just over the crevice that seperated the gazebo from the army of foxes. The lovers stood back to back, trying to figure what they should do to keep blood from being shed. Before long, the human army caught up, and the two sides were at a stand still. Ayamei and Leon's parents tried their best to coax them to return, but the two refused. The armies clashed, despite the pleas of their parents to halt, but once the warriors came upon the gazebo, a bright light shone around the Lovers, and the armies were pushed back and into the trees, never to be seen again. The two lovers embraced as their bodies deteriorated and disappeared.

    It is said that the Wispin Woods are cursed with True Love. None can successfully pass without the power of true love. It is said the birds chirp the song of the Lovers if you listen well. Many speculate that the lore of the Wispin Woods is more than just a story, and reports come in from time-to-time about hearing strange music in that area, or seeing out of the ordinary characters. Nobody is sure if the gazebo exists, but some still search for it to this day.

    Cordendum Mines, Limelight Province - Hundreds of years ago, the Dwarves of Urustagar came to this land to recreate their kingdom, which had been ravaged by war. They dug deep into the Earth and created yet another kingdom that rivaled their homeland and they called it, "Cordendum" which in Dwarven means, "Heaven Below". They made pillars and giant clocks, they served as the center of trade for nearly a century. Then, of course, their time ended. The material the dwarves thought was gold turned out to be Amadamite, or "Deathstone" in small quantities the mineral was harmless. But in a mine, this was far from the case. The dwarves deteriorated as others fled the mines. It is said the Deathstone has eroded the brains of the Dwarven corpses still there. It is said they haunt the mines to this day. Digging deeper and deeper into the Earth. More Amadamite. Golems to defend them. Cordendum is now a place of ruin and evil, ghoulish Dwarves, hell bent on preserving their grounds. The clocks still tick on and on. Adding the time.

    The area of the mines is difficult to enter, because being in the area causes sudden drops in health by poisoning. The mines have rarely been explored, because adventurers always run out of resist-poison potions before they can go deeper.

    [B]Capital City Arcana, Destro Province[/B] - Arcana is the capital for nearly everything you could possibly need. The glittering spires of Arcana are a shining beacon to all of Neo Genesis of merchants, heroes, and champions alike to join forces, "United we are Stronger".

    [COLOR=#e3e3e3][SIZE=3]The capital city has a large number of NPC's and social-gathering taverns to trade with players and chat. Arcana also holds the World Trade Center, which has the banks, warehouses and trading outposts. This acts as the Real Life words economy.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#00ccff][COLOR=#e3e3e3][SIZE=3]The city itself is huge, as is the entire game. The expanse of the game seems impossibly massive, but it still functions without lag or server complications.

    [COLOR=#e3e3e3][SIZE=3][U][COLOR=#808000][B]Blessed Woods, Hylian Province[/B][/COLOR][/U][/SIZE][U][/U]- War is fear. War is lonely. War is a scar. The Blessed Woods personify this. Centuries ago, during the first Kitsune dynasty, the kingdom of Herevore declared war upon the Kitsune and all of their allies. At this point in time, the Kitsune were low on allies and they were a small people. So naturally, they turned to other worldly powers for assistance. The first Kitsune ruler, Amaris FireTail, cast a spell, calling for help from the spirit realm. Successful in her spell casting, the very spirits themselves materialized and rushed to her aid. At first, nothing seemed wrong, but the spell had a price. The armies went to war, the vast army of Herevore against the might of the Kitsune and their allies. Oceans of blood were spilt, and hundreds of thousands of corpses littered the ground. The battle was won. The kitsune stood, fewer in number, but victorious against the nation that tripled them in size. The spell cast by Amaris had one more part to it. All who died in the war knew know peace, the rose as spirits, doomed to fight for the rest of eternity. Among the dead kitsune was Amaris herself, still Empress of a nearly dead dynasty. If you enter the Blessed Woods to this day, you will see spirits battling to the death, and if your in far enough, an Empress still trying to lead her people to victory in the wake of a war long forgotten.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#e3e3e3][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    In the game, you can see wandering spirits, some who have quests for you, and some who just act-out fighting. The soundtrack for the woods changes from eerie to peaceful, and there are some secret places hidden in the forests.

