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  1. "Another beautiful day" He thought to himself, but of course he knew this day was gonna be the same as every other day. Sun beaming through his window right next to his bed, leaving no way to try and fall back asleep. His clothes all out across the bed ready to put on for another hiking trip for himself. He stood from his mattress and stretched out, all down his body was muscle, a 6 pack, and biceps like an athletic. He was in very good shape, always wanting to go on and run, he was in his mid 20s, so wanting to excerice was a hobby for him.
    He threw his clothes on, and take a run out his door and out to the woods, his ear buds in his ears listening to "Shinedown" music as he ran.
  2. Sahi slept out in a tree that night due to her den being tooken over by a pack of wolves. So when the sun hit her eyes her tail twithced in annoyance. " ..... " She slowly opend her eyes so she wouldn't be blind for a few minutes. She then yawned and looked around, she then jumped down from the tree and landed gracefully on her feet as her ears perked up listening for something to catch to eat. " Hmmm... " She listend carefully as she heard the scittering of a lone mouse running by. " She got on all fours and got low to the ground and stayed absolutly still. " Cmonn.. " She said quietly as the mouse got close to her she lept in the air landing straight ontop of it holding it by it's tail. " You will be an adequate meal for this morning. " She said as she took her thumb and broke it's neck killing it so she wouldn't have to do that when it was in her mouth. She finished eating the mouse bones and all as soon as she heard something weird near by. " What is that sound? " she said as she looked around and followed it to a trail not to far from where she was. " Hmmm i don't see anything.. " She said just as she then saw the man walking up the trail by her new nhome. " Wow.... " She said as she stared uncontrolably.

    She looked behind herself and smiled as she rolled her tail up and the hid her ears in her purple hair as she just sat at the edge of the ledge she was standing on so she could watch him approch her location.
  3. He pace at running was getting faster from his energy coming back now from warming up with a slow pace run. He was just about to pick up a faster sprint still the song he was listening to ended and his ipod had died from low battery, slowing down to catch his breath for a moment, he pulled it out and gave a "Are you fucking kidding me right now" look towards his ipod. He had forgot to charge it last night from passing out due to over working his body with workouts. He always worked out any chance he could to be the best he could be. But wrapping his headphones up around the ipod, he tucked it in his pocket to continue his jog up the trail.

    Just to the left of his eye he notice a very attractive female sitting on a ledge, he wondered why she was staring at him, though running through his mind he probably thought that she thought he was cute, but he knew that couldn't be it cause she was the most cutest thing he had ever set eyes upon, her body had the perfect curves, breast were amazing looking under her shirt, and from the looks of it she had a nice ass, this was all running through his mind.

    Taking a quick detour he headed over and placed his hands on his hips and introduced himself to her to see if he could get lucky today, or tonight.

