Neko Shōjo to Ninki no Bōi

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  1. ((Before you ask, Neko Shōjo to Ninki no Bōi means: The Cat Girl and The Popular Boy in English. The more you know))

    It was Everywhere.

    Everywhere the boy went, Everywhere..Everywhere.

    A small Cat with Brown Fur and Blue Eyes always was there. Everyday from when he left his house, to the steps of Sukimara High School and back.

    Of course, this Cat wasn't a stray. It had an owner, one named Masami Ryouske (or so the students of Sukimara High believed). Not a lot students knew who Masami is, except knowing she was a junior in college.

    However, they did know her last name "Ryouske". Ryouske was also the last name of another student, Alyra. Or in this case of everyone who worked or attended Sukimara High school, was named "Ghost Girl" or "The Girl that exists but doesn't".

    Alyra Ryouske was an outsider that no one ever noticed. Even the teachers barely noticed her. She always kept to herself and never talked to anyone. And those who did talk to her she would just speak in Japanese only. Because of her shyness, no one ever decided to talk to her, and when some one mentioned her name they would act like if the person was dead.

    However, their was a reason. Some time during the first term Alyra suddenly disappeared, and the theory of her being dead came up (in spite of the fact she was alive). Then, the theory got even crazier when the students believed that cat that was always at the steps of Sukimara was Alyra. They started calling the cat "Alyra" or "Alyra-Chan".

    From that point on, Everyone assumed the small cat was Alyra Ryouske, even though the assumption was insane.

    And as usual, the cat was by the boy's House yet again on a bright and beautiful May Day, awaiting for one of the popular boys to come out of his house for school.

    ((Please note that the school and education will be like that of Japan's Schools and Education, so the first term in this case started in early April and continues to late July. If you have any questions about this please ask me.))

    My Character:

    Full name: Alyra Chiyo Ryouske
    Nicknames: Aly, Ghost Girl, The girl that doesn't exist but does.
    Age: 15 (1st year at Sukimara High school)
    DOB: December 24th
    Appearance: Being very shy and not noticed by anyone, a lot of people don't know what Alyra technically looks like. A lot of people assume she is ugly or unattractive. Others think she is the small brown cat. However, those who have seen her know she has brown hair that falls to her waist, Blue eyes, Pale skin and various other things.
    -In school-
    In school, Alyra wears the girl school uniform with usually a black sweater with a red 'A' above her left breast or oversized jackets. Her hair is usually in braided twintails that look like this: image.jpg as well as wears geek glasses that look like this: image.jpg
    (What she looks like without the braided twintails or Glasses): image.jpg
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 136 lbs.
    Figure: Slim, Petite, somewhat Average.
    Color of hair: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Personality: Alyra is Shy and quiet and not very talkative like most girls at her school. Because of her shyness, she has a hard time befriending anyone as well as everyone thinks she doesn't exist (Which Alyra quite frankly is okay with). Whenever someone attempts to talk to her in school, she only talks to them in Japanese. Only those who she can trust or befriend are those who she talks to in English. Outside of school however, she is very outgoing and friendly (but can still be timid).
    Stereotype (In high school): Outsider, Otaku.
    Parents: Hana (Mother) image.jpg & Akio (Father,deceased)
    Siblings: Masami image.jpg (older sister) Azumi image.jpg (Older sister, 3rd year at Sukimara High) image.jpg Eiji (Younger brother)
    Pets: Mirai (the cat that everyone assumes is Alyra) image.jpg
    Other: in spite of being 15, her breasts look like this: image.jpg
    She wears glasses and is nearsighted. During her missing time, she had amnesia until getting her memory back in early May.

    ((Your CS:

    Full Name:
    Hair Color:
    Eye color:
    Other: ))