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#99ccff][SIZE=3][U][B]Underwater Cities of Ampira[/B][/U] [COLOR=#e3e3e3]- The Underwater Cities of Ampira have been a secretive society for as long as history was written. Being as it is in the bottoms of the Abecean Ocean, only the race itself can visit them, and they are said to have more advanced weaponry than the surface, but they do not share any information with them.

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#e3e3e3]If you spawn as the Abecean race, you can visit smaller underwater cities all around the game, but can only visit the Capital City Duske when your level is maxed. Those who have visited the city have never returned though, and there are rumors that they are taken to a secret society in the real world.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#99ccff][SIZE=3][COLOR=#e3e3e3][U][COLOR=#800000][B]Limelight Province[/B][/COLOR][/U][COLOR=#800000] - The Orc homeland, positioned on the other side of the Abecean Ocean. The Orcs lived in seclusion most of their lives, but a few hundred years ago, their Homeland of Limelight was wiped out by a natural disaster, which left the race devastated. With nowhere else to go, they fled across the sea seeking a new place to inhabit, but came upon an already-populated world. It was here that the Orcs lived in camps, trying to keep to themselves but survive at the same time.

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#e3e3e3]In the game, Orc encampments can be found almost everywhere, but they are closer to the Ocean and less so near the capital.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#e3e3e3]

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#99ccff][SIZE=3][COLOR=#e3e3e3]((If you read all of that, goddamn you deserve a medal. You're a trooper.))
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    Warrior Classes

    Berserker: Berserkers thrive in the heat of battle. They revel in their injuries, and with each drop of blood spilt, they grow more powerful. The hulking berserkers turn their own pain (as well as everyone else's) into raw combat power, regenerating themselves and making their weapons hit harder.

    Guardian: Guardians specialize in defending their comrades and bolstering their own defenses. At a moments notice, a guardian can raise his shield in defense of an ally, drastically reducing the damage taken.

    Fighter: Ever the nimble warrior, a Fighter knows how to dual with mastery. Often times besting his or her opponents with an outright difference in skill.
    Brawler: "Less is more", the usual motto of a brawler. Any class can wear armor and bolster themselves, but true skill lies in those that have no need for such things. Brawlers specialize in using less armor and less weaponry, which usually comes down to using their fists and martial arts to best an enemy.

    Sorcerer Classes

    Wizard: Master of the arcane, wizards are experts at pummeling their opponents into the ground with powerful arcane abilities. Wizards make use of tricking their opponent, should a battle not go their way. Wether it's making clones? A portal to a distant land, perhaps. Or maybe just a small teleportation spell through space. The powers of the cosmos are at their command.

    Elementalist: Jack of all trades, master of none. The Elementalist is a versatile class that can go from incinerating their foes with fire to healing allies with a soothing mist, the elements are at their command.

    Necromancer: "The dead shall rise... And you shall fall." The Necromancers utilize otherworldly powers in order to raise the dead and create their minions and drain life from nearly all things. Though widely misunderstood, they are deadly.

    Alchemist: Putting magic... Into a bottle. Alchemists use herbs and their own forms of magic to create new, more diverse types of magic. They use potions to buff their allies or themselves in a variety of ways, or concoct strong cocktails that can hinder or destroy their enemies.

    Rogue Classes

    Thief: Though seen as a common pickpocket, thieves are so much more. While their ability to sneak past enemies is unparalleled, they are backstabbing powerful assassins, capable of going invisible to surprise their enemies.

    Ranger: "Together, we are stronger". A ranger takes on an animal companion to assist them nearly all things. When fighting a ranger, who are not only fighting a single skilled and agile combatant, but two of them.

