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  1. Hello lovelies I am Green and I am looking for 1-2 Role-play partners to RP on this site. Most of the RPs I do are romance orientated. I enjoy a good setting and plot. I normally post around 1-2 small paragraphs. Lately I have been role-playing on Skype, and due to this I feel that I have been lacking in proper punctuation and grammar for sometime. I love writing and I am looking to learn more in doing these role-plays. I find Role-playing on this site to help encourage more grammatical practices. Probably because the people you are role playing with our strangers.

    I like to RP females. I do FxF and FxM mainly, but I can do MxM sometime if I am in the mood and in very specific circumstances. I looking for Teen members for the romance orientated RP. I'm not up to date with the site rules but if someone could clarify the libertine rules that would be nice. I do a lot of original RPs but I can RP the fandom below

    I am mainly looking for Teen Role-playing to RP with.

    Homestuck (Not caught up RP would probably be a fan session)

    Fantasy (High or Low)

    Something like SAO but not
    Modern Fantasy
    Alternate History
    Anime Style RPs

    No Goes:
    Furry (I have a strange line between Kemonomimis and Furry so ask if you are curious)

    If I think of any ideas I will post them here~ Hope you would like to RP with me. Thanks for reading :3
    Btw @Kitsune Your the MTG one right? Are you open to RP with me?
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  2. MTG? What does that mean?
  3. Like Magic the Gathering, you must be the wrong person. Sorry. I must have been thinking of @F0X
  4. I'm up for a RWBY rp that'd be pretty cool
  5. I play mtg a lot, yes. ^.^
  6. Thanks for showing interesting. I'm mainly looking for teen partners. Sorry
    I only want @F0X as a adult partner because I know her some what. Are you up for Role-playing something?
  7. I can totally clarify the liberteen rules for you if ya need. I also love RWBY
  8. Cool PM me and we can plot and stuff.
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  9. I am not searching anymore.
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