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  1. Hi to the person reading this, I am Hollow ^^ and I'm looking for some Neko action. I have to preference on posting length or writing level as long as you don't use one liners.

    I would like to have a person rp with me
    that is fun.

    Don't drop me after one post, I really want to take this all the way.

    I'm busy so replies can take long.

    Tell me if you are no longer interested in the rp, or will be gone for a period of time.

    If you have an idea or scene in mind for the rp, please tell me and I will make my character do what you picture for that scene.

    I want this to be a Yaoi liberteen rp, so I'm 15 and female. I play Uke and uke only.

    Alright here is the cute picture that gave me my idea.


    Your character, a young successful writer/doctor/lawyer (whatever its your char) decides that he needs something in his life some fun like all other men his age are having, his job and expectations of people keeps him to busy to start a relationship, so he goes on the internet to buy himself a toy. Neko's are no new thing, people have been buying and selling them as pets or maids for busy people and as toys for sexual uses.

    Your character sees a picture of a neko girl dressed as a nurse and takes a liking, on her profile it says that she is well trained to do anything you like and is very obedient. He pays without second thought and awaits his gift to arrive in a week.

    When the week passes and he opens his door to find my character sitting in front of his door. A cute MALE neko. he tries to send the gift back but there is no chance of that, he drops him off at a friends house but the neko is taken back a day later.....

    And there I leave it cause I want us both to develop this.

    Post here or pm me if you want to do this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.