    Assassin: Masters of assassination, and taking out single targets. Assassins kill in such a way, that you rarely ever see what's coming, until it's too late, before they fade back into the shadows.

    Scouts: Masters of stealth, no enemy gets away. With eyes of an eagle, and the accuracy of a true marksman, scouts are the best at covert operations. They can easily get almost anywhere without being detected.

    Support Classes

    Priest: Masters of raw healing magics, priests are the first thing you think of when healing magic comes up. Calling upon the light of the Creator and channeling it through their bodies, from holy fire to purifying light, Priests specialize in holy magic.

    Druids: Druids are attuned to nature, more so than any class. Calling upon the very wilds to defend them or wash over their allies with healing magic, the very earth is their weapon.

    Spirit Sage: Calling upon the spirits, a Spirit Sage can do more than heal. He or she can traverse the spirit world for a time and call upon spirits to aid them. For instance, being able to call forth a spirit to heal different people, or even using their own spirit to increase their powers.

    Enchanter: While an Enchanter isn't very powerful by themselves, they often bring a huge boon to their teammates. They can boost their allies damage, manipulate spells as they are active, and bestow boons and buffs to friends. An enchanter is always a good thing to have in any party
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    Now, there's some things I forgot. I know I know, there's already a shit-ton of stuff here, but it IS an entire video game. I want to paint a beautiful landscape in your mind, and details and important to me. Anyways, moving on.

    In this roleplay, there are roles you can fill, or you can create your own character. Among the vast choices you have when it comes to creating your character, we didn't go over your Real Life possibilities!

    In the Real World, LEGEND has taken over, and it's everywhere. The Real World is bleak, filled with only the rich and the poor, barely any in-between. The Leader remains out of sight, but as an unfair reign rules, there will always be those who wish to fight it. Revolutionists plan in secret, building and training to hope to one day crash the game altogether. Whether or not they succeed is uncertain, but there will always be those who try.

    Of course, in the game there are enforcers. Two characters take care of those they are sent to investigate, and are ordered to crush anyone they think to be revolutionists. By the game rules, it's fair to kill In-Game, because the character will die and lose all of their possessions, but it is unfair because the two characters are max-level, and ultimate characters. These two characters are called A.N.G.E.L.'s (Artificial Neo Genesis Execution Leader) and they are equipped with max inventory, pique armor and unstoppable weaponry. They serve under the leader of legend himself, and if you see one, well... good luck.

    So, you have three sides.

    Leader: TAKEN
    A.N.G.E.L. No.1: TAKEN
    A.N.G.E.L. No.2: TAKEN
    Legend Game Member (2 available):

    Leader: TAKEN
    Second In Command: TAKEN
    Enforcer: TAKEN
    Officers(2 available):
    Grunts(4 available):

    Citizen (4 available):

    List of citizen players so far:
    Citizen #1: StarCaster - Craig Middle

    Citizen #2: Aja Maji - Lola
    Citizen #3: Elfie - Ryan Grannis
    Citizen #4: Shadows
    Citizen #5: XxDreamingxX
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    Appearance (You can use pictures to your liking, just keep it believable and realistic. The real world doesn't really have dyes or much color):
    Class Status:


    Location (Which Province/area):
    Appearance (Stay to your races parameters, but other than that go crazy):
    Armor (What clothing/armor your character is wearing):
    *Inventory/Equipment (What weapon your character has, potions, etc.):
    *Guild (Can be added later):
    *Party (Can be added later):
    *Karma (Good, Neutral, Evil):

