Nemureru Kyojin No Fōruauto - Fallout of the Sleeping Giant

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  1. Her target leapt to the next building, his long arms extending out to grab the next ledge and propel himself along. He was a Simit, an ape-like creature usually with white or brown fur. In this one's case, white. Along with human hands he had hands on his feet as well, as well as a prehensile tail. He had a vest and pants of dark blue, both getting dirtier with every scrape along the rooftops. His agility gave him an edge in the pursuit; he jumped from another roof, grabbed a streetlamp and turned it with a definite squeak, grabbing another with his feet, and ending up across the intersection on another building, cackling snidely at his young pursuer.

    But Suri was anything but restricted in this race. The human girl sprinted towards the same ledge and threw herself off it. As she did she tucked and rolled, pushing with her hands until she could feel the air pressure building on her palms. She thrust her arms out and the rush of air propelled her aloft. She landed on the same building the Simit had, rolled, and quickly recovered, carrying on the chase. Taitanshoa was a city of diverse construction. There was a greater mix of the races here than anywhere else in the Archipelagrove, and as such a bigger mix of cultures. That's why some rooftops were flat, others curved up in a 3/4 cone, and others were simply slanted on two sides.

    As they came to one of those such houses, Suri saw this was the least beneficial type for her target. He leaped and only just caught the top of the slant with his long fingers, scraping to haul himself up and slide across the downward slope at the other end. Suri, however, got the chance to push off the air with her feet and close the gap, grabbing the felonious Simit by the tail. He gave a primal howl and they both dropped from their combined weight. The Simit grabbed the handle-like eaves of the next housing unit and Suri was uncontrollably released from his tail and flung into the first floor.

    "AH!" She was thrown into an open window and slid along a table, one set for what was probably a very nice dinner. She collided with the father at the head of the table and knocked him and his chair over, but managed to use that momentum to get back on her feet. She stared at the man speechless between her legs, then back at the family. "Um...sorry. Guilder business."

    Inside she really hoped she wasn't in a classmate's house. Her midnight kimono shirt, red sash around her waist, heavy boots, and arm guards were hardly an adequate disguise.

    She didn't have time to think about that as a scream up above told her there was someone in the above floor. The accompanying ruckus she could hear through the ceiling told her her target was on the move again.

    "Guilder business!" she repeated and tore threw the kitchen. She kicked open the back door just as the Simit jumped out of the second story window. She outstretched her hand and threw a column of air at him. Too late, she realized her mistake as the Simit flew to the next rooftop. His laughter and mocking call of "stupid Pusher" set her teeth to grinding and renewed her pursuit.

    As she ran below, keeping the fugitive in her sights, she pulled out a disk of curled metal wire with two small magic crystals on either end, one blue and one red. She flicked her wrist and the wire opened into a curled earpiece with a long wire that extended a crystal towards her mouth.

    "Nox, I'm on the ground again. He got above me, but not away." She felt the need to point out that she had the situation handled, even as things were getting more difficult for her to control. "Heading towards the intersection of Dolset and Ushahru. Might be heading to the docks. Tell me you're nearby."
  2. Don't do anything stupid silly ! the young tiger thought to himself, worrying for his friend, Suri, as he was on his way joining her on the battleground with his new engine. As always, she had engaged a battle without him.. will you end up listening to me one day ? as his smile shaded his annoyance thinking to himslef. He admired her bravery and her hot temper, always ready for the unexpected, though sometimes she could also hit his nerves, kinda. But that's how friends are right ?

    Nox's eyes set on the road as he rid, what he called his 'Two wheels'.. A machine with two wheel one in front of the other with a gap between them that he sat on and that allowed him, with an engine attached to it, to move faster than any feet, 40 miles par hour top speed. He was still searching for a better name though..

    But the problem with it.. actually, there were two major ones, one of the problem was to start it it.. while the other was the noise that it made, a loud roaring from the engine that actually brings a third problem, the amount of orbs needed to feed it in order for it to work correctly and longer. His engine could take over an hour to get started.. Sometimes less. But it still needed some improvements for sure..

    Anyways, thankfully, this time it took Nox few minutes to start it when he received her message, using one of his master's technology, an object that could also link two people's voices despite the distance between them, to communicate in real time.. You might be wondering how this worked ? Well no one really knew at that time, still answers needed to be found, but they had found out was, that since the incident thousand years ago, some materiel could fuse with orbes found around the crashed creature, still sleeping beneath the seas. His machines, audio devices and weapons, used that technology. Other things in town did as well, but it would be long listing them now so let's jump back straight to the action.

    He brought a bag pack with him, hanging on his back and heavily pulling his shoulders back due to its weight. It had what he needed for a mission. Some few explosifs, movement detection devices that was activated and connected to his headset, and other thing that only him knew how to use, but sometimes clumsily. Cut off in his plotting, her soft yet concentrated voices resonated into his eardrum through his headset..