    "Well.. didn't expect to see anyone out here this early, your the first i've seen out here for some time now. Im Jack btw."
  4. " Shai. " She said in a soft voice that seemed like a whisper. She then stood up and s,iled at him. " Nice to meet you cutie. " She said with a giggle trying to hold her tail in as she did it part of her tail stuck out from the back of her pants. But before Jack could see it she tucked it back in as swift as possible seeming like she was streaching.
  5. "Cutie, you say? Well its a pleasure to meet you, sexy." He replied back to her with a word that he'd hope that she'll enjoy and not get offended by, but with that he looked up to the sky and saw that it was almost time for him to head back to eat lunch.
    "Well hey, im about to head back to my place to eat, i know this might be soon, but.. wanna join me?"
  6. " Yea sure! " She exclimed as she almost gave out what she was due to her opening her mouth alill to wide showing her teeth slightly showing her cat like fangs with them. " Hehehe. " She giggled lightly as she sorta bounced on her heels lightly not wearing any shoes.
  7. He tilted his head noticing her teeth like cats and seeing she had no shoes.
    "Are you homeless by any chance.. and your teeth.. there very cute but.. cat like.."
    He shrugged his shoulder and turned around to head back to his house.
    "Its just up head, I have all types of food, so what ever you like to eat, I more then likely have it."
  8. " Fish... yumm. " She said as her mouth almost waterd. She then snaped to as she realized what she was doing. She then ran up behind him as she smiled again. " So you live in the city? " she asked as she looked out to the big city not to far from her home in the woods.
  9. "city, oh god no. I can't stnad the city.. I live on the ourskirt of the city near the woods. I like my privacy."
    He laughed at her reaction of having fish, he obviously had alot of fish since he loves Sushi (I actually love sushi in rl, my favorite food. just thought i'd say that.)
    looking back at how close she was to him, he had a feeling that he could easily have a relationship with this girl, and the feelings he was getting from her was obviously getting stronger the longer he stood near her.
    Approaching his cabin just outside the city away from the city, he opened the door and slid his shirt from his chest and tossed it over the couch, he had sweat drenching from his body from his run, but that was normal for him, he went to the bathroom and dried himself off with a towel follow by appling deodrant on his armpits.
    "Well, make your self at home. You want fish right?"
  10. " Yea! " She said as she nodded with excitement. She hadn't have fish in a while since the creek near her home had dried up and killed the fish that was in there. " Do you have cat fish? " she asked with anticipation in her voice.
  11. "I do yes."
    Heading to his kitchen, he opened up a deep freezer and pulled a a farly large wrapped up pile of fish, he had at least 7 to 10 packages of different type of fish. He ha donly pulled out the catfish to defrost, after that he went to the fridge and sat out some salmon roll sushi on the table.
    "Gotta wait for it to defrost, but till then, anything you wanna do while we wait?"
    In his mind like a guy, he only had one thing on his mind, but being respectful he wanted to see what she had wanted to do since they had just met and all.
  12. " Ummm how bout some water? " She said with a smile. ( Ill be right back )
  13. "Of course" He went back to the kitchen to grab a glass of water for her to drink. but in the mean time he went to the living room and decided to take a shower.
    "Hey, im a bit sweaty, you don't mind if i take a shower do you?"
  14. " Not at all. " She said as she smiled trying to hold her breath due to her sense of smell being enhanced since she was part cat afterall. " Ill just wait for you here. " She said with a smile again as her emerald green eyes seemed to glow lightly.
  15. Walking in the bathroom to remove his clothes, he got in the shower to rinse the sweat off and completly clean himself up with strawberry shampoo and body wash. This only took him about 30 minutes. Before getting out of the bathroom he stood in front of the mirror with just a towel around his waist while he shaved and brushed his teeth
  16. She finally felt safe that she just let her tail out and then her ears. " Ahh mush better. " She said with a big smile then grabbed the water and took a sip. She smiled again as she sniffed the air smelling the fish. " Mmmmmhh. " She siad as she closed her eyes.
  17. -Scruffing his hair a bit, he opened the door, from such heat of the water, a large amount of steam came rushing from the door, his body slightly wet a little from the heat from within, his hair still wet. He did nothing but stretched his arms outwards and looked over at the female drinking the water. Before he could react, he stop in the mid stretch, his eyes locked on her ears and tail for a few seconds before reacting out.
    "Wh-what the fuck.. what are you?" he said, his voice calm but questionable in what he was seeing, he wasn't scared or acting like he was. He actually thought she was even cutier and more attractive with the ears.
  18. She froze for a few seconds as her eyes got wide. " Ummmm... I-I am a neko. In other words a cat girl. " She said as she turned to face him with a giant blushe on her face knowing she was cuaght by him.
  19. "So thats why you like fish.." He laughed a little and went on about his doing to head to the kitchen, grabbing the fish and brought it to her. As he sat next to her side he placed the fish in front of her and every now and then and ran his finger down alone her ears.
    "Yeah.. there cat ears alright, and soft too."
  20. she giggled lightly as she bit into the fish and almost melted at the taste. " Whered you get this from it is sooooo goood .. " She said as she almost moaned because of the flavor.