    Everything marked with an * is optional, but the more you add, the better we can get to know your character.
    All you have to do is copy and paste this into the thread, and then fill out the information and go!
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  5. REAL WORLD CHARACTER:bananaman:
    Name: Redorak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 184
    Appearance: Red hair, and thick black rimmed glasses, and deep blue eyes. Redorak generally wears a black flak jacket and jeans along with a pair of black shoes.
    Personality: Redorak is a snake. He will try and charm others in order to get what he wants. No matter how sweet or charming he is at the time, he will bite. And he can be charming. I mean CHARMIN. I mean just LOOk at that face. Charming.
    Location: New York, New York
    Occupation: Leader of the Gehenna Knights, also called the Archangel. They hunt down possible violators of the system and delete them.
    Class Status: Rich
    Background: Born into a poor family, Redorak came from nothing. He and his family lived on scraps and over time, Redorak grew to despise everyone around him. He hated the poverty. He hated the whining of the masses. He hated how helpless everyone was. So he fixed it. During the rise of LEGEND, he became an advisor for the Amell family, paying his dues and leaving his family behind. As more time passed, he showed his cunning to the leaders of LEGEND and they deemed him the Archangel-- he who would be their might inside the game. And up till now he has faithfully served them, regretting nothing.

    Name: Red
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Berserker
    Height: 5’9Appearance (What your character looks like): Redorak’s character looks exactly the same as he does, glasses and all.
    Armor (What clothing/armor your character is wearing): Redorak wears a large red cloak, and shining silver armor that glistens whenever light touches it. And a blood red hood that he rarely uses.
    Inventory/Equipment (What weapon your character has, potions, etc.): Redorak wields a Large silvery Greatsword which he can pick up using only one hand. The swords name is Vladimir, the Blood Drinker. It has the ability to steal the life force of whatever it touches at the expense of Redoraks mana per second.

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    Age:22, tho she looks younger from her not growing properly.
    Appearance : skinny build (from nourishment) olive skin very dark freckles. large brown eyes, thick eyelashes, . Course wavy brown hair,tree bark hair as she says. In all she is your typical greek.
    Personality: "ratchet ass mess" she is a nervous wreck around strangers when it comes to talking to people, especially people older than her.she doesn't laugh,not that she is always sad she just doesn't like the sound of her laugh so she doesn't do it. She can be rather dull,okay very dull. Yet she loves to listen, even if she staring off into the sky, or at that brick, or not reacting to anything you say what so ever, trust she is listening. If you couldn't tell she doesn't talk much,but surprisingly she loves other people. She likes crowded areas and large groups,just don't get her to talk and you will be fine.
    *Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    *Occupation: family wealth (unemployed)
    Class Status:rich
    Background:Surprisingly not a very sad or dark one,how she became a semi anorexic, and having a social phobia was just the gods rolling the dice in her fate. She was always rich,her and her siblings were spoiled and still are. She never put in the effort to make friends but it's not a problem when your parents can pay someone to socialize with you. One could say she is the family's black sheep,but in truth she was loved and adored by her parents and siblings. It would be better title to say she is the families lost cause. at the age of 15 they gave up on her, she came left as she wished and was left alone. Tho it was hard to tell if she was home or not for she had many hiding places and was very quiet. Ask her siblings and they will tell you that the best place to find her is the attic. At there parents request to let lola be they never go up there.


    Name: nara (a complete opposite of her actual name lola which means woman of sorrows, nara means happiness)
    Class:spirit sage
    Location (Which Province/area):destro
    Appearance (Stay to your races parameters, but other than that go crazy):see picture below. (add on all characteristics known for her race, gills and such)
    *Inventory/Equipment (What weapon your character has, potions, etc.): charmed items.
    head wear:can keep her( and a small party considering the situation) safe in cursed areas.
    the staff:isn't actually used for magic and instead is a charmed, the red stone will glow if you come across something,someone , or some place that is cursed, blessed, or a holy.
    glove hand wrap thing:( the wrist wrap on her left arm, and for those who don't know their rights and lefts,then hand that doesn't have a blue floating thing in it) is a blessed item, tho she isn't sure what it does ppl who she has touched with it usually have a lucky day it also wards off poison in items (such as food) and if the poison is very weak can also dispel it from living things.

    neck wear:purifier. can breath, in most any tainted air or water
    *Guild (Can be added later):n/a
    *Party (Can be added later):n/a
    *Karma (Good, Neutral, Evil):neutral
    *Background: nothing much to her, happy life,tho rather boring.