    "Alight, keep an eye on him.. I still can't detect---" cut off again this time by a signal that dinged into his ears, he taped on his headset, few seconds later, a kind of green translucide screen connected to his headset appeared by his right eye and flashed two red points on it. One of them being Suri's position "great job.. I can see him now.. the sneak you shot on him earlier, is still activated" this technologie could locate and calculate the sneaks position about 3 or 4 miles around

    "Yes, Nice guess.. and there is a boat leaving in few minutes now.. but i'm almost there" the young guilder reassured to his long time friend in an excited tone, almost victoriously

    "I'm there and getting ready to meet you guys.. he's now a hundred meter to south.. take the alley to your left, then ten meters after turn right... you'll cut him off.. and served in a platter by me, with you blocking his only escape.. trust me" He stopped his engine on the road, near beach waiting for him as he should, normally, appear in front of him after calculating their progress through the neighborhood.. He took everything he needed, or let's say, his bag pack.

    Nox's built and 6"1 body could easily carry a 20kg bag pack as he ran striding over each obstacles on his way, with his thick hairs flowing at the soft breeze that came from the ocean. He set himself ready with some explosives where The four handed creature's path should lead.

    His heart beat from the pressure of missing his timing setting the explosive charges on each side of the hallway as they got closer and closer to the meeting spot.. Nox would have about a two or three second time reaction to make the empty boat stocks collapse and closing the only way out for him.

    "Okay I'm set, hurry up.. you'll have about 20 sec before he finds his way out" he took a deep breath sitting on the ground and holding the trigger firmly yet a bit shakily.. "come on.. come on.." he mumbled to himself staring at the flashing dot on his screen.. "closer.. closer !" feeling his heart thumping against his temples.. His eyes widened and muscles flexed as in a hesitant movement he pressed on the trigger...

    The explosion resonated collapsing the two walls, and closing the way. He couldn't see if he had trapped him at that time, his eyes were closed from the loud sound as his ears were a bit sensitive.. Now the sound finally vanishing away, he quickly opened his eyes "His yours... hurry up !!" said the male rushing his way around the wrecked scene as fast as he could, it wasn't done yet and still feeling his members trembling as a satisfied smile grew across his face.
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  3. Nox's instructions almost never let Suri down. Almost. She'd never tell the big cat his advice was indispensable, or else she'd bloat his ego to exceed her own. Couldn't have that. Anyway, she turned left as he instructed, then right, all the while looking up to be sure she had the Simit still in her sights. If the brief shots of white fur counted as "in her sights" then she was following him well.

    She knew what her partner's idea of trapping him would mean; what amounted to a blockade in the streets. She hoped it wouldn't be too destructive, as the Guild tended to take property damage out of the Guilder's pay. And Suri had probably already earned a 20 yashi fine for breaking into that family's house.

    "Just don't blow up anything too expensive," she panted into the talking end of her earpiece. She'd never even heard of these strange two-way crystals and she had already fallen in love with their usefulness. She was quite sure everyone would be using them in the future.

    As tired as she was getting from the chase, she got her second wind when Nox told her he had the Simit trapped. She rounded the corner and ran headfirst into the smoke, using her Pusher ability to instantly clear the debris as she jumped into a fighting pose. But the alleyway was empty save for the wall of overturned boxes. She looked down.

    "SON OF THE UMI NO KEMONO!" she roared, stamping her foot. In front of her was a little white dobbit. It was a small, fluffy creature with a long, bushy tail, long, floppy ears, a modest muzzle, and thin legs. around its waist was Suri's sneak, a wire wrapped around it with a blinking gem. She quickly unlatched the tracking device and the dobbit bounded back to wherever its home was. "Nox, he set up a switch. We were following a dobbit. To that boat! Don't wait for me!"

    She looked around and located a crate to jump off of. When she did she leapt over the wooden barricade and continued running. Since Nox was practically right beyond the wall she quickly caught up with him and the two ran towards the dock.

    Under the light of the moon, they could see the Great Fushigidane - the Fallen Giant. When the sea was this dark most of what they could see was the vast green bulb on its back. It was currently in the process of breathing out, an activity which took the entire night, just as breathing in lasted the whole day. It resembled a turtle, or perhaps some great seed implanted in a giant's back. But a constant that had been with them since they were born didn't concern Suri. What concerned her was the boat pulling out of the dock, and the smug Simit laughing at her on deck.

    "Get a life preserver!" she yelled as she continued running down the pier. "Simit's can't swim!"

    She pushed off the dock and leapt at least twenty feet into the sea. Unfortunately, that was still too short. That irritating simian grin made Suri scowl. She Pushed again, this time off the water itself, and landed. A Reptid came out brandishing a scimitar. Suri was more afraid of the creature than of the weapon. She dodged a swipe from the blade and delivered a Pusher's Haymaker. While he slumped to the wall she turned and pushed her target. He went over the edge but clung with to it with his feet, eliciting panicked howls as he tried to climb back on.

    She put up her hand again, but the Reptid was back up. She did a double-take between them and jumped, pushing with both her feet and hands so she kicked the Reptid back and pushed the Simit into the ocean. Not wanting to fight the tough reptilian again, and not wanting her payday to die even more, Suri jumped in after him.
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