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  1. hey there~

    ive been rping for quite awhile but lately people ive been rping with havent been as active. so i cant to start up a few more rps. though i dont have many ideas i'm open to alot. but first off the rules.
    -no power playing
    -spelling doesnt matter, as long as i can read it
    -i will not do smut all the time

    ok well anyways the fandoms i will do

    -gravity falls (i have a couple oc kinda characters)
    -avengers (loki is my man)
    -adventure time
    -Attack on titan
    -Teen Titans (I love RavenXBeastboy)

    i up for any ships along with OC's. i also do original ideas. things i like are:
    -nekos (or any kind of animal thing) werecats as well
    -MxM MxF FxF
    -i love Mpreg

    pm in interested
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  2. I got a coupe of original role plays if you are interested I primarily do Fxf and at times do Mxf. I love Nekos and even have a few ideas involving them. Feel free to PM me and we can talk.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.