    note:accepted or not i have never had to read and do so much research to create a character, even if she isn't allowed i had tons of fun making her. One and a half hours of fun actually. thank you either way :applause:
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  7. oh yeah almost forgot:bananaman:
  8. Your character is most certainly accepted, and I always feel so bad because there's so much reading >n<
    Your characters are beautiful though, and I understand the length it took to make them, because I already made one of my characters (forgot to post it) and I completely drew my Abecean XD It's is by far my personal favorite race.​
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    (his natural eyes color are black so don't mind the red, it's a contact lenses ~!)
    Name: Ken
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Eurasian, Half America, Half Japanese
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 126 Ib.
    Personality: A wimpy young good for nothing adolescence from Ken but it proves to be more than most people see from him. None a lot has known his real personality due to his lack of outer exposure. Ken fairly could be called as Legend Freak yet wanted to destroy Legend itself ironically, why? because he had believe that a border less world without looking at class status would be amazing, at least for him. Goofing off while watching his retro TV is what he usually do other than playing Legend which is why, he adapted to the latest society slang words.
    Location: Osaka, Japan
    Occupation:NEET (former star)
    Class Status: Rich (from his saving before he retire)
    Background: Ken has been lived comfortable life before becoming a NEET, he started his acting career from childhood and his parent was a professor in game company that later made the famous game, Legend. Ken as a child is like other child, want to play and spent a great time with his parent which didn't happen at all, his thick schedule and his parent long working hours making him spent his free time with sleeping. It didn't change to decades later, instead Ken got schedule a lot more that he only could sleep for 6 hour the most everyday but Ken kept on holding up, hoping that his parent got notice or even to worry about him. In the end, he didn't get what he want and retire from his celebrity status to decide something further that would make his parent notice, to become someone useless to the society, A NEET by playing Neo Genesis on a separate house that he's living right now.


    Name: 和希 (<---Kazuki Kazu of harmony and Ki for hope)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class:Spirit Sage
    Location: Wispin Woods
    Height: 6'1"
    Inventory/Equipment:和希 wore like any other support class, 和希 didn't use any headgear apart from his dragonic earring. His tunic are really the worst out of all for a high level player to wear but though huge amount of dedication of enchanting, the tunic are quite good (I'll change this if enchanting aren't valid in Legend). Boots is something that 和希 doesn't bother at first but through experience he ended up buying a decent boots. As for staff, he got that from gift alongside with the earring from his past guild which sadly disbanded recently, it's from his long time partner (if anyone want to fill the long time partner spot hit me up~), The staff name was dragonic staff, fairly boring name but what make 和希 kept wasn't the rarity but the meaning of friendship that buried inside the staff
    Guild: N/A (Karakuri Siege was the guild that he disbanded, (he was the Guild Master))
    Party: N/A
    Karma: Neutral
    Background: What it seem to get his parent attention later became his life, he at first wasn't really much into the game until he met several people that likes of him, a similar situation or different, he could connect with them through the games. Years has passed during his exploration in the Legends and he had forgotten what he originally intended to do, Within just a year he had achieved a lot in the Legend such as creating small community in a for of guild and cross path of what becomes rival. Upon realizing the reality outside this game, he intended to crush the borderline between the poor and rich by destroying the main source and that is none other than, Neo Genesis. Hoping that someone share his ideology, he built a secret lair in reality as well as in game so that anyone could come and join his revolution army.

    Additional note: In game Ken, is the opposite of a wise sage should be, talkative and blackmailing other is his hobby making him the infamous 悪魔 that rarely people know it's appearance (making Ken free to roam around the city without being recognized)
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  10. Note to everyone! Max level is 200. It's extremely difficult to get past 120 though as gaining enough exp to level up takes a VEEERY long time.

    Please see the new post a little ways down!​
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  11. thanks for telling the level caps~ also the like means I'm accepted~?
  12. Yes, you're accepted ^-^

    (But bab, Legend is the name of the company that owns the game. The game itself is Neo Genesis.)

