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    Personal Details
    Hi, I'm Nekro. I'm a home schooled student and an insomniac. I have been role-playing with my friends IRL for a few months and I feel there is a lot of serious role-play missing. However, heavy role-play with your mates is a bit awkward. So here I am.

    I am a real nerd IRL and love science and global affairs. I like to RP as characters that reflect my own personality. It helps immerse myself in the role. I love playing wizards in fantasy settings, scientists in modern settings and space explorers in scifi settings.

    I see lots of people posting kinks on here. I'm new to this so I'd like to just open myself to most things. Personally, I'm straight, but I don't mind bisexuality, homosexuality and pretty much anything in a fictional setting.

    I would have to say that I'm open to almost anything when it comes to RPing cause its not real. Written words in such a secluded community is unlikely to hurt anyone directly. Although there are some extremes I'd prefer to leave out like scat, urine, vore and gore. But most people are like that.

    There are two things that I really do like, however, and those are incest and monster/tentacle rape. I like my sex scenes explicit and raunchy. I do like romance and story, but I like details. I also like an active partner, someone who will take the lead during a sex scene even if they are performing a submissive role.

    Writing Style
    I am a decent writer. I'm not a very good artist, I express myself via written word. It's a great release. As much as I like to write; I like quick back and forth. I would like to keep my posts between 150 and 250 words, with some exceptions for scenes that require more description, like introductions.

    I will likely be able to post 3-4 days out of the week. I might post a couple times a night. It all varies based on my insomnia. I only have time for 1 or 2 role plays at a time. I will role play one of your fantasies if you do one of mine.

    Plot Lines
    All characters are between 15 and 18.

    My plot lines are just ideas off the top of my head, but it shows the kind of ideas I come up with. They can be pretty dark, but can also be lighthearted in their darkness at the same time. Feel free to mold and shape my ideas to fit your own fantasies, even removing some major elements that might turn you off.

    Please if you don't like these feel free to suggest something to me.

    Dovahkiin and the Doppleganger TAKEN (open)

    Obviously set in Skyrim during the Fifth Elder Scrolls game. The Doppleganger is an ancient necromancer who was cursed by Hircine. Instead of being a just a werewolf, the Doppleganger has the ability to transform into anything killed. He also had magic that allowed him to tap into dark worlds and manifest himself in many different forms. He used to devour the souls from black soul gems to extend his life span. He was magically sealed under the earth long ago, stripped of his powers for centuries. The return of the dragons has awakened him and he now emerges, with no memory of his past. The Dovahkiin (female) finds him lost and wrapped like a mummy in Bleak Falls Barrow and helps him find his way back to town. Throughout the story he slowly regains his memory, his lycanthropy reemerges and his dark powers start to return. Will he help the Dovakiin in her quest to stop Alduin or will he lead her astray?

    The Horrors in Hogwarts TAKEN (open)

    Jonah was born into a normal family in Aberdeen, Scotland. He was attending normal high school until he was 15. Then one year he started having strange nightmares of old ancient gods and the destruction of mankind. He started seeing strange things from the corner of his eyes and hearing whispers in the dark when alone.

    Mysteriously he received a package in the mail containing an ancient pocket sized book bound in a strange leather written in an ancient lost language. He started spending nights looking through the pages, trying his hardest to learn what the book was, but he could never understand the words. He started developing strange powers that allowed him to see peoples thoughts, grow unnatural appendages and create unnatural illusions.

    His magic was noticed by the Ministry of Magic and he was taken away by Aurors to find the origins of the boys strange magic. The current council decided that he needed to hone his powers and learn like any other wizard, although much older than most start. He was brought to Hogwarts and tutored especially by Hogwarts current headmaster. He was rushed through the first five years of school in one year. He was an exceptional student, but his lessons were rushed and a lot of details and nuances were left out. His magic style was very wild and untamed. Most unique was his lack of a need for a wand. It seemed that there was something inside the boy that allowed him to focus his magic which originated from his finger tips.

    Now 16, he starts his sixth year, unknown to any students, dropped into Slytherin, the roughest of all Houses to fit in as a Muggle-born. He is smart and talented, but his lack of social skills, nightmares and hallucinations make him a brooding mysterious mess. He tries his best to focus on his studies and avoid the teasing and bullying of other students.

