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  1. Science is a great thing, and, due to popular demand and total disregard to what laws recommend, Nekocorp formed and created real life nekos. Yes, they engineered them to have cat-like actions, and have working ears and tails just like a cat, and when they hit the market, they hit it good. In the beginning they played it safe and strayed away from adult entertainment, but now, the company is running sales on them full force for the grand opening. Get them while they're cheap--more or less, a cry to buy them and make them popular before someone tries to deem it as wrong.

    Some nekos may be for a particular fetish of mine. Others may be neutral/adaptable, thus making them more for catering to what you like. If you have a specific fetish and I can agree with it, I can make a neko specifically for you! So, feel free to post/PM a link to a biography for your character and ask me a specialized neko for a particular interest you have. Remember to try be as descriptive as possible, as communication is important. And really, don't be afraid to judge, I am open to literally all fetishes as long as they aren't already on my turn off list. Although I may reject, it's still best to be honest and ask.
    And if you're nervous, let me set the tone. A frequently asked fetish is rape/noncon, which I am very open to and in fact, all nekos are pretty easy to apply that fetish to without advanced planning. Allow this to be a beacon of how open I am. But, let me evaluate specifics for kinks listed behind a neko's name and what they mean. Updated as needed with new nekos.

    Bathroom Fetish: A tag for nekos who's personality more easy targets an omorashi fetish. (Really needing to pee/wetting/etc) As well as use of a litterbox, or peeing in places or in to objects like glasses/vases/plants other than a toilet. May also include scat, which is basically the same thing except with defecation. While I support that part of the fetish, I am highly against eating/drinking said bodily waste, so that is definitely excluded. I enjoy the voyeurism aspect, and have a strong preference for the peeing aspect.
    I am taking unlimited amounts of partners for these nekos! Of course, in all cases, your character should be the customer of the company and the master of the chosen neko.
    You can post a reply here, or if you prefer privacy, you may PM me.
    I prefer fast responding partners, please, but as long as you're active in general that's fine.
    I can do roleplays here or on Skype.
    Please discuss fetishes you'd like to use beforehand in your post or message, and be aware of what fetish tags behind a neko's name means, and let me know if there are any limitations you have on that fetish.

    First, choose one of my neko characters. I will continuously update characters, so check back later if you don't find one you like now.
    Check my rules for info on what the notations in parentheses mean.

    Masaki (Adaptable)
    Hiroko (Bathroom Fetish)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.