    (Also I love your character.)

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  13. I'll edit it right away~, also can my character taking either the leader or vice of the revolutionist~?

    (thanks~ ^o^)
  14. Yes! I've made a revolutionist as well (and I keep forgetting to post my characters) which would be perfect as your second-in-command. Congrats, you've ranked to Leader of the revolutionists! You're gon' do great. :3
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  15. Thanks X3~! I hope I'll live upto your expectation~! mwahah~
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  16. REAL WORLD CHARACTER :bananaman:
    Name: Ryan Grannis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 178
    Appearance: Black hair that has a tendency of standing between him and his vision. Pale skin and blue eyes are his defining qualities. He is always wearing a grey hoodie and jeans.
    Personality: Jericho has... Trust issues (To put it mildly). He'll often resort to sarcasm and anger to get around-- which is why he spends most of his time alone. He'd been burned in the past as far as trust goes, and chooses to treat people as nothing more than an arrow in his quiver. To be aimed at the heart of his enemies.
    Location: New York, New York
    Occupation: In-game treasure hunter
    Class Status: Poor
    Background: The need to acquire wealth within the confines of a digital space left Ryan Grannis's world turn upside down. His family never made a lot of money to begin with, they were religious, but Brian never cared. Both of his parents became poor merchants-- whilst Ryan taught himself the fine art of picking pockets from a young age-- even in a video game. For a while after he'd been old enough to play Neo Genesis, products started disappearing. Gehenna Knight Requisitions were missing, and it was all traced back to the Grannis family. As it turns out, his father had been smuggling in supplies in-game in order to supply resistance forces and get some extra gold under the table. His and his wife's characters were hunted and swiftly executed by the Archangel, Red. Not a minute after their character's termination, a "collection agency" interrupted to family in the midst of a bible study, and took in the two troublemakers by force. It was in that moment that Brian stopped believing in Gods or the like. His mother accidentally tore a page out of the bible they were reading and left it on the ground with the entire story of Jericho etched in gold lettering. From then on, he continued his life alone. He constantly lives in between each big "score", hoping for something to turn out for the better.

    Name: Jericho
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elven
    Class: Necromancer
    Location (Which Province): He's a drifter, wherever there's money, he'll find it. At the moment, he's questing in the Blessed Woods.
    Height: 5’9
    Appearance (What your character looks like): Josh's character looks as he does in real life-- with pointy ears.
    Armor (What clothing/armor your character is wearing): A black cowl is pulled over his head most of the time. His usual blue eyes are neon green that can shine through any dark space. He wears a low cut black shirt, a golden earring with a small emerald hanging on the tip. His black cloak covers a decent amount of his body, though it remains opened. Various green orbs of magic are strapped to several belts that hang from his body, all converging to a single point into a white skull. A single armored pauldron is on his left shoulder, with green colorings and silver accents. A silver gauntlet covers both of his arms, each is ornate with various swirls and designs covering it. He wears similarly designed silver greaves that go up to just above his knees.
    Inventory/Equipment (What weapon your character has, potions, etc.): He has various poisons strapped to him, along with skulls and dust he needs for spells-- should there be a lack of corpses in the immediate area. A few health/mana potions (per the norm), and a single menacing blade which he has come to name, "Yyorkshath". An old dwarven word meaning, "The Devourer of Light". The blade is long and as thick as a cutlass, it literally bleeds green magic t hat falls like a mist when in combat. Dwarven runes glow green, dark silver lines the edges of the blade-- giving it added attack power. It has the unique ability to store magic. Allowing Jericho to augment his abilities in a variety of ways.
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    Name: Matt Stansis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    *Height: 5'9"
    *Weight: 188 lbs.
    Appearance: Matt is a slender, sort of awkward individual. He wears shabby garb that he receives from the supplier of the revolutionists hideout, which consists of a thin, brown sweater and light grey pants with laced leather boots. His hair is shaggy and light brown, with eyes of grey-teal. He always seems tired, but is always working.
    Personality: He's an easy-going individual who is very dedicated to his cause. Matt is serious when it comes to his job though, and doesn't like to be disturbed while doing it. He's very sensitive to family matters though. (I dunno, its hard to describe him but he'll show what he's like in post.)