    Then, a week into the year and students are reporting seeing strange creatures wandering the halls at night. However, these sightings are unconfirmed by staff although they patrol the halls. Then one night, a sixth year student is found beaten, slimy with her clothes torn from her body. She does not remember what happened to her, all she remembers is going to sleep. Professors suspect she was sexually assaulted, but she shows no signs of it.

    Class is cancelled and Aurors roam the halls searching for any clues but find none. They put it off as a unique incident and after three days of searching leave. School returns to normal and days pass without incident. However, one girl starts seeing the creatures. Braver than most, she starts to investigate.

    Armageddon of the Ancients TAKEN (open)

    2121 A.D, the stars were right. The Ancient Ones, the devourers had come as had been foretold in the ancient Necronomicon, ignored by modern society as the ravings of a madman. They came, gargantuan abominations from the cold depths of the seas, the vacuous abyss of space, and the dark dimensions of madness. Maddening demons voraciously engulfed the world and its inhabitants. They left behind a world of abyssal darkness and gibbering madness. All that remained were the soulless. Human husks wandering the empty planet, desperate to fill their lives with meaning. Many of the soulless commit horrible atrocities in an attempt to fill the void inside them. Murder, rape, torture, theft, immense orgies and cannibalism are just minor atrocities committed by the soulless.

    Among the soulless, there are two left who survived the Armageddon. The first children successfully cloned and grown to maturity in a secret laboratory. Born on the day of the reckoning, twin clones, male and female. The two have the power to restore the world, but they must first find the ancient book that started it all, the Necronomicon, and expel the Ancient Gods from the world.

    Summoner University TAKEN (open)

    This can be Medieval Fantasy or Modern Fantasy. Summoner University is a school where Warlocks, Druids and Golemancers go to learn the art of summoning and dominating a magical creature. Warlocks make deals with angels and demons to bring them to the material world. Druids are the friends of nature and magical animals sharing souls and bodies. Golemancers bring life to summon elementals to bring life to inanimate objects. Some summoners revere the summoned while some act as partners. Though there are some that dominate over their summoned treating them as slaves, while others give their freedom up to do the bidding of the summoned. Then there are those that are bound by love and form romantic relationships.

    Theses summoners are taught by their respected teachers in the ways of their arts and they also learn basic magic incantations, like typical wizards. Within the school there are underground sports supported and run by some of the more despicable and corrupted professors.

    First there is the arena, where summoner and summoned fight together using magic and martial abilities to beat other students till they cry mercy. Secondly their is the team sport Warball, where teams of summoners fight in a magical field forever changing creating constant obstacles. The teams must either win by scoring 10 points by getting a ball in the net or knocking out over half of the opposing team. Reality is warped in the areas of sport. Death and serious injury are suppressed by powerful magics allowing summoners to take high amounts of abuse leading only to minor injuries and unconsciousness. This means anything goes, competitors do whatever it takes to win, and some work to humiliate others in evil ways. Some even resort to torture and rape.

    Our characters are either a summoner and the summoned or two rival summoners.

    Your Original Character in Wonderland (open)

    Your Character (15-17) has grown up, obsessed with the old popular Lewis Carrol stories of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." Countless times, she's read the books, watched the films and gathered all the collectibles. She's spent hours on fan forums reading and writing fan fiction. Sometimes she spent all day wandering the woods alone, pretending and dreaming she was following the white rabbit to the hole. Every animal she saw in her imagination had some human personality and Your Character always spoke them in a proper tone.

    Then one day, during break in school, it happens. A white rabbit in a waist coat, the size of a small dog, runs right in front of her, briefly stopping to look at her, then continues off. Your Character finds herself at a large warped hole in the ground, climbs in and slips, tumbling into darkness.

    When she lands, the world was not what she expected, it was dark, corrupted. Something about it made her body tingle with fear, and lust. And something, deep was watching her everymove. Wonderland is not the same as in the stories. Its very different.

    This story is Wonderland but in a different way. Firstly, very explicit sexually. Sex almost around every corner with almost every character from the stories and more. There will be no furries, but people will have animal features, like rabbit ears and tail. But characters will be mostly human. There will be tentacles, futanari and transformations.

    Contact Me
    If you are interested in any of these plots or you have something else in mind, please PM me. None of my ideas are set in stone. Feel free to make suggestions or changes based on your unique taste.

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