    *Location: Seattle, Washington
    *Occupation: Revolutionist Vice-Leader
    Class Status: Posing as poor, but has sufficient funds.

    Background: Matt Stansis was born into a very poor family in Westmont, Virginia, USA. He was born into the system of LEGEND, and his family ran an olive farm which supplied many. The farm was good, but it still wasn't enough to keep him out of poverty, and when his fathers character died, he was sent off to the coal mines to work for LEGEND, leaving the work to Matt, his mother Mary and little brother Earl. Matt had to work from an early age, as well as make a character for LEGEND, but he had promised to get his father back. After foolishly trying to compete in the arena against a LEGEND character, betting his fathers return or his own slavery, Matt lost horribly. He was then collected from his family, just as his father was, and taken to those very same coal mines, where he was put to work. After some time he met his father in the mines, who ended up dying from black lung. Furious, Matt escaped his slavery and fled, joining up with the Resistance in order to take LEGEND down and free the very same people he had been imprisoned with. After getting out, he hacked into one of the higher-ups security and intercepted some important information, which pissed them off. Because of his escape and defiance, Matts little brother, Earl, was taken from the farm, and kept at LEGEND HQ where he was hooked up to the Machine and never taken off. Now Earl works as LEGENDS #1 ANGEL. Matt swore to not only break down LEGEND, but free his younger brother from captivity. He moved up quite quickly in the ranks due to his unique cracking skills, and relocated to a more hidden area where a resistance base is.


    Name: Milo (pronounced Me-low)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Abecean
    Class: Alchemist
    Location: Wispin Woods
    Height: 5'11
    Appearance: With the picture above, it is clear to see that Milo is a tall, slim Abecean with pinkish skin, fins and gills. His hair is pink, and his accents are the purple freckles that have a bio-luminescent glow in the water.

    Armor: He's wearing the Abecean-made armor bought from the underwater city market of Amoura. It is enchanted with light-weight and extra carrying slots for inventory. It is a dark purple/black with gold plating and a small conch shell near the top. He has a gold arm-band that enhances alchemy-crafting by 5%, and black boots that while worn increase carrying-capacity.

    *Inventory/Equipment: Milo has a small satchel in which he carries his inventory. Of course with the game parameters, the bag is bigger on the inside, and hold all of his ingredients, potions and etc. His coin pouch is separate, carrying the currency of the game. He keeps that hidden though, from thieves. He rarely ever carries a large amount of money with him though, and keeps his coins in the warehouse most of the time.

    *Guild (Can be added later):
    *Party (Can be added later):
    *Karma (Good, Neutral, Evil):
    Lawful Good

    *Background: Milo was created by Matt, but the benefits of the character in real life go to a man and his family. In LEGEND's eyes, they see that man as the owner of the character, which keeps Matt hidden from the Company. The character was raised up extremely carefully though, going through every single quest he came across(as long as it was in his level parameters), never missing out on an opportunity presented to him. He is a gifted alchemist, but not a well-known player.
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  18. *HEY HEY HEY*

    I'm making it so that we don't have levels, but your character is based solely on your experience as a character, but not on solid numbers. So don't worry about levels or anything, just on how developed your character is. Remember, we hook up like it's the matrix, so it feels real and everything, but in a game-fantasy setting. Super-realistic.
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  19. so it's like we based our power though experience and equipment?
  20. Yes, exactly. Me and Elfie thought that since it's more of a virtual reality thing, we'd just base your level off of the kind of equipment you've got and how many quests you've completed. Like life, the more you've done the more experienced you are.

    If that doesn't make sense, please let me know ^-^; I just kind of thought it would be better to get rid of a number system.
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